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Default Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?

Didnt see any thread with this topic so creating a new one.

"This thread is purely intended for viewing pleasure"

This thread describes about an alternate solution in owning a super car. You will many budget cars turned to supercars of which some are weird/wacky while others have come out well.

Here are some of those cars found across the world with their description.

1) Toyota MR2 as Ferrari Enzo
As one of the rarest Ferrari models of recent times with only 400 units built between 2002 and 2004, the Enzo is a prime candidate for makers of kit cars.

This eBay find is based on a 1992 Toyota MR2 NA, which is said to have been "professionally stretched and reinforced" to a 104-inch long wheelbase to bring its dimensions closer to the original Ferrari.

The replica has been three years in the making, and according to its current owner, it is "about 90 percent complete" and that "with a couple weeks of work you will have an amazing car".

The pictures suggest that there's work to be done on the exterior trim and even more so, in the interior.

If you must know, the highest bid on ebay as on June 8th for this piece was $15,300.

From eBay Description:

The Basics:

-1992 Toyota MR2 Chassis with 140k
-NA Motor with 5-speed Manual Transmission
-Stretched to 104" to fit the body
-Custom one of a kind body kit
-Lotus Elise front Plexiglass Windscreen
-Custom rear engine bonnet plexiglass
-Modified MR2 Dash
-$1500 spent on carpeting the interior
-Race Seats
-Custom V8 engine cover (pictured below)
-Custom Grills installed
-Prewired lights
-Hinged Doors, front bonnet, and rear cover
-19" Ruff Wheels with brand new tires (5" Rear Lip, 2" front)
-Clean title
-Registered and Insured as an MR2 with 60k in Modifications

What it Needs:

-Doors need to have shocks installed to keep them up
-Motor needs Fuel Tank and Fuel pump to run (factory tank is too big for the car)
-Interior needs door panels, side windows, and roof upholstered
-Front headlights, and 4 Rear tail lights (pre wired already)
-Side Mirrors
-1" Spacer for both rear wheels (you don't need this, but it will look better with them out more)
-Doors have a slight gap in them, you can fix them if you'd like, they still function great, just don't line up 100%
-And a few small details here and there (hey it's a kit car, it's not perfect!)

Here is a break down of what he spent on the car to this day:

$8500 Body kit
$5000 Toyota Mr2 Donor Car
$2500 Stretch Donor Car to 104.3” wheel base
$3500 19” Wheels and Tires (9” in front, 11” in rear)
$2000 Custom Suspension
$20,000 Body Work + Install kit
$500 Prep for paint
$3000 Red Paint
$1500 Interior Carpet
$500 Seats
$2000 in other miscellaneous costs (emblems, engine cover, logos, dash, etc)

This is a replica kit car, NOT a $1,000,000 car. It is NOT perfect, it is good for what it is, but please know what you are getting yourself into by
purchasing this car. If you have never owned a kit car, come see the car BEFORE bidding please.

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2) Pontiac Fiero V6 as Ferrari F40
The car is listed for sale in the United Kingdom with a 'buy it now' price of £9,000 or about US$13,800 / €11,100.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b5.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b6.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b7.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-b8.jpg

3) Chrysler Sebring as 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible
eBay Description

"2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible Replica built on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring LXi convertible with a 2.7 V6. Runs and drives great and everything works. Ice cold a/c, power windows, locks, seat, convertible top, am/fm/cd stereo, brand new Dub 22" Chrome wheels with brand new tires which cost over $3000. All real Bentley lights, emblems and exhaust tips. All lights work as the should (the factory xenons, high beams, reverse lights, tail lights, turn signals, tag lights) Brand new battery has been relocated to the trunk. New brakes, radiator, a/c compressor, tranny replaced before build. Oil changed just done in the past 30 days.The interior is all factory Sebring. It is leather, but the drivers seat has a couple tears and it does show wear and has some stains. This car is awesome and gets A LOT of attention. The car does need a real good cleaning as it sits most of the time in the garage. Also will need a good buffing. "

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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


4) 5th Gen mustang as 1969 Shelby GT500
With its sights set on those who aren't satisfied with Ford's retro-modern take of the original pony car yet still want all the advantages that come with a new car, Missouri-based Retrobuilt is expanding its range of 1969 Shelby Mustangs with the addition of a convertible model.

As with Retrobuilt's existing 1969 Shelby GT 500CS Fastback and Mustang GT Fastback models, the 1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible can be based on any open-top, fifth-generation Ford Mustang (S-197) built from 2005 and onwards.
The conversion package replaces all body panels sans the doors with fiberglass parts, and adds new headlamps and taillights, chrome trim, vinyl striping and a Shelby wheel and tire combo to mimic the looks of the original 1969 model.

Available options include a racing package that bundles a supercharger boosting the V8 model's output up to 500hp, Baer performance brakes, a lowered sports suspension and other parts.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d5.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d6.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d7.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d8.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-d9.jpg

5) Ford Cougar as Ferrari 430

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6) Mazda MX5 as BMW Z3

Over the years, some MX-5 owners have attempted to combine the looks of the Z3 with all the other qualities of the Mazda roadster by creating replicas of the BMW. The result is not always what you would expect.

This rough around the corners Z3 clone is based on a first generation Mazda MX-5 with a five-speed manual gearbox from 1990. The car was listed for sale on eBay until Saturday, but was not sold as the highest bid (US$810) did not meet the seller's reserve.

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7) VW as Lamborghini Reventon

Fitted with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine pumping out a puny 272PS (268bhp) without giving out any further details.

The buy it now price for the Lamborghini Reventon replica is €35,000, which is equal to about US$45,700.

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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


8) Toyota Celica as Ferrari F430
Like this Ferrari F430 clone listed for sale in Canada. The Bianco-Fuji-colored Maranello-wannabe is built around the seventh and last generation of Toyota's Celica sports coupe series.

The seller states that the donor model is a Celica GT from the year 2000, meaning it is powered by a 1.8-liter four-banger with 140hp (142PS).

The car is claimed to have a clean title with the odometer reading 179,000 kilometers (111,000 miles). Anyone who wishes to ride around in it, will have to churn out CA$36,000 or about US$35,000 on eBay.

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9) Honda Civic as Bugatti Veyron

Dubbed the Civic-gatti, the scissor-door equipped kit car is based on a 1994 Honda Civic Coupe with 168,640 miles (about 271,200 km) on the odometer with the seller stating the replica is "about 90 % done" and that it only needs "minor stuff like under fender covers, and touch ups".

The highest eBay bid on the Civic-gatti was $7,600, though the seller's reserve had not been met, so you still may have a chance to own this gem.

Name:  i1.jpg
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Name:  i7.jpg
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10) Toyota Supra as Aston Martin DBS
Whereas some people transform the already wickedly fast in turbocharged outfit, fourth-generation Toyota Supra into mechanical beasts with 1,000-ponies under the hood, others, a very few to be honest, have slightly different plans for the Japanese sports car.

Take the British owner of this Toyota Supra, for example, who turned the coupe model into a replica of an Aston Martin DBS, supposedly inspired by the one featured in the 2008 James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace.

There is no way of telling the quality of the conversion from these low-resolution photos, and even though the dimensions are clearly a bit off from the original DBS, the styling does look convincing.

Th DB Supra is said to have 40,000 miles (roughly 64,000 km) on the odometer and is listed for sale on eBay UK with a 'buy it now' price of £45,900 (equal to €56,800 or US$72,500 at today's exchange rates).

Name:  j1.jpg
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Name:  j6.jpg
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11) Toyota MR2 as Ferrari 360 Modena Spider
The Italianized Toyota has allegedly covered 109,000 miles (about 175,000 kilometers).
The cloned Ferrari MR2 is located in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and is listed on eBay with a 'Buy it Now' price of $20,000.
Attached Images

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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


12) Pontiac Fiero as Ferrari F50

Today's eBay find comes from Scottsdale, Arizona, with the Fiero chassis draped in a fiberglass body that mimics the styling but not the dimensions of Ferrari's range-topping sports car that was introduced in 1995 to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.

To provide more grunt, the replica maker swapped the Pontiac's V6 for a Corvette LS1 V8 engine that has been lightly modified to allegedly produce more than 400-horses that are channeled to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual gearbox.

The seller says that the car needs some attention in certain areas including the body, the suspension and the steering systems.

The highest bid on this glorified Fiero was $8,000 (€6,100 or GBP 5,000) but the reserve had not been met.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l5.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l6.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l7.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-l8.jpg

13) McLaren F1 replica
No details on the donor car but this creation sports an Audi-sourced V6 30v engine with an unspecified displacement, which could deliver anywhere from 190 to 250-horses, depending on the version.

The seller did not disclose any further information on the McLaren F1 replica, which carries a price of 150,000 Polish Zlotych or about €35,000 / US$45,000.

Name:  m1.jpg
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Name:  m10.jpg
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14) 1974 Toyota Celica as Ferrari 308GTB or 400
It’s a 1974 Celica GT model that’s been the victim of one of the shoddier-looking Ferrari conversions featured. It’s supposed to look like a 308 GTB, though at best it looks like a 400 that’s been severely shortened.

So, let’s see what the seller has to say about this thing? Firstly, there’s this: “This is one of the first and original ferrinos. Not many around. Was built in Queensland and the body was supplied from Adelaide by creative body's. I have all paper work on the build and photos. Anything In the paper or magazines on the ferrino is also in the folder”. The latter scarily implies that someone at one of the major magazines or newspapers wasted perfectly good ink and paper writing about it.

Then there’s the usual, “Everyone will notice you but not for the reason’s you’re probably thinking off” stick that we’ve heard a hundred times before: “This is a rare chance to own a ferrari [sic] replica. If you want attention while you drive this is the car for you! Turns heads like nothing I've even driven”.

Unfortunately for all you would-be buyers, this particular car has already been sold for the you-can’t-be-serious price of AU$4,050 (about the same in USD or €3,002).

Yes, someone actually paid money for the Celicarrari.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n5.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n6.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n7.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n8.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-n9.jpg
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


15) Pontiac Fiero as Lamborghini Diablo
Original owner invested over 30,000 to get it going. Here's what the owner said “Car is a replica will not ever drive like a real Lamborghini in any way what so ever. only a replica. Everywhere I go people fall in love with it!!”
The asking price was a low, low US$10,000

Name:  o1.jpg
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Name:  o10.jpg
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16) Mercury Cougar as Bugatti Veyron
It’s a 2002 Mercury Cougar with 120,000 miles (193,120 kilometres) on the clock, though that’s not what makes it special. No, what makes it special is the composite and fibreglass Bugatti Veyron body draped over it.
“This car is a stock 2002 Mercury Cougar, Stock wheel base, Stock motor and automatic transmission, Stock power windows and locks, stock wiring, stock guages [sic], stock AC controls under these nice fancy looking aluminum [sic] trim parts.”

The seller is keen to add: “I get so many questions asking how fast is the car. My best reply is fast enough. It is not a rocket ship.”

I can only imagine, what with that thumping 2.5 L V6 muscle under the hood. Oh, did I not mention? The engine’s still in the front. Veyron spotters will no doubt point this out to you the first time you show it off outside the strip club golf course college dorm.

Maybe you can change that V6 to a W16 with a magic marker or something and they won’t notice.

It also has one thing the Veyron never had: 60/40 split-folding rear seats! The Buy It Now price is a low, low US$89,000. That’s less than 10% what a real second-hand Veyron would cost! Or, looked at another way, more than twenty times what Kelley’s Blue Book says you should pay for a second-hand Mercury Cougar.

Name:  p1.jpg
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Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-p2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-p3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-p4.jpg
Name:  p5.jpg
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Name:  p6.jpg
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Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-p7.jpg
Name:  p8.jpg
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Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-p9.jpg

17) 1991 Audi 100 as 2008 Audi A4
The latest addition to the automotive travesty replica section comes from Poland and it concerns a 1991 Audi 100 2.8 V6 Quattro (the A6’s predecessor) which has been stylistically converted to remind a 2005 Audi A4 sedan. To achieve the look, the Polish owner of the car crafted the front and rear end sections of an A4 to the 100 saloon. But that’s not all he did.
The German sedan also features a matte black paintjob contrasted by red side stripes while the same color makes its appearance on the outer rim of the alloy wheels and brake calipers. He also shaved off the rear door handles for a more coupe-like look.

If you live in Poland, this masterpiece could be yours for the low, low price of 11,500 PLN or about US$4,150 / €2,910.

Name:  r1.jpg
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Name:  r2.jpg
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Name:  r3.jpg
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Name:  r4.jpg
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Name:  r5.jpg
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Name:  r6.jpg
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Size:  119.2 KB
Name:  r7.jpg
Views: 26965
Size:  105.2 KB
Name:  r8.jpg
Views: 27529
Size:  87.7 KB

18) Audi 80 as Audi Coupe
Meet the ultimate Audi Coupe that blends an alarmingly shortened chassis and body from an Audi 80 with the front end of an A4 and the wider buttocks of a previous generation A6 sedan.

The carefully sculptured body also features a bevy of aerodynamic aids such as a boot lid spoiler mixed with a rear wing and front window covers, all of which appear to be the result of extensive testing under the influence of a local white spirit.

In a kind gesture to Audi’s rival from Munich, the owner replaced the Audi 80’s steering wheel with one sourced from BMW. The car is said to be powered by imagination a 2.3-liter engine.

For reasons that are all too clear, the owner of the car has decided to part ways with the Audi Coupe, which is up for sale for the small asking price of 350,000 Russian Rubles or about US$12,430 / €8,730.

Name:  t1.jpg
Views: 26875
Size:  57.5 KB
Name:  t2.jpg
Views: 26746
Size:  58.3 KB
Name:  t3.jpg
Views: 26893
Size:  53.2 KB

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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


19) Triumph TR3 with an Italian Body and an American Heart
This 1957 Triumph TR3 Special began life as nothing more than a car. Since then it’s mutated into this thing that sports a faux-Ferrari body and a Chevy 350 V8 under the hood.
There’s also an Edelbrock manifold and carburettor, TH350 transmission and a Ford 9” limited slip differential. There’s also an integral roll bar, four-link rear suspension and wide 275/50R15 rubber.

The seller would like us all to, “Please note the superb quality of the craftsmanship this car has been constructed with, particularly the very high quality of the wiring.” That’s his emphasis, not ours.

Still, if you would like to buy this, “authentic piece of American Vintage Motor Sports History” you can for the low, low asking price of US$19,500.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-q1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-q2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-q3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-q4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-q5.jpg

20) Pontiac Fiero as Lamborghini Diablo

The brake rotors are from a Corvette and the wheels are genuine 2004 Lamborghini Murciélago 18-inch stock clad in Pirelli P-Zero rubber.

There are also stainless steel exhaust tips, an aluminum gauge panel and all the required interior fibreglass components and switchgear graphics included with the car though not fitted. Same goes for the OEM taillights and door glass.

Better still is what’s under the hood: a BMW M70 5.0 L V12, the same one used in the E32 7-Series and E31 8-Series, mated to an Audi Getrag 016 5spd manual - though the supplied clutch and flywheel have yet to be installed. The same goes for the engine wiring, sensors and the ECU.

The bad news? Well, there’s no windshield or three-quarter-glass and you’d have to live with the fact that underneath it’s a 1988 Pontiac Fiero. Though the price is currently at a reasonable US$11,100, the seller is quick to point out:

“This is not a complete working car. It is being sold as a project car. It cannot be driven, it will need to be towed. It is highly recommended that you come see the car before purchasing if possible.”

Name:  s1.jpg
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Size:  151.0 KB
Name:  s2.jpg
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Name:  s3.jpg
Views: 27151
Size:  190.6 KB
Name:  s4.jpg
Views: 26444
Size:  139.3 KB
Name:  s5.jpg
Views: 26975
Size:  179.7 KB

21) Fiat Uno as Audi A3
Found for sale on a online car dealer in Poland, the 1986 Fiat Uno Turbo three-door hatch has been converted into something that is supposed to resemble an Audi, but not in the classy way that another owner turned his Seat Alhambra MPV into an Ingolstadt lookalike.

The owner combined an Audi A3 face up front with a wide body kit of unknown origins, Fiat Coupe tail lights and a rear bumper from the first-generation of the Audi TT coupe.

And now he’s selling this automotive Kielbasa for an asking price of 7,900 PLN, which comes to around €2,015 or close to US$2,900.

Name:  u1.jpg
Views: 26331
Size:  169.2 KB
Name:  u2.jpg
Views: 26916
Size:  195.3 KB
Name:  u3.jpg
Views: 26282
Size:  84.8 KB
Name:  u4.jpg
Views: 26623
Size:  188.8 KB
Name:  u5.jpg
Views: 26573
Size:  196.9 KB
Name:  u6.jpg
Views: 26414
Size:  188.0 KB
Name:  u7.jpg
Views: 25812
Size:  93.2 KB

22) Pontiac Fiero as Porsche Carrera GT
Our seller’s “Carriero GT” features a rebuilt engine and transmission (never a good sign in this sort of car) with the car said to have covered 6,900 miles since then.

The seller will have more than enough once he sells this beautiful and quality replica for the low, low price of US$21,500. Don’t believe me? The seller himself says, “THE PICTURES SHOW THE BEAUTY AND THE QUALITY BUILT INTO THIS REPLICA.” And you can really see it too, from the awkward body moldings, botched-together interior and Costco brand fog lights.

Name:  w1.jpg
Views: 25810
Size:  60.5 KB
Name:  w2.jpg
Views: 25715
Size:  62.0 KB
Name:  w3.jpg
Views: 25739
Size:  91.3 KB
Name:  w4.jpg
Views: 25584
Size:  64.0 KB
Name:  w5.jpg
Views: 25551
Size:  75.1 KB
Name:  w6.jpg
Views: 25556
Size:  65.7 KB
Name:  w7.jpg
Views: 25558
Size:  62.7 KB
Name:  w8.jpg
Views: 25456
Size:  81.3 KB
Name:  w9.jpg
Views: 25460
Size:  62.1 KB

23) BMW 728i with Shelby Mustang Front and Nissan Skyline GT-R Rear End
It’s a 1985 728i that left the Bavarian firm’s factory with a 2.8-liter inline-six gasoline unit delivering 184 horsepower.

For aesthetic reasons we would find hard to comprehend, the owner of the BMW went and transformed the front-end of the 728i in the likes of a Shelby Mustang, and the rear to imitate the look of a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

Name:  x1.jpg
Views: 25649
Size:  97.4 KB
Name:  x2.jpg
Views: 25478
Size:  92.5 KB
Name:  x3.jpg
Views: 25477
Size:  77.5 KB
Name:  x4.jpg
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Size:  106.6 KB
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


24) Infiniti G35 as Nissan GTR
Usually, it’s Nissan owners that want to upgrade to a model from sister company Infiniti, but in this case, it’s the other way around. Found for sale in Quebec is this Nissan GT-R wannabe based on the Infiniti G35 Coupe. From what we can tell, the owner’s budget dried out after he or she finished the front end that now resembled the R35 with a bespoke grille and front bumper assembly.

In the very rare case someone is interested, the Infiniti G35 Coupe is a 2004 model equipped with an automatic transmission that has 120,000 kilometers or about 75,000 miles on the odometer. The asking price is $18,999 CAD (approximately US$19,600) with the seller noting that it is negotiable.

Name:  v1.jpg
Views: 25286
Size:  13.8 KB
Name:  v2.jpg
Views: 25209
Size:  14.6 KB
Name:  v3.jpg
Views: 25195
Size:  15.6 KB
Name:  v4.jpg
Views: 25173
Size:  10.0 KB
Name:  v5.jpg
Views: 25195
Size:  17.0 KB
Name:  v6.jpg
Views: 25201
Size:  13.3 KB

25) Jaguar XK8 as Aston Martin DBS
The DBS doppelganger is based on a 1998 Jaguar XK8 and was up for sale on eBay with a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $50,000, but received no bids.

Not surprising, given the fact that you can find examples of the XK8 for as low as $8,000, with KBB suggesting a retail value of around $12,000 for a pristine 1999 model with the same mileage (95,000 miles). Heck, for under 50 grand you can actually get a real Aston Martin as we found 2002/2003 DB7s going for around $45,000 on eBay.

Name:  y1.jpg
Views: 25194
Size:  54.6 KB
Name:  y2.jpg
Views: 25193
Size:  73.8 KB
Name:  y3.jpg
Views: 25299
Size:  73.3 KB
Name:  y4.jpg
Views: 25113
Size:  79.1 KB
Name:  y5.jpg
Views: 25140
Size:  87.1 KB

26) Toyota Celica as Ferrari F430
It is a Toyota Celica that has been transformed into a passable F430 replica.

From the front, it looks okay with the hood, headlights and A-pillar being sufficiently F430-like. As you move back, however, it all starts to unwind. The awkward side window treatment, slab-sided rear flanks and the shape of the rear windscreen just seem wrong. Though you can’t expect much from trying to transform a front-engined, front wheel drive Japanese coupe in a mid engine, rear wheel drive Italian exotic.

Things only get worse inside; the interior is essentially stock seventh-gen Celica with stick on parts that are supposed to give the impression of a Ferrari interior. Suffice to say, it does not work. The seller is asking US$45,000 for a car that nominally pulls around $7,500 on the used market.

Name:  z1.jpg
Views: 25453
Size:  66.0 KB
Name:  z2.jpg
Views: 24972
Size:  54.2 KB
Name:  z3.jpg
Views: 25051
Size:  79.0 KB
Name:  z4.jpg
Views: 25124
Size:  85.7 KB
Name:  z5.jpg
Views: 25107
Size:  58.6 KB
Name:  z6.jpg
Views: 25044
Size:  74.1 KB

27) Nissan 350Z as Porsche Panamera Convertible
The Tokyo Auto Salon is always a blast featuring all sorts of unique tuning proposals, like this here Porsche wannabe. At first glance it looks like a Porsche -possibly a Boxster- modified to resemble a Panamera Convertible. It's actually a masqueraded Nissan 350Z Roadster.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aa1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aa2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aa3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aa4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aa5.jpg

28) BMW 750i V12 E32 as RR Phantom
This custom monstrosity of a Rolls Royce Phantom replica is based on one of the last elegant BMW 7-Series models, the late 1980s-early 1990s E32, and was found for sale on a Polish used car website. There are so many things wrong with the build, but the flashy Rolls Royce sticker on the steering wheel could take the prize for being the worst item on the car.

The Phantom clown clone is built on a V12-powered 750i with the seller asking a laughable €56,653 (around US$75,500 at today's exchange rates) for the car.

Name:  ab1.jpg
Views: 24764
Size:  104.4 KB
Name:  ab2.jpg
Views: 24820
Size:  72.1 KB
Name:  ab3.jpg
Views: 24843
Size:  77.4 KB
Name:  ab4.jpg
Views: 24628
Size:  85.7 KB
Name:  ab5.jpg
Views: 24704
Size:  66.5 KB
Name:  ab6.jpg
Views: 24644
Size:  69.7 KB
Name:  ab7.jpg
Views: 24658
Size:  89.1 KB
Name:  ab8.jpg
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Size:  91.6 KB
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


29) Chrysler Sebring as Bentley Continental GT convertible
Here's a rather convincing replica of a 2009 Bentley Continental GT convertible or GTC based on a ’96 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Fashioned in ghetto / Saudi Arabian sheik white with the typical, so-not-a-Bentley blinger rims that would make even Lil’ Jon a lil ill, our wanna-B (you see what I did there?) comes complete with 175,000 miles on the clock and a full fibreglass body.
You have to admit, US$21,100 (€16,302) isn’t half bad for something that looks this good.

Name:  ac1.jpg
Views: 24512
Size:  73.0 KB
Name:  ac2.jpg
Views: 24423
Size:  71.0 KB
Name:  ac3.jpg
Views: 24440
Size:  57.3 KB
Name:  ac4.jpg
Views: 24397
Size:  52.9 KB
Name:  ac5.jpg
Views: 24313
Size:  49.4 KB
Name:  ac6.jpg
Views: 24394
Size:  63.2 KB

30) Pontiac Fiero as Lamborghini Miura

Name:  ad1.JPG
Views: 22087
Size:  47.7 KB
Name:  ad2.JPG
Views: 21979
Size:  58.2 KB
Name:  ad3.JPG
Views: 22113
Size:  60.5 KB
Name:  ad4.JPG
Views: 22122
Size:  54.1 KB
Name:  ad5.JPG
Views: 22227
Size:  57.5 KB
Name:  ad6.JPG
Views: 24249
Size:  54.6 KB
Name:  ad7.JPG
Views: 24335
Size:  60.3 KB

31) C4 Corvette as Ferrari Testarossa

According to the seller, California based Classic International began converting C4 Corvettes into the Testarossa-lookalike "Brillante Vendetta" in the late '80s. The seller bought this particular example new for US$70,000 in 1989 and has owned it ever since. To put that into perspective, a new C4 Corvette would set you back US$32,000 in those days.

With just 15,000 miles on the odometer, all relevant paper work and the promise that it has been regularly serviced, this Italian impersonator comes with a 5.7 L V8, AT, full grain Italian leather interior and inlaid burl wood on the dashboard. Couple that with power everything, climate control, steering wheel mounted controls and even one of those awesome, car phones from the early '90s and you've got yourself well, something, that's for sure. Finished in Ferrari's trademark red with black soft top and clip on red hard top, a recent insurance appraisal valued the car at an alleged US$35,000.

Name:  ae1.jpg
Views: 24106
Size:  91.1 KB
Name:  ae2.jpg
Views: 24065
Size:  90.7 KB
Name:  ae3.jpg
Views: 24055
Size:  82.2 KB
Name:  ae4.jpg
Views: 24055
Size:  57.6 KB
Name:  ae5.jpg
Views: 24082
Size:  68.4 KB
Name:  ae6.jpg
Views: 24027
Size:  66.7 KB
Name:  ae7.jpg
Views: 23871
Size:  51.9 KB
Name:  ae8.jpg
Views: 23865
Size:  41.7 KB
Name:  ae9.jpg
Views: 23879
Size:  66.0 KB
Name:  ae10.jpg
Views: 23933
Size:  56.0 KB
Name:  ae11.jpg
Views: 23945
Size:  76.3 KB
Name:  ae12.jpg
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Size:  67.5 KB
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


32) Porsche Boxster S as Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster
We can sort of try to understand the reasoning behind the transformation of a Pontiac Fiero into a supercar replica, but what happens when someone decides to use a Porsche Boxster S as a base to create a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster? We'll agree that a 2000 Boxster S is light-years better than any MR2 or Fiero, but who in their right mind would actually turn a Porsche into a replica of any sorts? And talking about 'sanity' -or rather its absence- the asking price for this Italianized Porsche is $45,000.

Name:  ag1.jpg
Views: 23825
Size:  82.7 KB
Name:  ag2.jpg
Views: 23777
Size:  42.1 KB
Name:  ag3.jpg
Views: 23740
Size:  41.9 KB
Name:  ag4.jpg
Views: 23777
Size:  40.6 KB
Name:  ag5.jpg
Views: 23744
Size:  33.4 KB
Name:  ag6.jpg
Views: 23728
Size:  58.3 KB
Name:  ag7.jpg
Views: 23661
Size:  57.8 KB
Name:  ag8.jpg
Views: 23678
Size:  66.8 KB
Name:  ag9.jpg
Views: 23612
Size:  68.1 KB
Name:  ag10.jpg
Views: 23682
Size:  56.0 KB

33) 1994 Chevrolet Camaro as Lamborghini Gallardo
eBay Seller's Description:

This incredible Rev Angel 300HP V-8 Exotic Replica Supercar was meticulously designed and handcrafted (light strong metal, not heavy fiberglass) to resemble million dollar exotic supercars, without the costs, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc. It has a V-8 (300 HP- with the included intake plenum similar to the one pictured) LT-1 Chevy Engine with only 36,000 original miles which was replaced 95 miles ago. Also replaced recently (within the year) was the alternator, starter, and battery. It has a current safety inspection and emissions sticker and the title is free and clear.

This car will peal and smoke the tires from a stand still. It will virtually beat any tuner car, fiero replica, older corvette's or so called muscle cars. The rear wheel track has been widened by 4 inches with wheel spacers to accommodate the widebody styling. The interior is a sporty stock Camaro Z-28. Side windows have been tinted with removable 20% VIS. The dash is cracked (easily fixed by a $35 dash cover) and the driver side seat bolster is torn (but can easily be fixed by some seat covers). The lights and electrical work and the A/C blows, but it needs a recharge (the heater works great).

If you want Supercar looks (attention and compliments galore) in a daily driver that you can have at a tiny fraction of the cost, this is the car for you! This is the time to do it, since financial situation warrants letting it go for very much less than desired! NO RESERVE! The winner will take this home.

Name:  ah1.jpg
Views: 23991
Size:  65.1 KB
Name:  ah2.jpg
Views: 23847
Size:  62.7 KB
Name:  ah3.jpg
Views: 23512
Size:  48.6 KB
Name:  ah4.jpg
Views: 23526
Size:  80.9 KB
Name:  ah5.jpg
Views: 23507
Size:  63.5 KB
Name:  ah6.jpg
Views: 23536
Size:  65.5 KB

34) Lexus SC as Mercedes AMG

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ai1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ai2.jpg
Name:  ai3.jpg
Views: 23425
Size:  93.5 KB
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ai4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ai5.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ai6.jpg

35) 1982 Pontiac Trans Am as KITT
Found for sale on eBay is a reproduction and a quite convincing one at that of one of the biggest icons of our childhood: the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or as most of you know it, K.I.T.T.
Like the original car used in the Knight Rider series during the '80s, this here replica is based on a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and comes with all the cosmetic bells and whistles of the TV car including the cool to look at, but far from practical, cut steering wheel and electronic displays on the dashboard that lights up like a Christmas tree.

Under the hood, there's a rebuilt 355 cubic inch (5.8-liter) small block Chevy V8, claimed by the seller to produce somewhere around 400-horsepower. The 'Buy it Now' price on eBay Motors is $27,000.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al5.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al6.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al7.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-al8.jpg

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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


36) Honda Odyssey as BMW

Name:  as1.jpg
Views: 23187
Size:  102.2 KB
Name:  as2.jpg
Views: 23171
Size:  122.2 KB
Name:  as3.jpg
Views: 23355
Size:  129.8 KB
Name:  as4.jpg
Views: 23159
Size:  127.2 KB
Name:  as5.jpg
Views: 23222
Size:  109.3 KB
Name:  as6.jpg
Views: 23096
Size:  145.6 KB
Name:  as7.jpg
Views: 23007
Size:  124.6 KB
Name:  as8.jpg
Views: 23004
Size:  137.5 KB
Name:  as9.jpg
Views: 22977
Size:  117.7 KB
Name:  as10.jpg
Views: 22987
Size:  95.4 KB
Name:  as11.jpg
Views: 22967
Size:  123.9 KB
Name:  as12.jpg
Views: 22893
Size:  62.3 KB

37) Pontiac Firebird as Ferrari 308
According to the ad, the 1990 Ferrari 308 Pontiac Firebird has a clean title, just about 50,000 miles, and a performance chip. Unfortunately, the oddly-proportioned Ponterarri Frankenbird is running with a V6 and an automatic (granted, that setup helps it get "35 to 37" mpg on the highway).

Name:  aj1.JPG
Views: 22806
Size:  43.4 KB
Name:  aj2.JPG
Views: 22782
Size:  37.5 KB
Name:  aj3.JPG
Views: 22742
Size:  65.2 KB
Name:  aj4.JPG
Views: 22731
Size:  60.2 KB
Name:  aj5.JPG
Views: 22809
Size:  38.9 KB

38) Acura Integra Coupe with Porsche Front and Supra Bodykit
According to the vehicle's ebay seller who is located in Wisconsin, the "fully customized" 1994 Acura Integra Coupe "show car" comes with a "Porsche 911 molded front end, a Mercedes-Benz hood, a Toyota Supra front body kit, a Nissan 350Z exhaust" and "Lexus IS300 headlights converted to tail lamps with fiber-optic halos"

Name:  av1.JPG
Views: 22836
Size:  58.6 KB
Name:  av2.JPG
Views: 22745
Size:  63.8 KB
Name:  av3.JPG
Views: 22702
Size:  58.4 KB
Name:  av4.JPG
Views: 22709
Size:  79.1 KB

39) Toyota MR2 as Gumpert Apollo
Came across this Gumpert Apollo replica that's based on a second generation Toyota MR2 (1990-1999) on eBay. While the original mid-engined Apollo supercar gets an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter, twin-turbo V8 with 650HP or an insane 800HP in Sport form, the Toyota-based replica makes do with a modified version of the Japanese sports car's four-cylinder turbo engine, with the seller claiming it yields "255 WHP at 15psi and 303 WHP at around 19psi" on the dyno.

Name:  an1.jpg
Views: 22690
Size:  42.7 KB
Name:  an2.jpg
Views: 22714
Size:  88.9 KB
Name:  an3.jpg
Views: 22663
Size:  43.6 KB
Name:  an4.jpg
Views: 22553
Size:  35.5 KB

40) Lada as Ford Mustang

Name:  am1.JPG
Views: 22701
Size:  84.0 KB
Name:  am2.JPG
Views: 22612
Size:  79.7 KB
Name:  am3.JPG
Views: 22588
Size:  66.5 KB
Name:  am4.JPG
Views: 22613
Size:  73.0 KB
Name:  am5.JPG
Views: 22639
Size:  123.8 KB
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


41) Pontiac Solstice as Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster
The Solstice donor car is equipped with a manual gearbox and this faux Murcielago LP-640 Roadster is up for sale on eBay with a starting price of (ahem) $63,244.

Name:  ay1.JPG
Views: 22556
Size:  74.3 KB
Name:  ay2.JPG
Views: 22515
Size:  66.6 KB
Name:  ay3.JPG
Views: 22490
Size:  46.5 KB
Name:  ay4.JPG
Views: 22514
Size:  57.4 KB
Name:  ay5.JPG
Views: 22516
Size:  54.3 KB
Name:  ay6.JPG
Views: 22455
Size:  55.1 KB
Name:  ay7.JPG
Views: 22531
Size:  69.3 KB
Name:  ay8.JPG
Views: 22383
Size:  32.0 KB

42) Cougar as Audi R8

Name:  bb1.jpg
Views: 22748
Size:  65.7 KB
Name:  bb2.jpg
Views: 22594
Size:  71.6 KB
Name:  bb3.jpg
Views: 22431
Size:  76.2 KB
Name:  bb4.jpg
Views: 22629
Size:  73.1 KB
Name:  bb5.jpg
Views: 22217
Size:  64.8 KB
Name:  bb6.jpg
Views: 22260
Size:  60.5 KB
Name:  bb7.jpg
Views: 22312
Size:  65.6 KB
Name:  bb8.jpg
Views: 22488
Size:  71.8 KB

43) 1996 Honda Civic Coupe as BMW M3
ebay price $16.5k

Name:  bd1.jpg
Views: 22398
Size:  56.9 KB
Name:  bd2.jpg
Views: 22279
Size:  67.1 KB
Name:  bd3.jpg
Views: 22189
Size:  66.1 KB
Name:  bd4.jpg
Views: 22186
Size:  86.2 KB
Name:  bd5.jpg
Views: 22093
Size:  58.6 KB
Name:  bd6.jpg
Views: 22116
Size:  67.2 KB

44) 59 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible as (Porsche 959 Cabrio)

Name:  bg1.JPG
Views: 22323
Size:  75.8 KB
Name:  bg2.JPG
Views: 22211
Size:  80.9 KB
Name:  bg3.JPG
Views: 22071
Size:  48.0 KB
Name:  bg4.JPG
Views: 22101
Size:  59.5 KB
Name:  bg5.JPG
Views: 22048
Size:  81.3 KB
Name:  bg6.JPG
Views: 22105
Size:  77.1 KB

45) Chrysler 300 as RR

Name:  af1.jpg
Views: 22374
Size:  44.5 KB
Name:  af2.jpg
Views: 22059
Size:  57.4 KB
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


46) Jaguar XK Convertible as Aston Martin

Name:  aw1.jpg
Views: 22027
Size:  59.1 KB
Name:  aw2.jpg
Views: 21960
Size:  66.3 KB
Name:  aw3.jpg
Views: 21979
Size:  49.3 KB
Name:  aw4.jpg
Views: 21973
Size:  64.3 KB
Name:  aw5.jpg
Views: 22004
Size:  81.5 KB
Name:  aw6.jpg
Views: 21977
Size:  64.2 KB
Name:  aw7.jpg
Views: 21873
Size:  81.7 KB
Name:  aw8.jpg
Views: 21911
Size:  75.3 KB
Name:  aw9.jpg
Views: 21840
Size:  56.6 KB
Name:  aw10.jpg
Views: 21838
Size:  56.7 KB

47) Pontiac Fiero as Ferrari Dino

Name:  bc1.JPG
Views: 21926
Size:  121.3 KB
Name:  bc2.JPG
Views: 21853
Size:  78.8 KB
Name:  bc3.JPG
Views: 21725
Size:  82.5 KB
Name:  bc4.JPG
Views: 21729
Size:  94.9 KB
Name:  bc5.JPG
Views: 21748
Size:  108.2 KB
Name:  bc6.JPG
Views: 21736
Size:  112.2 KB
Name:  bc7.JPG
Views: 21737
Size:  92.1 KB

48) Pontiac Fiero as Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

Name:  bf1.JPG
Views: 22103
Size:  79.9 KB
Name:  bf2.JPG
Views: 21595
Size:  54.8 KB
Name:  bf3.JPG
Views: 21599
Size:  59.8 KB
Name:  bf4.JPG
Views: 21580
Size:  64.3 KB
Name:  bc5.JPG
Views: 21748
Size:  108.2 KB
Name:  bf6.JPG
Views: 21600
Size:  44.2 KB
Name:  bf7.JPG
Views: 21640
Size:  62.1 KB

49) Honda Acura NSX as Lamborghini Diablo
Found on ebay Motors is this a Lambo'd-out Acura NSX. Located in Branson, Missouri, this orange Frankenstein can be yours for the low-low price of $49,000. The title is labeled as clear, it's got 94,000 miles on it, and (not surprisingly) there's no warranty.

Name:  ap1.jpg
Views: 21849
Size:  88.5 KB
Name:  ap2.jpg
Views: 21451
Size:  90.4 KB
Name:  ap3.jpg
Views: 21513
Size:  51.1 KB
Name:  ap4.jpg
Views: 21475
Size:  87.1 KB
Name:  ap5.jpg
Views: 21821
Size:  49.7 KB
Name:  ap6.jpg
Views: 21519
Size:  94.8 KB
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


50) Acura Integra GSR as BMW with Lambo Doors, Mercedes Fenders and NSX Vents
Seller's Description:

"1998 CUSTOM Acura Integra GSR. Modified with a BMW 5 series headlight and taillight conversion. The front end of the car has the 5series headlights with a M3 Grill molded to the Mercedes fenders. The door handles and all the body moldings have been shaved for the smooth look. NSX vents have been molded in the rear quarters. The stock taillights were removed and the 5 series taillights were installed. Then the car was painted Ocean teal made by Exotic colors! Its riding on 18' elite barbs and air ride suspension.

Powered by compressed Nitrogen, electric 3way valves and a ten switch box. For the Up, down, an side to side. The interior is a custom silver and black with chrome flake. The seats are wrapped in white vinyl with chrome flake. The center console was fiberglassed for a PS2. It has a 7 in flip out TV in the dash and two TV's in the headrest. Indiglo gauges for better look at night. The stereo is 2 JL 12's powered by a audiobahn amp. In a custom trunk enclosure wrapped in black cloth with a floating Nitrogen bottle in the center!

The motor runs great. Only 64,000 miles.Gets great gas mileage an look good. It's a 5 speed manual transmission. This car is show ready, and Can be a daily driver. I don't drive it but maybe 20 times a year but It can be a daily driver. I have over 40 Grand Invested in it. I was asking 15k. but Lost my job and need to sell it. This car has won best of show at NOPI and other big named car shows. Its one of a kind and really need to see it to respect the quality of work! So Don't drop abunch of money on a car that takes for ever to fix up!! Buy one that's already done!!!"

Name:  au1.jpg
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Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-au2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-au3.jpg
Name:  au4.jpg
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Name:  au5.jpg
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51) Nissan 300ZX as Lamborghini Murcielago
It appears that the popularity of automotive crossbreeding in China has spread out to domestic tuning companies like Max Power Sports (MPS) which has created the above Frankenstein hybrid of a Nissan 300ZX and a Lamborghini Murcielago. The four-wheel abomination is based on the early-mid 90s 300ZX 2+2 with MPS adding a Murcielago inspired rear-end compartment and front bumper complemented with side air-vents and Lamborghini-style scissor doors.

Name:  ax1.jpg
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Name:  ax4.jpg
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52) 85 Chevrolet Corvette as Dodge Viper

Name:  bk1.JPG
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Name:  bk2.JPG
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Name:  bk3.JPG
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Name:  bk6.JPG
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53) 1995 BMW 740i as Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Seller Description:
2007 Bentley GT Flying Spur Replica Built on a 1995 BMW 740i. Very rare kit. BMW has around 118,000 miles on it. Has all power options. Just ordered 20 inch Bentley replica rims, with Bentley "B" emblems for the center caps. Has Chrome Bentley Grille and emblem, emblems on front seat headrests. Real Bentley headlights.

BMW needs some mechanical work, but runs and drives. Error code reading Trans Fail Safe, and car needs tune up. Car still needs some detail work.

Name:  bj1.JPG
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Name:  bj2.JPG
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Name:  bj3.JPG
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Name:  bj4.JPG
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Name:  bj5.JPG
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54) Honda Civic with Lexus IS rear and Toyota Crown Fascia
What you see here is a latest generation Honda Civic sedan from Thailand with a Toyota Crown face transplant, and a Lexus IS350 rear end, modded in the so-called VIP style.

Name:  ak1.jpg
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Name:  ak2.jpg
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Name:  ak3.jpg
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Name:  ak4.jpg
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55) Toyota Supra as 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aq1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aq2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aq3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-aq4.jpg
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


56) 1982 Matra Murena as BMW M1

Name:  be1.JPG
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Name:  be2.JPG
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Name:  be3.JPG
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57) Mazda RX-7 as Jaguar E-Type
The only common ground between the mid-80’s first generation Mazda RX-7 and the late 60’s Jaguar E-Type is the front-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive layout. But that seemed a good enough base for this old chap to create a unique replica of the stunning Jaguar E-Type Convertible using the chassis and the 135Hp strong Wankel rotary engine of a 1985 Mazda RX-7 (FB, 3rd Series).The fiberglass body is pretty detailed and you may fool some people. Plus, you’ll get a kick out of the looks on everybody’s faces when they hear the rotary engine scream. The RX-7 E-Type Convertible was sold on e-Bay a couple of days ago for $16,000 or 12,250 EUR.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-bh1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-bh2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-bh3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-bh4.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-bh5.jpg

58) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS as 2006 Camaro Concept

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-at1.jpeg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-at2.jpeg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-at3.jpeg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-at4.jpeg

59) 1977 Porsche 911 Convertible as a mix of Porsche
A 1977 Porsche 911 Convertible with the front end of a 928, the rear of a 959 and the sides of a Carrera GT (or at least parts that imitate those cars)? Welcome to the "sinful" world of customized sports cars. If your stomach is up to it, there's more beauty to found in the modded Porsche's two-tone interior.

We find it hard to believe that any of you will actually be interested in the Porsche, but just in case, the car is for sale on Craigslist in Portland for a mere $12,995.

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ar1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ar2.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ar3.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ar4.jpg

60) Nissan 240Z as Toyota 2000GT

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ba1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ba2.jpg
Name:  ba3.jpg
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Name:  ba4.jpg
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Name:  ba5.jpg
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61) Toyota MR2 as Ford Mustang
If you're searching for a way to stand out from the mass for all the wrong reasons and at the same time, you don't mind dropping a few thousand bucks, then look no further; UK-based Ride Cars just might do the trick for you. This poorly recreated replica of the famous Eleanor Mustang, featured in the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", is based on the long-gone, mid-engined Toyota MR2.

The kit is available in either an assemble-it-yourself package for £3,995 (around $5,800) or partially assembled for £7,995 (approximately $11,700). These prices of course, do not include the cost of the donor car.

Name:  az1.jpg
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Name:  az2.jpg
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Name:  az3.jpg
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Name:  az4.jpg
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Name:  az5.jpg
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62) Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 with R35 Fascia

Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ao1.jpg
Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-ao2.jpg
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Default Re: Car Replica - An alternate solution to Super cars?


63) Mazda MX5 as BMW Z3

Name:  bi1.JPG
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Name:  bi2.JPG
Views: 20452
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Name:  bi3.JPG
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Name:  bi4.JPG
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64) E36 BMW 3-Series Coupe as Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

Name:  bl1.jpg
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Name:  bl2.jpg
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Name:  bl3.jpg
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65) Fiat 500 as Porsche 911

Name:  bm1.jpg
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Name:  bm2.jpg
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Name:  bm3.jpg
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Car Replicas - An alternative to Supercars?-bm4.jpg

66) 89 Opel Calibra coupe as Porsche 911 Turbo

Name:  bn1.JPG
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Name:  bn2.JPG
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Name:  bn3.JPG
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