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Old 5th October 2014, 20:33   #16
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Just came across this update on Instagram by Jc himself.
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Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!-jc.jpg  

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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

More importantly, and I believe it's been forgotten in the middle of this stupid controversy, what on earth is Clarkson doing in a Porsche? I always thought he was a Ferrari fan.
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Originally Posted by Jeroen View Post
Still, you don't see me complaining. Lighten up people, just because you feel offended doesn't mean you are right my mum always taught me. But then again, she was Dutch, although I'm pretty sure she never smoked pot.

I sort of get it why people might not like/enjoy Clarkson. What I totally don't get is why people feel offended by him. That means you must take him serious. Who's the fool now?

Lol, to each his own but, I felt Jezza's jibe was provoking. Then again, Just my opinion
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee from Argentina!

Originally Posted by shankar.balan View Post
Excessive political correctness, excessive racial sensitivity, zero sense of humour, is what all this points to.
People are way too apt to take offence and every Pedro, Jimenez, Patel, Muthuraman, M'Beka and Ang Lee can bang on, on social media and elsewhere about how they feel a deep racial slur etc every time a simple funny veiled reference is made to any race by error of commission or omission even!
This is getting faintly ridiculous.
The essence of good humour is to NOT take one's self or anything else too seriously and indeed, to learn to laugh at one's self.
But NO, we won't do that. We will only crib and walk about waving flags with our bleeding hearts on our sleeves...in the hope of some cheap, free publicity and moments in the sun.
I could not agree more with you. Its almost as if people have forgotten how to appreciate humor and start taking everything personally in some form. Any form of humor will always end up poking on something. Be it religion, race, caste, sex, body type etc etc and its very easy to take it personally. Ofcourse Clarkson tends to push things bit too far but still most of the time I like his sense of humor if taken on a lighter note.
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Image as shared on Resumen Policial:

Also found a video that shows the moment the TG crew attempted to escape angry protesters.
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Jezza has responds to the debacle!

"The most important divergence from the earlier reports and Clarkson’s story is that the license plate that supposedly angered Argentinians with a supposed reference to the Falklands War, reading “H982 FKL,” wasn’t even on the Porsche 928 that Clarkson was driving in Argentina. The offending plates were removed at the port after the team heard from someone on Twitter that it might give offense. Apparently word still got out to Argentinians, however, and the subtle distinction was lost."

Full article here: http://blog.caranddriver.com/jeremy-...al-conspiracy/
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Originally Posted by F2005 View Post
Clarkson's original response :

Originally Posted by JeremyClarkson
It all started to go wrong while we were filming on a mountain in the world's southernmost ski resort, just outside the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego.

We knew Ushuaia was the port from which the General Belgrano had sailed on its doomed voyage at the start of the Falklands War and we knew that anti-British feelings still run hard and deep, here at the bottom of the world.

As a result we were on our best behaviour. We were posing for all photographs, and happily accepting requests for autographs. The sun was out. All was calm. We were even referring to the slopes as "gradients". Certainly there was no suggestion that we had walked into the middle of a war we thought had ended 32 years ago.

But then came word from the bottom of the mountain. Some protesters had arrived and were keen to let everyone know they were unhappy with our visit. Our producers tried to explain that we were there to film at the ski resort and then to host a game of car football in the city. England v Argentina. The Bottom of the World Cup we were going to call it.

They were not listening. They were angry. They said that they were not violent but that a group of men from the local truckers' trade union were on their way. And that when they arrived things would definitely turn nasty. Our local fixers advised that we stop filming immediately, leave the cars on the gradients and go to a nearby hotel.

"This is a mafia state," said one onlooker. "Best you do as you're told."

So we did, but going to the hotel did not work. A gang of people were waiting there. They said they were war veterans, which seemed unlikely as most were in their twenties and thirties. Bonnets were banged. Abuse was hurled. The police arrived and immediately breathalysed Andy Wilman, our executive producer -- we're not sure why.

Richard Hammond, James May and I bravely hid under the beds in a researcher's room while protesters went through the hotel looking for us. The car park was filling up. More were arriving. This was starting to get ugly.

Back at home, newspapers were saying I had caused the problem by arriving in this political tinderbox in a Porsche bearing the numberplate H982FKL, which if you turned the H into a 1 and transposed the K and the L, could have been seen as a reference to the 1982 Falklands War.

This, however, was untrue. The car had indeed arrived in Argentina with those plates, but two days into our journey, when we were in Chile, a Twitter user pointed out the problem so we removed them.

When we arrived in Tierra del Fuego the car had no plate at all on the front and a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers on the back. And no, it wasn't W3WON. Which it would have been if I'd been trying to ruffle feathers.

The numberplate then wasn't the issue. But something was causing more and more people to arrive at the hotel. Twitter was rammed with messages from locals saying they wanted blood. One said they were going to barbecue us and eat the meat.

"Burn them. Burn their cars," said another. Mob rule was in the driving seat.

Government officials then stepped in saying we were no longer welcome in the city, that our safety could not be guaranteed and that we needed to leave Argentina immediately. Plainly they had given us permission to visit simply so they could make political capital from ejecting us when we arrived.

The problem was: how do you leave when the streets are filled with mobs with pickaxe handles, paving stones and bricks? No one had an answer to that one.

Chile is a spit away across the Beagle Channel but we weren't allowed to cross it because Argentina says it owns the land on the other side, too. We therefore gathered up as many possessions as we could, rounded up the girls from our party and made a dash for the airport.

That night we were in Buenos Aires among sensible Argentinians who couldn't believe what had happened. And the next morning we were back in Britain.

We felt that with us three gone the situation might calm down. It didn't.

We had left behind 29 people; cameramen, sound recordists, fixers, locals and producers. They had to make their escape overland in a ragtag collection of hired 4x4s, trucks and the three "star" cars that they had been told to remove from the ski resort.

They faced a long, bumpy and gruelling six-hour trek to the Chilean border and safety. But in the first town the locals were ready. A lorry was blocking the road and as our convoy approached, it reversed at speed towards them, forcing our guys onto the verges, which were filled with people who made it plain they wanted blood. Bricks were hurled, windscreens were smashed and two of the party were cut by flying glass. But they made it through.

And then they had a problem. The next city was Rio Grande. And the word from there was that 300 cars and thousands of locals were setting up an ambush. This turned out to be true.

The British embassies in Chile and Argentina were doing their best to get a police escort. And the nine of us who had escaped were in a hotel room in Buenos Aires working through the night to find a plane and an airfield from which they could get out because, make no mistake, lives were at stake.

Meanwhile, a chase had begun. Our guys were being herded towards the ambush.

So they abandoned the star cars, which were filled with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment -- and my new hat -- at the side of the road. And took off across the frozen wilderness to a remote border post where there isn't even a road. You get into Chile by fording a river.

We had to get a tractor there to pull them across. And it had to be a fast tractor because we knew our convoy was being chased by the thugs. And you try finding a fast tractor at 2am, in the middle of nowhere. All credit to producer Al Renton that he did it.

With the batteries dying in the convoy's satellite phone, we lost contact and for six hours had no clue whether they had been caught. Whether our friends were alive or dead. That was a long night.

I still haven't had a chance to speak to any of them but I know they were held at the Argentine border from 3am, when they arrived, until 11am. Why? To allow the thugs to catch up? Who knows? All I really care about is that they are now in Chile and safe.

Tierra del Fuego is not listed as a problem for visitors by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office but there is no question in my mind that we walked into a trap.

I know mischievous newspapers in Britain have said it was all my fault because of the numberplate. But that wasn't even mentioned down there because the plate in question had been replaced.

No. We were English (apart from one Aussie camera guy and a Scottish doctor) and that was a good enough reason for the state government to send 29 people into a night filled with rage and flying bricks.

"Look what we've done," they will say at the next elections. "Sent the English packing."

That is true. We got our arses kicked. But there is a glimmer of a silver lining in the whole sorry affair. The game of football would have been a good ending for our Christmas special. But we've been gifted something even better by the region's politicians and their rent-a-mob cohorts.

I'd like to say "Gotcha" at this point. But I won't.
Source : Sunday Times and Finalgear Forums.
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Controversies still linger on, now on Number Plate swapping and those on the other presenters' cars
Jeremy Clarkson appears to have broken driving laws by using a spare number plate registered to an entirely different car while filming a controversial episode of Top Gear in Argentina.
Photographs show that the BBC crew switched to a different plate – H1 VAE – on the rear of the car, following claims that the original registration of the grey 1991 Porsche – H982 FKL – was a reference to the 1982 Falklands War.
But the replacement plate is licensed to another car, a white 2006 Porsche.
The DVLA said last night that it was an offence under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 to drive a car “in this country or abroad” under a plate other than the one assigned to the vehicle.
The controversy is the latest to be associated with the highly paid presenter, who claimed that “someone could have been killed” as a mob of Argentine protesters forced the Top Gear team to abandon filming in Tierra del Fuego and flee the country. Top Gear’s executive producer Andy Willman, along with the rest of the film crew, returned to the UK after a reportedly dramatic escape.
The plates on the cars used by Clarkson’s fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond also aroused suspicions in Argentina. The plate on May’s Lotus contained the number 646, which Juan Manuel Romano, an official in the province of Ushuaia, suggested could be a reference to the 649 Argentinean dead in the Falklands conflict. He noted that Hammond’s Ford Mustang had 269 in its plate, close to the 255 losses suffered by the British.
source & link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...e-9778399.html

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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

I hope this does not get Clarkson into any more trouble. I would hate to see him out of the show. I like his style of humor although he often tends to go over-board. This should not be taken very seriously as you will realize soon if you have been following him for sometime. The show will not be same without him though.
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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Being blown out of proportion. Will probably help the JC cause anyway.

He is pro anything British and against all other nations to the extent of it being comical so it is not really a problem. It is when people see a select program or part of a program without knowing the history of how JC and team has ridiculed everything on the face of the planet including British stuff by praising obviously silly aspects.

We don't seem to be concerned with the whole lot of programs on Indian News Channels like "The week that wasn't" etc. that also take jibes at almost every aspect of characters in the news. Yes there will always be nationalistic fervour and also some who think otherwise and we have to live with it.

There are surely a fair number of folks disagreeing to this and that is fine and then there are those who agree to it and that too is fine. TG shows are interesting for me.

Taking offence of number plates is as silly and as anti freedom of expression as it gets. It does not matter if it was a coincidence or planned.

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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

People need to really lighten up. He's known for his dark humor!
It's not just him you know, there are hundreds of folks in entertainment business who do poke around at sensitive stuff.
I know this is completely off but when I am trying to read it, I remember Russell Peters! He is way more crazy and direct. Aren't we are supposed to enjoy the act, rather than cribbing about why and what he said about a race or a country?

Top gear is more of an entertainment I suppose. It's not to be taken seriously on every second of it. In a recent episode, he made fun of Hammond buying the 911 GT3, and so did he direct that towards every other owner of GT3 too; because it seems that the machine has a defect and catches fire for some reason. If that guy was supposed to be serious, he wouldn't do that, right?
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"Number-Plategate Continues: Second Set of Offensive Number Plates Found in Jeremy Clarkson's Abandoned Porsche"

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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

Originally Posted by F2005 View Post
"Number-Plategate Continues: Second Set of Offensive Number Plates Found in Jeremy Clarkson's Abandoned Porsche"

oh please, what a load of crap. seems the journalist has heard of JC for the first time. What else would you expect from him anyways? They're famous for doing stupid shit!!

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Default Re: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear forced to flee Argentina!

All those in defence of the old joker, I think it's time he calls it quits.

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Wilman speaks

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