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Old 3rd March 2015, 09:56   #31
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Brilliant review, Rehaan! The part i loved the most was the tidbits and features on the car. There's obviously a lot of thought that has gone into those, and its amazing to think how no one thought of these in the first place!
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Fantastic report Rehaan!

The new Superb is a class act by Skoda. Not only is it a sharp looking piece of kit, it's loaded to the brim with little bits and bobs that make life a helluva lot easier. The fact that it no longer resembles a stretched sedan is a great thing for those looking to take the driver's seat on occasion. Loving that detachable flashlight!
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Thanks for the detailed review Rehaan and mighty glad that T-BHP got invited by Skoda. Goes to say the credibility we have in this space.

Loved the way Skoda has come up with this iteration of Superb. There are so many wow factors like the goodies in the boot, simply clever as aptly put by the manufacturer. I liked the cuts and sculpted lamps a lot, although could be a cleaning nightmare, I wouldn't be bothered as I would have hired a help for this :-)

I hope they price it well considering the fact that there are a lot of features here that can trouble the Germans.

5 stars Rehann.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Very good preview! As said earlier this is almost a review minus actual driving related information : ).

I'm really excited with this car. I do hope the DSG issues will be solved as it's the only fly in the ointment.
The only thing that concerns me is the mention of Increase in price. The 25L price point(Vs. features) of the current model has been a very good reason this car has done well, I understand the C has gone up in price and the future A4 and 3 Series will be sure to follow but I do hope Skoda doesn't go crazy with it's pricing for this car in India.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Amazing (p)review! Very well written and awesome detail to attention.

This car surely will have potential in India. My opinion is that in the time prior to launch, Skoda India should sort out it's service issues which would make this car even more desirable.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Amazing preview there. The attention to detail in the car is matched by the attention to detail in your report.

Looks like they have addressed the weakness of the previous car (odd looks) and built on its strengths (thoughtful features, legroom etc...) . The new Passat has its work cut out. At least the Accord and Camry can claim to be alternatives for those Skoda and Euro car haters. What's the case for the Passat?

This car looks like the perfect replacement for my Laura TSI in a couple of years . Skoda please make sure you have geared up to meet the demand!
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Fantastic thread! And for a car which deserves nothing less. Awesome!

That silver looked very boring and I was disappointed when I saw the opening pictures, but then that white changed everything. Only two things that I didn't like are center storage-bin lid which doubles up as an armrest and the out of shape blinds for the rear window. The rest of the car screams "HEAVY attention to detail". Wow! What a car!

And that tow-hitch. LOL! Too bad the release lever is in the boot, else would have come very handy in many traffic situations.

Skoda is playing it really clever. With the 3 Germans moving up a segment, this new Superb makes a lot of sense. Its got the A3, CLA etc. well and truly covered. At least in markets like ours. Great car!

And thanks Rehaan for sharing this treat with us.
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Old 3rd March 2015, 11:17   #38
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

A superbly detailed review of the Superb! Thank you Rehaan. A rocking start for my weekday and gives me a reason to work harder in the hope that someday, I'll not mind spending my money on a Skoda (taking into account the unreliability and terrible ASS).
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5 star preview of a 5 star car! The attention to detail of the reviewer and the manufacturer is absolutely breath-taking!

Skoda has pulled out all the stops with their new Superb!
IMO if one isn't worried about brand value, Superb is THE car! It pretty much provides everything that one needs in a car and even some more.
Design - check
Equipment - check
Safety - check
Convenience - check
Sound generator app with the sound of an aircraft?! - check (sorry, I absolutely love to have this in my car, until the day I'm able to own and drive a Huayra of course )

Simply clever? Nope! Too clever? Yep!

What remains to be seen is how well it drives and of course how their India division improves their A.S.S. Dear Skoda, we love to have our sumptuous 5 star buffet in a proper 5 star hotel! Not by the road side dodging bird poop! It would be a shame if you don't support such a groundbreaking product with an excellent ownership experience.
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Question Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Great Preview Rehaan

The car is simply SUPERB ! Only problem is , they hired a designer who did a Bugatti Veyron , I'm guessing this car isn't going to be priced like before. It's definitely going to be above 35 Lakhs.

Not sure if in India with all the service woes, a customer will be willing to splurge this much cash, no matter how good the car is.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Beyond insane levels of detail. Thanks for a staggering preview Rehaan!

The Superb has always been a favourite for me. The interiors lack the kind of finesse or quality you'd get from the German titan three, but the sheer amount of features, space and practical characteristics make the Superb the ideal purchase. This new design has just made it all the more brilliant (Although a lot of the features mentioned are highly unlikely to be offered in India.)

Combine the ingenuity of the Superb and the reliability of a Toyota and you have the ultimate saloon car. Can't wait for this beauty to hit Indian roads.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Thanks for the extremely detailed preview Rehaan! This was more like an Official Review minus the driving post.

The previous Superb looked quirky. Can't say the same for this one. The new one looks clean, well-proportioned and as they say - 'understated'. I'm not a fan of the DRL and bling but it doesn't look too bad on this car.

Skoda has gone all out while loading their flagship sedan to the gills. I see a lot of features from the Passat and Passat CC which have made their way in the Superb eg. magic boot, full-park assist, auto-hold etc.

While there is no denying that Skoda surely have a winner here, we only have to wait and see the effect of the premium pricing on the brand. And not just for Skoda but for VW as well. It will be interesting to see how VW position the Passat which is now in a more pitiable position than ever before, sandwiched between the A3, A4 on one side and the Superb on the other.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Rehaan, that is the most detailed preview I have ever seen!

Superb preview of a Superb!! Excellent attention to detail by Skoda in making such an all round car and by Rehaan in sharing it with us. Thank you very much for the details. Makes my day to see such attention to detail.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Thank You Rehaan for the crisp and detailed review of the all new Skoda Superb.

I must say, as always Skoda has yet another time churned out a "Simply Brilliant" car. I have always loved the Superb, It proudly reflects its name in all aspects. The car really is Superb.

Would really love to see if all the features make it to their India Bound Version, as many a times manufacturers agree to do away with many good to have features when they launch the cars in India.

If finances permits, would love to own this beautiful beast, if not know then in some of its future iterations.
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Default Re: 2015 Skoda Superb : Official Preview

Too good a preview, almost like a review. Thank you.
I really like the idea of having a proximity sensor in the audio system and the leg movement senor which opens the boot !
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