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Default Pics: The Ferrari Manufacturing Facility / Factory

1. Aluminum ingots stacked up at the foundry, where they will be melted down to make Ferrari and Maserati engine blocks and heads.

2. Sand castings are used to form the engine parts.

3. Maserati V-8 cylinder heads are wheeled out of the sandblasting furnace.

4. Although the sign says "12-cylinder team," in fact, both V-8 and V-12 cars are assembled on this line, as is evidenced by the 360 Modena. Only V-8 cars are built on the 8-cylinder line. Ferrari production is 75 percent V-8, 25 percent V-12.

5. Ferrari V-8 engines on stands awaiting testing. All engines are tested, and all cars are test-driven both on the test track and on local roads.

6. The Ferrari Enzo has a special production line, behind which is the area where seats and pedals are custom-fit to owner's specifications. The Enzo's 399-car production run will be completed in June.

7. Because engines are installed at the back of the first assembly station, front-engine cars travel backwards down the line, while mid-engine cars face forward.

8. The aluminum bodies for the 612 Scaglietti and the 360 Modena are built at Carrozzeria Scaglietti in Modena. Every car is hand-smoothed and hand-finished.

9. The dimensions of the doors are hand-checked. (Note the prancing horses on the yellow work table.)

10. A robot checks the dimensions of the body at 893 points. 50 percent of 612 Scaglietti bodies are checked; versus 10 percent of 360 Modenas (which has been in production longer).

Original Article - Automobile Mag

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damn look at that line of Enzo's?????

im gonna fall sick out of jelousy!!

This makes the process of making a car more fascinating then atchually buying it
hmm.. .no not really... buying all those enzos wud be some thing
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Old 16th May 2004, 14:59   #3
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Wow amazing picture an insider into the World of Ferrari. Made my day Cheers
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fascinating stuff, and those red prancing horse logoed overalls look great dont they. what attention to detail. for the passion that is ferrari, forza ferrari!
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Old 17th May 2004, 17:14   #5
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tht is just an amazing piece of info, loved reding it.
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Default Inside the Ferrari factory

Found this article on canadian driver. It has pictures of the ferrari factory including some of a F430 rolling down and off the line.
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Old 12th May 2006, 21:03   #7
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Thanks for sharing with us.
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Hey that made for a good read. Thanks!

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Do you know that one SL500 (made in bremen, Germany) takes( took) 7 days to be made. And in this 7 days it covers just 21kms within teh factory in a zigzag assembly line. I missed teh trip to this factory as it was t eh day I landed in Germany and hence I was left out while my colleagues went :(
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Hey Amit,

Thx for sharing..

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Default Inside pictures of Ferrari Factory

Wanted to share a picture log which i received in a chain Mail of Ferrari factory on How "it" is made.

Name:  f1.jpeg
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Size:  54.2 KB

Name:  f2.jpeg
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Name:  f3.jpeg
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Name:  f4.jpeg
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Name:  f5.jpeg
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Name:  f6.jpeg
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Name:  f8.jpeg
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Name:  f9.jpeg
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Name:  f10.jpeg
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Name:  f11.jpeg
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Name:  f12.jpeg
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Name:  f13.jpeg
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Name:  f14.jpeg
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Name:  f15.jpeg
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Name:  f16.jpeg
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Name:  f17.jpeg
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Name:  f18.jpeg
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Name:  f19.jpeg
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Name:  20.jpeg
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Name:  21.jpeg
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Name:  23.jpeg
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Name:  24.jpeg
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Name:  25.jpeg
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Name:  26.jpeg
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Name:  27.jpeg
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Name:  28.jpeg
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Name:  29.jpeg
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Name:  30.jpeg
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Name:  31.jpeg
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I knew about the Shell-Ferrari contract;but the shell logo on the workers is bit surprising!

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This is pretty cool, so just wondering does Ferrari has a program where a new Ferrari customer can tour the facility, follow his custom car production and than following the delivery can take it for a spin in Europe.
Just like the program BMW has where you can tour the plant in Germany, following that you take the delivery of your car and take it for a spin in Germany for few days before they ship it to where ever you are.
I always wanted to do that for my prospective Ducati (probably 10-20 years down the road)
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Lovely pics mate. Thanks for sharing!
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The Making of Ferraris had come a couple of years back on natGeo: Megafactories. That episode is worth watching if you wanna know how a Ferrari is made right from raw metal to the final assembly.
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now thats what you call as a dream job,I can live in that factory 24/7 thanks for the amazing pics
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