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Old 9th December 2009, 12:20   #166
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Default series 5 are in China plan of 300,000 units / year before 2017.

BMW, Chinese partner to invest in expansion,add second plant in china

German luxury car maker BMW AG on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding with its Chinese partner, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd to invest US$735 million to raise production capacity, sources reported.

The investment will partly be used to fund the expansion of an existing joint venture plant in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, where BMW 3-series and 5-series sedans are produced. It is expected that the Shenyang plant will produce 75,000 units by the end of next year, compared with the current capacity of 30,000 per year.
The joint venture will start building the new plant in the Shenyang Economy and Technology Development Zone in 2010, eyeing an annual production capacity of 100,000 units and to 300,000 units in the long term or before 2017.
As China has become BMWs fourth largest market, the new investment underscores BMWs long-term commitment to the cooperation, said Friedrich Eichiner, a board member of the BMW Group.

source BMW, Chinese partner to invest in expansion,add second plant in china | autoten.com
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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
I would still prefer the above look which was a rendered impression in 2008 for the new 5.
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Came across these images that are rendered speculations.

Source : Rendered Speculation: BMW M5 F10

Article :

The folks over at M5Board.com and TeamSpeed.com have sent in these renderings of the upcoming BMW M5. Shown in the drawings is a mid-size four-door that many would be pleased to drive.

While we like the conceptual drawings very much, we do not think the next M5 will have such a race-ready look. Expect the front air intakes to be a bit less prominent, and the side sills to be less aggressive. After all, this is a car meant to appeal to executives, and will likely have a more conservative appearance than the drawings depict.

The upcoming BMW M5 is expected to get a 500+ horsepower turbocharged engine that produces almost 500 ft-lb of torque. BMW already uses a 4.4-liter twin-turbo on V8 that generates 555 hp and 501 ft-lb on the BMW X5/X6 M. This may be a suitable and more efficient replacement for the previously used V10. A new transmission will be paired to the engine. It will likely be similar to the seven-speed dual-clutch unit seen on the M5 25th anniversary car.

Aside from active aerodynamics, look for the car to get a carbon fiber roof, taller gearing, and LED daytime lights. The next BMW M5 is expected to debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Attached Thumbnails
2011 BMW 5-Series-rend51.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-rend52.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-rend53.jpg  

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IMO the hood is missing a few bulges. Other than that, it's perfect! What a lovely machine!
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M5 looks great. But i find it very similar looking to the E92 M3 especially the front end.

The twin turbo 4.4L v8 and the 8 speed ZF transmission will make it an awesome ride.
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Old 18th December 2009, 18:17   #171
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rear is extreamly cool , but what happened to the front? looks like skoda octavia(laura),
i think they have lost the direction inwhich to head for after bangle left. either they should hire him again or should do a complete makeover.
you cant evolutionize bangle's design without him ! current one looks superb compair to this one.
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Old 18th December 2009, 18:20   #172
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Nice pics, Aagoswami! Now that's what a 5 series ought to look like.
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Old 18th December 2009, 19:25   #173
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Now they'll go ruin the M5. Hmpf.
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There is not mistaking the E-Class even if seen casually from the front but this beemer isnt. The 5-Series has lost its identity.
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Old 18th December 2009, 20:52   #175
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Originally Posted by extreme_torque View Post
There is not mistaking the E-Class even if seen casually from the front but this beemer isnt. The 5-Series has lost its identity.
thats so true. totally agreed sir!
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Old 20th December 2009, 09:34   #176
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I hope they release a bi turbo version of the v10 instead of the v8 WOT
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Old 20th December 2009, 16:23   #177
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Through a collection of sources (one of which is the always interesting Scott27) weve been able to piece together a good idea of what the next generation (F10) M5 will offer. For starters the engine will be similar (but not identical) to the twin turbo V8 in the X5 and X6 M SAVs. We expect an output around 570 bhp with dramatically more torque (well over 500ft lbs) than the current E60 M5 thanks to those two turbos. BMW has gone to great lengths to make the F10 M5 have more usable power a la the masterpiece that was the E39 M5. The turbos will help however the M engineers have also created an engine that is less about a high strung shriek at 8000 rpm and more about everyday power (and lots of it).
But what about the perceived softening of the M brand? Reportedly the M Division will be doing something about that with the F10. With carbon fiber used for some body panels and an optional carbon fiber roof, their aim is to bring weight down as much as possible. Further weve now heard from two sources that M is planning to recreate the entire platform in Aluminum to dramatically reduce the weight of the structure. Reportedly the E60 M5 CSL one-off was a proof of concept engineering test mule that helped engineers vet out much of these ideas.
Then theres the rumor of a KERS system that debuted in this years BMW F1 race car? While many sources have claimed its coming, we havent heard details until now. While theyre unconfirmed, one of our more accurate sources, Scott27, has not only confirmed KERS but has given us technical insight into how the system will work. According to him (or her), it will be a brake energy regeneration system with an electric motor located in the cars transmission. Stored energy is released by an F1 like switch allowing for extra bursts power for a short time period. In some ways this mirrors the MINI Cooper S, JCW, and the Z4 35is in their short burst of extra torque available at full acceleration. However were told to expect something a bit more noticeable and immediate with KERS.
What remains to be seen is what transmission will be motivating this power to the ground. Weve heard rumors for over a year now that BMW will offering only one transmission with the F10 and it wont be a manual. Again we point the the E60 M5 CSL as our answer. Reports indicated that a beefed up version of the M3s DCT will find its way into the M5 with 7 forward gears and lightening fast shift times. Of course if it was our choice wed stick a slick shutting short throw manual transmission in there and call it a day but surprisingly BMW didnt ask.
Look for a launch in early 2011.
Source: bimmerfile.com
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Old 27th January 2010, 19:23   #178
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Default First Drive of the BMW 535i

Autoblog tested the 2011 BMW 535i. Full review here:
First Drive: 2011 BMW 5 Series is a smooth operator — Autoblog

Some interesting points:

"As we slipped aboard for the first time, all was at once familiar yet utterly new. From its three-spoke steering wheel to its Brobdingnagian 10.2-inch navigation screen, sturdy switchgear, iDrive porkpie, finicky drive selector and general shapes and materials, the 535i reminds of the 5GT and the new 7 series, yet it carries its own dashboard design. While evolutionary, it's a beautifully executed space, with long, clean lines and ergonomically sound primary and secondary controls. As with its newer stablemates, the 5 Series receives a much more intuitive fourth-generation iDrive all-in-one controller, and with its rationalized menu structures and direct-function buttons surrounding the central controller knob, it's a system that's finally beginning to make some sense."

"For 2011, there's a new ZF automatic with five clutches(!) and eight forward gears(!!) that offers a wider ratio spread. In the past, we've found that transmissions with this many speeds are prone to hunting, as if their software logic is somehow trying to justify the inclusion of so many cogs. The 5 Series largely avoids this trap, although we did notice a tendency to cycle annoyingly between gears at very low speeds under shallow throttle openings (think: nudging forward in bumper-to-bumper traffic). Notably, BMW is ditching the chrome push-pull paddle-shifters used on other models in favor of traditional pull tabs (right to upshift, left to downshift) apparently some people found the old Anish Kapoor chrome thumbsculptures hard to use. The new ones work just fine, but we miss the older version's dual +/- action and subtle artistic quality."

"For 2011, the 5 Series has discarded its long-serving Macpherson strut front suspension in favor of a new multi-link arrangement. The rear end is now also under the sway of a new five-link system, and coupled with BMW's Dynamic Damping Control (read: adaptive suspension) and Active Roll Stabilization (dynamic anti-roll bars), the whole works is at once at ease and eager to please. By that we mean that the ride quality is free from harshness without being floaty, yet it's ready to boogie at a moment's notice."

"Out on the track, with the optional Driving Dynamics Control rocker switch toggled to its raciest Sport + mode (the other three settings: Comfort, Normal and Sport), this big Fiver's mid-corner stance is flatter than your first girlfriend. The steering gains weight and speed without feeling artificial, the gearbox's marching orders are rejiggered to keep engine revs up and reduce shift times, and the electronic limited-slip tech and relaxed traction and stability control algorithms yield a surprisingly frisky big sedan. While you're never going to convince yourself you're dive-bombing in a Z4, this is a car that shrinks handily at speed, in part because the brakes are pleasingly firm and 18-inch Dunlop Sport Maxx GT runflats offer credible grip with surprising compliance."

"The new 5 Series is better looking, more luxurious and more capable yet it is also safer and cleaner. So is it ready to pick up the E39's torch anew? Well, not really. Without going so far as to suggest that that car was a primitive instrument of joy, BMW has moved too far down the field technologically to simply allow its engineers to pour old wine into new wineskins and call it a day. Besides, BMW's customers, competitors and various world governments have all gone and moved the segment's goalposts in the meantime. Having said all that, the 2011 5 Series is easier to use, easier on the eyes and far easier to find the magic in than its immediate predecessor. That might not be sufficient to proclaim it a neo-E39, but it might just be enough to move the Roundel to the head of the pack all over again."
Attached Thumbnails
2011 BMW 5-Series-05bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-06bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-08bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-10bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-11bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-30bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-35bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-38bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-40bmw535i2011review.jpg  

2011 BMW 5-Series-49bmw535i2011review.jpg  

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Default First drive : 530d by AutoCar UK


The first drive report from AutoCar UK of the new 530d, for your reference. Am attaching some pics from the same article as well. All copyrights acknowledged.Emphasis mine.

BMW 5-series 530d

Test date 16 January 2010
Price as tested 37,100
What is it?

Perhaps it would be more relevant to ask in this case what it should be, which is a strong contender for being the best car in the real world.
This is an all-new version of the car that has been our favourite mid-size executive for over 20 uninterrupted years.

And with BMWs 3.0-litre diesel providing sparkling performance and bewildering economy, the stage is set for the same kind of class-crushing performance we now expect from each successive generation of the 5-series.

Based on a shortened version of the 7-series platform, the new 530d offers significantly improved interior space, mild improvements to power, economy and emissions, and the option of an eight-speed automatic transmission that will be taken by 19 out every 20 buyers.

Unsurprisingly given its origins, 7-series suspension is used front and rear, while driving aids of disputable value, such as dynamic drive and active steering, rest firmly on the options list. However electric steering is now standard.

Performance is as strong as ever; 0-62mph takes 6.3sec regardless of which transmission you choose, a fact those planning on buying the more powerful, less torquey and all-but-identically priced 535i should bear in mind. It will only get you to 62mph 0.3sec quicker, but return just 33.2mpg instead of the 530ds outstanding 44.8mpg (45.6mpg with the auto).

Whats it like?
The good news is that the 530d feels more complete and capable than its predecessor; it would be strange were that not the case. After all BMW, a company not known for sitting on its hands, has had seven years to make its improvements.

The driving environment is more grown-up, the living space more equitably apportioned between those in the front and those in the back, and more roomy for all.

Out on the road, the ride quality is impressive but still not exceptional despite all-new aluminium suspension, but when you start to seriously fling it around you can tell why BMW set it up this way: for a large four-door saloon, its composure under pressure is genuinely outstanding.

And as for that engine, it was the best in its class throughout the previous generation and so it remains. A Mercedes equivalent might be a little quieter, a Jaguar motor a touch smoother, but theres not much in it, and nothing like enough to counter the BMWs advantage in power, economy and emissions.
And the eight-speed auto that almost all will have is a triumph. While the Lexus eight-speeder simply feels like it has too many gears (as can Mercs seven-speed unit), the BMWs just feels perfect, offering the right gear for every occasion without feeling the need to hunt perpetually through its ratios to find a better one.

But for all its has gained, so too has the 530d lost a little, and you only need to look at the car to suspect what it might be. The new shape is far less distinctive than its predecessor; you might even call it bland by comparison, and its an impression that penetrates below the skin of the car.

For all its extra ability, I didnt quite enjoy this 530d quite as much as the last. With its new suspension and a sizeable 80mm increase in wheelbase, it sets new standards of stability for the class but in doing so a little agility has inevitably been lost. Likewise the electric steering is admirably precise and direct, but Id have appreciated a touch more response through its rim.

Even so, if fun is not a top priority you will appreciate the cars smoothness, quietness and driving environment thanks to a dash lifted almost but not quite entirely from the 7-series. Most of all, youll notice the extra room in the back provided by that hike in wheelbase; for the first time in 5-series history, four decent-size adults will be able to sit in comfort.

Should I buy one?
If the BMW 5-series had not been around as an entity for the last 38 years and this one landed on the market, wed now be applauding a conspicuously able contender capable of taking the fight to very best cars in the class.

By any standards it is fine piece of work of which BMW can be rightly proud. All it is not is a class-buster, and that is what most distinguishes it most from generation after generation of hitherto matchless 5-series.

But it seems that attaining such stratospheric standards for so long didnt just make life difficult for BMWs rivals; it created one hell of an act for BMW to follow itself. For BMW looking to preserve this track record, its hard to escape the feeling that in this case, even very good may not be quite good enough.

Andrew Frankel
Attached Images
File Type: bmp 530d 1.bmp (731.6 KB, 112 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 2.bmp (731.6 KB, 103 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 3.bmp (731.6 KB, 117 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 4.bmp (731.6 KB, 101 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 5.bmp (731.6 KB, 129 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 6.bmp (726.2 KB, 102 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 7.bmp (695.7 KB, 133 views)
File Type: bmp 530d 8.bmp (731.6 KB, 98 views)
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WOw the new 5 series looks amazing . Looks very mature now . Wonder when they plan to launch it in india. They should definitely try to bring the stomper diesel if they want to win the competition against Merc , because they have an awesome package to battle with.
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