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Default LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?

Hello friends,

A while back, was in san Francisco, i was cruising in VW Jetta while going towards Golden Gate Bridge, when i heard a raucous engine note coming from behind, on seeing in rvm, i saw a huge suv with Lamborghini's logo just behind me ready to pounce on my sedan to crush me to pieces. it flew past me and so couldn't take some side profile photo, i did manage rear view photo and i was shocked to see Lamborghini's logo on the back with name written. i tried pursuing it, but i guess the driver was in sort of hurry so couldn't catch it.

its a very unique design and i couldn't determine whether it was just a sticker job or indeed suv from lamborghini.

hope some of you can throw some light on this.

sorry, the photos are not that clear as it was taken in hurry by my friend in passenger seat. also had to resize them in order to upload it here.

Attached Thumbnails
LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?-lambosuv1.jpg  

LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?-lambosuv.jpg  

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Arrow Lm002

(If it isn't a sticker job or a kit car) it could be the Lamborghini LM002, made by Lambo in the late 80's.

Humongous thing, that one, but never really caught on!
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its the real thing. these are rare. they are devoloped to compete with humvee for the us army.
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It is the real stuff. I remember standing next to one when it was idling. Even then, the rumble of the engine was enough to make me cringe! Here is a pic of the rear of the LM002 from the net.

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Note from the Team-BHP Support Staff : Do make sure that you provide the references/original source for every piece of material that has been taken from another website/publication, to give credit to the original author.

We advise you to read the Announcements and Board Rules section before proceeding any further.

Link: Lamborghini Cars - Lamborghini LM002

General Information-

Type : Lamborghini LM002
Years built : January 1986 - 1992
Production : 301 ( including 60 LM/American special equipment vehicles)
Chassisnr. : 12.302 was the last LM ever made, now in the UK.
Presentation : March 1982 Geneva Auto Show (in LMA-002 form)
January 1986 Brussels Auto Show in final production form, the LM American was presented on the 1992 Detroit Motor Show
Type of car : Four-door, four+six seater, off road vehicle
Designed by : Automobili Lamborghini SpA
Built by : Automobili Lamborghini SpA


Wheelbase : 3000 mm
Overall length : 4900 mm
Overall width : 2000 mm
Overall height : 1850 mm
Front track : 1615 mm
Rear track : 1615 mm
Ground clear. : 300 mm
Front overhang : n.a.
Rear overhang : n.a.
Weight : 2700 kg
Distribution : 50 % / 50 % front / rear

Chassis -

Structure : Multi-tubular steel spaceframe
Body : Riveted aluminium and fiberglass panelsk
Suspension : Independent, front and rear oscillating arms, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes :
Front : Self ventilated disc brakes with two four-pot calipers per disc
Rear : Drums : 12 inch / 3 inch servo-assisted Dual hydraulic circuit split front/rear with load compensating valve
Steering type : Assisted recirculating ball, 3.75 turns lock to lock
Turning circle : 12.2 m
Front tyre size : 325/65 VR 17
Rear tyre size : 325/65 VR 17
Type : Pirelli Scorpion
Front rim size : 11x17 inch
Rear rim size : 11x17 inch
Type : pressed steel


Type : V-12 60 degree light alloy block with pressed-in liners front mounted, four wheel drive with front disconnecting axle
Distribution : Dual overhead camshafts, chain drive, four valves/cylinder
Main bearings : 7
Cyl. Capacity : 5167 cc
Bore & stroke : 85.5 x 75 mm
Compr. ratio : 9.5:1
Max. power : 450 bhp at 6800 rpm
Max. torque : 369 lbs.ft. at 4500 rpm
Cooling system: Oversized radiator with two high-speed electric fans
Ignition : Electronic with distributors
Plugs : n.a.
Electr. system : 12 V
Alternator : 80 A
Fuel system : Dual electric pumps, 6 side-draught Weber 44 DCNF twin-choke carburetors
Fuel type : n.a.
Fuel cons. : 30 Lt./100 Km
Lubrication : Wet sump


Type : ZF S5-24/3,5 speeds + reverse, with reduction gear, all synchromesh
Limited slip front (25 %) and rear (75 %) differential, 75 % limited slip central differential with 100 % lock facility
Clutch : Dry-single plate, hydraulically operated
1st gear ratio : 2.99:1
2nd gear ratio : 1.90:1
3rd gear ratio : 1.33:1
4th gear ratio : 1.00:1
5th gear ratio : 0.89:1
Rev. gear ratio : 2.7:1
Final drive ratio : 4.125:1


Top speed : 210 Km/h with 120 % maximum climbing angle
0 - 100 Km/h : 7.8 sec.
Standing Km. : 31.2 sec.

Capacities :

Fuel : 290 Lt.
Engine oil : 17.5 Lt.
Cooling system : 17 Lt.
Luggage : n.a.

Price : US $ 89.000 (MSRP in 1985) or Lire 169.000.000
US $ 134.500 (MSRP 1990 LM002 Americana)
Current value : $ 46,100 (1986 model) - $ 67,300 (1989 model)
$ 70,000 (1990 LM Americana model) (based on sales in 2003)

Name:  800pxLambo_LM_002_1.jpg
Views: 13673
Size:  87.9 KB

LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?-lamborghini_lm002_8692_31.jpg

Name:  lm0022230707.jpg
Views: 9458
Size:  39.8 KB

Name:  lm002e.jpg
Views: 17748
Size:  38.1 KB

LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?-silver_lambo_lm_002_gumball.jpg

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Default Labmo Suv @ Gumball 3000

Check out the pics of the LAMBO SUV which i spotted in London in 2006.

dont know other specs of the monster.
Attached Images
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Thanks astonmartin, leo, harshal for the information.

AM, your's was truly informative, i was really surprised to see LM002, never bothered to see on the net may be because i hadn't seen it in flash.

but hearing the rumble of engine which was truly out of world experience i was intrigued.

aah78, do you happen to know the reason for its failure?

i loved the size of tyres, that was fantastic and was quite fast, specs by AM confirms the same.

the shape does seems boxy but hummer is also has the same design, 450bhp seemed fine enough, wonder what went wrong that only 300 odd were manufactured?
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Note from Support: Please provide source when you Copy-Paste material from an external website:

Link: Lamborghini Cars - Lamborghini LM002

The four-wheel drive Lamborghini was carefully perfected and became available in 1986, the first production model was unveiled on an early 1986 Brussels Auto Show. The base of the LM-004 was used, but the engine became the new Quattrovalvole, now used in the Countach, but with a lower compression ratio to allow the use of 94 R.O.N. fuel.Orders began coming in for this new and strange looking vehicle, and the first went to H.R.H. King Hassan of Morocco. Soon others followed, with every possible option installed on them, from 'basic' factory models to heavily armored ones. Even the 7.0-Litre marine engine was installed in some of them, at one time even a station wagon-type was constructed as a prototype, but never entered production.

The LM-002 became an immediate success, wherever you went with it, you would be admired, in the United States it even became known as the 'Rambo-Lambo', probably because its military looks and huge power. With its 1.89 m height, the LM-002 was a very impressive vehicle to appear in your rear view mirror, when you did see it, it was time to make way for it, because the LM-002 would surely pass you by in a cloud of dust.

The LM-002 standard equipment included every luxury item available, leather seats, thick color-matched carpeting everywhere, air-conditioning, tinted power-windows, a stereo system mounted in a roof console and much more, but still some were sold each year to various armies around the world.The Saudi army ordered 40 of them for their own use, all equipped with machine guns.

This military version of the LM was finished less fancy, the roof had a panel built into it with two trap doors, which opened above the rear seats. But the biggest market for the LM-002 were the wealthy people who wanted to drive a Countach but lived in places without 'real' roads.

The large center bulge on the hood accommodated an equally huge air-cleaner casing, mounted directly over the six Weber carburetors. The fuel supply system was equipped with two filters, in-line and in-series, and the carburetors were set to burn far less than perfect fuel. An oversized radiator with two high-speed fans kept the 'hot' engine cool.

The LM-002 was mounted on massive Pirelli Scorpion tires which offered unmatched road holding capabilities on both tarmac and sand, but which were also very expensive. These tires were exotic, Automobili Lamborghini SpA had Pirelli made them especially for the LM and offered them in two different tread designs, one for 'mixed' use and the other for 'sand' use only. These tires could be run virtually flat without risk and were the only rubbers available to compete with the desert heat, the loading and the speeds that the LM could inflict on them.

Lamborghini did not make the LM body shells, in fact, they came fully assembled from Spain, but most of them needed to be upgraded because their build quality was too low for Automobili Lamborghini SpA standards.
Production of this one-of-a-kind all-terrain vehicle was halted in 1992, the last 60 LM-002's were special equipped LM/American types, with special chromed bumpers, unique striping on both sides, upgraded leather interior and special side moldings underneath the doors, also special alloy OZ/MSW wheels were mounted.
The total production was estimated at 328 units. Today a second-hand LM will cost around $100,000 and if you can afford one, buy it, because the Diablo has some competition, but nothing even comes close to the LM-002.

After Automobili Lamborghini SpA went into Far Eastern ownership, some studies were made to create a successor for the massive LM002, but none of these designs ever made it into production.

An LM002 was used in the sixth Rally of the Pharaohs, which ran in Egypt from October 18 to October 28 in 1987, as a lead car. Another was entered in this race by Sandro Munari, but he decided not to start after the organisator had a deadly accident behind the wheel of an offshore powerboat. But in the 1987 off-road Rally of Greece, Sandro Munari did enter a rally-prepared LM002, co-driving with Mario Mannucci, but this rally had its share of problems and a high speed track was removed from the rally, a track the LM002 would surely win, therefore Sandro decided to withdraw from the race. Before he withdrew from this race although, the Lamborghini LM002 did obtain very good results in the sessions it did compete in.

LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?-06lla361223619h.jpeg

LM002 - Lamborghini SUV? Is it really the one?-06lla361223619i.jpeg

Name:  115300620575844.jpg
Views: 8530
Size:  52.5 KB

Name:  115300621386005.jpg
Views: 8514
Size:  58.9 KB

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Man, the Italians do every thing crazily. this is Hulk wearing a tuxedo - an Armani at that. Surprisingly heavy for something with Aluminium and fibreglass panels.
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Wow! Never knew this existed! It looks ugly as hell from the outside but the interiors look all right. Wonder why it flopped so badly when the Hummer became a success...
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thanks am
that made a really interesting reading.

is that two individual monitors facing rear seats? quite innovative during those time.

hats of to lamborghini for making such an awesome suv.

hey am, can you tell whats on the right of driver's seat, the gearbox is in middle near a.c vents, the handbrake looks to be near the thigh area, wonder what is the black colored tower sticking out to the right of driver's seat?

do you have ny idea?

were this individually customized to suit individual taste or did it had some standard option?

engine looks huge, gives me chill thinking about a 7 litre pot in there..
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Now thts what i call a REAL SUV. Lamborghini the exotic supercars makers, when they set about to make a SUV, they did not hide behind, a look pattern that is common to their mad super cars or trying to feed the needs of the super rich, super spoilt guys who want a cushy sofa that goes FAST e.g : the cayenne. They made a SUV that would make the Hummer (the original Humvee) looks like a baby cart.

NOw thts what i call guts, i would have loved to use more adjectives but they are not allowed on this forum.

Kudos to Lambo for being true to what they want to do.

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290liters fuel tank.. that is really huge. How much is the hummer's fuel tank capacity?
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Good god, 76 gallon fuel tank?!! Thats just insane. Thats 460lb in fuel!

The hummer "only" holds 26 gallons.
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@chevelle, I think those extra levers are for 4X4.

Top Gear - [03x04], Jeremy says it coasts a whopping 220 pounds to fill the tank up and a single tyre coasts 550 pounds. Its a fuel guzzler.

People say one needs to own a petrol bunk for a hummer and an oil filed for the Rambo Lambo.
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