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Default Hyundai's most expensive and expansive car-new 2010 Equus revealed

source: Hyundai Equus Revealed to Journalist in Korea - worldcarfans

The new Hyundai Equus has been unveiled in advance of its Geneva release. Hyundai showed off the Equus to several dozen journalists, releasing a few photos to boot.

Hyundai's luxury sedan hit the market in the late 1990s as a Mitsubishi-designed executive vehicle, that was also sold in Korea as a limo. It was not a worldwide vehicle, having been sold mainly in Korea, parts of the Middle East, and China, with a few exported to Europe. The vehicle received a facelift in 2003.

The new generation Equus has two engine choices, including a 3.8-liter V6 and a 366 horsepower 4.6-liter V8. At the event, they compared the power figures with the Lexus LS460L and the Mercedes-Benz S350L. Brimming with confidence, they even let journalists test drive all three cars at their own event, just to demonstrate the Equus' abilities to compete with more established luxury sedans. Some of the available equipment will include LED-lined headlights, oversized fog lights, dual exhaust, lane assist, a new computer system that analyzes data from the entire chassis, and pre-crash seatbelts.

The new Hyundai Equus will now have a further reach, likely getting a U.S. launch as the Genesis Prestige. It is expected to receive the attention of the worldwide media at the Geneva Motor Show. At the same time, it goes on sale in Korean dealerships as of 3 March.
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Hyundai's most expensive and expansive car-new 2010 Equus revealed-2010hyundaiequus.jpg  

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another news-spy shots of a never-before seen hyundai sedan in korea completely undisguised.

what could this be? source: Mystery Hyundai Spied in Korea Without Camouflage - worldcarfans

This mystery Hyundai sedan was spotted in Korea the other day, with pics posted to a message board there. We usually rejoice when we get pics of a completely unmasked new car, but this time we're just not sure what the thing is!

Let's examine what we do know about the car. At the front, we have a grille that is not seen on any current Hyundai model that we know. Although shaped like the Santa Fe's grille, this one has four chrome-colored horizontal lines like many of the company's current sedans. Headlights do not come from any current offering, but seem inspired by the current lamps available on the Elantra. Round fog lamps are fully integrated with air intakes, akin to the Genesis. They are distinctly different from the square fog lamps seen on models like the Azera and Sonata. It has a rounded off snub-nose, very reminiscent of the current Elantra, and the recently debuted Sonata. This front end is definitely less aerodynamic than the new Genesis.

The rear passenger windows end in a squared off shape, just like the Genesis. However, the pointy side-mirrors do not have indicators built in to them. Six-point wheels look very similar to those found on the four-door Hyundai Accent. Although smaller, they also bear a resemblance to those found on the Santa Fe.

At the back, this car has completely different taillights than the Genesis. Rear lights on the Genesis are split white and red, with about a third of the light being built in to the trunk. These lights look like they could appear on a new Accent, or even the Getz.

This car seems to have the stance of a rear-wheel-drive, which could exclude the Sonata, even though the Sonata does have access to a dual-exhaust. Bottom line: we don't really know what this car is. It appears to be shorter than the Genesis, but by how much? That being said, it looks like this could be a new Hyundai sedan, almost production-ready, and possibly just for the Korean market.
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Looks good, but what about the price?? they better price it well or else its gonna be no good..
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An enhancement of the Genesis? The 'spy pics' make the car look very ordinary,but the release pics make the car look pretty good!
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the spy pics are neither of genesis nor equus, but of another 3rd hyundai sedan which was never seen before.
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Spy Pics hmm. Front looks like verna on steroids. Rear looks like Dzire!! To me its a bad design. Only thing I Liked is the wheel design.

The 'revealed' car from the first post does look good. Yes very similar to the S CLass.
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Though it is hard to miss some of the lingering design cues from Mercedes, the car looks to me more like the GS sports sedans from lexus - bridging luxury and performance. Hyundai has been trying to get into the Luxury segment for a while and till now they have drawn a blank. And I don't think this will get them there either.

In my opinion, they need an original design and a good engine along with all bells and whistles one can see in the contemporary luxury vehicles upwards of $40,000 to make a dent in this segment. It is going to take them a while..
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Old 20th February 2009, 23:08   #8
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Not much originality in the new Equus....as with all big Hyundais these days..rear 3/4th angle looks like the Lexus ls...front end looks a tad confused with that new Coupe inspired bumper & that regal chrome grille...but again no originality...well Toyota did it decades back...now they are on top...Hyundai's time is coming i guess...lets see
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Default Hyundai Launches Stretch Edition Of Its Luxury Flagship, Equus

Hyundai's most expensive and expansive car-new 2010 Equus revealed-160716.jpg



- 300 mm longer than the sedan version, increasing comfort for the VIP passenger

- Features award-winning Tau Engine in V8 5.0L version

- Offering the world's most comfortable passenger experience

*All specifications in this release are Korean domestic.

Hyundai's most expensive and expansive car-new 2010 Equus revealed-160721.jpg

(Seoul, Korea) Hyundai Motor Co. today began receiving orders for the long wheelbase edition of its most luxurious car, the EQUUS.

The stretch edition offers several upgraded features from the normal sedan version, including differentiated exterior designs and longer overall length. The engine and other functions have been reinforced to attain first-class performance, safety, comfort and convenience.

With the comfort of passengers at the forefront of its design principle, the EQUUS Limousine, as it is named in Korea, offers passengers unparalleled levels of interior volume. The vehicle's length is longer than major competitors by as much as 310 mm, with backseat legroom as much as 376 mm longer, as well.

To differentiate it from the EQUUS sedan, the stretch version is equipped with an exclusive horizontal cross-bar radiator grille with an emblem in the center. Thus, the exterior image exudes an impression of strength and confidence, in line with the vehicle's elegant image.

Hyundai's most expensive and expansive car-new 2010 Equus revealed-160722.jpg

EQUUS Limousine comes with a choice of two sophisticated engines: The Lambda 3.8L engine and the Tau 5.0L engine. The Tau 5.0 engine, applied to the stretch version for the first time, is a reinforced version of the Tau 4.6L engine that won the 2009 Ward's 10 Best Engines award.

With a maximum output of 400ps and a peak torque rating of 51.0kg, the stretch version outperforms its competitors, such as the Lexus LS460L and Mercedes S500L by 20ps and 12ps, respectively.

The power-driven footrest, the world's first, along with Rear Seat Leg Support, Relax Posture Control and Massage System function, allows passengers the most comfortable driving experience found today.

The price for the long wheelbase edition EQUUS ranges from 135 million won to 146 million won (approximately US$113,000 to US$122,180, based on today's currency exchange rates).

Additionally, Hyundai has successfully developed a bulletproof version of the long wheelbase EQUUS and has donated three units to the Blue House (the Korean Presidential Residence). Hyundai is the first Korean company ? and one of a handful worldwide - to develop a bulletproof car with its own technology.

Hyundai's most expensive and expansive car-new 2010 Equus revealed-160724.jpg
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I remember seeing a similar looking car (like pic 2) entering the Sriperumbudur Hyundai factory, last Thursday.
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This car is indeed well finished looks wise a very stylish design without the trademark korean rough edges loud grills and crazy curves, they seem to be going more japannese/European route and the opposite seems to be happening with Mercs/BM's/Audi's. Korea is the new JAPAN! Although Lexus does retain the same design language
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Old 30th September 2009, 17:41   #12
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This car looks remarkably ugly IMO.

For once could Hyundai come up with something orginal?!
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Altough it reminds me of the merc. The car looks pretty good to me.
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That Hot saloon car is already launched in dubai its called genesis, Quite a looker though!
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The boot seems different in the release pics and the spy shots. The gap between the boot and the rear-quarter panel is plush with the brake lights in the spy photos while its normal in the release pics.
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