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Originally Posted by sujaylahiri View Post
Car sales have been pretty strong in Brazil as well, which is also one of the largest emerging markets for the auto industry.
Indeed. Recent tax sops from the Brazilian govt. have led to a surge in sales. Their March numbers were roughly double that of India.
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guys have a look at the list of car manufactures in China.

What is even more hilarious is the fact that their R&D (Research and duplicate) is not just limited to the car design but also for logos and names.

Noteable ones.

Chang 'an - inverted and choppes toyota
Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)
Huabei Motor
Shanghai Maple Automotive (SMA) - Skoda logo

Chinese Auto Manufacturers - A List containing Information on Carmakers in China (chery automobile, geely, gwm etc.)

WHo has seen these cars run oin roads outside china.
I doubt.
Is the Chinese car industry a self sustaining domestic manufacture/sale/consumption industry.
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Since they also manufacture high quality goods for west, they do have the technology and processes. It might give them a legs up to move towards better quality easily.
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Originally Posted by lamborghini View Post
Just came across this article:

Some interesting bits:
SHANGHAI Porsche unveiled its entry into the luxury sedan market here on Sunday night, the eve of the Shanghai auto show. It was the latest confirmationof the importance of the Chi nese auto market and the first time that Porsche has entered a new market segment at an auto show outside Europe or North America.
Saw the release of the Panamera in China, and the main aspect touched up was the growth of the Chinese market (both auto & other industries).
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I also saw an interview where in Audi mentioned that they sell more than 1,20,000 units yearly in China. They manage only a small fraction of that in India.
We are also forgetting the fact that China isnt a democracy which brings in a different sets of problems with it.
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Won't be long before India catches upto China! What I like about the Indian market is that there's more home grown engineering and innovation put in rather than simply copying what everyone else does like the Chinese do. Great example, Tata Nano! Kudos to Tata!
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Bottomline : China has always had the demand & the customers. Now, more & more Chinese are getting purchasing power too!

@ Vasudeva : Awesome reads on those links.
I hope they put their money on the right cars instead of cheap lookalikes which aren't safe at all. I hope they use their " purchasing power" judiciously.
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Have been in shanghai and Dalian over the past week.

Beleive me they like their cars - This is BMW 7 and and now also S class. Plenty of w140's. Audi a8's are popular. All of these v8's or v12's. Loads of Cayennes also. Range Rovers are popular. If JLR push they could sell a lot more.

The cheap rip offs are few in the cities, they are sold in smaller places. Big cities means big statements.

Dealers are getting big - all US style automalls

In the city, except for taxi's, all cars are fairly new
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Smile The bad side of this road in china

after driving more than 2 years in china
approx 80,000 km
the bad thing is people donot follow traffic rules
random lane cutting even by big trucks
and trawlers
china road are most dangerous road in the world
more than 100,000 people die every year
also 95% of car buyer in china are first timers
since they are newly rich he can buy power full cars like bmw vw etc
v6 without having experince of driving
also in major city there are huge traffic jams
which 2 or 3 year before i never witnessed
so i guess not all is good

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Narry, what can I say. Just that we've shared some of our own driving tricks with the neighbours
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Yeah Chinese quality is real shoddy. I think India has an edge over China in that regard on big ticket goods. But China has achieved a lot overall a lot as a country and we need to learn from them. I think we ca be numero uno if we put our heart to it.
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Old 20th January 2012, 12:50   #42
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Default Re: China is the new Big Daddy! Out with the USA

In the present there has been a lot of negative news around China's auto industry and it seems that the bubble is indeed bursting. Read on from the following sources-

While China had its best ever year of auto sales in 2011, there may be some storm clouds on the horizon. According to The Detroit News, Chinese auto sales only grew 2.5% in 2011, which is the smallest rate since 1999. In 2010, sales rose a full 32% over 2009, so this makes 2011 a much less successful year than it initially appeared on paper when China became the number one car market in the world.

Chinese Auto Market Growth Screeches To A Halt - Business Insider

Also the push towards green cars is also facing challenges -

Foreign and domestic car makers are struggling to sell environmentally friendly vehicles in China, the world's largest auto market, even as Beijing pumps billions into clean energy.
China wants five million "new energy" vehicles on the streets by 2020 to ease chronic pollution and reduce reliance on oil imports, but high prices, lack of infrastructure and consumer reluctance are creating major roadblocks.
"People hesitate to choose cars with a high price," said BYD sales manager Zhang Jiankun. "Although the government can provide subsidies for alternative-energy cars, the lack of charging stations is a main concern."
China had an estimated 243 charging stations at the end of 2011, but Beijing plans to invest 100 billion yuan over the next 10 years to build up the new-energy vehicle sector as a whole, focusing on electric models.

AFP: China's drive for 'green' cars hits roadblocks
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Default Re: China is the new Big Daddy! Out with the USA

Originally Posted by vinaydas View Post
Chinese brands will make it into India someday.
know who knows some one might be driving a Replica "Farrari"

Oh yes... that reminds me of how they sell electronics where Kenwood becomes Yenwood, Sony becomes Sany, Sanyo becomes Sonyo etc. Whatever maybe the case, there would be a huge market in India as public only looks at quantity and never quality.
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Default Re: China is the new Big Daddy! Out with the USA

China is actually propping up the US economy and it has huge investments in the US and is the single largest creditor to the US. The whole wide world depends on the US 'consumer' to continue 'consuming' so that the apple cart isn't toppled.
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