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Old 29th July 2009, 17:59   #91
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awesome cars. love the wheels on that McLaren.
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Default Gembella Mistrale..modified Porsche Panamera!

First images of Gemballa's Mistrale modified Porsche Panamera surface — Autoblog
Seems like these days, Gemballa is best known for turning out customized versions of Porsche's last superdupercar, the Carrera GT.They call it the Mirage GT, and just to refresh your memory, Gemballa will sell you the Carbon edition, the Gold edition and, of course, the Matte edition. True, the Mirage GT comes complete with a bit more power than a "regular" Carrera GT, but some folks see the precious materials edition as something of a desecration. We're betting those same folks won't be nearly as upset about the upcoming Mistrale, a tuning package for the Porsche Panamera.

Besides what the body kit looks like, all we know for sure is that Mistrale is a cold wind that blows across France's Provence region, upsetting the normally idyllic weather. And while we're not going to go so far as to call the Panamera idyllic, it must be said that in person Porsche's four-seat grand touring butt kicker has a rarefied and purpose built presence that silences most critics. Especially the Turbo.

Regardless, Gemballa built some new body panels for the Mistrale, which we'll assume is based on the mighty Turbo, including an all new front clip with a carbon fiber lip and intakes plus extra vertical brake-cooling ducts. The hood has a couple of matching slashes in it (presumably to cool a more powerful motor), as does the rear bumper for even more brake cooling. The best looking body-mod has to be the
which have all been moved up and inboard, giexhaust pipesing the big sedan real supercar cachet. And of course, 22-inch wheels because why on earth not? These images are just computer renderings right now, but the Mistrale should be coming soon, and with it an even more powerful four-seat Porsche. What's not to like?
Professionally Modified Supercars-mistrale20.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-mistrale401250608742.jpg
Attachment 176570

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all of a sudden the panamera turned HOT!!
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Oh man! Nothing can save the Panamera. Bring on the Aston Martin Rapide.
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Originally Posted by Nikhilb2008 View Post
Oh man! Nothing can save the Panamera. Bring on the Aston Martin Rapide.
Amen to that!
I really like the Mistrale's looks!
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Old 2nd September 2009, 23:18   #96
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Default "Bonkers" is Relative: Heffner Performance cranks out the 1100-hp twin-turbo Lamborgh

Heffner Performance Lamborghini Murcielago Twin Turbo — Autoblog
Sure, there are some cars on the road more bonkers than the Lamborghini Murcielago. But not many. After all, how do you best over 570 horsepower driving all four wheels? Well, how about nearly doubling the output and channeling it all through half the wheel count? That's exactly what Heffner Performance has done with its twin-turbo upgrade for the aging raging bull. By bolting on a set of turbochargers, the Sarasota, Florida-based tuning garage has boosted the corral up to 1,100 horsepower, all driving through the rear wheels.

As you can see from the photos in the high-res image gallery below and the pair of videos after the jump, the craftsmanship looks flawless. But it's the acceleration that really boggles the mind. With that much power channeled through two wheels, we don't want to ask about the standstill sprint to 60 mph, but Heffner's given us a hint at the twin-turbo Murci's in-gear acceleration times, which is really what it all comes down to. A stock Murcielago can jump from 60 miles per hour up to 130 in 9.5 seconds. Pretty impressive, but that's just for reference. The Heff? 5.1 seconds. In 90-degree heat. With "only" 950 horsepower dialed in. With all 1,100, Heffner figures she'll do it in less than four.
Professionally Modified Supercars-murci9.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-murci6.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-murci8.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-murci1.jpg
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Default TopCar Panamera Stingray!

Russia's TopCar Releases New Photos of Custom Porsche Panamera Stingray - Carscoop
We first told you about TopCar's performance program for the new Porsche Panamera way back in December 2008 when the Russian tuning house released an initial set of teaser sketches. Now, TopCar has published the first photos (though, keep in mind that the pics may be photoshoped) of its customized Porsche Panamera that is believed to make its first public outing at the forthcoming Essen Tuning show in Germany towards the end of November.

The tuning firm did not accompany the images with a press release, but from what we gather, the Panamera seen here is equipped with the basic bodykit dubbed 'Stingray' which has been designed by another Russian company called Cardi.

The carbon-fiber aerodynamics package includes redesigned front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a fixed rear wing and a new bonnet with air vents. The kit is rounded off by a new set of beefier alloy wheels.

According to a previous release, TopCar is also working on an even more aggressive bodykit that essentially replaces every external body panel of the Panamera aside from the rooftop.

It is also said that the Russians have joined forces with famed Porsche tuner 9ff which will handle all the performance upgrades as well as the production of both bodykits.
Professionally Modified Supercars-porschepanamerastingray2.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-porschepanamerastingray0.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-porschepanamerastingray3.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-porschepanamerastingray4.jpg

Professionally Modified Supercars-porschepanamerastingray5.jpg
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By seing these cars we can make out the difference in the cars which are modified here and abroad.Would love to see something like this happen here in a larger scale.
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Mansory is planning to release an aerodynamic kit for the four-door grand tourer, Porsche Panamera that the company says gives the car a more "masculine" appearance. Other available components will include 21-inch wheels, a sport exhaust system, and a variety of wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum interior accessories.

Source: Mansory previews aggressive aftermarket program for Porsche Panamera — Autoblog
Attached Thumbnails
Professionally Modified Supercars-mansory_panamera_1.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-mansory_panamera_2.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-mansory_panamera_3.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-mansory_panamera_4.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-mansory_panamera_5.jpg  

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The alloy wheel and Fornt bummper looks good but the rear doesn't seems to be so good.21" inch looks too big for this car,may be 20 "inch would be better.
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The Panamera got uglier with the Mansory.
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my dream suv is hummer
am really working hard for it, now lets see when my dream is going to come true
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Default Amazing Ferrari California by Novitec Rosso!

Now I've never been a fan of the new Ferrari California, but I couldn't help but drool over this! It's amazing what wonders Novitec Rosso can do!
These Ferrari specialists can’t leave any Ferrari untouched! Their latest offering this brilliant drop-top Ferrari California. Their design program starts with new aerodynamic components made of clear-coated carbon fiber and include new front spoiler, rocker panels, new diffuser and spoiler lip in the trunk lid.
Final touch is given with a set of nifty three-piece NF3 wheels of sizes 9Jx21 up front and size 11.5Jx22 at the back. Under the skin, changes include new sports springs that lower the height by 35 mm. New hydraulic front lift system raises the front of the car by some 40 millimeters at the push of a button so that one can navigate over treacherous speed humps.
Power modifications are very modest and the 4.3-liter V8 engine gets a 40 hp increase from 460 hp to 500 hp. Peak torque raises from 485 to 518 Nm at 5,300 rpm.
This California looks absolutely scintillating! The modifications are very understated. The humongous wheels and fat tires, the drop in height and the carbon bits give it a neat, complete and understated look!
For full details, there is a press-release in quotes below.

Source: Ferrari California by NOVITEC ROSSO

NOVITEC ROSSO Refines the Ferrari California
Styling, Wheels, Suspension, Engine and Interior
Sporty styling, a custom-tailored tire/wheel combination with diameters of 21 and 22 inches, suspension modifications, more power and exclusive interior options: NOVITEC ROSSO now also refines the new Ferrari California.
Tasteful refinements with aerodynamic benefits characterize the NOVITEC ROSSO design program for the sports car from Maranello. All aerodynamic-enhancement components are made from especially lightweight yet high-strength clear-coated carbon fiber.
The NOVITEC ROSSO front spoiler attaches to the production bumper and lends the sports car an even more striking face. Its sophisticated shape further reduces lift on the front axle for even better directional stability at high speeds.
The sides are upgraded with striking NOVITEC ROSSO rocker panel moldings for an even more clearly defined racing look. Black side markers add further individual highlights.
To reduce lift on the rear axle and thus achieve an optimal aerodynamic balance NOVITEC ROSSO equips the California with a newly designed diffuser for the rear apron and a spoiler lip on the trunk lid.
Three-piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 wheels also play a major role in the even more stunning appearance of the refined Ferrari. By choosing a staggered combination of size 9Jx21 wheels in front and size 11.5Jx22 on the rear axle NOVITEC ROSSO further emphasizes the wedge shape of the car. Technology partner Pirelli supplies high-performance tires custom-tailored to this Ferrari. The front axle features tires in size 255/30 ZR 21. In the rear tires in size 315/25 ZR 22 provide optimal traction.
NOVITEC ROSSO sport springs are custom-calibrated to match these ultra-low-profile tires, and lower the ride height by some 35 millimeters. At the same time the NOVITEC ROSSO specialists have developed an additional feature to further improve the everyday utility of the Ferrari California. The NOVITEC ROSSO hydraulic front lift system raises the front of the car by some 40 millimeters at the push of a button in the interior. That allows drivers to safely navigate parking garage ramps or speed bumps. At a second push of the button or automatically when reaching a speed of 80 km/h the front reverts to its original position.
Even faster throttle response and more power characterize the first NOVITEC ROSSO tuning stage for the Ferrari California, which increases power output of the 4.3-liter V8 engine by 40 hp / 29.4 kW to 500 hp / 368 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 485 to 518 Nm at 5,300 rpm.
This injection of extra power comprises on the one hand a newly calibrated engine management system with custom mapping for injection and ignition, including a new higher redline speed of 8,300 rpm. The tuning package also includes the NOVITEC ROSSO stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with metal catalysts and a flap actuator operated from the Manettino switch on the steering wheel.
NOVITEC ROSSO fulfills customer demands for interior customization with perfectly finished leather and Alcantara interiors. The choice of available colors and meticulously sewn upholstery designs is virtually unlimited.
Attached Thumbnails
Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso16.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso22.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso32.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso42.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso52.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso62.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso72.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso82.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso92.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso112.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso122.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso132.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso142.jpg  

Professionally Modified Supercars-ferraricaliforniabynovitecrosso152.jpg  

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For the first time, as much as i hate to admit it , i like a ferrari in some other color other than red. the black looks uber cool.
Cant wait to see what they are going to do with the italia.
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This one looks awesome, Ferrari should take some clues out of it and launch the convertible version soon.
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