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Default The Concept Car Thread

Showcasing some of the coolest 'Cars of the Future' here.

Aston Martin Lagonda
Name:  Aston_Martin_Lagonda1.jpg
Views: 17070
Size:  53.1 KB
The Concept Car Thread-aston_martin_lagonda.jpg

Audi Locus
The Concept Car Thread-audi-locus1.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-audi-locus2.jpg
Name:  Audi Locus.jpg
Views: 16878
Size:  29.6 KB

BMW Gina Concept - A shape-shifting car made of cloth!
Name:  bmw_gina_2.jpg
Views: 17646
Size:  33.5 KB
Name:  bmw_gina_5.jpg
Views: 15088
Size:  26.0 KB
Name:  bmw_gina_6.jpg
Views: 14716
Size:  26.7 KB
Name:  bmw_gina_07_2.jpg
Views: 14820
Size:  88.4 KB
Name:  bmw_gina_7.jpg
Views: 14426
Size:  30.4 KB
Name:  bmw_gina_8.jpg
Views: 14301
Size:  44.6 KB

Citroen Hypnos
The Concept Car Thread-citroenhypnosconceptfront.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-citroenhypnosconceptinterior2.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-citroenhypnosconceptinterior3.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-citroenhypnosconceptinterior.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-citroenhypnosconceptrear.jpg

Ford Airstream
The Concept Car Thread-fordairstreamconcept-front.jpg
Name:  FordAirstreamConcept Int.jpg
Views: 13884
Size:  187.8 KB
The Concept Car Thread-fordairstreamconcept-rear.jpg

Land Rover LRX
Name:  land_rover_lrx_front.jpg
Views: 13656
Size:  57.8 KB
Name:  land_rover_lrx_rear1.jpg
Views: 13273
Size:  68.8 KB
Name:  LandRoverLRX.jpg
Views: 13081
Size:  21.5 KB

Mazda Taiki
Name:  MazdaTaiki. 1jpg.jpg
Views: 13434
Size:  119.2 KB
Name:  MazdaTaiki.jpg
Views: 13395
Size:  38.3 KB

Nissan Pivo - Rotating Cabin so you don't have to reverse!
Name:  NissanPivo2ConceptCar2.jpg
Views: 13111
Size:  32.7 KB
Name:  NissanPivo2ConceptCar3.jpg
Views: 12457
Size:  32.7 KB
Name:  NissanPivo2ConceptCar5.jpg
Views: 12723
Size:  43.0 KB
Name:  NissanPivo2ConceptCar6.jpg
Views: 12568
Size:  31.7 KB
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Hummer HX Concept
Name:  hummer_hx_intro.jpg
Views: 13502
Size:  150.3 KB
Name:  hummer_hx_rear.jpg
Views: 12970
Size:  76.7 KB

Hyundai Blue Wing
Name:  hyundai Blue F.jpg
Views: 12582
Size:  28.6 KB
Name:  hyundai Blue R.jpg
Views: 12254
Size:  29.3 KB

Koenigsegg Quant Electric Car
The Concept Car Thread-koenigsegg-quant-electric-car-front.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-koenigsegg-quant-electric-car-rear.jpg

Mercedes SLS AMG
Name:  Mercedes SLS AMG F.jpg
Views: 19566
Size:  62.1 KB
Name:  Mercedes SLS AMG R.jpg
Views: 15306
Size:  32.3 KB

Saab Aero
Name:  Saab Aero1.jpg
Views: 11803
Size:  15.8 KB
Name:  Saab Aero2.jpg
Views: 11783
Size:  15.8 KB
Name:  Saab Aero3.jpg
Views: 11813
Size:  15.7 KB

Hyundai Nuvis
Name:  hyundai_nuvis.jpg
Views: 12005
Size:  94.7 KB
The Concept Car Thread-hyundainuvisconceptrear.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-hyundai_nuvis-open2.jpg
Name:  hyundai_nuvis_conceptinterior.jpg
Views: 13007
Size:  218.7 KB

Ford Bronco
Name:  TheFordBronco1.jpg
Views: 16628
Size:  59.3 KB
Name:  TheFordBronco.jpg
Views: 11515
Size:  21.4 KB
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some from my side-
concepts from the big 3
ford mustang concept
Name:  1.jpg
Views: 11515
Size:  41.9 KB

dodge challenger concept
The Concept Car Thread-2.jpg

chevrolet camaro concept
Name:  3.jpg
Views: 12686
Size:  76.5 KB

ford interceptor concept.
Name:  4.jpg
Views: 11263
Size:  113.1 KB

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Ford Shelby GR1
Name:  Ford Shelby GR1002.jpg
Views: 11339
Size:  54.4 KB
Name:  Ford Shelby GR1009.jpg
Views: 11455
Size:  77.1 KB
Name:  Ford Shelby GR1010.jpg
Views: 11154
Size:  92.7 KB
Name:  Ford Shelby GR1011.jpg
Views: 10916
Size:  38.0 KB
Name:  Ford Shelby GR1017.jpg
Views: 11231
Size:  58.1 KB

Jaguar C-XF
Name:  Jaguar_CXF2B5.jpg
Views: 11467
Size:  35.7 KB
Name:  Jaguar_CXF_Concept_Detroit_2007_5_big.jpg
Views: 11149
Size:  44.4 KB
Name:  jaguar_cxf_concept_carinterior_view.jpg
Views: 11896
Size:  59.1 KB

Jay Leno's Eco-Jet
Name:  Jay Lenos Eco Jet 019.jpg
Views: 15145
Size:  53.7 KB
Name:  Jay Lenos EcoJet 012.jpg
Views: 12852
Size:  46.9 KB
Name:  Jay Lenos EcoJet Engine.jpg
Views: 13308
Size:  43.8 KB
Name:  Jay Lenos EcoJet_front.jpg
Views: 10727
Size:  44.0 KB
Name:  Jay Lenos EcoJet_side.jpg
Views: 10857
Size:  46.8 KB

Lambhorgini Estoque
Name:  lamborghini_estoque_8.jpg
Views: 10689
Size:  21.0 KB
Name:  lamborghini_estoque_11.jpg
Views: 10525
Size:  23.0 KB
Name:  lamborghini_estoque_15.jpg
Views: 10549
Size:  25.1 KB
Name:  lamborghini_estoque_24.jpg
Views: 10449
Size:  19.7 KB
Name:  lamborghini_estoque_13.jpg
Views: 10616
Size:  21.9 KB

Suzuki X-Head Off Road
The Concept Car Thread-suzuki_xhead_1_large.jpg
Name:  suzuki_XHead_conceptrear_three_quarter_view.jpg
Views: 11323
Size:  58.2 KB
Name:  suzukixhead.jpg
Views: 10830
Size:  43.0 KB

And Now the coolest of them all:The Citroen GTby
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroen3.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroen31.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroen32.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroen33.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroen35.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroen-int.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroenimg_4.jpg
The Concept Car Thread-gtbycitroenldn6.jpg
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More of a dune buggy than a car, but still quite cool - the Peugeot Hoggar
The Concept Car Thread-peugeothoggarconceptfasunset1024x768.jpg

Name:  PeugeotHoggarConceptFA.jpg
Views: 10377
Size:  28.2 KB

The Concept Car Thread-peugeothoggar21024.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-peugeothoggar11024.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-peugeot_hoggar_back.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-peugeot_hoggar_12.jpg

The Peugeot Hoggar is a two-seater off road car powered by two diesel engines that drive the front and rear wheels in a four wheel drive configuration. The car principally consists of a one-piece carbon honeycomb body reinforced by two upper longitudinal roll-over bars completed from stainless steel, each with a diameter of 76 mm (3 in). These tubes also serve as an air intake and air conduit to the front engine (left-hand tube) and rear engine (right-hand tube). Both engine displaces 2168 cc and produces power of around 180 bhp (134 kW). The two engines consequently supply a collective power of nearly 360 bhp (268 kW) and a maximum torque of 800 N·m (590 lb·ft)

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Default The Audi Snook

Though ideally I would like to see only concept cars that have a full-scale working prototype in this thread, this one is too revolutionary and futuristic to be left out of any thread on concept cars:

The Audi Snook

The Concept Car Thread-audi-snook1.jpg

Name:  audisnook.jpg
Views: 10094
Size:  22.8 KB

Name:  AudiSnookConcept3lg.jpg
Views: 10312
Size:  47.4 KB

The Concept Car Thread-audisnookconcept4lg.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-audisnookconcept6lg.jpg

German design student Tilmann Schlootz has won the Michelin Challenge Design Award 2008 for his Audi Snook project.

Presented in the final days of the Detroit AutoShow, the Snook concept answered a design brief which called for enhanced real and perceived safety for smaller vehicles through design innovation, and was deemed the vehicle design that best represented the theme 'Sharing the Road - Big Safety/Small Vehicles'.

The visionary concept vehicle, which rides on a mono-sphere wheel, is heralded as a important new vehicle category, implementing the principles of agility through instability learned from aerospace technology. Providing single or double occupancy, the vehicle looks like a helmet pivoting atop a small sphere, but at the core of the sphere wheel is a multidirectional engine, which features drive-by-wire-technology enabling the driver to navigate and steer the auto-stabilizing cabin in every direction. It is able to maneuver sideways as well as forwards and backwards and can turn on a point.

Besides being a completely new driving experience, the concept enables a variety of new maneuvers to be completed, both for enhanced and pleasurable mobility as well as for security in the demanding urban environments of the future.
Source ~ Autospies.com
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Interesting & amazing Concepts. Xinger, congrats for starting this thread.
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nice thread to browse through. I should start posting here. Hyundai concepts look quirky and good.
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Originally Posted by hanmust View Post
Interesting & amazing Concepts. Xinger, congrats for starting this thread.

Originally Posted by 14000rpm View Post
nice thread to browse through. I should start posting here.
More than welcome, buddy. In fact, you would be better placed since you would have seen some of these concept cars in person!
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Nissan Qazana

The Concept Car Thread-nissanqazanacrossoverconceptliveatgenevaimg_4.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-nissanqazanacrossoverconceptliveatgenevaimg_3.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-nissanqazanacrossoverconceptliveatgenevaimg_2.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-nissanqazanacrossoverconceptinteriorimg_3.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-nissanqazanacrossoverconceptliveatgenevainteriorimg_6.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-nissanqazanacrossoverconceptliveatgenevainteriorimg_5.jpg

Name:  nissan_qazana_01.jpg
Views: 10500
Size:  43.1 KB
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Default The End of Driving: The AutoNOmobile!

Petrolheads & Dieselheads Read No Further!! LPGheads, CNGheads, and OtherAlternativeFuelsheads may proceed (with caution!)

San Francisco industrial designers Mike + Maaike have proposed a self-driving electric passenger vehicle that they claim heralds “the end of driving”.

The Autonomobile (ATNMBL) is a concept car is designed around passenger, rather than driver, experience with architectural styling, a lounge-like interior and fully glazed sides.

Name:  atnmbl02_sq.jpg
Views: 9756
Size:  48.0 KB

The End of Driving.
(source ~ mikeandmaaike.com)
We always wanted to design a car, it just never felt right. The current climate gave us the final push–with the car industry lost, an urgent focus on global warming, awareness of oil dependency, and the economic down turn, the stars have aligned. It is time to sow seeds, to experiment.

Armed with a small design studio, we set out to design a concept car which questions current obsessions of speed, styling and driving in search of an optimistic new future. And it quickly became clear to us:
A shift must take place from styling cars to redefining them.

Name:  atnmbl04.jpg
Views: 9625
Size:  30.0 KB

Speed has been the driving factor for car design, styling, and engineering for a century. Most vehicles on the road today are capable of reaching 120 mph yet they are mostly used at moderate speeds and sitting in traffic. It’s time to look at performance in a new way. Our vision is a new focus on quality of time while in traffic and transit. Dismissing the need for extreme MPH and acceleration as irrelevant, performance can be measured by time savings instead.

Name:  atnmbl05.jpg
Views: 9590
Size:  12.1 KB

Driverless cars, once a fantasy requiring new roads and infrastructure, are now technologically possible, even inevitable. GPS, sophisticated sensors, and navigation databases will allow driverless vehicles to operate on the same roads we have today.

Name:  atnmbl06.jpg
Views: 9621
Size:  26.6 KB

The shift from a driving infrastructure to a riding infrastructure has deep implications for society, yet it is currently being defined almost exclusively by engineers and the military. Positive design visions are desperately needed if this technology (and other robotic technology) is to have a positive impact on society.

Name:  atnmbl07_sq.jpg
Views: 9605
Size:  47.8 KB

The Autonomobile
ATNMBL is our vision of a concept car for 2040 that represents the end of driving. Upon entering ATNMBL, passengers are presented with the question: “Where can I take you?”. There is no steering wheel, brake pedal or drivers seat. ATNMBL drives by itself.

Name:  atnmbl08.jpg
Views: 9542
Size:  22.2 KB

About the size of that parking space you couldn’t fit into, electric powered with wrap-around seating for seven, ATNMBL offers living comfort, views, conversations, entertainment, and social connectedness. The vehicle is designed from the inside out with elements influenced by architecture and domestic interior spaces.

Name:  atnmbl09.jpg
Views: 9564
Size:  26.3 KB

From the outside, ATNMBL looks like micro-architecture. Large windows, a pitched roof and asymmetrical from every view, it is designed without any reference to automobiles of the past. In contrast to today’s automobiles, where much of the car’s space is reserved for engine and drive train, ATNMBL’s mechanical components are densely packed and simplified, providing dramatically more interior space in a vehicle that is shorter than most cars on the road today.

Name:  atnmbl10.jpg
Views: 9545
Size:  44.1 KB

Electric motors in each wheel provide all-wheel drive. Electric power is stored underneath the seating and floor with additional power provided by solar panels on the roof. Within a gridded pattern on the front and rear is an array of headlights, tail lights and sensors
Passengers enter ATNMBL from the curb side through an electric glass sliding door into a standing-height entryway. Inside, the seating arrangement is a direct reference to the familiar living-room setting of a couch, side chair and low table. Riders are oriented towards each other and to the view outside through the large floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides. Centrally oriented is a large flat display that features live trip information, maps, and entertainment.

Name:  atnmbl11.jpg
Views: 9512
Size:  32.1 KB

The display can slide up to reveal a bar behind. A new and comprehensive sense of control is introduced through voice recognition and a touch screen remote control (or one’s personal phone), offering riders a wide range of trip planning, ride sharing and performance settings that can be very detailed for those who want elaborate control or extremely simple for those who would rather just relax and enjoy the ride.

Name:  atnmbl12.jpg
Views: 9451
Size:  16.7 KB

Summary of Features:
• fully electric powered plus solar assist
• driverless navigation via GPS, Lidar, radar, stereo camera, accelerometers
• wrap-around seating for 7
• voice recognition and remote for real-time control/ input
• large display for info, searches, browsing, communication
• open-source software with downloadable apps for carpool and carshare through social networking, pre-loaded trips, city tours, virtual drivers, etc.
• live trip info on mini display
• electric door, standing height entryway
• all wheel drive with motors in each wheel
• very few mechanical parts (drive by wire)
• bar

Name:  atnmbl13_sq.jpg
Views: 9539
Size:  43.9 KB

The list of life-enriching benefits is long: accessibility for young, old, and disabled (no drivers licenses), no searching for parking (it will drop you off and park itself), fewer cars will serve more people, less energy use, people will save hours each day (think autonomous check-ups and grocery pickups). Most importantly, there will be far fewer fatalities and there will always be a designated driver.
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Originally Posted by Xinger View Post
More than welcome, buddy. In fact, you would be better placed since you would have seen some of these concept cars in person!
geez.I'm flattered. Unfortunately I've not seen any concept car in any of the shows. only custom mod'd cars.
I'm still trying to hunt for new concepts which I can post here. The latest ones, esp the citroen, is already here!!
way to go mate.
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Default Mini Crossover Concept

Mini Crossover Concept: Not so 'mini' anymore!!

The Concept Car Thread-mini_crossover_concept_image006.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-mini_crossover_concept_image005.jpg

The MINI Crossover Concept is a new model variant for the first time measuring more than four metres in length, with four drive wheels, four doors and four single seats. These features alone place the new car right in the line of vision of new target groups seeking to combine the individual style of the brand with enhanced versatility within the interior and innovative functionality throughout.

The Concept Car Thread-mini_crossover_concept_image004.jpg

The Concept Car Thread-mini_crossover_concept_image003.jpg

As a consistent enhancement of the MINI model family, the MINI Crossover Concept offers new calibre and new format in every respect. This is the first MINI to measure more than four metres in length. And measuring 1,830 millimetres/72.0" in width as well as 1,598 millimetres/62.9" in height, the MINI Crossover Concept goes beyond the existing production models from MINI also in this respect. Wheelbase, finally, is 2,606 millimetres/102.6", again ensuring an even more powerful stance on the road.

The Concept Car Thread-mini_crossover_concept_image001.jpg

But even this is not all: The MINI Crossover Concept is not a four-door in the classic sense, as is clearly expressed by the asymmetric arrangement of the doors in the Design Study. A conventional arrangement of doors is to be found only on the front passenger's side, while on the driver's side the MINI Crossover Concept comes with a conventional door for the first row of seats plus a lift/sliding door moving along the outside for convenient access to the rear and for loading the car from the side. And by dropping the B-pillar on the driver's side, the MINI Crossover Concept exhausts the potential of this generous opening to an even higher degree. Frameless side windows, finally, are yet another feature of this truly exceptional four-door.

The Concept Car Thread-mini_crossover_concept_image007.jpg

Name:  mini_crossover_rear.jpg
Views: 9395
Size:  44.9 KB

A further highlight within the MINI interior is the innovative central instrument in three-dimensional finish, the MINI Centre Globe.
This combined control and display unit formed as a globe featured for the first time in an automobile worldwide sets new standards for the integrated control of entertainment, communication, navigation, and vehicle functions.

Name:  mini_crossover_int.jpg
Views: 9365
Size:  42.3 KB

Text souce ~ Official Press Release
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Default P.U.M.A. Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility

Think of it as a digital solution to an analog problem. Segway’s P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) prototype represents the shift that’s needed for the future of transportation. It values less over more; taking up less space, using less energy, produced more efficiently with fewer parts, creating fewer emissions during production and operation, all while offering more enjoyment, productivity, and connectivity.
Take a test drive and you quickly understand that this is something completely different. The elegance and maneuverability of dynamic stabilization combined with proven battery, sensing, and controls technologies come together to solve real transportation challenges. This prototype represents only the first step of what’s possible in a technology collaboration between Segway and General Motors.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_18_430.jpg
Views: 9427
Size:  109.6 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_17_430.jpg
Views: 9336
Size:  85.7 KB

Name:  gm__segway_puma_16_430.jpg
Views: 9342
Size:  109.1 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_12_430.jpg
Views: 9286
Size:  91.6 KB

If there’s a feeling you get when trying a Segway product, it’s like it can almost read your mind. Well, it’s not magic. It’s the combination of propulsion, energy, inertial sensing and an incredibly intuitive user interface that enables a ride that will force you to hold back a smile. Hopefully someday you’ll have a chance to try it out and feel good about your commute instead of fearing it.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_11_430.jpg
Views: 9239
Size:  57.8 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_10_430.jpg
Views: 9266
Size:  103.5 KB

That’s fancy speak for the tech that enables balancing. It’s proprietary and full of benefits such as incredible maneuverability (true zero turning radius), a small footprint and providing a fantastically unique riding experience.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_9_430.jpg
Views: 9282
Size:  109.6 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_8_430.jpg
Views: 9224
Size:  99.3 KB

Mechanical controls are so yesterday. We’re all about using the latest in sensory technology to enable safe control through redundant systems that provide input for acceleration, braking, steering, and other functions.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_7_430.jpg
Views: 9247
Size:  121.9 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_6_430.jpg
Views: 9221
Size:  115.2 KB

Besides being clean and extremely efficient, electric propulsion enables fine adjustments to be made to each wheel (for turning and smoothing out the ride), and a precise, software-based approach to traction control and braking.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_5_430.jpg
Views: 9165
Size:  112.5 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_4_430.jpg
Views: 9168
Size:  108.0 KB

Name:  gm__segway_puma_3_430.jpg
Views: 9129
Size:  110.4 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_1_430.jpg
Views: 9081
Size:  114.6 KB

When you feel it, you know it. Segway’s approach to user control is that of minimalism and a natural connection between man and machine. Our innovative sensing technologies allow us to look beyond traditional controls that haven’t changed dramatically since the introduction of the automatic transmission.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_0_430.jpg
Views: 9059
Size:  111.1 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_15_430.jpg
Views: 8985
Size:  96.2 KB

Name:  gm__segway_puma_14_430.jpg
Views: 8961
Size:  95.8 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_13_430.jpg
Views: 8978
Size:  109.9 KB

Segway is one of the world’s largest customers of large format batteries, and was at the forefront of the development of Lithium Ion batteries for transportation. We’ve learned a lot about the advanced sensing needed inside and applied this expertise to allow for more efficient energy use that leads to a longer battery life. Add in regenerative braking capability (being able to recharge while decelerating) and that’s some smart battery tech.

Name:  gm__segway_puma_24_430.jpg
Views: 8955
Size:  123.1 KBName:  gm__segway_puma_23_430.jpg
Views: 8910
Size:  81.7 KB

Name:  cleandesignpoweredefficiently.jpg
Views: 8878
Size:  46.8 KB

Name:  gmsegwaypumaside 1.jpg
Views: 8918
Size:  93.2 KBName:  gmsegwaypumaside.jpg
Views: 8954
Size:  55.4 KB

Name:  gmsegwaypumafrontthreequarter.jpg
Views: 8943
Size:  73.7 KBName:  gmsegwaypumafront.jpg
Views: 8862
Size:  89.6 KB

Passengers: Currently configured for 2, but could carry more
Top speed: Aimed to travel between 25 and 35 mph (40 – 56 kph)
Range: Aimed to have a 25 – 35 mile range (40 – 56 km)
Weight: Currently ~300 lbs/136 kg
Key/system information: Wireless via handheld
Charge time: ~5-8 hours
Turning radius: Zero

(source ~ segway.com)

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Default mazda Taiki

One of the most futuristic of the mazda concepts the Taiki (pronounce tie-kee) is a sportscar designed for a future sustainable society, exploring weight reductions and aerodynamics technologies in pursuit of improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.
Taking its inspiration from the Earth’s atmosphere (Taiki means just that in Japanese) the groundbreaking stretched coupe form with its front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout, short overhangs, and all-glass canopy, was designed to visually express air flow and can be seen in everything from its surface treatment to its complex but beautiful wheel arches and wing-like tail.
With a form comprising complex rippled shapes, Taiki’s exterior was inspired by the flow of fabric in the wind – the flowing robes of a celestial maiden in Japanese legend and Japanese koinobori “climbing carp streamers”.
The result is an unusually non-aggressive and responsible take on future sports car design.

source : Mazda Nagare design language
Attached Thumbnails
The Concept Car Thread-mazdataikidesignsketches2lg.jpg  

The Concept Car Thread-mazda_taiki_concept_torque_002.jpg  

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