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Lets not discuss Hyundai so much that it becomes a "Hyundai - good or bad?" thread

I just wanted to know what the like minded people think on this topic thats why I posted, I don't intend to launch any car brand. I am just an International Automotive Exhibitions organiser.
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this is indeed possible, and if you ask me, has already happened. although this still happens pretty much in the high end luxury car segment. as someone mentioned, Pagani is a good example of this. but this is still not fully achieved in the mainstream segment. yea there is hyundai, but it still has some catching up to do before it reaches the level of Toyota, Nissan, VW, etc..

Hope this helped..
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It's difficult. Really difficult. Any brand that intends to begin today has to have huge financial reserves. It needs to go for tremendous advertising and image building even if it has a revolutionary product in the stable. So much of investment is required, and no profits can be expected for an year or two, if not more. If there is some company that can survive this, it might have a chance. But the question is, can it ?

Just take the example of mobile phones. How many of us buy newer brands like Micromax and Karbonn ? They're spending so much on sponsorships in cricket matches etc. and advertising, but we get peace of mind only with a Sony, Nokia, Apple, RIM, Samsung, LG or Motorola. They are the players who stepped in while the electronics market was in construction stage.

Then lets talk about computers. How many new brands have evolved from the days of HP, Dell, Apple, Toshiba and IBM ? I can recall only one, Acer, and I've never seen an Acer PC/Lappy in real life.
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As someone said, its difficult, really difficult but possible. I think if you look at it from a top down approach it can happen. You start of with a niche market, develop a base and then move lower market until you have gotten down as low in the segment to be considered mainstream as possible. It will usually take a long time, but there is a window of opportunity I feel with this whole electric car market that can make an independent player leap frog into the space while the big guys are still planning for the future of these cars.

I had a discussion with a friend of mine who for the heck of it in the US is trying to put together a car which will be all electric from scratch, I am not involved but would love to be and do the development in india. I guess one of the reasons I am coming back to india is to try out different opportunities including the automotive space in india. I dont know how it will go. So to sum up, I think with the right mindset and swift plans, it can happen since there is a window open.
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That's a good idea, establishing yourselves in a relatively new market and then expanding to a biggie-ruled market.
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It's never too late to start.

A car company can be started and run today. But....

1. What is so special in your cars that the other cars won't have?
2. Who is backing the company financially?
3. What time are you looking at entering the market?
4. What type of cars and at what range are you looking to sell?

Since many old brands are dying, new ones will emerge but it will take them atleast a decade to be recognized at the world stage. Look at tata and Mahindra as excellent examples of companies in progress.

To answer your question, Most of us here will need to prepare a complete business plan which will differ from person to person spanning 100's of pages.
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Old 18th March 2010, 00:06   #22
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Originally Posted by Berry View Post
Hi all,

For the past many months there are some thoughts that are popping up in my mind regarding the International Automotive Industry.

-Can a new independent car brand enter in to the todays International market ?
-Even if it enters then will it be able to make a mark like Benz, BMW, Honda , Toyota etc have made ?
-Can it stand against these biggies and known for the next century?

Just want to know what the India's biggest forum on Automotive thinks about this.
-YES&NO , YES if backed by a big industrial giant(like RIL etc). In today's world you need a parent company to support you during the initial days when the profits are in the red. When Tata motors decided to make cars they had the huge Tata group to support them financially! Another example is kawasaki which is basically under the Kawasaki Heavy Industries group . Mitsubishi too was started by Mitsubishi Group which is one the largest industrial conglomerate in japan.!
NO if you are some average joe who wants to start a company like in the good old days of 1930's and 40's when 2-3 brother have gotten together to start a car company!
- NO not in this decade .Remember it took them 40-50 years to get to the place where they are now! so if u want to make a mark then be DIFFERENT !
-YES , but no use going the IC engine way , electric car is the place where a new company could stamp the name as the big companies havent caught up with the fact that electrics are the future. I have a feeling that the MANI brand which sells the reva might become famous
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There are many such companies.
Either company has to cater to a niche segment. Like super car.

Or it may produce alternate fuel cars.

Like reva has not caught up here in India, but in UK it made a new segment for itself, I think its sold there as G-wiz
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