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Old 22nd June 2010, 06:20   #31
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The car does not look as bad as it has been portrayed in this forum.
Also - how come all the design thoughts suddenly are based only on looks?

We dont yet know the refinement of this vehicle - cant comment on it.

AND after seeing it again and again, i think it actually looks good now.
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Old 24th June 2010, 23:24   #32
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At first seems to be a cartoonish car,but now after seeing again and again the side view make me remember the old jeeps(ala old LCs)
Anyway offroading ability can't be doubted.Yep technology will be from other companies,but they are not gonna leave any stones unturned.
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Old 27th June 2010, 11:35   #33
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Soon UAE is gonna be producing its own version of the Cobra ad wil join the rank of car manifacturers
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Old 27th June 2010, 12:50   #34
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Here is a link of the same on autoblog:

Geneva 2010: King Saud University Gazal-1 is one whopper of a student project — Autoblog

Well I'd like to start out by saying that they could have made something other than a potential gas-guzzler of a behemoth as their first car. That aside, I'd say kudos to these guys on the initiative, even if it's based on an existing car or simply a reclothed Merc. For a country to be creating it's first car when it lacks a legacy of automotive design is extremely difficult, considering their lack of knowledge and human resources. So it's a great sign to see a government placing the onus of such a project on university students. And why are we getting stuck on just the looks? The shell (which is apparently crafted out of carbon fibre) doesn't look great to me but even if it did, I wouldn't expect too much from a first car engineering-wise (Mercedes-backing in this case could make a difference though). The Indica looked great in my eyes but the engineering and quality that had gone into it back then wasn't top notch. So when a country is trying to make their first car, let's see how it rolls before we groan about it.
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Old 27th June 2010, 20:13   #35
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Originally Posted by A350XWB View Post
Looks like a Toyota FJ Cruiser with a Mahindra signature grille.
(Toyota FJ Cruiser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Kindly do not degrade the FJ Cruiser with the comparison The Saudi car/ van/ truck / whatever is pathetic. The FJ Cruiser is like

No offense - just plain POV

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Old 27th June 2010, 23:39   #36
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i kind of liked the design. the grill could have been better.

The price is ridiculous.

Any info on the specs, engine etc.
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Old 28th June 2010, 04:54   #37
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Yeah, its not very easy on the eye. But we don't have the pics of the real deal. Maybe it will look a ted better on road than it does in those pics of the model.

Also, as a first effort, whether the car is ugly or not, the fact that they succeeded in creating a road worthy vehicle is laudable.

True, that price is way too much on the higher side and the vehicle may have to face the heat of established rivals with offerings at similar price.

But then the price is just an estimate and we can't be too sure of the pricing strategy yet.

Also, details about suspension, drivetrain, equipment, etc. are few and unconfirmed.

So, IMO its too early to pass a verdict and write this thing off.


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Old 28th June 2010, 05:16   #38
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It looks like a Gazelle which is the theme. I wish they had themed it to a Ferarri or something. For the current theme thats what they get, which is not exactly spectacular.
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Old 28th June 2010, 12:45   #39
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They need'nt have gone over the top. It looks just that.
A more mature design would have done wonders in terms of appreciation and respect for these university students. It looks like a retro piece retrofitted with modern tyres and other modern stuff. It looks ssangyong-ish. I guess it moves well so anybody who has a similar mentality
to a mahindra buyer with some added tolerance thrown in will buy this thing.
Overdone , but comment-worthy , effort. Since when have gazelles been known to have been fast movers in deserts ? A nicely-named tribute to the ship of the desert may have been more apt, from the naming perspective.
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Old 28th June 2010, 15:08   #40
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Reminds me of the Album"Everyones doing it so why not we" The SUV looks ugly and the design is very very common. If they want to have an one off product to show even they can produce cars its fine but it seems they are looking for mass production.I dont think it will sell much in the International market. The fact which is ridiculous is the retail on the SUV. There are much more,better and proven options available at that price point.

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Old 28th June 2010, 15:16   #41
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There is something distinct about its design that I like. Reminds me of the Dodge Durango from the front. This seems like the first cut and its a good attempt. After all one needs to start somewhere.
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Old 1st July 2010, 19:09   #42
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Folks, when Xylo's pictures fist came out almost everyone puked on its looks, but someone said "as many of those run on roads, we will get used to its looks.". I guess that's what would happen to this also. but we wait specs. That's what would decide its sales. Anyway, good attempt by the Saudi Engineers. If they wished, they could have got entire design done by BMW or Merc and just built in Saudi, but they didn't do it.
Like NevGin says 'After all one needs to start somewhere'

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