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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

Vettel was driving all alone except the first couple of laps.
Schumi-Hamilton fight was awesome and Button was outstanding.
Di-Resta helped Force India to go ahead of Sauber in the points tally. It was a good race from him and lucky to escape from the turn 1 crash.
Webber should have shown more maturity in handling his crash. Front wing under his car and he was going at high speed, that was stupidity.
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

Awesome stuff from Schmi, The Kid hamilton used all the tricks in the book, he also went to the radio to his team asking " aren't FIA looking into this?"

If Schmi has the red car back again, he is going to win races for sure !!
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

Whoa, what a race! Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton provided much of the excitement in the first half. MS just showed all those nay-sayers why he is still regarded so high amongst the racing fans. To keep a driver as aggressive as Lewis at bay for more than 20 laps is something great. The way in which Schumi slipstreamed and got back in front of Lewis after his first overtaking move was brilliant. Having a faster car, Lewis eventually got past Schumi and even closed right behind Alonso in the last lap. One more lap and Lewis would surely have been in the podium.

Not for the first time this season, a phenomenal start by Fernando Alonso and a brilliant drive by Jenson Button. Alonso made the tifosi go crazy taking the lead in the first corner and Jenson again stamped his authority in the McLaren team. These two are just going from strength to strength.

Felipe seems to be eternally running out of luck as Mark Webber made a rare mistake while overtaking and spun him around. But, to his credit, Felipe made some nice passing moves to salvage sixth position. Sebastian Vettel proved once again that he can also overtake with a bold and stunning move against Alonso in Lap 5. Man, after that, did he fly or what!

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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

Two back to back 5th place finishes from Schumi. I beg Ross Brawn to provide a car that can compete next year. That should really make it interesting.

The guy who was at one time touted as a guy who would take over from Schumacher and be a future legend, Lewis Hamilton, was completely humiliated by Schumi. Not be able to pass for so many laps, on track like Monza and with a faster car!!!

In fact Schumi completely destroyed Hamilton's race, causing him to finish 4th instead of what most likely would have been a sure 2nd, looking at how much faster the McLarens were compared to the Ferrari. And not just the race, but crucial points in the championship too.

Have to give it up for Button too, a very characteristic smooth drive and a good clean overtake of Hamilton and Schumacher.

Other than that I am just dying to see what Vettel can do when he is not in a car that is so much better than the rest than the Red Bull Renault.

Also, there is a chance Vettel can beat or equal Schumi's record of 13 wins in a season. He will have to win every race left to do so though. Will it happen??

He has already lost out on the chance to beat many other Schumacher records, like finishing on podium in every race. He still hasnt confirmed the championship, letting another record go, that of winning the championship with 6 races to go.

After these last two races, I am thinking what would have happened if Schumi had been in the RBR-Renault car. May be we would have seen a repeat of the 2002 or 2004 seasons.
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

An eventful race to say the least. Highlights -

- Luizzi taking out Petrov & Rosberg.
- Vettel's daring pass around the outside of Alonso.
- MS keeping Lewis at bay for 'I don't know how many laps'. A few more laps and Lewis might have done something stupid to take himself out of the race. I was rather waiting for that.
- Lewis querying his engineers for his top speed. He got a response like "Your top speed is good. Michael's is just too high". Even with DRS he couldn't get match the top speed of that Mercedes. Loved watching that
- Webber stuffing up again. His confidence might be taking a big hit this year. It will take him a huge effort to fight with Vettel. No wins so far this year.

Looking forward to Singapore!
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

Oh no, what happened to the pass master in Monza where overtaking was supposed to be easy even without the DRS. He had to finally cry his way through

I was expecting Lewis to do something really stupid and take himself out trying something crazy when Jenson caught both Lewis & MS and easily went past them!

Rosberg's strategy biting back at him at the first corner was even more funny

A boring Monza weekend otherwise!
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

alex yoong, no wonder he got kicked out!!
the one thing he's presumed to know about, basic strategies, and he fills his mouth!!
"oh, he wont be able to pass, because blah blah blah......oh wait, he's passing!"

and, Geez, lewis!!
Finally he's getting his aggro in check, im glad....but the seasons finished for all intents and purposes, so next year!
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Lightbulb Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA-ferr_mass_monz_201141.jpg
When in Italy, drive like Italians do. I would love see Jenson' face there.

McLaren would have never thought about being stuck behind the Mercedes. Lewis was caught napping at the restart and the engine boucing off the limiter in the straight due to the short 7th gear was a disaster. Hamilton was very conservative as he needed a 'finish' very badly. But Schumi was very aggressive. No, I am not complaining. Far from it. If Michael can notch up a couple of good points from the remaining races, he should be in far better shape for 2012. Come on Michael, how about a podium in Delhi.

But how on earth did RBR crack Monza with shorter gear ratios? And what has happened to Ferrari. It was Italy and it was hot. But Alonso couldn't match the RB even on soft tyres. I am baffled. I think they have thrown in the towel for 2011, but it was Monza off all the places. Grrr!

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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

Great race. Pity about the incident on turn 1. Was looking forward to Rosberg's strategy starting on the primes

Vettel on a different level.. awesome pass on the outside on Alonso at Curva Grande!

Shumi vs Lewis was very exciting for all those laps..
Mclaren clearly made a big mistake by restricting their top speeds. They could not use KERS on the main straight as the rev limiter kept kicking in and lost out too much time.

With the pace they had, they could have challenged Vettel who was clearly cruising and just managing the gap.
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

It seems it is sam michael going to mclaren, announcement tomorrow

I hope he brings out the Williams in Mclaren
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

What a great race!!

The battle between Lewis and Schumacher was the best part. The old master showing the new kid a thing or two. It took a terse "Leave space on the Ascari" from Ross Brawn for Lewis to pass - but one thing I noticed was Lewis instead of leaving some reserve for the section where the DRS kicked in, roared right upto Michael's tailpipe just to brake and lose momentum by the time he reached the DRS section. But I am glad sanity prevailed rather than the usual histronics. It's a good start for Lewis, I feel.

Hopes of a battle between Vettel and Alonso was put to rest by the second lap. :( The Ferrari had no reply to the pace of the Red Bull. However just like in the last race, the pace just dropped off the Ferrari in the closing laps to loose a position to the McLaren. Grip I think was the reason but funny it should pop up consistently for the last two races.

Drive on,
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Default Re: F1 2011 - Italian Grand Prix - MONZA

The trouble with Ascari and Parabolica is that they are very high speed corners and you need a bunch of downforce at the exit. It was not possible to tailgate at either place. The two actual overtaking spots on that circuit are the end of start-finish straight (using the tow) and at the end of Curva Grande if you get a good line and good grip through the first chicane.
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