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Old 11th September 2006, 02:13   #31
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Red face Hail MS! You left us a lot to remember!

Very shocking!
Ofcourse we all heard the news and rumours. But never expected it to happen so soon.
Michael Schumacher was a legend and nobody can argue about it. F1, as we see today is almost wrapped with Michael schumacher around it. He was almost like a benchmark where we used to always compare others' performance with.
Simply said He is what He is. Cant still say He was..

No! You wont be forgotten easily MS, you've made it into our lives and straight into our hearts. We missed Ayerton Senna like anything and now, You will be too. I remember the time when you were back to the tracks after your fracture and driving your heart out and in the end gifting the victory to your team mate. Now that, will linger our hearts forever. You, for sure, was the man who could do magic in rain and sun. You've given us a lot which is worth remembering a whole life.
And a piece of request from this humble slave; Please dont count all the shoutings we MS haters have showered on you. Maybe we were simply jealous!
Although You're out from the car, We'd love to see you on every GP till you wish in any manner you wish.

Let me make some things clear; I'm a born Mclaren fan and I'm very proud of it too. And I'm known as a very hardcore MS hater here in the forum and outside. But that does'nt stop me from worshipping this man for what he was in F1 and I'm sure he'll be missed by everyone who follows F1.
I once had an oppurtunity to see his car in flesh and I still remember fighting with the guards to simply touch it. And I still proudly say that I've touched a car driven by Michael Schumacher.

Just imagine what F1 will be without him???? I'm still finding it hard to picture it.

As Kimi Raikkonen moves to Ferrari, He'll become a hate icon for many including me!!
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Old 11th September 2006, 02:19   #32
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Dont want to read through all the posts so just have 2 things to say.. THAT S U C K S... Big time!!!
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Old 11th September 2006, 03:05   #33
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Default The end

I think it was the right decision on his part. One moe season and that could have been disastrous. He retired on a winning note. That's impressive. The decision to replace Schumacher with Raikonnen had been taken by Ferrari in the US GP.
So he knew it for quite some time. That's why he was pushing so hard in the last few races to aim for the 8th championship title.
I think it'll be quite unfair for McLaren fans to see Kimi in red. Let's see how they cope with it.
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Old 11th September 2006, 10:18   #34
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Originally Posted by sujaylahiri
One moe season and that could have been disastrous.
I don't quite understand how it could have been disastrous ? He is as fit as anyone on the circuit and he still has the hunger to win or so it seems when I see him racing and defending his position.
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Old 11th September 2006, 10:28   #35
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He is a LEGEND and will go down in history books for decades and decades. I doubt anyone can come close to his achievments ever!

But F1 will get more competitive now, other drivers finally get a chance to prove something.
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Old 11th September 2006, 10:33   #36
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Sine the time I have started following Formula 1 in Mid 90s, many things have changed but one.....MS & Ferrari. They just grew together stronger....race to race, win to won, championship to championship. My heart broke to see MS announcing his retirement. I gave him a standing ovation. F1 is not going to be the same anymore. I have some stories to tell my kids about a legend.

I wish he still invloves himself in F1 some way or the other.
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Old 11th September 2006, 10:33   #37
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I know it may sound like a cliche, but i wonder if F1 will ever be the same again. This is a great loss to the sport. but like a true champ, MS has ridden into the sunset on the back fo a victory. Even if he doesnt win the championship(though it will be a brave man to bet against him on current form), it will still be the near perfect swan song for him. Imagine the atmosphere at the last race of teh season!!!! Man. I wish I was here.

Hats off to you MS- it was a privilege to see you race live! u r the greatest!!!!
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Old 11th September 2006, 10:54   #38
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I have been waiting for years for this to happen and now when it has finally happened, it does not feel right. The man I used to love to hate will no longer be there in F1 and F1 will never be the same again. He is a living legend and hats off to all that he's achieved. Good luck for his future endeavours.

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Old 11th September 2006, 10:59   #39
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Was really something to watch MS announce his retirement. Truly the end of a unique era...
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Old 11th September 2006, 11:08   #40
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Well this had to happen sometime and its not a shocking news, but then what better way than to announce his retirement in front of Ferrari's home crowd, which includes maximum number of HIS fans....

I am an ardent McLaren fan but....
I would take this opurtunity to appreciate Schumi's contribution to F1 and Ferrari.... he's been in this sport for so long and he has achieved a lot in his career including a huge fan following which has helped in promotion of this sport, for these he would be remembered for a long time....

I wish him all the best for his Future.

Originally Posted by speedzak
Please dont count all the shoutings we MS haters have showered on you. Maybe we were simply jealous!
Dont include we in that sentence my friend... I certainly was'nt ...
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Old 11th September 2006, 11:09   #41
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although iam not much into F1,but when it was Schumi v/s Alonso............every time i wanted to see Schumi.....to belt the pants off Alonso ......the cherry on the cake would be this Seasons win of Schumi The F1 god......
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Old 11th September 2006, 11:14   #42
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Well, like @speedzak, I too am a McLaren fan along with Mika and Kimi. I won't say I hate MS .. that's the wrong word .. I just never supported him in the sport .. and I believe I am too ill-informed (only thru the little that the press reports) , to judge him as a person.

Bottomline, he is a champ and that has been proven many many more times than the few aberrations here and there.

F1 will surely be a very different F1 when there is no MS & Ferrari combination to beat. IMO that would take away half the motivation of most teams !!

OT : The last few months has been kinda sad .. Zidane, Agassi , Martina , MS
Legends of our times .. love or hate them .. miss them we will ...
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Old 11th September 2006, 11:16   #43
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Two of my favourite sports legends retiring within 8-10 days time of each other, kind of difficult to bear!! MS has been the one who has hooked me on to F1. Though I have seen very less of F1 and of MS, I can safely say that I have had the privelege of watching a motor sports legend race. What a competitor he is! At 37, people will tend to retire and be in the confines of their cozy homes, but this person has challenged the best in the business and has won the Monza race in style. I will not be surprised if Michael goes on to win the championship this year. My best wishes to him.

Yesterday's press conference really brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Agassi and Michael, I have cried twice in the last 10 days.
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Old 11th September 2006, 13:52   #44
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Default SCHUMI will be back

For all the MS fans here,its really sad that such a great Legend like him retired.But FERRARI thinkin of their futre really SUCK...

But I have one thing to say guys...ALL MS FANS dont worry MS will surely be back and BACK IN A NEW WAY he still has so much of racing left in him, probably a new team in formation........WAT DO YOU SAY???cant we expect this, I personally feel Todt is on his side and they may end up forming a Team in a Year or two?
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Old 11th September 2006, 14:15   #45
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It was a sad day yesterday. I was damn sure that retirement is coming.
I had gone to Czar for the race and it was obviously out numbered by Ferrari Fans and it was pin drop silence when Meister was speaking. And was a real heart-break when he said those those words "..... my last Monza Race."
Few images like the final pit stop of 2000 Suzuka GP, Domination of 2002 and 2004 and loosing big time in 2005, securing 5th title and equalling Senna record were flashing in front of my eyes.
Sad day but has to live with it. President of Ferrari said Michael might not drive for Ferrari but he'll be a part of Ferrari in some other way.
My dream of seeing him race in flesh will remain a dream.

Salute to the King.
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