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And to the guys who think Renault made a mistake by not changing his tyres, all tyre choices are made by the driver too....after all he is the one driving his car and he knows best.

The other crew members just give him feedback like tyre pressure and tyre temps and stuff like that.....they may advise him on which tyres to use, but they will never make the decision for him....
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Originally Posted by rks
I must say I sympathize with Alonso. No doubt he is young and a bit immature, but it seems to me that the dice are loaded against him -- everybody wants Schumacher to win. And he has a right to make his apprehensions public -- I, for one, find it odd that Renault could bungle his tyres and the pit stop in succession. And his Renault colleague Fisichella's behaviour is suspicious, to say the least -- see GTO's latest post.

I agree to you. He is young and immature. And shouldnt we look at the brighter side? He is the one driver that is giving Michael some hard time (Yes michael is best though)

And talking about Renault. Did anybody see what happened at the pitstop except the tyre stuff? How did Fisichella get to go first?

Did they expect him to compete with Schumacher? It was Renaults mistake. That's why the poor kid is crying around.

As the saying goes " Ek haath se taali nahin bajti."

If I were him, I would use my energy to prepare for the final 2 races of the season.

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Originally Posted by merve_extreme
Side everyone.all plese keep Silence.
Its Fisichella's turn now to take the blame.


Next in line:Global warming

I'm loving it.Haha.
Alonso is a sad-sad little man. Sore loser. Anyone wondering why he doesn't deserve to be champion, heres why. Hakinnen was victim of McLaren mistakes and Schumacher has had really bad days bcoz of Ferrari miscalculations (hell, they even set him on fire once), yet they never accused their teams of things like jealousy. Alonso needs to grow up... or he will go the Montoya way.
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Originally Posted by devarshi84
I agree to you. He is young and immature. And shouldnt we look at the brighter side? He is the one driver that is giving Michael some hard time (Yes michael is best though)
couldnt agree with u more mate...
probably alonso will not put up his as well as renault reputation at stakes just without any base or it could be the media who must have mis interpreted...
wat happens within the f1 boardroom is under wraps and it will remain so until some of us here are alonso's or briatore's best friends!!!
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Originally Posted by iraghava
Now that would be fun to watch!! I would pay to watch Ron & Alonso fight it out.
It would also be interesting to watch Alonso fight his team mate with Ron Dennis (as usual) having no clear 'Driver 1' policy at McLaren. Also as we all know Ron is known to use conflict (between teamates) as a way of extracting better performance out of his drivers
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i wont label him a "SORE LOOSER" cause he lost a race, there's a championship to be lost right now before we can label him.

but he does need to watch a couple of episodes of "MIND YOUR LANGUAGE".

as for the team giving him the wrong tyres i guess next race pitstop should go like:

1. alonso pits
2. jumps out of the car
3. jacks up the front & then runs to the back of the car
4. unscrews tyre 1
5. puts it aside
6. goes in the team garage to pick up his choice of tyre
7. puts in the new tyre
8. screws the tyre 1

repeat from point 4 till 8 thrice

9. fills gas
10. cleans his air ducts
11. jumps in
12. "oh god thats such a long pit stop from alonso he's been lapped thrice by SATO"

& for fisi joinin the schumi celebrations, come on its not a war but a sport. what u do on track & off it are different things. rubens was always close to honda people, nobody objected. & team mates does not ensure u attent each others party, somebody remember Prost V/s Senna at McLaren???

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“I fought with Fisichella in the last corner, I overtook him once, he overtook me and I overtook him again,” he said.
“These risky moments with your team-mate, with three races to go in the championship… [it’s] not good enough I think.”
Although it appeared that Fisichella was swapping positions with Alonso to fend off Schumacher’s advances for as long as possible, Alonso denied this: “There was no team play – even the opposite.”

Read the complete story here
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I liked the last comment on article. But yeah, alonso is blaming everyone else for his mistake....he was the one to stick to his rear tyres. and fisi did excactly the right thing in blocking schumacher and I don't see any reason why alonso should be shouting at that guy. He was purely "driving for the teaM" apart from that I would say he was trying to save alonso butt. as u guys said, alonso is being immature.
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Just got back from Shanghai yesterday after watching the F1 race.
Was there in the High stand opposite the Ferrari Pits.
What a great race (we are real Shumi fans), total "paisa vasool".
Nobody is mentioning the "19 seconds stationary second pit stop". Supposedly the right rear wheel nut "fell out" of the pneumatic gun. Very strange. After he came out Alonso had no chance whatsoever.
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Now Alonso moans that he is feeling lonely in the team and bemoans the "lack of cooperation" from his team by not asking Fissi to hold of Schumi- Read todays TOI.

I wonder when will he start crying "Momma". I feel bad for McLaren taht they are signing on such a cry baby.
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Old 6th October 2006, 17:08   #41
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You guys take to tabloids too much. Haven't we had enough of sensationalist journalism? Did you guys forget, " 4 saal ka bachcha 60 ghante se gaddhe mein pada......pooore desh ko ekjut karta...blah blah..." Media is definitely blowing it out of proportion, ideal scenario nah, Schumi is leaving, fans are sad across the world, little spicy journalism of Schumi's nearest competitor sells a lot of newspapers.

I still think it's rigged, 2 races to go, both are on equal points, it's Bernie's perfect script. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes down to the last 1 race. But please Bernie, surprise me!
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if someone think F1 can be riggeg,then i dont know what to say.can somebody ever co-operate with flavio
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Guys let's close this thread before Alonso starts blaming us!
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Nice one there, Boom!

Alonso is So Alone!
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I dunno what really happened to Alonso all of sudden. He was so loving, nice guy till some time ago. And from Italy onwards, the whole scenario changes. He is rude in his comments, caught bad mouthing everybody etc... Why man? Does Alonso wants us to hate him even after he is in a Mclaren. I am a Mclaren fan and dont want to see Alonso talking like this.
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