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Default 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-title-italy.jpg

This weekend the Formula1 circus is headed to the Cathedral of Speed, Monza. Ferrari & Pirelli’s home race.

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-italy.jpg

In terms of atmosphere, the Parco Reale di Monza remains unique: a historic venue used continuously for Formula 1 since 1950 (with only one exception) that inspires not just the fans, but also the drivers.

Timings in IST:
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Circuit Statistics:

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-circuit-ita.jpg

Circuit length : 5.793km/3.600 miles

Race distance : 53 laps (full world championship points will be awarded after 75 per cent distance/40 laps)

Distance to Turn One : 380m/0.236 miles

Longest straight : 1.120km/0.696 miles, on the approach to Turn One

Top speed : 370km/h/230mph, on the approach to Turn One (the fastest of the season)

Pitlane length : 420m/0.261 miles, estimated time loss 24s

Full throttle : 75 per cent (the highest of the season)

DRS zones : Two, on the approaches to Turns One and Eight

Fastest corner : 295km/h (183mph), Turn Three

Slowest corner : 80km/h (50mph), Turn One

Major changes for 2016 : None, except for a few changes to the kerbs

Fuel consumption : 1.89 per lap, which is average

ERS demands : Medium. There are four straights along which the cars exceed 320km/h (199mph), but only a few slow corners at which to harvest energy under braking

Brake wear : High. There are only six braking events around the lap, but all are from high speed

Gear changes : 46 per lap/2,438 per race

Safety Car likelihood : Low. There is only a 43 per cent chance of a Safety Car

Weather forecast : 24 degrees, dry.

Tyres :

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-14monzaselectedsetsperdriver4ken.jpg

Pirelli has chosen the medium, soft and (for the first time) supersoft tyres at Monza: the fourth consecutive race where this selection is being used.

While average speeds are high, cornering speeds are reasonably low, minimising tyre wear. This means that some teams could aim for a one-stop strategy. It’s all about the straights, where the cars come close to 360kph thanks also to specific low-drag configurations that are generally only seen in Italy. Heavy longitudinal forces act on tyres, especially under braking and traction in the two chicanes. The drivers tend to hit the famous kerbs at Monza hard, which further tests the tyre structure. Parabolica and Curva Grande are particularly challenging, as they are long corners putting plenty of energy through the tyres. Low downforce means braking and acceleration is tricky: drivers must try to avoid wheelspin.

White medium: a mandatory set that will be important for the race if using a one-stop strategy.
Yellow soft: again a mandatory set, could come into play for a two-stop strategy in particular.
Red supersoft: mandatory in qualifying; most of the top 10 are very likely to start on this tyre.

“With Monza coming straight after Spa, that’s two epic circuits in the space of just over one week, but for any organisation in Formula 1, your home race is always the most special of the year. It’s going to be a busy weekend for us as a result, and with the supersoft coming to Monza for the first time, we might also see some record top speeds in qualifying especially. Last year we saw the majority of competitors opt for a one-stop strategy, but the arrival of the supersoft could make multi-stop options more attractive this time.”

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The history of Monza cannot be told without the many lives lost there in the quest for speed.
The first Italian Grand Prix was held in 1921. This was staged over 10.75 miles of roads around Brescia
The construction of the Monza autodrome was decided in January 1922 by the Automobile Club of Milan to satisfy the request of the Italian car industry involved in sporting activities. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza has been the third permanent installation built in the world after Brooklands in England (1907) and Indianapolis in America (1909).
The circuit included a high-speed loop 4.5 kilometres long featuring two banked curves linked by two straights, each 1070 metres long.
After that many changes were incorporated in the track layout in order to reduce the speed primarily in response to several accidents that took place during various racing events.
Name:  bank monza.jpg
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After the track was restored and racing resumed after the Second World War, a revised 6.3 km road course was the layout used for the first Formula One World Championship Italian Grand Prix in the 1950 season. That race was the last round of the inaugural F1 World Championship, and saw the title decided with Alfa Romeo’s Giuseppe Farina crowned the first Formula One World Champion after he won the race and the other Alfa Romeo of Juan Manuel Fangio retired twice, having seen his own car suffer gearbox problems he swapped to his team mate Pierro Taruffi’s car, only for that to expire as well with engine trouble.
In 1955, the high-speed loop was put back in use. This track was 4250 metres long with banked curves with superelevation with slope increasing progressively to 80% in the top band. The curves were built on reinforced concrete structures instead of on an earth enbankment as originally, and were calculated for theoretical top speeds of approx. 285 kilometres per hour. The track once again had a 10 km full course with smaller road course and oval course, and for the 1955 Grand Prix the full 10 km course was used.
The 1955 race would be the last race for the works Mercedes team until they returned in 2010, and the finished off in style, with world champion Juan Manuel Fangio taking the victory from team mate Pierro Taruffi to give the Silver Arrows a 1-2 finish.
In 1961 a horrifying accident happened and it was the last time the banked oval would be used by Formula One. Wolfgang von Trips, who had led the world championship heading into the penultimate round at Italy, tangled with Jim Clark’s Lotus on the second lap heading into the Parabolica and lost control of his Ferrari, with von Trips car running off the track onto the grass and crashing up the bank lining the track and spinning into the watching crowd, killing the German ace and 11 spectators. Phil Hill won the race for Ferrari, and in doing so became the first American to win the world driver’s championship, as his team mate and only rival in the championship was killed in the race. A vast plan for safety works was put into effect, including the adoption of reinforced fences and guard-rails. The Italian Grand Prix would revert to being run on the road course at Monza from 1962.
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Tragedy struck the circuit again in 1970, a weekend overshadowed by the death of world championship leader Jochen Rindt, who was killed in a crash during qualifying (Rindt would become the sport’s only posthumous world champion that year).
Name:  raceof2worlds1.jpg
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To reduce the very high and dangerous speeds of Formula One cars, two chicanes were built in 1972; the first was located on the grandstand straight , while the second was situated at the entrance of the “Ascari” curve. These chicanes were modified between 1974 and 1976 and became proper variants. At the same time, another variant at the entrance of the first Lesmo curve was built. These modifications brought the length of the circuit to 5800 metres.
Tragedy struck yet again in 1978, when Ronnie Peterson died after a crash at the start of the race. The race was started before the cars had all assembled on the grid, with the cars at the back still driving up to the grid as the race started. As the cars sped down into the first chicane, Riccardo Patrese’s Arrows got tangled up with James Hunt’s McLaren, with mayhem following, as Peterson’s Lotus was spun into the barriers, bursting into flames and then being collected by Vittorio Bambrilla’s Surtees as it rebounded off the side of the track. James Hunt pulled Peterson out from the burning Lotus, with Peterson left lying on the track as the Italian police formed a barrier to prevent people getting at the scene of the accident, leading to a delay of over 11 minutes in him being treated by medical staff. He was eventually taken to hospital suffering from broken legs, but he would die in hospital the following day after complications developed.
Between 1989 and 1990, the pit zone was completely renewed.
The track underwent further changes in 1994, when the Seconda Curva di Lesmo was altered to reduce speed, and then futher changes followed in 1995, with the section from the Curva Grande through the two Lesmo corners altered again, with the curve made more shallow and the chicane before the Lesmo’s moved forward, in a bid to improve safety and allow for greater run off areas. In 2000 the track was modified further, with the first chicane altered to give us the configuration in use today.

What to expect in 2016?
Mercedes continue to look a class apart. Behind them Ferrari will be hoping they can finally convert the potential they believe they have in their car into a race result, with the pressure surely mounting on Sebastian Vettel. Kimi Raikkonen has continued to look improved versus Vettel as the year has worn on, and will be hoping for a repeat of last year’s qualifying effort, but maybe a bit more luck in the race.

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-const.jpg

Red Bull will continue to cause trouble, expect to see Verstappen getting in amongst the Ferrari’s at least – fireworks most likely from Friday driver’s briefing onwards.
Monza should provide another reality check for McLaren-Honda, but their Spa performance, with Alonso finishing ahead of both Williams, will be cause for genuine optimism. Conversely, Williams know they really need to get their act together if they are to have a chance of regaining fourth place from a flying Force India, with Monza surely representing another must perform weekend for the struggling Grove outfit. They had blamed the PU optimisation software settings for Spa issues. Lat’s see what Monza has got in store for them.

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-drivers.jpg

The Driver’s championship battle is closer than before the break, with Nico Rosberg having gained back some precious points on Lewis Hamilton following Hamilton’s grid penalties in Spa, but Italy presents a chance for Hamilton to prove once again that Nico can’t beat him wheel to wheel and that the championship is his for the taking, while if Rosberg can muster a win over Hamilton maybe just maybe he can plant the seed of doubt in Lewis mind. Ferrari had another disastrous race at Spa after both cars got involved at T1 (again) in Spa, and one gets the feeling that there may be more than just pride at stake for Ferrari at their home Grand Prix. Red Bull are back in the mix, and the battle between Williams and Force India should provide plenty of excitement as well.

Massa has already announced his retirement from F1 at the end of this season.
That should set the ball rolling for the rest of the seats to be filled.

The PU penalties are coming into play as we progress into the second half of the season.

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-pu.jpg

Sources : FIA preview, media kit & teams previews.

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Default re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Team Reviews:

Pascal Wehrlein

“You never know how well a car is going to be suited to a track until you actually drive for the first time on Friday, but this is a high-speed track and the theory is that we can do well again here. That’s my goal, anyway.
“I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved so far in my first 13 races. 13! Ah yes, that explains Spa! Just joking; I’m not really superstitious. The upside of that weekend was starting the race from the midfield, so that’s our biggest target achieved right there! And, we could have been even higher, as we saw with P9 in Q1. It was a ‘team’ target to close the gap to the midfield, but my own target, as a driver, to get us there. So I’m pretty happy with that. I’m also excited by the possibilities for the rest of the season if we can continue like this. Ours are small but very important steps. We’re ahead of Sauber and really pushing Renault, so my next target is to keep things that way and make the gap to the midfield even smaller. Of course, I’d like to see us get another point or two very soon. That would be nice.”
Esteban Ocon
“It’s such an amazing circuit, with so much history. I raced here in GP3 last year, so that’s good preparation, although the feeling with an F1 car is quite different and going out for the first time will be pretty special. What was so great about the race in Spa was that I had so many situations to deal with; it was an eventful race! I feel like I can roll all of that experience and learning into a much stronger weekend. I love the fast circuits, and I hope I can do well here.”
Dave Ryan, racing director
“We have a few new bits and pieces to suit the characteristics of this circuit and we’ve addressed the issues that hampered us last week, so I’m hopeful that we can pick up where we left off last weekend and make a strong start on track on Friday, to give us the best shot at the rest of the weekend. This is a fantastic circuit and I’d like to see us do really well here. Our drivers are doing an exceptional job, and although Esteban is only one race into his F1 career, it’s clear that, at the level at which they’re operating, both will be pivotal to the fight to maintain our position in the championship.”

Kevin Magnussen

"I'm feeling okay. It was a big crash [at Spa] and I was sore but fortunately had nothing worse than a bruised ankle. I've had some more checks in Denmark and am working with my physio to keep fit. I feel I'm ready to race in Monza. The FIA will of course have the final word but I really want to and I'm confident that by then it will be fine.
"I think that the fact it has so much history makes it a special event. The track is unique as well, with very long straights and slow corners. It does have some high speed corners that are a challenge too, so it's just really cool. Added to that you have one of the best atmospheres of the season. In all honesty it's not been the best track for me but it has been ok. I have had podiums in nearly everything I've driven but never won there, so clearly we need to fix that!"
Jolyon Palmer
"It's a very special track, and one I absolutely love. There is so much history there; so many races have been held at Monza and lots of great drivers have won, particularly back in the old days when you needed to be quick and incredibly brave. Then there is the passion of the crowd – you can hear the fans when you drive round. The track itself is very old school and it's fun to drive. We take off a lot of downforce so parts are flat out and there can be a lot of overtaking. It's good fun.
"I won and took pole in GP2 plus I've won twice in F2, so it's been a good one for me. I really enjoy racing at Monza and I think it's actually one of my best tracks. I did FP1 last year as well so I've driven it in an F1 car, which is good experience, so I'm really looking forward to getting there and out in the car.
"We go to Monza knowing it will be tough as it does not suit the characteristics of the car too much. However we also thought Spa was going to be tough and it was better than expected, particularly in qualifying. We need to approach it fresh, confident that at each race we are moving forward and in the fight now and see how we do."
Fred Vasseur, Renault racing director
"We built performance over the weekend and had our best qualifying of the year so far [at Spa]. We got two cars through to Q2 for the second time this season and the starting positions, twelfth and thirteenth, were the best we have had. Before the safety car came out we had both cars in the top ten, but eventually we were racing with Toro Rosso and Haas, which is where we expected to be coming into the weekend. Naturally we would have loved to keep in the top ten, but we suffered with tyre degradation and also cars coming through the field out of position. But it's showing that we are definitely in the fight now and also in the fight at all types of circuits.
"Monza is a very special track that challenges the car at the top end of its limits. We are realistic, but optimistic that we can keep the momentum we started in Hungary going. We need to build over the weekend and take every chance we can in the race. As we've seen in the last Grand Prix, anything can happen in front of us so we need to keep ourselves in a position to capitalise on every opportunity.
"I've spoken to Kevin several times since Sunday and he is doing well. His ankle was bruised in the accident and he was taken to hospital in Belgium as a precaution, but released the same day. He has since undergone several further checks at home in Denmark and every check has indicated he is recovering well and able to race in Monza."
Nick Chester, technical director
"It is a special track, like nowhere else we visit over the season. There are four long straights so we need to run the lowest wing level of the year to be able to reach the highest speeds we can. However, you still need to make sure the car has good balance with a low level of downforce. There are some very hard braking points, but you have a lot less wing to be able to slow the car down. It can be quite tricky to find the right balance between speed and grip. Good traction out of the chicanes and getting up to speed quickly down the following straight is key to a good lap time.
"We were cautious going into Belgium as we knew it was a big power track that places a lot of demands on the car. However we performed competitively in qualifying after building up performance each session. It demonstrates that the car is working well at most track configurations now so we can go to Monza expecting to do a reasonable job."

Lewis Hamilton

"Spa was about as good as damage limitation can get, I think! It was a fantastic result for me and for the team. The guys deserved it so much after all that hard work, so I was massively pleased for them and proud of what we achieved together. Now we go to Monza - a track I know well from so many racing categories throughout my career and one it's impossible not to love. The speed, the history, the atmosphere... it's just so iconic in every way. Standing on that amazing podium, looking out over a sea of fans on the straight, has to be up there as one of the most incredible experiences a sportsman can have. I had a perfect weekend on track there last year. If I can repeat that it would be amazing but we'll see how we look when we get there. It's game on for me now with the penalties out of the way and fresh engines ready to use. I can't wait to get back out there."
Nico Rosberg
"It's great to add a classic circuit like Spa to the list of wins. It wasn't a straightforward weekend for us - but everybody did a fantastic job and the car kept improving with every session, so hopefully that puts us on a good curve as we head to another legendary track in Monza. This is a race I really enjoy and one I'd really love to master. The tifosi create such an incredible atmosphere every single time, no matter who wins the race. Last year obviously didn't end so well for me there, so I'm hoping for a bit more luck and a little less fire this time... I'm really enjoying the battle out there right now. We've got several cars in the mix now which is exciting for us and also the fans. For me, I'm taking every race like a cup final. It's great to know you have the team and the car to just go out there and lay it on the line. I can't wait to make our Silver Arrow fly at Monza."
Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport
"We go to Monza in high spirits after a positive weekend by all measures in Spa. Nico drove a perfect race, while a combination of skilled driving and decisive strategy calls meant taking the penalty for Lewis turned out to be far less detrimental than we could even have dared to hope. On top of that, the tremendous job by the guys in the garage proved how strong we are as a unit. They were faultless, with no incident whatsoever on the engines. We're entering a busy final phase of the season, so to see that level of performance in such tough circumstances is encouraging for the road ahead. Eight races remain, with just nine points separating our drivers now. It has been bouncing in both directions - and my gut feeling is we will go long into the season before we see who comes out on top. On top of that, we have already seen our opposition come back stronger after the break - even if luck was not on their side at the last race. If things continue as they have been, we're set for an entertaining end to the year."
Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical)
"It seems like yesterday we were in Spa! We were very happy to come out with such a great result in what proved to be a difficult race from a tyre management point of view - quite apart from the challenge of getting one car from the back of the grid to the podium! It was a great start to the second half of the season which puts us in a strong position heading to Monza - another classic, unusual circuit with quite specific demands on the car. The track is characterised by high power sensitivity, heavy demands on brakes and a low-drag configuration requiring a special rear wing. This race sees the same tyre compound allocation as Spa - the Medium, Soft and SuperSoft. However, the energy put through the tyres is notably less at this circuit, so we should see a different situation to the last race from that perspective. Monza is always a fantastic weekend for fans. The tifosi are world famous for their passion for the sport and there's nothing quite like the atmosphere of the crowd gathered under that unique podium. Although they're normally cheering for the red team, above all they love a good race - so we'll aim to provide just that."

Force India
Nico Hulkenberg

“Monza is a great place to go racing. There are so many different destinations on the calendar and there is something special about each one of them, but Monza is legendary. It’s a unique track, with very high speeds and low downforce. The setting in the park of Monza is beautiful: the moment you drive through the gates, you feel all the history of the place coming at you. The tifosi, the Italian fans, add to this combination and create a fantastic vibe.
“Monza is just on the outskirts of Milan, which is a very interesting place, but during a race weekend you’re just too busy to go and explore. The parties on Sunday night are not too bad, though! We go to Italy at the end of the summer and the weather is usually still quite hot. Great weather, great fans, great food - it all adds up to make a very cool race.
“Few tracks push the car to the limit as Monza does. There is no margin for error in the braking zones and every mistake costs you time. In terms of set-up, you need to strike a balance between high speed on the straights and downforce in the corners, but the focus is firmly on top speed. You also need good traction, to make the most of the long straights. We have been doing well on these sort of tracks, so I expect us to be competitive and fighting for points.”
Sergio Perez
“Italy is one of my favourite places: the people are very warm and welcoming, and they’re absolutely crazy for Formula One. The passion you see from the Italian fans reminds me of the atmosphere we saw in Mexico. There’s so much support; everyone is chanting and waving flags and there are so many people asking us for a photo when we arrive at or leave the track.
“I have great memories from Monza and it’s where I’ve had some of my best races. When I was racing in F3, I had the best weekend of my career there: I started 14th in both races and went on to win both. I scored a podium there in Formula One and I’ve always had a special relationship with the track. It’s not just what happens at the venue - I have a lot of good friends living nearby and it’s just a very enjoyable experience.
“As a fan of our sport, I know Monza has a special place in the history of Formula One. It’s one of the circuits where Formula One should always race. It’s so incredibly fast and the key to a quick lap is to be good under braking and have good traction out of the corners. You brake really hard at the end of the straights and the car moves a lot: you run with very little wing and having a good balance is very important.
“You feel the lightness of the car in every corner because you’ve got so little aero load and it’s even hard to keep the steering wheel level on the straights. The two Lesmo corners are crucial: you need to be stable under braking and control your traction - get wheelspin out of the corner and you’ll destroy your tyres. Then you have the Parabolica: it lost a little of its challenge with the tarmac run-off but you still need to be very precise and use the very last inch of track in this interesting corner.”
Vijay Mallya, team principal
“The Italian Grand Prix is one of the best races of the season. It has all the ingredients that make Formula One special. We saw a huge turnout of fans in Belgium last week and I’m sure the tifosi will help create a fantastic atmosphere this weekend too. Monza is a track that rewards top speed and pushes the engine to its limit. Given our competitive form in Spa, I’m confident we can keep up the momentum this weekend.”

Romain Grosjean

“It’s the characteristics of the track [that allow you to reach such high speeds], primarily a long straight line with a chicane followed by another long straight line. Everyone goes for low downforce levels. That’s where we go fast in a straight line. It’s a great track - a temple of speed.
“[Overtaking is] not as straightforward as a drag race. You still lose downforce when you follow another car out of the low-speed corners. It’s one of those races where you can have a lot of overtaking, a lot of action. It’s always interesting to see how it plays out with the big slipstreams.”
“I’m very much looking forward to racing there again. The atmosphere is crazy in Monza. The Tifosi, the fans - they’re just great. The track is in the middle of a park. It’s like nowhere else. There are so many people coming and watching, cheering for the drivers and, of course, for Ferrari. The atmosphere is electric. I love it.”
Esteban Gutierrez
“[Monza’s] interesting because you have a lot of high-speed sections, mainly straight-line sections with very low downforce, and this is directly affecting the braking of the slow-speed corners. When you have a long period of time when you’re braking, obviously the downforce is important, but the fact that you get very low downforce on this track, you need to cope with the car in different ways and you need to adapt the setup for that.
“[The overtaking opportunities are] basically, everywhere. You have Turn 1 and you have Turn 4, as well as before the Parabolica. It’s a track that provides a lot of overtaking.
“It’s one of the classics. The people, the atmosphere, the Italians, Ferrari fans, and we’re using Ferrari engines, so it’s great to come there and enjoy nice support from the Italians, especially for me being part of Ferrari last year directly as a third driver put me very close to Italy.
“I won a few championships there - two championships actually, Formula BMW and GP3. I remember exactly how it was. It was actually with a qualifying lap because it was enough to get one point from getting the pole position and that was enough for me to win the championship, so it was a very special moment. It comes always from Monza - a special place for me to get there and get that feeling.
“My favourite part of Monza is probably the Ascari corner. It’s a triple chicane, very fast turning in, very late braking. It’s actually one of my favourite corners of the calendar.”

Fernando Alonso

“As we saw in Azerbaijan, the developments that have been made to these turbo cars mean they’re now incredibly fast, and we’re going to see some serious speeds along the straights at Monza. This is always such a quick race - it’s over in a flash - and while it’s not always the most enjoyable to race with such low grip, the feeling of speed is phenomenal.
Obviously, I have plenty of happy memories of racing in Italy, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been the subject of both the Tifosi’s approval - and also their disapproval! But they are some of the greatest fans in the world, and their passion is what makes coming to Monza each year such a legendary experience. In many ways, Monza traditionally brings the curtain down on one part of the season, and the beginning of another - so it’s always an exciting place.”
Jenson Button
“What is there left to say about Monza? It’s a unique, incredible racetrack - I love that its history surrounds the place - you just can’t ignore it. I also love that unique blend of Italian passion - and chaos - that engulfs the weekend. It also signals the end of the European season - which seems to have disappeared in a flash - so it’s a time of year when you really start to narrow your focus before the final fly-aways.
“I love the notion of coming to a racetrack that’s distinctly different from the others. We saw that in Spa last weekend - it’s no secret that, along with places like Monaco, Singapore and Suzuka, it’s also one of the circuits that the fans most love - and Monza is no exception. People often think that Monza is all about the straights, with tight, small corners - but that’s not really true: corners like the Lesmos, the Ascari chicane and Parabolica are big, fast corners that require precision and commitment. It’s a great track.
Eric Boullier, Racing Director
“As double-header races go, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and Autodromo Nazionale di Monza are a pretty epic combination. Both are dauntingly fast, achingly beautiful motor racing arenas, where the sport’s giants have triumphed, and where some of the greatest stories in Formula 1 have been forged.
“After Spa, we head to Monza with the knowledge and understanding that it won’t play to the full strengths of our latest package, but keen to further demonstrate the progress we’ve recently been making. Monza is likely to be another tough test, but we’re confident of the momentum we’ve gathered, and it’ll be interesting to see where we stand at a venue that favours out-and-out power above anything else.
“Still, there’s a determination and vigour within all at McLaren-Honda to see out the European season competitively, and to continue fighting as we head into the end-of-year flyways.”
Yusuke Hasegawa, Honda R&D Co Ltd Head of F1 Project & Executive Chief Engineer
“Monza is a high-speed, power-hungry, classic and legendary track with the longest full throttle percentage per lap on the 2016 calendar. The long straights and the nature of the turns will undoubtedly give us a difficult time over the race weekend, but we cannot deny the strong pull Monza has for everyone in F1, including Honda. The fans are incredibly passionate about the sport, and the atmosphere is nothing short of electric come race day. It’s always a special feeling to be part of the pinnacle of racing in Italy.
“The team did a great job pulling our strengths together last weekend despite Spa being a challenging track, and with the reliability issues we faced. The team was tested many times, but owing to their hard work and perseverance, we had a decent weekend.
“We will continue to target finishing in the points in the race, however tough it may be this weekend. We’re still investigating the problem with Fernando's power units, but we’ll learn from our experiences and hopefully have another good weekend in Monza.”

Toro Rosso
Carlos Sainz

“Monza is another home Grand Prix for me, as it's the land of my Italian team, Toro Rosso. It's a very special track and full of tifosi.
“As you go down into Turn 1 you can see, hear and smell them - they are all doing barbecues in this area of the track and are all so passionate! Getting to the first chicane is one of the best feelings, arriving at nearly 350km/h, surrounded by these incredible fans… It's fantastic! Obviously, it's a very tough couple of corners, always tight during the first lap of the race and there are very frequently a few tangles there.
“You then reach another 330km/h top speed section, before entering another chicane, Turns 4 and 5. Here it's very important to jump over the kerbs. We then go into what is one of my favourite parts of this circuit, the two Lesmo's. These corners have a lot of banking, so it allows you to carry a lot of speed into them. I have to say that lap by lap you go quicker each time through these corners just because of gaining more and more confidence.
“Just before arriving to Turn 8 you reach another high speed of around 340km/h, and this just shows that it's a really fast track, it's incredible. Another of my favourite chicanes is Turns 8, 9 and 10, taken in fourth gear and much faster than what it could seem… It's important to ride the kerbs here as well.
“After this there's a very long and fast straight, before arriving to Turn 11, a corner that has lost a lot of its beauty - the run off area used to be gravel and it was so much nicer back then! Now its tarmac and everyone can go fast through the Parabolica. It's a shame that they decided to do this.”
Daniil Kvyat
“Monza is an interesting and fast track. The braking into the first chicane is one of the longest and heaviest of the championship. [The top speed here is] between 350 and 360km/h, it depends where the wind is blowing… And my favourite part of the track is… Wherever I'm faster than him (Sainz)!
“I have to say it's a circuit that brings back very good memories, as I won quite often in Monza in junior categories. I enjoy the track, it's a cool one, and it's always nice to go back. But I also have a negative memory, as I had a brake disk failure into Turn 1 in 2014… It's a shame, because we were having a really good race!”

Red Bull
Max Verstappen
“Monza, it’s really cool because of the history of the track as well as being a really fun track to drive. The food, though, is of course the best in the world. I have spent a lot of time in Italy so to go back, eat some local food and see some old friends will be very nice. I can’t wait to get back there.”
Daniel Ricciardo
“We are straight in to Italy after Spa. It has the best pizza place in the world, it’s ridiculous and I love it. The fans in Italy are cool too, they are crazy about racing and extremely passionate. I like the track through the park, racing there is good and there are plenty of overtaking opportunities.”

Source : http://www.formula1.com/en/latest/he...ew-quotes.html
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Default re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Originally Posted by jfxavier View Post

Top speed : 370km/h/230mph, on the approach to Turn One (the fastest of the season) .
Last year it was 358 kmph by Lewis hamilton, Honda's top speed was 337 kmph and they were 15th and 16th.


In Baku, I believe, this year they reached a topspeed of 364 Kmph, same in Mexico last year. Lets see whether we will hit the magical 370 kmph, I still remember Toto talking of hiting those speeds in a press conference in 2014 and the look on Christian or was it Newey, not sure, was funny. They where really stuggling that year.

I think, Mclaren can breach in to Q3 or there abouts. Finishing in points will be a big step. I don't know whether the Honda's engine is less thirsty with the latest upgrades, in Spa the safety car period would have helped on not to have fuel saving.

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Default re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

The place to be if you are a Ferrari fan and the cars from Maranello are competitive!

Let's see how far ahead are the Mercs. The cars will be on full throttle for 69% of the lap and 8th gear is used more than 30% and 6th for about 20% percent of the lap. And then you need brakes, lots of it.
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Originally Posted by deetjohn View Post
The cars will be on full throttle for 69% of the lap
What a track . True pedal to the metal.

Watch the master @ Monza. Also a good reminder of how F1 engines once sounded like F1 engines. Just hear the beast scream .

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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Great compilation. I am just getting to know this motorsport. I watched SPA last weekend and I enjoyed it, although not much because of my noobiness to the sport, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Lets see what happens this weekend!
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Mercedes are quite far ahead at the moment:

Practise 1 results:
1. N. Rosberg Mercedes 01:22.959 37
2. L. Hamilton Mercedes 01:23.162 36
3. K. Raikkonen Ferrari 01:24.047 16
4. S. Vettel Ferrari 01:24.307 17
5. S. Perez Force India 01:24.650 32
6. R. Grosjean Haas 01:24.763 17
7. V. Bottas Williams 01:24.785 37
8. M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:24.982 25
9. E. Gutiérrez Haas 01:25.113 19
10. D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:25.120 17
11. J. Button McLaren 01:25.351 23
12. A. Celis Jr. Force India 01:25.367 30
13. F. Alonso McLaren 01:25.507 14
14. F. Massa Williams 01:25.840 18
15. M. Ericsson Sauber 01:25.853 20
16. C. Sainz Jr. Toro Rosso 01:25.973 20
17. D. Kvyat Toro Rosso 01:26.074 20
18. E. Ocon Manor 01:26.391 30
19. F. Nasr Sauber 01:26.439 21
20. P. Wehrlein Manor 01:26.762 28
21. J. Palmer Renault 01:26.811 35
22. K. Magnussen Renault 01:26.956 32
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

is this being telecasted only on Star Sports Select HD and nothing else? If true, such a shame. Someone please tell about some streaming sites that I can watch it on if its not going to be on TV.
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Originally Posted by gtonsing View Post
is this being telecasted only on Star Sports Select HD and nothing else? If true, such a shame. Someone please tell about some streaming sites that I can watch it on if its not going to be on TV.
The Belgian GP Qualifying was telecast only on Star Sports Select HD. The Race was telecast on SS Select HD as well as SS2. That might be the case for this weekend's race as well.

From October, Qualifying and Race will be telecast only on SS Select HD. If you are using Airtel DTH, i guess SS Select HD is free for the time being even if you haven't subscribed for it.
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

FP2 Timings:

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-crwjeofwyaqdawg.jpg

Mercedes dominating as expected, Ferrari keeping within half a second.
RBR within a second.
Honda makes a welcome appearance in top 10.
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

We might see a new track layout for Monza, next year.

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-monzatrackchanges2017.jpg

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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Hamilton stamps his dominance at Monza and comes oh so close to the Lap record.

Nearly half a second ahead of the rest of the field.

2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza-untitled.jpg
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Quite confident that Lewis will scamper away to another victory further increasing his lead in the championship. Looks like it'll be another strategical race with just pitstops to look forward to. Really hope it won't be one stop race.

Come on F1! Wheres the Magic gone?
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Jenson Button not to drive for McLaren Honda in 2017

Apart from Massa's announcement to retire, the other big announcement to come out this weekend is from Jenson Button. McLaren seem to be keeping him as a reserve/driver development driver, and also are keeping their driver options open in case Alonso throws in the towel at the end of the 2017 season.

Jenson Button has announced he will not be on the F1 grid in 2017, but has stopped short of confirming a full retirement from Grand Prix racing.

The Briton's spot at McLaren alongside Fernando Alonso will instead be filled by Stoffel Vandoorne, the team's highly regarded reserve driver.

Button will stay on at McLaren however in a new ambassadorial role - with a two-year deal said to include an option to return to a race seat in 2018.
Source: http://www.formula1.com/en/latest/he...aren-2017.html

Jenson Button has confirmed he will not race in Formula One next season – but he could return in 2018.

The McLaren driver confirmed he has signed a new two-year deal with the team as an ambassador next year but has an option to race for them the year after (i.e. 2018).
Source: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2016/09/0...nt-end-season/
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Default Re: 2016 Formula 1 Italian GP - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Expecting a yawn fest, unless someone wants to pull off over smart moves like in Spa. Otherwise we would see the Mercs lap all except the Ferraris, RBRs and possibly Bottas. Both Mercs also have the strategic advantage of starting on softs, when the 4 rows behind them all start on super softs.
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