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Default Re: WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016

Though there were many other cars in the rally village these three needs special mentioning.

1- Peugeot 205 GTi.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0628-2.jpg
  • Possibly the car which has the most successful history in the world of rallying (among the 3 discussed here)
  • Launched in 1984 with a 1.6L engine @ 105 Ps.
  • Later the car came with various variations (1.6L 117PS, 1.9L 128PS/ 122PS), but the 1.6L was considered to be the best
  • Won 16 rally stages between 1984 and 1986.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-205gti.png

Source: - Wikipedia

2 - - MG Rover Metro 6R4
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0636-2.jpg
This car deserves a longer description - a story from its start to end.
And courtesy to Evo, they have described it wonderfully. Let me not ruin it by putting it in my own words.

Introduced in 1982, FISA’s Group B regulations enabled manufacturers to build rally cars the likes of which had never been seen before. The relative lack of restrictions and the small build numbers required to homologate a model for competition meant that, while most of the cars bore a passing resemblance to mainstream road-going models, beneath the skin they had almost nothing in common. Audi, Lancia, Peugeot and Ford would all build cars to fit this new class and, having retired its TR7 competition cars at the end of 1980, Austin Rover wanted to join in the action too.

While most Group B cars were adopting turbocharged four-cylinder engines, Davenport (Chief of Rover’s motorsport division) decided his Metro should employ a larger capacity, naturally aspirated engine, thus avoiding problems with turbo lag and higher running temperatures. A Honda V6 was considered (one would soon appear in the Rover 800), as was the venerable Rover V8, but Williams design chief Patrick Head wanted something smaller and lighter.

So while ex-Cosworth man David Wood set about designing a compact, aluminium-alloy 3-litre V6 (called ‘V64V’ because of its V6 configuration with 4 valves per cylinder), a temporary engine was created by lopping two cylinders off a 3.5-litre Rover V8. Since mounting a V6 up front would result in the driver having to sit almost where the rear seats would normally be, the engine was located behind the driver. As with nearly all of the car’s emerging rivals, drive was sent to all four wheels.

The MG Metro 6R4 (6-cylinder, Rally, 4-wheel drive) made its press debut at London’s Excelsior Hotel in February 1984 – and in rather dramatic style. The event began with the gathered journalists being invited to watch a film of a prototype undergoing testing. As the film reached its climax, the car was driven directly towards the camera, and just as it became life-size on the cinema screen, a real 6R4 burst through it, the driver – one Tony Pond – bringing the car to a halt just short of the astonished crowd.

March 1985 the 6R4 took its first win, at the Gwynedd Rally, and by October the 200 cars required to homologate the super-Metro for the World Rally Championship had been built. Unfortunately the longer WRC events proved more punishing for the 6R4, and it frequently failed to finish, usually due to engine problems. Before these could be ironed out, a series of fatal accidents led to Group B being cancelled at the end of 1986. The 6R4’s best WRC result would forever remain Pond’s third place in the 1985 Lombard RAC.

Austin Rover pulled out of motorsport in 1987 and sold off its stock of 6R4s by reducing the original £45,000 asking price to just £16,000. It also sold the design of the V64V engine, to TWR, in whose hands it evolved into a 3.5-litre twin-turbo unit that appeared in Jaguar’s Group C racers and the XJ220 road car. The 6R4 itself continued to compete in private hands wherever it was accepted, usually in 250bhp ‘Clubman’ spec, but the full potential of the 400bhp ‘International’ version will never be known.

source:- http://www.evo.co.uk/features/featur...metro_6r4.html

WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0635-2.jpg

3 - Datsun 240 Z.

WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0625-2.jpg

The East African Safari Rally 240Zs

In its first entry in the 19th East African Safari Rally (1971) the Datsun 240Z won the Over-all Victory, Class Victory, Team Victory and Manufactures Championship. This victory also set new records as NISSAN became the first company to win back to back Victories in all three categories. Datsun 240Z was the first vehicle to capture an Over-all victory in its first year of competition!

The Monte Carlo Rally:

The Monte Carlo Rally starts with its first stage, when cars depart from nine European cities, threading their ways toward a gathering spot in Monte Carlo. The second stage begins from Monte Carlo and roars through ten local stages, with the focus on Southern France, then returns to Monte Carlo once again.

The top 60 cars that make it through this second stage then proceed to the third and final stage - a 12 hour night run over the icy roads of the Alps, dubbed the - hills of Monte Carlo - which are closed to all other traffic for the Rally competition.
Datsun 240 Z has never won this race, but it was placed second in 1971, 3rd overall in 1972 and 9th overall in 1973.

Southern Cross Rally:
In 1972 the Datsun finished first in its class.

Source:- http://zhome.com/History/rally.htm
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Default RE-ADD PICS -- Re: WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016

I can’t conclude my experience at Wales rally without mentioning the cars from the smaller/ non WRC teams. In a way they are the real stars of any rally stage. These local teams do not have big budgets and cannot afford world class facilities to prepare or service their cars. However when it comes to passion for cars and engineering they match their counter parts from the bigger sophisticated teams. The following photos are a tribute to the non WRC cars and teams.

Mark 2 Ford Escort
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-76.jpg

Mark 5 Ford Fiesta
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-20.jpg

Mark 1 Ford Focus
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-19.jpg

Chevrolet/ Vauxhall Firenza
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-8.jpg

Land Rover Freelander and its amused driver posing for the camera
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-78.jpg

VW Beetle, when rallying is pretty much a family affair.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-79.jpg

WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-83.jpg

Micra K11
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-15.jpg

Mark 2 Ford Escorts
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-75.jpg
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-21.jpg

Mark 5 Ford Fiesta
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-6.jpg

And this photo would summarise the real spirit of rallying. Here a man with only a head torch examining the engine bay of his car.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0602.jpg

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Default Re: RE-ADD PICS -- Re: WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016

Some more photos of the action at Sweet lamb.

First sight of the car at a distance.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0305-2.jpg

Ford Fiesta is definitely the popular car in these rally stages.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0383-2.jpg
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0388-2.jpg

Citroen DS3
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0323-2.jpg

Don't really see a Renault Clio often in these situations and its not even the RS version.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0330-2.jpg

WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0333-3.jpg

This is how a Fiesta should really splash around.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0337-2.jpg

That is probably a stock Ford Fiesta
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0376-2.jpg

A Peugeot 208. I definitely prefer the 205 GTi over this.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0258-2.jpg

I am sure the official photographers got a better frame than mine.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0234-2.jpg

Not the Subaru you want to see splashing around.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0369-2.jpg

I think the car just landed by the looks of it.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0384-2.jpg

Vauxhall Adam, I never expected to see this car participating in a rally.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0358-2.jpg

And it vanishes into the distance.
WRC Wales Rally GB, 2016-dsc_0389-2.jpg

And thanks for reading.
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