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Default Re: The 2017 MotoGP Thread

Originally Posted by MonsterPatrol View Post
Lorenzo's bike was "almost ready" according to Dylan. However, Jorge said in the post race interview that it wasn't. I'll take the rider's word over a paddock journalist's. If you guys hadn't been paying attention the mechanics made Jorge lose a lot of time getting his bike started. I'm sure Ducati mechanics could see serious activity going on in the other garages. What were they waiting for? As we all know every team has a spare bike setup similar just in case their rider suffers a crash during the warm up lap. Ducati had more than enough time on their hands to swap the bike setup back to dry. Other factories were ready so why weren't they?

Rossi's stubbornness' (according to all here) in coming in late is understandable. Slicks don't heat up as fast as wets do and cool incredibly fast if not run at optimum pace which is mostly the case in tricky damp/dry conditions. This can easily lead to a crash. Apart from this, even a slick that's nicely heated up can still can cause a crash if the rider hits a damp patch/line or touches the wet astroturf among other things. Although the wets are much slower than slicks on a quickly drying track it's still a safer option to ride with unless the sun is surely out and the track temp keeps climbing. Let us all remember, the priority for every rider is to finish first. And the decision to dive in for the swap solely rests on the rider depending on how confident he feels about the swap at 'that' moment. This is where on board communication can help but I don't like it. It takes away rider's instincts and their decision making ability that sets them apart from the rest. However I agree he could've come in a lap earlier but he couldn't have known Marc was lapping 8 seconds faster than him, could he?

Let's just agree Marc was more daring of the lot. He pulled it off. And he won it. Like he does every time in most flag to flag races. What's amazing to see is this "Marc Marquez" who hardly has 4 years of experience racing in the top class keeps outsmarting all the so called 'legends' and 'goats' of the game time and again. Marquez simply put is the best mixed conditions rider there has ever been. At age 24, with 5 world champions already in the bag and the 6th probably on its way, let's just anoint him as the GOAT already and get done with it LOL.

As a genuine MotoGP fan who always maintains a neutral view of every rider, I think Rossi's retirement in the future will be hard on everyone not just his fans. But not as hard as when Marquez retires. That guy by the end of his career will probably become so big he'll be compared to the greatest of the greats like Ali and Maradona. He would break every single record there is to break and win everything that's there to win. Having attained such a level racing in the golden era of Motogp is no mean feat. I just hope to God that he doesn't injure himself in the process, Marquez is special. Real special. Marquez is GOAT. And I'll be there to watch him live at Sepang when he lifts his Sixth World Title. Oh what a sight!
I agree with a lot of what you said about Rossi coming in a lap later than probably what we feel he should have been. It is easier for us to watch the stuff on TV and take decisions, and much more difficult when you are on a race bike on a damp track.

Its just that it has happened 2-3 times in the last 2-3 seasons is why the general feeling that Rossi likes playing it safe in such changing situations. Again, there is nothing wrong in it and most probably nobody would mind. I can understand also why he does it. With his pace, coming back from big points deficit becomes difficult. He needs to stay close to have a fighting chance at the championship. But just because Marc keeps turning these situations on their head consistently is why I guess the wish, if Rossi and Yamaha could do it as well.

I agree with you on Marc too. He is a total package and if luck stays on his side, I also think there is hardly anything that he cannot achieve in MotoGP.

Originally Posted by Amey Kulkarni View Post
The result was not at all bad considering Rossi ending 4th coming back from 14th.

As a true Rossi fan, it was a sad thing. Rossi could have taken Pole easily if he would have gone in at the right time. Marquez saw that opportunity and jumped on it.

Keeping the race aside but definitely the scenario at the Championship points would have turned the tables for Rossi.

Yeah, I feel 1 lap earlier and he could have had a shot at the podium.


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How I wish Stoner was still around in MotoGP! Him in the Ducati, giving a tough fight to Marquez, with Rossi in the mix, would have been great to watch!
However, I feel MotoGP will continue to be as interesting and fun to watch as ever, after Rossi's retirement.
Vinales and Zarco will mature, so will Jorge on the Ducati. The young guns, Brad Binder and Alex Marquez will join the fun in couple of seasons.

Vinales can't be ruled out yet.

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Default Re: The 2017 MotoGP Thread

Best race of the season so far. Well done Dovi, brilliant on the brakes. Marquez as always was punishing, just taking all the chances. Pedrosa deserves the podium coming all the way from third row.
Absolutely brilliant race, so many moves. Not to forget Lorenzo who lead the race for quite a few laps. Yamahas were strong but not strong enough. Vinales finishing 6th and Rossi 7th.
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Default Re: The 2017 MotoGP Thread


This could be probably one of the best MotoGP races I've watched..right up there with Welkom 2004, Laguna Seca 2008 and Valencia 2015!

With Dovi on soft rear and Marquez on hard rear you would probably expect Marquez to blow by at mid race distance and cruise to victory. No sir..Dovi didn't get the memo and went on to harass Marquez for half the race and eventually blew him away in the last corner. That admonishing left hand of Dovi while he cruised across the finish line will probably be etched in Marquez's memory for a long time.

For the first time in more than a decade, I forgot to check where the Yamahas were..

I now sincerely hope for Dovi to continue the superb form and give Marquez a run for his money in 2017 championship.

The nicest guy in the paddock was a real beast today!!
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Default Re: The 2017 MotoGP Thread

Dovi deserves the championship for this victory. We all are well aware he's capable of such incredible racing but to do that to MARC MARQUEZ on a soft tyre in the last laps of the race is just otherworldly. It's baffling to think how he was able to run such pace in the later stages of the races.. When you think of Marquez saying he was losing edge grip and Dani having wheel spin issues and they were running hard!

Marquez!! The guy is nuts. What an entertainer man... Has there been anyone better? No sir. To hell with the championship points he will go for it. Win it or bin it? Oh I love this attitude of his! Keep on it Marc.

PS: Marquez's post race interview was

Solid performance by Jorge to finish ahead of the Yamahas and leading almost half the race... Looked like his old self... He'll be back on top soon, where he belongs..

Terrible day for the Yams considering they have a good all round package....
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