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Default Danica Patrick & F1

Rumors are galore that Danica Patrick is planning on making an entry into F1 in the 2010 season with the US F1 team.

she tested with Honda, but now with honda planning on going belly up, the new USF1 team is considering her as a driver.

I am hoping that with this, the viewership and thus interest and inturn sponsorship increases!

The 26-year-old from Illinois, who was named the Indycar series rookie of the year in 2005, became the first woman to win an Indycar race in Japan last year. USF1's plans remain under wraps, with a formal announcement not scheduled until next week, but in the difficult financial climate the creation of a new team is garnering major interest, and recruiting Patrick to drive for them would be a coup.

"We are looking at all American drivers with the right credentials and that includes Danica," said USF1's representative, Peter Windsor. "But it's not about what the driver brings commercially, it is the driver's compatibility with the team and their ability."

Patrick is well known in the US for provocative photo shoots, prime-time chat show interviews and red-carpet appearances but has been racing since the age of 10. She hit America's mainstream consciousness by almost winning the Indy 500 at her first attempt in 2005, finishing fourth, and has been dogged by accusations from fellow drivers that her tiny weight gives her an unfair advantage.

Her Andretti Green Team insists she is focused on the 2009 IRL championship, and if USF1 chooses to give her a run it will not be until 2010. The British driver Justin Wilson, who has raced for Jaguar in formula one and competed in last year's Indycar series, says her media status is formidable. "She's got a big profile and is well known right across America," he says. "It is on a similar level to that of Lewis Hamilton in England. I think it's good for every body but at the same time it's a little disappointing. Scott Dixon goes out and wins the championship and gets a fraction of the mention that Danica does – but she's not trying to steal the limelight.

"I think it will be very difficult for anyone [who gets the USF1 drive] because you are going into a new team, with new tracks and a new car. It sounds like a dream but it can turn into a nightmare to get on top of all the situations in a short space of time. [But] if Danica gets to test, then at the end of the day it's just another race car and you try and drive it as fast as you can."

Formula one has yet to see a female race winner, with Lella Lombardi its most successful driver – and she managed to score only half a point in the mid-1970s. Several women racers are working their way through the system, with Switzerland's Natacha Gachnang – whose cousin Sébastien Buemi will race in formula one this year – taking part in the 2009 formula two championship.

"It's not always easy being a girl racing driver," Gachnang said. "There are some advantages and some disadvantages. A lot of people think it's not possible for a girl to be as fast as the best man. You always have to prove yourself, but it is better for the media side. A girl has less muscle power, but with a bit of work it's possible for a girl to drive a formula one car."

Rick Gorne, the co-founder of the old BAR formula one team, said Patrick would be a role model for women in motor sport. "If Danica was given the opportunity she would definitely be able to hold her own," he said. "She's a great role model for lady drivers and what a female driver would bring in terms of commercial involvement and backing can only help the industry."

source: Formula one: Indycar racer Danica Patrick considered for new USF1 team | Sport | The Guardian
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Danica is an amazing driver and a true example of Woman in Sportshood.It would be great if she joins F-1 and gives a run to all those big boys of F1.
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It would be great to have a female driver in F1!

But... I am not sure how much of her merit would help her get a seat in F1!

For a new team like the USF1 it might make sense to race Danica for sponsorship reasons but I wouldnt comment on the results that she could produce!

And the fitness in F1 demands a hell lot more than what the IRL series would!
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It would definitely be great for Danica to race in F1. Viewership would increase by a huge margin, as would spectator interest and sponsorships. And its not that she is no good by any stretch of imagination. Although I seriously doubt how well she would do in F1. But bring it on i say!
One question: has any woman raced in F1 before?
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Any publicity is good publicity, I'm sick & tired of the B-grade status motorsport is relegated to in our country. I mean, its always Cricket this & Cricket that, why can't we have more motorsport on TV ?

Originally Posted by PhrozenFire View Post
One question: has any woman raced in F1 before?
Yes, two who have actually driven races - Teresa de Filippis & Lella Lombardi. There are a couple of other women drivers too, but I don't think they started any races.
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If she does join, will she have a pit "boy" instead of a "babe" holding up her race number at the starting grid?
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Good move. With her on the grid, im sure the female fan following will be greater than ever before.

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If she does join, will she have a pit "boy" instead of a "babe" holding up her race number at the starting grid?
In 2008 Valencia GP, there were no grid "babe"s It was grid boys
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Originally Posted by RedLiner
If she does join, will she have a pit "boy" instead of a "babe" holding up her race number at the starting grid?
Racing is a male gene.
So, she too would have a pit girl.
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Great news a new f1 team USF1..

Well,i also want to see a female driver in f1,hope it happens.

top drivers from nascar also wants to join USF1 so,they going for danica i don't think so.

USF1: she knows all about racing in Europe and did a good job in everything she’s done. But one has to ask why, if she is that good for promotion, haven’t any of the other Formula One teams signed her up ?
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