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Old 1st July 2009, 00:09   #16
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Originally Posted by aagoswamy
Kimi is naturally very quick and with a better car I am sure he can do better. This is a man who came so near to becoming a world champion,

Were you in a time capsule?
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We had these kind of rumors always, originating from Spanish sources. But this time it may be true.
Though I wish to see Kimi race in F1 next year, he may be the one leaving this time. He has already said many times that he is not going to stick around for long. So at best Kimi had 3-4 years more in F1 if his contract were to be renewed after 2010. That looks highly unlikely now.
From Ferrari's point of view it makes perfect sense to drop one of their drivers even though the problems they currently face are not driver related. May be they will go back to their No.1/No.2 driver system again.
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Default Ferrari to buy out Kimi's contract?


I love both Kimi and Alonso, this new makes me jump in joy cause trust me I have been waiting eagerly to see Nando in Red! I prefer Alonso over Kimi, but would be very saddened that Kimi will have to leave and not Massa.
A Kimi-Alonso pairing would be like mind blowing but does not seem to happen.

Well lets wait and watch on Sept 11th.

And here is the link to what GTO said!

F1 – Kimi Buy Out? : Open Paddock
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Old 1st July 2009, 01:23   #19
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definately a good news for f1 fans, ferrari do need a miracle for this year with a better pair of alonso and massa. BUT, the way things are going, i don't think alonso can make a difference next year or so even if he is given a better or proper car.
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Old 1st July 2009, 01:57   #20
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I dont think Alonso is a right fit for Ferrari.
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Old 1st July 2009, 03:20   #21
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@hillram: Time will tell if he is not the best fit! I think he is and am sure he will prove it by getting back to his winning ways if not this year with the Renault cause it looks pretty difficult!!
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Old 1st July 2009, 09:16   #22
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Its really difficult hillram to tell if Alonso will fit in Ferrari F1 Paddock, we just have to wait & watch how Alonso proves himself, in the next season !!!
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Old 1st July 2009, 09:24   #23
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As a die hard Ferrari fan, I am quite disappointed. I never liked Alonso and never expected to see him wearing the red outfit. Am sure that both Kimi and Massa are good enough to improve Ferrari's situation.
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Old 1st July 2009, 09:43   #24
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I dont want the current driver line-up to be changed for 2010. Ferrari is already contemplating bringing Vettel for 2011, that would only stir-up what McLaren went through in 2007.

As much as I like Alonso for his skills, I dont want Ferrari to have Alonso+Vettel in 2011. No Way. Massa + Vettel makes for a much better line-up.
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Old 1st July 2009, 10:12   #25
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Well, what has been mere rumors for 3 seasons is finally taking shape. Alonso moving to Ferrari? IMHO, I feel he can do a good job as he is a very talented driver. But like so many other have asked--who will be given the boot? Kimi or Felipe?

I for one never expected to see Alonso wearing the red scuderia outfit!
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Old 1st July 2009, 12:50   #26
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@nitrous that was quick to put Alonso in Ferrari gear. LOL.

personally i hate Alonso , party due to his championship victory against shumi in his last season. party due to my perceptions.

I would prefer Kimi and Massa staying with Ferrari.
but if Kimi does leave, i want Massa to be elevated as No 1 for Ferrari. its high time Ferrari puts team loyalty above star status.

Both barichello and massa have done enough to warrant a NO 1 position in the team.
BArichello never did, atleast Massa deserves.
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Old 1st July 2009, 13:17   #27
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Good if this happens. Raikkonen has been dawdling around in a sub-par car. Alonso could help develop the car much better. The only thing keeping Alonso away from Ferrari was a certain Schumacher, but with him getting distanced from Ferrari slowly, it opens the doors for Alonso.
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Old 1st July 2009, 14:13   #28
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Originally Posted by leadf00t View Post
I want Massa to be elevated as No 1 for Ferrari. its high time Ferrari puts team loyalty above star status.
That my friend will never happen. Can you imagine for one moment, Alonso playing second fiddle to Massa? Unfortunately for Ferrari, Massa has come so close to a title and definitely will want another shot so he won't be happy being number two again. On the other hand, Raikkonen is very laid back and relaxed about his F1 career which is why I can see him not in the least bothered about playing second to Alonso. Plus, he's already a champ and has little to prove about his speed and ability.

Second, Massa is on a pretty paltry salary compared to Kimi. Both are on till 2010. Massa's contract is way cheaper to buy out. Ferrari are rich but I dunno if they really want to throw away that sort of money on Raikkonen.

And last, have you ever seen pics at Ferrari events? I'm surprised at how close Luca Di and Kimi seem. Its a small thing but I've seen so many pics showing a real bond between these two. Just google Kimi and Luca Montezemolo and you'll see so many images of them hugging or joking around which is more than I can say for Massa and Luca Di.

Its probably wishful thinking from me because I really like Kimi and I hope he stays.

Edit: Also remember that widely televised fight that Massa and Alonso had? Can't remember exactly when but I think it was last year

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This is awesome news.
Alonso is one of the best driver on the circuit.
He even managed to win races last season despite driving a car which was not upto its potential.
This move would certainly help him regain the world championship.
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ive been a big ferrari fan and a bigger schumi fan for more than 13 years now.

there are enough number of reasons for me to not favour alonso. But i must say this season alonso has really shown what he is capable of. he is above kimi in the standings and he has really pulled out some amazing drives with that woeful renault this season.

i guess it would be a great move for him to join ferrari and bring them back to their winning ways.
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