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Default F1: Proposed tyre and technical regulations 2008

Proposed Technical Regulations:

A single, control-spec Engine Control Unit (ECU) for all competitors, "manufactured by an FIA designated supplier to an agreed specification." This would make it possible to effectively enforce a ban on driver aids like traction control.

Standard gearboxes fitted with common parts for all cars - with control to be via a driver-operated clutch pedal and gearshift similar to those of a conventional manual-transmission road car.

Revised bodywork to reduce downforce by approximately 90 percent while allowing cars a wider track. This would allow cars to follow each other far closer through corners without the loss of aerodynamic grip and thus would be likely to increase opportunities for drivers to pass each other.

Tyres supplied by a single manufacturer to all teams, the reintroduction of slick tyres and larger wheels - plus a ban on tyre-heating devices.

A "minimum specified" centre-of-gravity for every Formula One chassis and improved impact testing, again to increase competitiveness, but also driver impact protection.

Standard brakes for all competitors to reduce development costs.

Greater control over which materials can be used for the construction of a car's bodywork - similar to changes controlling the use of "exotic" materials in engines that go into place in 2006.

The compulsory installation of a starter motor.

A ban on spare cars, with only spare chassis permitted at events.

A limit on testing to a maximum of 30,000km per team per year.

The right for a team to buy a complete car or any part of a car from another constructor, with "further discussion" over how this would effect the award of Constructors' Championship points.


Proposed Tyre Regulations:

The current Formula One Technical Regulations only allow teams to supply two specifications of dry weather tyres for a race, one of which is meant to be of an ultra-safe specification. In Indianapolis this year the Michelin-shod teams refused to race, citing the French company's warning that it could not guarantee the safety of its tyres through the high loadings of the banked Turn 13 of the Indianapolis course. The matter has already been investigated by the FIA, with any sanctions to be imposed on the teams set to be announced after the Italian Grand Prix.
The FIA's proposals include limiting the supply of tyres to Formula One to those made by a single manufacturer - something the organisation argues would lead to an increased emphasis on safety over performance. It is also proposed that slick tyres should replace the current grooved dry-weather tyres.

The proposed "emergency" clause in the regulations states that:

"If, in the opinion of the appointed tyre supplier and FIA technical delegate, the nominated tyre specification proves to be technically unsuitable, the stewards may authorise the use of additional tyres to a different specification."

To make it clear that this would only be permitted in the most extreme circumstances another clause states that except in the case of "force majeure" (circumstances outside the control of the race organisers or teams) "all tyres intended for use at an Event must be presented to the FIA technical delegate for allocation prior to the end of initial scrutineering."


Well, the proposed tech specs do sound interesting. If it is implemented i think we'll see more racing on the track with no teams having superior advantage over the others...
hmmmm...iss this proposal put forward because of the arrival of A1 GP??
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I just hope it works. Too many changes can either work with you or work against you.

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hmmm ..lets see how many of these propsed rules come into Act ...

they are bringing in a lot of changes in 2007 such as the V8's and the testing mileage ,single tyre manufacturer aswell if am not mistaken...
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i think all these changes will make the sport pretty boring..i mean its upto a team to decide the design of the car and all, not the FIA. And with all the cars having the same specs, why r the teams for???
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Red face

Most of the technology in a mordern was once invented for Formula 1.
I dont think so many regulations is going to help F1.
After all it a race of survival of the fittest car/manufacturer/driver, in that order.
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Originally Posted by karthik247
i think all these changes will make the sport pretty boring..
exactly ..i think these revised rules base Formula 1 on driver skills more ,making it less of a team sport ..formula 1 has always been a team sport ...just because some teams have advanced more than others or other have lagged behind for their own reasons doesnt mean we change the rules to make it look "fair" all over again ...
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The control tyre rule is what worries me. If the FIA has its way, then almost certainly it'll be bridgestone who will be the tyre supplier. And the data gathered by bridgestone will flow one way to guess which team!

And also, why scrap the spare car? If a driver wrecks his car in practice then i still want to see him on the grid...not sulking in the garage. I don't know how much money it'll save but i am pretty sure that every team would want a third car in case a points scoring opportunity does ome along.

One of the USPs of Formula1 is the innovation in technology. And for the last few years, most of the rule changes have only served to eliminate the factors that make F1 superior to the other racing series.

The potential GPWC teams held a meeting i Munich yesterday to come up with their own rules for the GPWC. These should be released to the press in a few weeks.
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F1 does not need any more changes. I think the changes they made this year made the sport interesting but any more of this and it aould be overdoing it. plus think of what A1 racing is going to do to F1
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