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Old 18th April 2010, 16:35   #46
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Hamilton and Vettel both get reprimands for dangerous driving but no penalties. Fair call I guess since you have to punish neither or both. Hamilton could have backed off since he was on the inner lane and Vettel shouldn't be sqeezing him either. So good decision.
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Old 18th April 2010, 18:51   #47
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Congrats to McLaren for the 1-2. It was some great on the limit driving from Hammy. I hope the other drivers review the video and follow the same when they see those McLaren cars.

Alonso eventhough is a fighter should know to try and control his excitement. He could have had the race in his bag if the start was proper. I am tired of him charging through midfield and coming to 4-5th places. Consistency is required for the championship and I know he knows it well too.
And I am disappointed with Ferrari. Having stopped development of F60 midway last season, I expected them to a Brawn this year. But it seems like they are still playing catchup with Red Bull.

And Red Bull are fastest only in clean air. It was lovely to see them struggling in the changing conditions. They should now have the feet on the ground and look to get some race pace too.

I don't know if Schumi has lost it but he has been honest in his interview and said he did poorly in a poorly setup car. I hope he finds some pace soon and takes the fight to the leaders.

I really admire Massa but sorry mate you are too good in the dry but a bit poor in the wet and changing conditions. I want him to win a WDC but not with his current form.
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Old 18th April 2010, 20:20   #48
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Awesome race ! Vintage Hamilton, some guys never change do they ? I would have preferred Rosberg to have finished 2nd, Schumi needs a faster car.

As the bandwagon leaves Asia, hope the reds come alive in europe.

A terrible week for me as both Ferrari and Chelsea lost..and Hammy boy beat everyone on the track except for Button (Team orders ??)
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Old 18th April 2010, 21:08   #49
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McLaren 1-2... just made my day.

Hamilton is a treat to watch. He is one guy who goes racing every single race. Whereas I've not seen one memorable move from Button this year, but he is leading the WDC !!!! I'd rather prefer some classy racing and overtaking like Hamilton, Rosberg, Kubica, Petrov etc than the so called brilliant strategic moves of Button. I know that it is that brilliant strategy that has helped him so far and what matters most for a driver. But as a viewer, I would enjoy on-track fights to brilliant strategies.

Also is it time to crown a new rain master ???
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Old 18th April 2010, 21:15   #50
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Wow another repeat of Malaysia with 2wice the paisa vasool.

Total entertainment from Lewis. He totally outfoxed people repeatedly at that one particular corner. BUt once again, he's waay to agressive and ruins the tires before the last kill.

Once again Jenson mr.smooth Button proved that he's the professor of strategy.
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Old 18th April 2010, 21:25   #51
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Originally Posted by 2theMax View Post
A terrible week for me as both Ferrari and Chelsea lost..and Hammy boy beat everyone on the track except for Button (Team orders ??)
Since you're from Chennai, the IPL must have cheered you up
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Old 19th April 2010, 08:48   #52
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It was an exciting race over all. But it was sad to see schumi being overtaken by every tom dick and harry. He has to improve drastically or quit at the earliest as it is very saddening to see such an icon perform so poorly. I am a schumi fan but cannot see him perform so badly. If nico can come on the podium twice i do not see why schumi can't.
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Old 19th April 2010, 09:00   #53
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My favorite team and 1-2 - the good old days back again hopefully!
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Old 19th April 2010, 09:13   #54
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What a race. McLaren 1-2 - excellent. Alonso, Kubica and Petrov were good. As for Michael Schumacher, the talent on the grid today is just too good for him to come back after a gap of so many years and beat.
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Old 19th April 2010, 09:56   #55
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Originally Posted by shibujp View Post
Thanks to a cable provider who is engaged in a "negotiation" with ESPN/Star Sports at the expense of it's customers I was deprived of a fantastic race today. Had to follow it on PlanetF1 and BBC Sport thanks to the lap by lap text commentary. Oh and the cable guy is Asianet.

Change to some other providers. I got the D2H. Absolutely no probs till now! These Asianet guys are a headache. Either you dont get any channels for atleast 2-3 days continuously or you get all the channels except those good pay channels. Even if you don't get those pay channels, you still have to pay
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Old 19th April 2010, 11:46   #56
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Excellent 1-2 from Mclaren. The straight line speed advantage was very much evident from the Mclaren.

Button again showed his maturity on the track which got him this win in a chaotic race.

Hamilton did drive extremely well for the 2nd place. But, he is losing out on preserving his tires. That is one area he might need to watch out if he is got to beat Jenson.

Bad luck for the Redbull team & Vettel again. Poor kid!

Alonso's reflexes letting him down!?

Massa, there has been no improvement yet from this guy. His aggressiveness or speed in 2007/2008 looks faded now.

The legend's defense on Hamilton was awesome and it was a treat to watch. But then, he was struggling with the car and it was a big let down!

The rain has made F1 interesting so far in this season and it has mixed up the field quite well. I am waiting for a dry race to see the actual speeds of these cars!
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Old 19th April 2010, 11:53   #57
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What a fantastic race. I guess after the initial boredom in Bahrain, things are now coming alive. Both the Mclarens drove a brilliant race to finish 1-2. I admire Button for his calm and composed drive in this Grand Prix. Hamilton was good too. What a drive !! Hoping to see the Ferraris do better in Europe . Nico is one to watch for. He has completely over shadowed MS in every race.

The European leg will be even better. Bring it on.
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Old 19th April 2010, 13:21   #58
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Another thrilling race! Hamilton was on a charge till his tyres went bald. Alonso looked good too. If not for his drive through penalty, he might well have been on the podium. Button called right on the tyres and it paid off.

Rain master Schumacher looked out of sorts. Lets hope he gets upto speed in the european races. Rosberg has scored 40 of the 50 constructor points for Mercedes. It won't be long before he wins a race.
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Old 19th April 2010, 13:44   #59
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Overall an exciting race with exciting results. Except for Massa everyone else raced well. Even MS with poor car and performance did some good defense driving and was exciting. Massa needs to up the game. Afterall he has the seat instead of Kimi!
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Old 19th April 2010, 14:02   #60
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Jenson drove an impeccable race and Hamilton stuck well to 2nd position.Mclaren straight speed was awesome.
Mercedes Engines are shining their silver !!!
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