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Default Land ho! Jack found his Neverland

Hello all bhpians. I have turned to Tbhp for help many times and I feel very happy to be a part of this epic sect.
My name is Adithya. I am a doctor for eyes. This intro just dragged on a bit long. Bare with me, I am just a bit excited!

When I started going through the tbhp forums, the members' etiquette intrigued me no end. It was like Alice found wonderland or jake found neverland! Such surreally well behaved, unbiased, non judgemental knowledgeable set of people! This is the way for us to be as a nation, but alas. GTO for the president?!
Well I got through into the family after replying to what I thought was a computer generated reply! I got very interested when I saw it mentioned in the registration form, to feel free to say in detail about why I chose Tbhp and not just some one liner response. Exactly the lines I told my wife, my then girlfriend, amidst some steamy texting! I got hooked when I saw the line 'we take this very seriously', about our explanations! Well, here are some serious admin people. I do respect that. People taking their work seriously. Striving to be the best we can be. And rules state that it is not allowed to start a thread about the way moderators function! A thread on moderators, moderated by the moderators?! This forum means well from the bottom of their heart and strives continuously to keep up the standards. So I kept pouring my heart out in the registration form and I kept getting rejected!
The replies read the same..that I need to state why I chose Tbhp and that I should take it seriously. I thought may be I am doing the process wrong. Went back and very meticulously tried registering. Came the same reply! In desperation I replied to what seemed like a computer generated mail. I told it of my ply! I bared my chest out, like a boy sad and disappointed about not getting his favourite toffee! And the computer named GTO replied with some advice! 'Aigh?!' was my initial response which turned into a happy smile. Well GTO, I won't turn this into a thread about our registration process, although most would remember there efforts fondly.

My elderly cousin was in military and was a skilled rider. Would do such things as, he would couch and sit on the foot peg as I rode pillion with him as a kid. I loved such things. I learnt to ride on rented bicycles. 2 Rs an hour for the small ones. What a delight! I would go round and round for hours on the end taking money from my aunt. When I got my cycle, on holidays, we would set off on cricket conquests to neighbouring towns. Taking short cuts through fields and dried lakes. Very fond memories. I guess I always had a thing for moving things! May be it's something physical, may be the rush of the cocktail of chemicals released in my brain when I am displaced at a pace! I get high!

When I entered college the same jolly good brother got me my first bike, and a rx100 at that! I loved it! Changed its colours in different shades of red every year! Never went out of town on it but never went out without it! Friends with new Discovers or Karizmas when riding pillion with me would always think my speedo was wrong dialling upto 60kmph so fast. We checked it out, with them riding their bikes and it did go to 60 in a jiffy! I did my first circle up around your book clutching girl in that bike! I used to call her Gowri, the bike, not the girl. Well the girl was a mistake but not my gowri. She served me well and I took care of her. After college I had to go away for a while and my brother took back the bike and sold it off.

During my fellowship I bought a r15, in 2009. Against some strong advice to buy pulsar than this oddly designed bike! I vow it to a good hearted review and I made the right choice. Had met my wife just then and made frequent trips to Kerala from mysore. Beautiful but tough terrain then. There I found the joy of going far. Come dark nights, rain, hail, waterlogged potholed roads, impromptu waterfalls down rock cliffs by the road on waynad ghats, come lift seeking passengers, cheering school kids excited to see this sports bike of the time vrooming off on twisty roads, come what may, I kept riding. I always arrived to my girl more energetic than when I left home 300 plus kms back. And to top off the joy of riding I was getting pampered for the effort I was making! Talk about getting lucky! I named her Gowri in the memory of my first love, my bike not the girl. Well this time I was right about my girl and the bike. I frequented my mountain dwelling classmate in the pretext of making India win their cricket matches. I drove it to wherever I wanted to disappear to or wherever I wanted to arrive at. I still use it as my primary commuter.

I have a Sx4 which does the family duty and I am the chauffeur. For family reasons, it own over Lancer, dare I call it the rx100 of car world?! Like rx100, lancer is a concept, not just another car.
I got longterm plans about a Isuzu d max. And I wet dream about a lancer evo!

Once I joined up as a consultant at a hospital in erode tamilnadu, I had to travel from Coimbatore where my family lives. 100 kms of pure highway! The biker in me rejoiced. This time I wanted something big. Went and test drove all enfields. I was explaining one of my better knowledged friend how I liked the build of my Yamaha, the way when I put off its headlight, it dims out making a curved cat eye shape on the wall in front. How that turns me on. He said then I can't be thinking of enfields and Harley was the way to go. I zeroed in on a stage 1 performance upgraded superlow. The power thrills me but I have to work on it. Especially the front sprocket, to change my gear ratios, which American forums discuss so often.

Well, In mysore, my school and the yezdi company shared a compound wall and the RoadKing used to be the boss of the roadsters. Yezdi was always in my wish list although there were many who deterred me. It is for me a quintessential bike. Just 'bike'. Not a cafe racer, or a cruiser, or a roadster, or a scrambler. It's all put together. It is 'bike'. Now in my thirties, there is this freedom to laugh off at my decisions if they go wrong. The line between right and wrong decisions blurs as the 'reasons' (or rather reasoning!) for the decision takes up the centre stage. Something like wrong decisions for the right reasons. So I go and buy a 1980 yezdi classic for its looks and my memories of it driven in Dr.Raj movies. And off course a Roadking. Presently i am on course to bring out a beautiful beast out of the two. Hari-Hara mating to bring out a good looking kid!

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a true set of people. Love all the stories written, all the knowledge shared, all the soft squabbles. Lots of respect from my side to all those who contribute to this wonderful sect.
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Default Re: Land ho! Jack found his Neverland

Welcome to the forum FasterSon. That was a nice detailed intro. I am sure most of us have some fond and not so fond memories of the registration attempts. Good to read the part about GTO responding to your outpouring with some sound advice.

Looking forward to reading detailed ownership and trip reports of your rides and trips.

Being an eye doctor, I assume you will have a lot of advice for a lot of us folks who spend tons of time poring over Team-Bhp.
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Default Re: Land ho! Jack found his Neverland

Thanks much for the welcome Rajeevraj, I got a bit excited about being a part of team bhp! We all Motorheads have our relationships with our vehicles and I wanted to share.
Others' stories equally interests me. Keeping judgements out of the mindset. I will attempt to share my experiences when I have something useful for others.
Cheers to you.
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Default Re: Land ho! Jack found his Neverland

Originally Posted by FasterSon View Post
My name is Adithya. I am a doctor for eyes.
Agree with the first part. The second is hard to believe though. When did opthalmologists start writing with such aplomb?

When I started going through the tbhp forums, the members' etiquette intrigued me no end.
Excellent observation.

GTO for the president?

And the computer named GTO replied with some advice!
This, when you weren't a Bhpian and there was no way to forecast whether you will ever be! Hats off GTO.

am absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a true set of people.
Congrats on earning the stripes and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to a lot of eye raising write-ups from you. Meanwhile, I would request you to kindly keep an eye (pun intended both times) on the tiny little typos that creep in inadvertantly - primarily because our smart phones/computers think of themselves as more intelligent than us .
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Default Re: Land ho! Jack found his Neverland

Thank you for the welcome dailydriver.
I am serious about GTO for president though! Just being lightheartedly appreciative. The etiquettes really does intrigue me a lot. Although the mechanics and everything related is the centre stage here, as an individual with no experience of community riding, I am interested in the biker physique and hence came the background for my writing.
Thank you for the typos reminder. It is like these spell predictors want to take us over. Very upsetting. Feels like colonial times, probably!
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Default Re: Land ho! Jack found his Neverland

Thank you for your intro FasterSon. Your writing style reels in the reader. As a fellow newbie, it makes me want to understand and appreciate your journey to this forum.

Would be great to hear more about your travels.
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