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Smile Brosreview Reviewed

Hey all,

We were so busy framing sentences to deliver a driver’s experience to our readers that we completely forgot about reviewing ourselves. So, here we go.

We are a team of 10 members, 10 friends frankly who are conveniently scattered around the globe. No, reviewing cars is not our primary job. We do it as it falls under our radar of interest. Honestly, we have a very talented bunch of blokes in our team. Here we go:

AJ – Ajey – The writer – He does not think even for a minute to sound himself. He has already been hit back my e-mails as he hit a few Americans’ sentiments by commenting about the Ford Edge and the Chryslers. In this forum, he must or he definitely has offended Tata Nano lovers. Sorry about that. Please bear with his one-liners and satirist writing. He is in the film faculty and is completing his education. The IX-MR owner intends to enter the car-reviewing field in future - AUS/MIDDLE EAST/INDIA

Mamu/Doctor – Prem – This man handles the looks department. He evaluates the looks of different cars and responds to it. He inspects car colours like he checks for tooth shades. He has a very good taste and thus we leave him to decide on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 is the best. He loves the DB5 and DB7 mainly and all the other Aston Martins. Daniel Craig crashing the AM in the movie infuriated him. And, he reckons the One-77 looks like a half used baby toothpaste tube, if you know what he means. Oh dear!!! AUS/INDIA

Brute – Bruce – Now, we call him so as he just cannot drive a car in a civil manner. Be it any car, he has to d-clutch, he has to double shift, he has to spin the wheels. His favourite colour is red and thus he loves to stick to the red band of the revs. No doubt that he has towed his 159 a couple of times to the workshop. We are tired of telling him to be a brute with his Evo VI alone. Coincidentally, he uses Brut to make him smell more manly - UK

Dom - Dominic – His -dom/condition is that he will not TD any vehicle that cannot go off-road. Yes, he is our off-road specialist. He has altered his Patrol in such a way that it scares kids away. Instead of spending more time in the clinic, he prefers extracting and re-fixing nuts and bolts and not teeth. But, you will never recognise his inner passion for off-roaders as he drives an S80 every day - UK

Dean – Faraaz – Our special man. We are very protective about him because he is only 5’5” and he is moody. Plus, he just recovered from a breakup of a relationship that ran 7 years by getting three speed tickets in 36 hours worth $900. But, unlike his height, his desires touch the sky. He is our rotary specialist. And, he has been an i***g*l street drag racing winner. We call him Dean as every time he drives a car, he sucks his cheeks in his attempt to look cool; to look like James Dean. What can we say? He sold his extra turbo charged GT-R33 for some reason. He then had a RX-7, then a tweaked up 240SX. Well, now he has nothing. He mostly buys cars that are a total loss and then re-builds it. It is said that once during his summer vacation in college, due to boredom, he dismantled his GT-R’s engine and fixed it up again. Phew!!! Now, he pays more attention in Ethernet cables - FIJI/AUS/NEW ZEALAND/USA

Raid – Raidon – Yes, that is his name. And, boy he can drive. He may be into calculations, taxes, share market. But, he is more lively when on the track. His judgement, his calculations are evidently shown in his driving style. Since, he is so mathematically specific, he likes cars with good power to weight ratio. The only man he admires is Ferdinand. Yes, he is our Porschaedophile. He drives with his blue-tooth headset on in his Porsche 911 (997) UK/USA

Waiter – Pritham – That was his first job. He will oppose anything you tell to him. Currently, he disagrees and is annoyed and plans to release a review (under our name) supporting the Corolla. He calls the rest of us inconsiderate as he thinks we have been harsh on the Corolla. So Corolla lovers, here’s your man - USA

Jumbo – Jeff – We call him jumbo as he wants to be fat. No matter what he eats he is not satisfied. The best part is his waist doesn’t go beyond 32. It is good for him considering his job in health centres. He is never satisfied with any car. That helps our case as collectively we reckon no car is perfect. But, this lad crosses lines very easily. He once entered the Jag showroom and called their designers copy cats. He once used a TD car to go home. And, once he was home, he asked the executive to drive back.
For us, he tests the Ferraris and the other Italians and Germans mainly because of his good influence. He is eyeing the Mazda 6 as he is happy merely TD’ing fast cars. He does not want to own one. He fears that once he owns a fast car, he will get used to it and gradually dislike it. Well, we shall stay mute on that issue - UK/GERMANY

Javier – Javier –He is an Italian. Should we add more? Specifically, The Lamborghinis sincerely fall into his hands. We don’t think any of us has the courage to TD the car. Once, he is out of the garage he TD’s cars. He is a man of a few words. But, when he does, he makes a valid point. He has a
Monaro - ITALY

Yo – Yo – No, that is his name. It is tough to understand him because of his style of speaking. But, among us it is AJ who needs to face him the most. He is the writer, you see? He is into customising cars. And, at his workplace he helps designing cars for gamers. He has a MX-5 - JAPAN

D2 – Derek – A funny bloke. We call him the coloured Homer. He is not always with us as he is busy completing his accounting studies. But, he loves the Germans as he has a Passat at his disposal. He intends to buy a Golf GTi - AUS/EMIRATES

It all began by AJ and Mamu, two brothers who suddenly decided to review cars - Brosreview. Although AJ has been doing this with the rest since past 4-5 years, we actually started sharing our viewpoints only since past one year now. Since, we aren’t professional test drivers, we don’t click photos while testing. Then, are the restrictions put up by the car companies themselves. Yes, this is our team. We don’t disclose ourselves a lot as we are not sure whether or not we shall continue reviewing cars. We fork out time off our busy working schedule, TD cars and share our experiences over conference calls. Then, AJ puts our experiences into written words by framing a story.Since this is a joint effort, we collectively release reviews under Brosreview. And, responses if made collectively to Brosreview will be very much appreciated.

Please feel free to PM us with your requests. And, if it is possible, we shall review them and share our experience.

Thanks for reading and appreciating our reviews so far. Your support keeps us going.

Take care and drive safe!!!

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Hey guy(s)
Welcome to the club
Intersting Intro
Like your special guy , dean a lot.

Hope to get some intersting reviews
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Welcome! I have read many of your reviews here and the prose is refreshingly different . A very unusual and unique bunch,you guys are.
Keep your reviews coming.
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Very interesting intro/review that! So which one of them are you?
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Welcome brosreview! This is the first case of a joint ID on Team-BHP I think.

Originally Posted by iraghava View Post
Very interesting intro/review that! So which one of them are you?
Obviously the writer, who represents all.
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You have an interesting team, Brosreview. And "brothers review" (presumably?) seems to be an appropriate nick considering the camaraderie that your team seems to so obviously share. We appreciate the wonderful reviews you share with us.

A note : Do keep this user account for your own use only. We don't permit login sharing.
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Your Reviews are amazing pieces of reading material buddy!! I would love to meet the Brute Guy!!
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An auto-review supergroup! Wow!

Out to kick poor engineering in the REAR !!(for the want of a more explicit word)
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one of the very professional auto review group. nice introduction.
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Great reviews you have there. But would like to see images along with your reviews. It tends to get very dry without images.
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Hey all, Thanks for the welcome.

– Thanks. Yes, he(Dean) is an interesting chap. Hope we live up to your expectations.

– Thanks. Glad, you liked our reviews. Yes, we intend to be different. Our main objective is to deliver the driving experience to our readers rather than merely giving out figures or writing technical stuff.

– Thanks. I am the writer, AJ.

– Thanks. Oh, is it? Hope we are good as a group.

– Yes, indeed we do have a good group. You are right – Brosreview = Bros + Review. Thanks for reading and appreciating our reviews.

Yes, only I, the writer access the account to post/reply.

– Thanks a lot. The Brute; pint(s) of lager and he is your man, haha.

– Yea, a “supergroup”.

– Thanks. Hope we are professional enough.

– Thanks. Yes, we realised the “dry” factor. Hence, since this instalment, we have been adding our reviews with photos. Please do read them.

We would like to add that we had another member in our group (cannot reveal name). We lost him and his superior drifting skills to AIDS. May his soul rest in peace.

Thanks for welcoming us people. For the ones who are wondering why are we putting our reviews on this website; In the past few years, we had to face a few racial and personal comments which would get really frustrating. It could be due to the mixture of races in the team itself. We shall not reveal the websites, but we will say that the experience was poor. Then, we were planning to shut down. We then restarted almost 18 months back. And, our fan base particularly suggested to register at the Asian, specifically Indian websites. There is where we got acquainted with this website. TeamBHP took only 5 minutes for me to create an account for us. And, the experience has been great!!!

We are currently trying to get recognised by magazines. Thus, we have been advertising this website as our main garage for our post 2006-auto reviews. If the invigilators find us getting a healthy response, we get selected for magazines. The added benefit is that this website gets advertised as a car buff’s paradise.

Our delayed response to comments are because of shortage of time from work/university. But, mainly because this is a join effort. And, we feel it fair to consult everyone before we post replies to avoid misunderstanding. We request our readers to be patient.

So, read and enjoy our reviews. Alternatively, if you want to contact us, use TeamBHP’s PM Service OR feel free to e-mail us at brosreview@gmail.com

Last edited by Brosreview : 27th October 2008 at 02:47.
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Question General Queries

Hey all,

We thought this was the appropriate place to clear the air. We are often thrown questions by people who haven't met us.

Q1. Why such a delayed review-response?

People ask us about why are our reviews about old cars. That is, mostly we release reviews at least 3-4 months late. This is mainly because we get the opportunity to TD cars quite late. Mind you, we are talking about the fast cars here. It is quite difficult to get permission to comprehensively TD a fast car/supercar for an emerging group of car enthusiasts who review cars. So, there is a delay till we win their trust and get our chance/hands on it.

Having said that, we have been lucky to TD cars as soon as their release as well. Cars such as the Jaguar XF was given to us at a very early stage; even before their global launch. It was our initial steps of building our contacts.

Q2. Why don't you post photographs of you testing the car?

We have been literally flooded by e-mails asking this question. Again, the people who have met us will understand this better as we have spoken and explained it to them. I shall try writing it down for you readers.

You see, when we get a chance to TD these fast cars, we always make a prior appointment at race tracks to thoroughly test them. Yes, there are alternatives that we gather such info. from other TD'érs. But, then what is the point of having a talented crew?

So, we shell out our own money, reserve a couple of hours on the track, get the car and test it. Now, we do not know whether the following statement is a general rule or not. But, often when we get these cars from the showroom or a friendly owner, we are told not to photograph the car. Now, we could be cheeky and sneak some photographs without being noticed. But, we fear loosing their trust and thus the opportunity.

We aren't professional test drivers. We do not have "automotive journalist" embossed on our ID's. Hence, it is evident that car showroom executives frown at us if we ask for a 2 day TD of a car. And, if we add that we are taking it to the track, they will show us the exit. So, we make implicit arrangements, TD the car and return them. We even keep aside a certain amount of money if we cause any damage. If it was a track day, we could photograph the moments. But, they aren't. Rules may differ in a different countries and for different people. But, when we are told not to click photos, we just do as they say.

Well, even famous car journalists of today started likewise. Hence, to be honest to all, we share photos clicked at auto shows. Afterall, auto shows are meant to be a place where one can click photos of cars.
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Can I ask a question - why? Why the headache - you all rock anyways in your personal lives!
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@phamilyman - Hey there, it has been our passion since long. And, we noticed collectively we did a decent job; correct me if I am wrong. We spotted the errors well, we wrote them well and we suggested some changes well. Our comments were accepted and even considered.

So, we thought why not do it as a secondary thing. If it clicks, we continue doing it as a job. Else, we shut down. Nothing to lose. I mean, there is money to lose as we pay for the TDs on the track. But, we will consider it as a fun-related expenditure. I reckon we will continue doing it. The only difference is we shall keep our experience to ourselves and our friends instead of sharing it with unknown people. You are right while saying our lives rock. But, it rocks even more when we share our joyful experience with everyone.

Our only big blow has been procuring rights for photography. Else, trust me, I am in the film faculty. I would be the first one to film Brute baking donuts, Javier and Jeff powersliding and drifting. So, I only request - bear with us.

Besides, is there any other way to become a car reviewer by profession?
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