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Old 31st October 2008, 21:47   #1
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Default Force Inducting my way into TBHP. A lady's hi to all!

Hello, to all BHPians.

I have a lot of friends from this forum. But my interaction with them has always been offline. Most of them from Bangalore know me as fastnfurious (I was given this name by mclaren1885).

I am 21 and doing my BE in Bangalore. I was just another ordinary girl who was always told cars very only meant to transport people from point A to B until I met this guy who I thought was really weird. And then I met more of them aliens (looks like they have swarmed the earth). At first, they all seemed insane, they used to speak an alien language. It had English words like headers, porting, bhp but made as much sense to me as a baby's squabble. Maybe I could have comprehended the baby better actually.

Two & a half years down the line, I guess I have come a long way. Words like turbo, weight transfer, power to weight ratio, oversteer etc don't seem to be meaningless formation of letters anymore. I had to learn this alien language, I had to. Not by choice, but to understand what these aliens kept murmuring all the time. Most time I was wondering if they were talking ill about me.

And during this time I made some wonderful friends.

Jay: Quite, soft spoken guy until you mention the three letter word "car". After that you see a split personality who isn't quite anymore. But its easy to get him to be quite, unlike.......

v1p3r: You guessed it right! That unlike is this dude whose tongue is always hissing continously like a snake (a befitting nick too?). Cars are not his only obsession. If you think he always talks about cars, mention the word "food" or "KFC" or "chicks" and watch him go. He is one of the funniest guys I have ever met & has abnormal ways of wanting to fight his boredom.

memo45_m : The "RESSER" in the group. Also called mechanic, since he is always out with a spanner to mend cars when he aint driving one . Perhaps, the craziest car buff among them all. Speaks very little, but when he does its that dreaded alien language all the way. Must be God's immortal messenger to racing fans, given that he crashed his car way beyond recognition and came out without a scar.

shipwreck : The REAL BIKER in the group. Has an amazing sense of humour, and probably the only one in the gang who knows life is not all about cars, engines, bikes, tires. Get him on a bike and on a track and he forgets everything else. Literally, as they later found out that he indeed forgot that he was approacing a corner at full speed and ended up with a rod poking out of his toe on a track day.

Binz: The youngest of the lot. And some of them use this to their advantage and make him run around (poor little kid). Probably the most improved of the lot over the last two years in terms of driving skill I am told.

Sam : Probably the most popular guy on this planet BHP? Met him once at an auto show. Now you don't expect someone called as the Yeti to be funny right? But he proves everyone wrong. His work is to party or so I am told. I'd love to be in his shoes someday. Btw, the real reason I am here is him and theOne (my inspiration) and cant wait to meet them in person.

I have met a lot many more people, have heard about atleast 100s of them from these lovingly car crazy boys. Hopefully, I shall get to know them better now.

I have been a part of a couple of forum meets and travelogues mclaren1885 has put up here. When I signed up here, I thought my ID would be rejected, but then here I am able to post. Must have written something right I guess.

I don't own a car yet. But I'd like to own a Cayenne/Q7 & an Aston Martin one day. I don't drive fast (yet), but I'd like not to be that lady driver that men curse all the time. And Rahul has been kind enough to teach me the nuiances of driving, making sure I don't make the same mistakes as most other ladies would.

Off lately, I have developed a liking to go-karting and my aim one day is to beat Stumpy. That day is not too far, looking at the way he is putting on weight.

You must be wondering what a girl like me is doing here on this forum right? Many must be saying to themselves, she doesn't belong here. Maybe, I don't. But, I would like to share the other side of the story that so many women out there want to. What the wives/gfs of TBHPians feel. Our take on mods, meets, travelogues and much more.

Hoping to meet a lot many more of you in the future meets.

This is the only place I have heard people address each other with forums names instead of real names in real life too.

I am sure you all must have started snoring reading this long intro, but isnt that what we women love doing most? Non stop banter?
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:01   #2
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lovely one there.

Welcome abroad Planet TBHP alien!

How was the quadrajet? presume you drove it too

Whats with gals and Q7?

Stumpy! watch your weight! lol!

Hope we see more of your posts.
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:02   #3
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welcome mclaren0111 pretty interesting intro you got there, do share more untold stories of the boys

Enjoy your stay.
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:07   #4
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Absolutely brilliant intro,really enjoyed the way you put the FACTS across!Kudos!

Welcome to the forum!
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:13   #5
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Brilliant Intro!!! Welcome to the forum mclaren! Hope u have a great time here!!
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:13   #6
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Welcome Aboard !

Seems like you have a keen eye for details and a knack for writing
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:27   #7
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Welcome to the forum Mclaren! That was an interesting intro btw!

And as usual, since we've had a female member posting an intro, we're going to be seeing this thread grow into multiple pages pretty quickly!!

Have fun around here!
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Old 31st October 2008, 23:51   #8
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That was a great intro.!
Welcome aboard.

Have a pleasant stay here.
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Old 1st November 2008, 00:24   #9
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It took some moments for me to return from the above state!
Simply amazing piece of an intro!!

Hi, hello and welcome to the forum. This is the true home for anybody who is in love with automobiles or anything automotive!
Get a good understanding of the way this forum operates by going thru the Rules & regulations section (I'm sure stumpy would've explained it pretty well by now). That will help you enjoy more of this great forum.

One request though.
As you have described about some members above, Can you please give us all a description of how and what kind of a person this Mclaren1885 is?

Once again, welcome and enjoy your drive thru Team-bhp!
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Old 1st November 2008, 00:33   #10
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well said mclaren. I would also hope to meet up with all the guys u mentioned and the rest of the lot too..

Oh! and Welcome again.
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Old 1st November 2008, 00:47   #11
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mclaren0111, Welcome to TBHP, nice intro - a lot of info about the boys given away though . enjoy your time here and all the best on your dream cars
@ JKdas - yup..what is with girls and Q7's ??
@iraghava - you bet this is gonna be a long one.

Have a Blast! mclaren0111
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Old 1st November 2008, 01:59   #12
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Hey there, great intro. Interested in Aston Martins? Now, there is a girl with taste. A Sabina Schmitz in the community. Welcome aboard.
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Old 1st November 2008, 03:23   #13
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Well look who's here! If it isn't good old fastnfurious herself!

Welcome aboard!
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Old 1st November 2008, 05:20   #14
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Welcome Aboard! Just confused about one thing though; fastnfurious not driving fast(yet)
Just kidding. BTW Great writing and narration skills.
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Old 1st November 2008, 05:55   #15
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Welcome!! Quite a gang of motoheads u have there. Among all the people in ur group, I'd like to meet shipwreck someday. Guess we share similar traits. Like him, I cornered in too fast but then I ended up with 28 sutures on my head (Yeah I know, no helmet, I learnt though.)
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