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Default Black Beauty Beat - 10000 KMS Ownership Review

The Background

I still remember the day, when my baby was new in this world. It had just clocked 20 Kms, when it was first delivered to me. I was waiting all my life to ride my new baby beat home. Named it "Jumbo", because My Honda Dio's name is "Dhanno". . I know its funny, but I just dont know, I feel all my vehicles are not vehicles, but one of my "family members".

Time just ran, speed effected, and distance covered, and my baby clocked 10000 KMS today. When I am behind the wheel, it always touches my heart, today, tomorrow, and even after. My baby is now 8 months old. There are a lot of memories hidden in my vehicle. My baby has seen most type of roads.

First Service at 1140 Kms

The Journey started at 20 Kms on the ODO. Went on a couple of long drives. Two shorter ones and one really long one from Hyd - Orissa. At 1000, there was this general checkup which was done. Everything looked okay, except the rear speaker board, which was kind of loose. Everytime we came across a speed breaker, the board used to make a small "thud" sound, which was kind annoying. I got that checked during the service. The service center set it right, but after going home, it again started making the same sound, whenever you go on a rough road.

The second problem that I faced was, whenever I used to pull my hand brake, the cover which is stuck to the center console used to come off. Hence got that checked as well. The service center guys re-arranged the handebrake clicks. The problem was now fixed with regards to the handbrake, however the problem with the rear speaker board still was an issue.

Total cost of the first reassurance check up = Rs. 0/-

Service at 6100 Kms

This was the first offical service. I went to the service center early morning at 9:00 AM. I was the first one. A service advisor came, and noted down all the problems. Told, it would take around 4 hours, to get all this done. I thought will return back in the evening and pick up, however, I was just about to leave, my friend called up, and planned for a drive. So I had to stay back and wait. I informed the service advisor that I need the vehicle as soon as possible as we had planned something today. The service advisor was kind enough to understand the situation, and got the service done in half time, which is, 2 hours. I saw a movie in the waiting room until then.

Things that were done in the 1st interval were:

1. Rear speaker board check, as it was loose.
2. Check for all the fluids, and were topped-up accordingly.
3. Checked all indicators, and lights if they were working properly.
4. Checked underneath the car for any wornout bushes.
5. Remapped ECU for the new settings as there was no torque at all in the 2nd gear, and the engine knocks at low rpms in second gear.
6. AC Check up.

ECU Remap Post: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/modifi...u-remap-2.html (Chevrolet Beat - ECU Remap)

End Result
1. Rear speaker board still stays the same, after an hour, its loose again. Have to get it checked, and let the service center guys know about it, or get it replaced from the show room, as it was a freebie. It had been the same since Day 5.

2. All fluids were OK. Engine Oil was topped up for around 600ml. Distilled water was topped up in the coolant compartment.

3. All Indicators, and lights were fine.

4. Underneath the car, everything seemed fine.

5. After remapping the ECU, the car feels great. It feels as if you have a 2 L, 110 bhp engine underneath (I Know its not, but it was just a small compliment). The AC works super-cool. Freezes you out in 10 min. I get a FE of 15km/L with AC on (checked tank-full to tank-full) and around 17 without AC on. 90% city driving.

6. AC is amazingly cooling, dint find that effective in my friends beat. I dont know why ?

Service at 10048 Kms

The vehicle is yet to go to the service center this saturday. There are some issues that I would like to focus on.

1. The vehicle makes a noise like "thuk - thuk" when taken from a bumpy road, or speed breakers. This does not happen all the time. I am sure, theres nothing underneath touching. I spoke to the service advisor over the phone today, and he suspects that one of the front bearing might have gone bad. I have done over the speeds of 150km/Hr today while coming to office on the Nehru O.R.R, and did not note any vibration as well in the steering.(as one of my friend's told that if the bearing has gone bad, the vehicle's steering starts to vibrate badly, over the speeds of 90Kms/hr.) One of my friend told me, that could be some wornout bushes. (I doubt). Please suggest. . If someone could put some light on this. There is no sound on plain smooth roads. The vehicle runs as butter on plain roads. The issue is only with bad roads.

Question: Lets say for example, if the bearing, or suspension, or bushes, (touchwood), or any one of the parts, that might be responsible for the sound have gone bad, would it be covered under the warranty, or do I have to pay for it? I am unaware about it, as this is my first new vehicles. I have dealt with used vehicles earlier, but unsure about how the warranty works with new vehicles.

Note: I do not have a 3-year free maintainence. I have just the basic thing when I got the vehicle. 3 free services I mean

2. The rear speaker board is still a concern. Will the service center replace it, fix it, or charge for a new one ?

Please shed some light.

Thanks and regards
RacingHart (Vijay)
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Default Re: Black Beauty Beat - 10000 KMS Ownership Review

I went to the servicing center on Saturday. Mentioned about all the problems that the vehicle had. The service advisor noted down all the problems.

Results: There is no more sound from the front part. Seems that the issue was with the mudguard clips, which might have come out, they replaced a couple of clips for free, and the sound stopped.

The speaker board was fixed with a little adjustments, so far so good. No problems or whatsoever at this time. Have to still check if it stays that way that long.

The vibration was of the steering wheel was fixed by making some adjustments during alignment.

The AC Pollen filter was replaced at the price of Rs. 456/-

All lubricants and luquids top-ups. - Rs 0/-

Total bill for the servicing: Rs 464/-

Thank you.
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