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Default 63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto

Fiat Grande Punto – Long term ownership thread.

Car Details

ODO: 63000

Date of purchase: Dec 2010

Insurance: ICICI Lombardi currently.

On Road Price: 6.4 Lakhs per annum.

Variant: Emotion with ABS (Emotion in 2010 is Dynamic now)

Color: Medium Grey

Engine: 75hp

Tyres: MRF ZLO changed at 45K. Till then it was the JK's.

The Choice:
Back then among all the cars available, the chief contenders where Maruthi Swift, Ford Figo, Fiat GP. To narrow it down, i was going to make a lot of highway trips between Bangalore and Chennai. So i wanted a good highway vehicle and hence Swift was not my cup of tea (Purely my opinion). Figo was following in tight and then took my parents to both the showrooms. The moment my parents sat inside the GP, that was it for them. No further apprehensions and explanations. I also didn't quite like the Figo for my own reasons.

VW was a big no no, back then with the yet to be proved German performance on the Indian scene. So didnt want to take the risk. And moreover we had the Premier Padmini(And we still have it) and that made us incline towards the GP. I had the youth and money with me those days, so was not very calculative and went ahead with the heart.

The Car:
To be short, i was working in DLF Chennai when i took delivery of the vehicle. I made close to 10 rounds in the DLF premises with the car. It was so nice to feel the corners that i was laughing like a kid while cornering. That's how i loved the feel of it. No more explanations.

I have made more than 25 trips to and fro Bangalore from Chennai and it has always been a satisfying and much enjoyed road trip for me. The dynamics and the handling is what i term it and i am not a pro on that. Just using the over used jargons in this forum.

Good Visibility in the front:
On the very first day from the showroom i drove my vehicle without a single hint of fear. I loved the visibility. I have felt the same in Padmini. IMO.

This trait has been compromised a little with the 2012 models.

PickUp and the Weight:
It seemed to deteriorate with age and i have gotten used to it. I drove the polo recently and i felt it was a lot better. I have driven the 2012 GP and i felt it to be a lot better as well.

FIAT/TATA After Sales:
I had to share my space with the indicas, nanos and the safaris. It was a tough time. I used to stand in line in VST motors to pay my bill and one nice Cab driver will come in and sneak in his bill. Disgusting it was. Cant blame them. They are always in a hurry be it on road and off it. I bet the loo demands a good amount of ample time atleast. You cant force the nature there guys !

Now that FIAT has moved out, atleast that front is better, I get to see only lineas and puntos and all behave nicely at the billing counter.

Resale value:
Although i dont have any idea to sell her, making a lot of highway trips with the loved ones demands a car in good condition. And i always have this bit of uneasiness when the age of the vehicle comes to my mind. So the resale value comes into picture there.

Servicing History:

1st Service: 15000 km/VST Motors

I do not have much details now. But it costed me around 6k and thats supposed to be normal.

SA: Kirubakaran
He was very courteous and handled things very professionally.

Total Damage: Rs 6000

2nd Service: 28794 kms/ Prerana Motors
I was a little apprehensive since i had to leave the comfort zone in Chennai and move down to Bangalore and search a good service station. After much research i went with Prerana in Kudlu Gate. Met Surendra. A nice guy handled the things smoothly and handed me a bill of 6.5K again with the master slave cylinder changed. It was better than VST Motors.

Fuel tank and lock replaced under warranty.
Usual Service
Total Damage: Rs 6978.00

Intermediate Repair:
Kms: 37522
Brake Pads Changed
Total Damaged: Rs 2660

3rd Service: 44000 kms/ Prerana Motors

Usual Service
Total Damage: Rs 7000

Tyre Change at 47000kms:
My car right from the beginning had the problem of a slight pull in the left. Many tries at the balancing centers and service centres yeiled into nothing and a waste of my time and money. So the JK's were worn out unequally. So had to change em. And after a lot of research and talking to Nikhil of Madhus and had it changed to the same. They have been behaving fine and i am not a keen observer of the tyre noise at high speeds. I d say they are obviously better in the new poise of the car and the grip have been increased substantially. I am not sure the time taken for the first puncture can be used to judged a tyre, but yes, its been more than 15k and not a single puncture. Touch Wood.

The experience at Madhus was nothing short of professional experience. They took time to explain everything and i felt everyone is being treated equally there.

Price: 3950*4
BuyBack: 200 for 4 tyres
Michelin's Costed: 400 bucks more for each tyre.

Left side Mirror Completely broken:
This is an unfortunate incident. I was standing in the KR Puram traffic snarl and i was completely idle and so were cars to my left lane. I personally take the right most lane since then i dont have to manage cars at both sides if in the middle lane. There was ample gap between my car and the car to the left. A bike came out of no where and came so fast between the cars that he hit my left ORVM and the entire unit broke and was dangling with the wire for support. The ORVM is capable of moving both ways. But this moron was so fast that the entire unit broke off. I stopped him and he said he works for Wipro and was going to a wedding. I asked politely is he the bride groom. He gave his phone number and asked me to call the next day. That was my mistake. I obliged. I called him the next day and no response as usual.

Every Fiatian's Nightmare:
To search for a broken part. Yes it was a nightmare. I called Prerana and they said they ll check and call me back. They never did and mind you they never do call back. It is us who have to be at their back. I called them back, they are still checking. I called them back, they say finally they have to place the order and it will take a week. I was heartbroken. Am i gonna drive the car with the Left ORVM hanging in the moment(A fan of this band called lifehouse). Anyways they gave me this bright idea of checking with Aadya motors.

I called Aadya motors, a guy picks up and transfers the call. The same response “Will check and call you back”. I called them and gave some stern answers. They they gave this Gentleman's named Jude's number who was the man in charge of the parts movement. This guy was so polite that i was stunned. He checked in some time and told me that its available. I asked him right away if i could come down. He nodded and i went from Silk Board to Hebbal for an ORVM. I met him and he told me he was working with Audi and we spoke about the issues with FIAT parts availability. He frankly said

Sir the parts availability is not a problem. The guys who work here are lazy bundles. Nobody wants to work and that's the issue.”

He personally came out of his work and made sure i am being attended to. A good samaritan.

True actually !

Changed my ORVM and casing costed 500 bucks more and it was black in color. I said i dont want that and i used my old one instead. Its all fine now.

Intermediate Repair
Kms: 54883
Brake Pads Changed
Total Damage: Rs 3500

Rear Bulb Problem and Oil leak in the turbo Hose:
I left my car for a polish in 3M HSR layout. These guys did a fabulous job. When i took delivery the MID was showing a warning saying “Check right rear bulb”. I checked the brake light and the indicator were working out each others job. If i press the brake the indicator worked and if i pressed the indicator nothing worked. I asked them and they washed their hands saying they didn't do anything.

I was on my way to Kodai and i found oil leaking from one of the hoses that leads to the turbo. Went ahead with pushing her too much and completed the trip successfully with some advice taken from the mechanics in Kodai.

Took it to Vecto Motors

Service Advisor: Dont Remember

I was standing for him to place the job card. As he was about to enter the data, one other employee came and they spoke about some issues and the SA asked me to wait and went to the service bay and came back. Then again when i wanted to start, the same thing happened. Finally i broke out saying

Me: Boss, I've got work to do. Its been more than 30 mins since i ve been here.

SA: I also have work sir.

I didn't expect this kind of response from a SA. Gave him a little blast and escalated to the service manager Sharma and he made sure my car will be well attended to.

There were some odd sounds when the belt on the left side of the engine. I poured in some water and it was fine. So didn't want to take chances, so told the complaint as well. They delivered the car changing the rear bulb and advising me to change the clutch plate. They also changed the hose that was leaking.

Total Damage : Rs 2238

4th Service: 59000kms/Ramkee Fiat

I was not around to take the car so my dad left it at the service station in Chennai and came up with the bill of 20k.

Wiper Blades
Link Rod
Under Chasis Coating
Total Damage: Rs 20000.

Rear Bulb Problem Again:

Took it to Vecto motors and they gladly changed the bulb and said the problem is fine. The very next day the problem came back.

Service Advisor: John
Total Damage: Rs 700.

Rear Bulb Problem Again:
Spoke to John and he asked to bring it again. It was a saturday. Took it again and i peeked into their service bay. A guy supposedly a electrician just tapped on the indicator and it seemed to work. That was the repair these guys did. After some time they delivered saying its fine.

Rear Bulb Problem Again:
This problem came again and i was in Chennai. It was dangerous for me to drive on a highway with brake light/indicator problem. So made a day time driving.

Glow Plug failed:

With this single problem a number of lights started going off including the number plate light. To add to the same the glow plug warning was shown in the MID. I drove with the same in the highway with some advice from the internet.

Clutch Worn Out:

Along with this the clutch was becoming heavy and slotting the first gear was becoming tough and irritating.

Center lock didn't respond with front right door.

Before something goes bizzare i took it to Vecto motors. Fearing the gear box might get affected i asked them to change the Clutch Plate.

Bulb changed again. I escalated this to Sharma and he explained some coupler cleaning has been done. I told him clearly if this repeats i am not paying again.

2 glow plugs changed and the clutch also replaced. The service advisor told me that the gear cable also needs to be changed. I was a little apprehensive on that thinking i am going to get milked. So i decided to hold that change and go ahead only with the clutch plate.

SA: John
Clutch Changed
Glow Plug Changed

Total Damage: Rs 12101.

Note: I asked the SA if the glow plugs were covered under warranty. He assured me it is not. I came back home and checked the extended warranty booklet. It seems to have covered. Spoke to the manager Sharma, he mentioned after the bill is made nothing can be done. Very disappointing.

Total Money spent on the car without fuel: Rs 75800
Insurance : Rs 27000

And that comes to 35k maintenance per annum. I am not sure if its on a higher side keeping in mind that the car has run 20k kms per annum.

Re 1.76 for a km is the maintenance.

Pending stuff in the future.

Timing Belt Change

Suspension: Not sure if its needed

Brake Pads and the Usual Servicing.

Some pics !

Effect of the mud flap:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00647.jpg

MRF ZLOs doing the job:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00648.jpg

Loss of Paint int the bumper. I wish something can be done.

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00649.jpg

Worn out Gear Lever ends:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00655.jpg

The Intact Door Pads:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00656.jpg

The frontal:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00658.jpg

The rear:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00659.jpg

Two small dents on the bonnet:
I ve kept a flower near the first dent for reference.

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00661.jpg

Paint touch 1:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00663.jpg

Paint touch 2:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00664.jpg

Glow Plugs:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00665.jpg

Worn out Clutch Plate:

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00666.jpg

The dashboard still feels new. The quality is good in contrary to people complaining about it. It feels nicer that swift for sure. IMO

63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto-dsc00653.jpg

So its been quite a stint with my Grande Punto ! Still contemplating on whether if its been pleasing or displeasing !!!

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Default re: 63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto

Cool! I love Punto's! I think it is one of the best (if not best) hot hatches. Since the car is getting old, are you planning any mods? New alloys, ECU remap, seat covers etc. The shade of the car is great. The pickup might be due to faulty timing chain. Is it sounding right? That's what affected my Verna or maybe it has lost to many HPs' due to extensive use try an oil change.

BTW that dent on the bonnet, you can get that pulled out for RS.1000 tops.

PS Post no. 25 = Newbie to Bhpian!
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Default re: 63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto

Originally Posted by thebfg View Post
Cool! I love Punto's! I think it is one of the best (if not best) hot hatches. Since the car is getting old, are you planning any mods? New alloys, ECU remap, seat covers etc. The shade of the car is great. The pickup might be due to faulty timing chain. Is it sounding right? That's what affected my Verna or maybe it has lost to many HPs' due to extensive use try an oil change.

BTW that dent on the bonnet, you can get that pulled out for RS.1000 tops.

Seat Covers and 3M floor mats are on the list. Thanks for the dent suggestion
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Default re: 63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto

I think you should take a look at forum i.d. epicenter.rulez epic post on what he did to his Punto, when he faced a similar loss of pickup situation. This is the 'Gita, Bible & Koran' for those facing power loss situation in the Punto.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/long-t...ml#post3376362 (Long Term Review - Fiat Punto EP 1.3 - EDIT: Sold the car @ 1,90,000 kms)
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Default Re: 63,000 kms with a Fiat Grande Punto

Recent visit to Vecto Motors !

The car is running close to 67000 kms at the ODO. And i thought i could give it for general check up with some problems.

1. The boot bush was not working.
2. The turn indicators were not cutting off automatically.
3. General checkup.

SA advisor name: Mithun

It was a saturday, hence the SA mentioned that although the boot bush is covered under extended warranty, he said it cannot be claimed on a saturday. Hence i will get a refund or i may use it in the next service.

The SA called me on the next monday asking me if i could use it in the next service. I said its fine, but i would need something in black and white. He agreed that the service guys would send me a mail. Fair enough.

No calls and no mails after that day. Even the guys who called for the feedback didnt get back on this issue. A feeling of frustration has started to hover around. Although the refund amount is small, nevertheless the careless attitude at vecto motors doesnt make the road smooth for Fiat !

To top it all : The indicator issue was solved with replacing the steering pad/horn pad as advised by the SA. The issue still persists !

Mod: Please update the thread with 67000 kms update please.

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