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Default Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Maruti Suzuki Alto Lx: Model Year 2004: 1,17,603km and Going Strong!

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltofront.jpg

What I Like:

 A robust mechanical package.
 Go-anywhere capability (without real off-roading).
 Problem-free ownership experience.
 Excellent fuel economy.
 Light, agile, easy to drive.
 Effective air-conditioner.
 A surprisingly stable ride.
 Maruti’s after-sales service quality.

What I Don’t:

 Cramped interiors – between front seats as well as at the back.
 Super-light body and flimsy build quality.
 Ineffective stopping power (brakes and tyres) at highway speeds.
 Lack of low-end acceleration.
 Low ground clearance (with full load).

Alternatives Considered

This is my first small car, after 30 years of driving Land Rovers, Jeeps, Mahindras and Ambassadors. I chose it because of low cost of purchase and ownership. The only other car I considered and test-drove was the Tata Indica, which was, at that time, quite a brick to drive.

Booking and Delivery Experience

We bought the car from Pratham Motors, Bellandur, Bangalore. The experience was positive and painless. We went for financing of 25% of the total cost, which was Rs.3,24,000/- on road, with all the accessories. I had wanted the higher grade 998cc engine but the model had been discontinued just before I made my purchase so we had to buy the 796cc Alto Lx.

Cars, to me, have always been machines along with the other machines in the farming environment I grew up in. We were trained to care for them but we never saw them as display items which is probably why I opted for the base+ version which had a centre console and an air-conditioner. I wanted a silver one, my wife wanted black – so, of course, we got black! I wanted fog lamps too, but there was no provision for installation. The only add-ons we opted for were an underbody coating, side strips, red and black leather seats (which are finally wearing out), an Autocop remote central locking system and a Sony entertainment system with four speakers. To date, it is otherwise a stock car.

I wanted to take delivery of the car on my wife’s birthday and the Pratham Motors people ensured that. Our inaugural trip, from the dealership, was to Tipu Sultan’s fort in Nandi Hills, a 160 kilometre round trip over highways and hills that let us all feel the car. There were five of us in the car: my mother, my sons, my wife and I and what really surprised us was the compliant suspension. We had much lower expectations from a budget car. Of course, I could not really test the engine on the very first ride. In fact, for the first 5,000 kilometres I drove quite gently and sedately.

Incidentally, my car does not have power steering, as I was contemptuous of needing assisted steering in such a tiny car and I have not felt the lack of it (though my elder son, who’s used to power steering, does complain sometimes while parking!). My younger son has not raised any complaints yet :-).


Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltorear.jpg

The first 2 years, we hardly used the car: primarily on days off work and for occasional holiday trips. So, we clocked about 12,000 kilometres.

The next 4 years, my wife used it on work, so the car was driven in the city, by a driver. This did increase the deterioration of the car, though the driver was quite good. The aggregate running during this time was about 48,000 kilometres.

In the last 4 years, I have used the car personally. The in-city running in dense traffic does not exceed 30 kilometres per day, on average. The weekend getaways have increased. This period has seen a coverage of 57,000 odd kilometres.

In 2013 we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary (my wife and I, not the Alto and I). We decided that we would start doing more extended weekend trips and, as the year’s target, chose to climb the highest points of South India. So we had fun driving to Mullayannagiri (Karnataka, 6,330ft.), Anamudi (Kerala, 8,842ft.) and Doddabetta (Tamil Nadu, 8,652ft.). The highest point in Andhra Pradesh was too far away for a weekend trip (even extended) so we deferred it. Since then, we have explored more places in South India.

Today, the Alto has been driven 1,17,603 kilometres and is better than it ever was before. The engine is definitely more flexible (the in-gear range has increased), the engine has developed a ‘growl’ (okay, a small cat growl ;-).

Exterior Styling and Design

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltofront3q.jpg

On the design aspect, the apt description for the car is ‘cute’. It is inoffensively styled, small, neatly proportioned with clean lines and reasonably rounded so that it does not look boxy. The large glass areas aid visibility though, with the removal of sun film, it does tend to get hot inside. It is also quite low-set so it looks well planted. The wheels are really small and this increases the impact of small pot holes and ridges/cuts in the road.

I feel only the first Alto K10 is better looking. The newer models do not appeal to me, though the interiors (particularly the dashboard design) are definitely far better than what my car has.

Overall Build Quality

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltorear3q.jpg

Overall, the quality of the car is quite good for its price. The panel gaps are acceptable (except for the rear hatch where the gap is so large that I used to initially double check to ensure it was closed). The paint quality is undoubtedly good as it has lasted 10 years. The sheet metal is the only sore point as even a light touch from a two-wheeler can leave a dent and the doors need to be closed with a firm and gentle push (if you bang them they feel like they are going to fall off).

Yet, this is what makes it light and fuel efficient, so I suppose you have to pay the price for not paying the price!

Wheels and Tyres

The stock JK tyres my car was shod with were really inferior and problematic and I have had a better experience with the subsequent Bridgestones. The car is currently on Bridgestone tubeless tyres filled with nitrogen, which has resulted in a perceptible improvement of grip and ride quality (even my spouse commented on it).

On the highway, they offer too small a contact patch to be safe at high speeds and you have to ‘feel’ the car on the road and anticipate when it is about to lose grip to be able to do serious speeds.

Interior Design and Quality

The interior design and quality is par for the course. The plastics are hard but have worn well. Switchgear and levers are very basic but nothing has broken on malfunctioned in 10 years.

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltofrontconsole.jpg
Please note the two insurance policies by my wife on top of the dashboard.

Interior Space and Comfort

Space is one aspect where I can confidently say ‘not applicable’. So, it is a very ‘romantic’ car because when you are sitting with your loved one both of you will be constantly touching each other! If you have passengers in the back, you will have to adjust the front seats forward to avoid paralysing their knees and ankles. Most of the time, especially on the highway, it is only my wife and I, so we’re fine.

Getting in and out does require effort as it is low-set. I need to crouch and fold into the car and it is best to swing your feet out and then rise from the car.

Once inside, comfort is surprisingly good, perhaps due to our leather seats. I have driven up to 13 hours without feeling the least bit tired, feeling ready to go another 13 hours. Of course, there is no side bolstering so if one drives spiritedly in the hills one has to constantly resettle oneself back in the seat!

The back seat bench is comfortable – again, probably due to the leather seats – yet the seat back is quite low. So, while this aids rear visibility for the driver, passengers need to slide down to use the small built in head rests.

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltorearbench.jpg

Driving Position and Ergonomics

There is sufficient adjustment options in reach and recline of the seats to find an ideal driving position. There are no options for adjusting the steering or the seat height. Ergonomics with regard to pedal positioning is fine though the lack of space for a dead-pedal is felt on long drives. I normally keep the left leg folded as I feel that if I stretch it under the clutch I may not be able to react in time for an emergency. With regard to anything else, ergonomics is not an issue as everything beside, below, above and in front of you is easily within reach!


Since the seating position is good, the windscreen offers a comprehensive view. The door sills are low so there is enough all-round clarity. There is a slight issue with the A pillar obstruction and the wide C pillar when reversing can block view of dangers such as lighting poles (I banged into one, once). The internal rear-view mirror has sufficient horizontal view. The external side-view mirror is limited and one needs to be careful of any vehicle coming up close on the right as it will not appear in the mirror once it is in proximity.


Next to the gem of an engine, I would rate this as the strong point of the car. I am a polar bear, in that I feel the heat much more and the cold much less than normal people. Yet, unless it is a really scorching day outside, we do not need to move the air-conditioning control lever beyond the lowest setting. Moreover, even when the black car has been parked in the sun, with the consequent oven being created inside, it takes about 5 minutes to cool down.

The system is a full heating, ventilation and cooling unit. All three functions work well. In 5 degrees centigrade one Winter night in Ooty, the car heated up in no time.

I have driven long-distance in other comparable cars such as the Hyundai Santro and the Tata Indica as well as much superior cars such as the Toyota Innova and the Tata Safari and I can confidently state that the Alto air-conditioner is superior. No doubt, this is aided by the compact space required to cool.

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltocentreconsole.jpg

Interior Storage and Boot Space

There is just not enough storage space – two small cup holders in front of the gear lever (for which my wife had to buy special small water bottles), one space in front of those for my sunglasses and one slot in the centre console which holds my cigarette packet and lighter. It is too inconvenient to reach into for any other purpose such as loose change or toll receipts. There is an open storage space above the glove box but it is small and strictly for city use. On the highway, one high-speed bump sends everything flying and can be quite dangerous for the driver. The front door map pockets are too slim to hold anything more than a cleaning cloth and a phone, since we do not use paper maps any more. The glove compartment has limited capacity.

At the back there is simply no built-in storage. Our Maruti accessory leather seats have pockets at the back so we do have something.

The rear luggage space is quite limited, yet we go on tours without any problem. A strolley each for my wife and I fit comfortably and I have even squeezed in a large suitcase and a rucksack for airport drops, if they are aligned carefully. Actually, with the rear seat down, we have even fitted in a mountain bike and a large single sofa (not at the same time!). A split rear seat would have really increased convenience of load carrying.

Quality of build is robust as nothing has deteriorated noticeably.

Engine Performance: In City

Starting a car is a single crank operation and ignition is instant. I often feel a glow of satisfaction when I hear cars beside mine cranking away for a couple of seconds to get started. Once started, there is quite a bit of vibration felt in the gear lever. It smoothens out once we start moving.

The primary grouse, of course, is the low-end response of the engine. I need to exercise a fair bit of patience after slowing down for speed breakers, unless I down-shift to 1st gear. Though there is a definite lack of low-end grunt in any gear except the first, it is not an issue in slow moving city traffic. The engine is quiet. Responsiveness is good, once the low-end sluggishness is over. There is no issue in overtaking a slow-moving auto-rickshaw even if there is a limited window of opportunity, with a quick downshift.

This brings up the point that if you want to drive briskly, you will need to use the gears a lot. In fact, if I need to up the pace in the city like Bangalore with constant ups and downs, I have to drive with one hand on the steering wheel and one on the gear lever. Since I enjoy this, it is not an issue for me.

Engine Performance: On The Highway

This is the one area where I would like to differ from most reviews of the Alto, even on TeamBHP. This is one engine that can be pushed to the maximum, constantly. I have never done a 0-100 speed test as I felt it would be ridiculous with a 796cc engine, yet I regularly see that most cars are left far behind when we accelerate from a toll gate.

Shifting through the gears is quick (remember, this is a stock car, so ‘quick’ is a relative term) enough to stay ahead of traffic. Under full acceleration, there is a momentary lag just after the mid-range, then the engine seems to cross a threshold and revs smoothly again to the maximum. The only customisation of driving style I have done on the highway is that I do not use the 4th gear in full acceleration: the 3rd gear takes me to 110kmph and then I shift directly to 5th.

As mentioned at the start, the engine has really become responsive, smooth and flexible. I have noticed a perceptible difference after the 1,00,000 kilometre service. In the city, this means I can shift up at lower revolutions. On the highway, this means a greater ease in reaching higher speeds. I drive regularly at 130kmph now (against 120kmph earlier) and, with favourable conditions (such as a long empty stretch) can even touch 150kmph without pressing the accelerator to the limit.

That this is not a speedometer error can be vouched by the speed at which we zip by other cars. This brings up an amusing side-note: quite often, when we breeze by a much more powerful and bigger car (which is almost all other cars on the highway), the driver gets insulted and suddenly, in the rear view mirror, I see him shifting gears and coming after me. I always let such people overtake yet rare has been the case when they have been able to stay ahead, probably because, even if their cars are far superior, they are not comfortable driving at the speeds my Alto and I do. They are normal people!

Gearshift and Clutch

Shifting gears is not butter smooth or precise. There is a certain vagueness and notchy quality to it, though little effort is required. If one is absentminded, a wrong gear selection can occur. Clutch action has been adjusted to my requirements so there is little play and quick releases are possible. A certain hardness has developed in the initial action which I will have to check out next month. It is not a clutch plate problem.

NVH Levels

Once again, I feel this is not really applicable to a budget car. Nevertheless, NVH levels are not an issue in the city as the engine is quite silent. There is a significant amount of traffic noise reduction once the windows are closed, but it is certainly not ‘vault-like’ as in premium hatchbacks.

On the highway, the engine is definitely very vocal, as I drive at high revolutions. This is my music, more than any entertainment system can provide and I can drive the whole day listening only to the sound of the engine. My wife, of course, is otherwise inclined so when we go together there is always other music: either she sings or the CD player is on (yes, we still use a CD player, though the system has USB and AUX).

At speeds above 100kmph there is a whistling of air-flow around the front pillars and external mirror which can get quite noticeable.

Fuel Efficiency

I drive with a very light foot in the city and with an extremely heavy foot on the highways. As a result, the fuel economy is 16.99 in the city, with the air-conditioner on 50% of the time and 16.87 on the expressways with the air-conditioner on 100% of the time. I assume this is contrary to the norm? I maintain a daily logbook and calculate on a tank-full to tank-full basis.

Suspension and Ride Quality

The suspension is robust and has taken a lot of abuse over the years as I drive hard on the highway. In city, I am at low speeds and gentle with the car. Nevertheless, though the suspension is fairly compliant, it is by no means absorbent in comparison to virtually any other car. Imperfections and potholes (even shallow ones) can be felt distinctly, in both low and high speeds.

Handling and Stability

Low speed handling is not an issue. It is stable, safe to make quick corrections and quite ‘chuckable’. On the highway, among the budget cars, I do feel the Alto is among the more ‘planted’ cars. Its low stance aids in being less impacted by cross winds and passing heavy vehicles – though it can be felt. At speeds above 100kmph one needs to be acutely conscious of grip levels on the road as it can lose contact very easily. Steering inputs need to be very gentle and calculated. I always estimate the angle of curves ahead of time so that I do not need to do mid-curve corrections and take every opportunity to cut the curve.


I have specified the feel I want in braking so there is no issue in pedal action. In-city braking is gradable and predictable, with more than adequate stopping power. On highways, it is completely different: braking hard in an Alto once you are above 100kmph can have dangerous consequences. The front wheels lock easily and the car goes into a skid, both at high speeds and if there is even a little bit of dirt or gravel on the road. So, there has to be constant strategising of moves a kilometre ahead with regard to traffic flow and anticipated obstacles (carefree villagers planning to stroll across at their leisure, tractors blithely coming down the wrong way, farmers intending to putter across the expressway on mopeds through divider breaches they have created etc.). This acute alertness and constant planning leads to less braking and higher average speeds, reducing journey time. The current record I am most proud of is a 27-minute stretch without touching the brake between Chennai and Bangalore at a top speed of 130kmph.

Quality of After-sales Service

My car was bought and has always been serviced at Pratham Motors, Bellandur, Bangalore. I have not visited any other workshop for anything to do with the car. This is due to reports of adverse experiences of my friends and acquaintances (not just Maruti owners) with other workshops. An example is that whenever I go for a service, I do not need to seek an appointment. All I have to do is arrive at the workshop by 08:30 (I am normally the first in line), wait until 09:00, hand over the car in 10 minutes and collect it on my way home in the evening. Experiences of others in different workshops (as said, not only Maruti) has been one of waiting for appointments, appointments not being kept, cars not being delivered on time, cost escalations, work billed but not done etc.

The other important point is cost. Pratham Motors service personnel have always given accurate estimates and have ensured, every time, that the final bill is less than the estimate. On multiple occasions, I have been advised to defer an expense I had asked for since the part in question (for example, tyres) still had usable life.

The final reason is that the Vice President of Works, Mr. Shivraj is a supremely competent engineer. Many years ago, I was facing an issue of steering vibration at 100kmph. I could not identify the cause. He took me for a test drive (that’s when I first realised that the Alto could cross 100kmph in 3rd gear!) and said that the problem was with one tyre. After a series of tyre rotations and tests the particular tyre was identified and moved as the spare wheel. Thereafter, whenever a friend has had a persistent problem I have sent him or her to Mr. Shivraj and he has identified and solved the problem every time.

This is not to say that there have not been failures of service in 10 years. Yet, whenever there has been, the General Manager, Mr. Rajkumar has ensured immediate action to rebuild my trust by addressing the complaint and throwing in extra value as compensation for my loss of time.

Cost of Upkeep and Maintenance

I believe this is one of the main reasons (the other being cost of purchase) that has ensured best-selling status for this car. There is simply nothing you need to do other than the scheduled service once a year. If you adhere to the schedule, nothing goes wrong and you do not need to do any repairs or maintenance (other than replacement of consumables mentioned earlier) outside the schedule. Virtually all mechanical and electrical parts (switches and lights) are original in my Alto. After crossing 50,000 kilometres on the odometer, I have been taking the car to the workshop every two months for a thorough cleaning and a general check. It costs me one half of a Sunday every 60 days and about Rs.1,500/- but ensures that the problem-free environment continues.

Random Notes

I was very apprehensive, initially, about the Alto’s toughness and durability, treating it delicately as I would a toy car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-teambhpaltoodometer.jpg

After 1,17,603 kilometres on road, having driven it in the city (80%), on expressways and off-road (through a 9” deep mud canyon, over mountain tracks), I am a devoted fan! At this point I should explain that I grew up in the forests and mountains and have toured across the country by road for 18 years (1965 to 1983, from our home in Assam), so I am accustomed to driving in all conditions, whether there is a road or not.

I would like to reiterate that the Alto is an adequate highway performer. As evidence, I would like to offer my regular trips between Bangalore and Chennai. Over the last 5 years, I have stopped taking an aeroplane from Bangalore because a flight (airport transfers + check-in and boarding times + flight) from my home in Koramangala to my uncle’s home in near Manimangalam takes five hours while I can drive the 315km in 4 hours, constant. It costs me Rs.2,600/- in fuel plus Rs.600/- in tolls. In comparison, a return flight can cost Rs.5,000/- plus another 2,500/- in taxi fares. Additionally, I have a lot of fun on the drive!

On the hills, I have screamed the Alto up at top revolutions for hours without any issue of overheating or brake fading (though, as mentioned earlier, I use minimal braking outside the city). The only problem of throwing my car around the bends is that my wife (who is normally my only companion on our bi-monthly weekend drives) starts feeling sick (or claims to), so I always have to drive the car below potential.

The reason I am going on at length about out-of-city driving is that I am constantly reading about the Alto as only a city car. Yes, it has a puny engine – possibly the smallest on the highways. Yes, the air-conditioner does impact acceleration. Yes, it can get unsettled and lose its line on broken surfaces. Yes, it has pathetic highway braking ability. Despite all these, it is mechanically a really tough little bug which, if driven safely and with concentrated attention, can be a pocket rocket and record astonishing long-distance times!

I would like to end with some of the habits I have kept, which I believe has contributed to the current condition of the Alto:
 Every morning, I start the engine and ensure that it has reached operating temperature before I start driving.
 I always ensure that I am in the right gear, particularly when the revolutions drop.
 Every service is done on or before schedule. Regular 60-day checks are done of essential components.
 The car is cleaned once a month at the service centre: the engine, underbody and interiors. Exteriors are cleaned more often :-).
 Parts subject to wear and tear (tyres, brakes, clutch, battery, filters, wiper blades, belts etc.) are replaced before they are worn out. Lubricants are changed on schedule. On this subject, I do not use special lubricants or fuel. If I am going on a highway run, I may sometimes fill up with Shell Super – in a small car like the Alto, it makes a significant difference in acceleration and ease of reaching top speed.
 Although I have taken the Alto into hostile terrain, it has been done with full care and after cautious inspection of the surface (well, most of the time!).

Finally, this is my first attempt at a full report on TeamBHP. I read the posts every night and have always admired the depth of observation and the wealth of detail that is far superior to any other automobile magazine or portal. Moderators: I hope I can live up to the high standards and would appreciate feedback on how I can improve this post. I have attached a few photographs, more as evidence since most people know what this car looks like!

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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Long-Term Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Nice and a very detailed review. Glad to see your car performing so well even after 10+ years and 1L+ kms. No wonder Maruti finds 25k+ homes every month for this little rocket.
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Wow! A great ownership report. Well, this is what Maruti stands for, in India. A super reliable car with decent frills, low cost of ownership and good FE!! They do lack a lot of stuffs in their car, but will remain the kings for a long long time. Thank you for sharing this with us. The car looks really good inspite of being black.
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Are you sure that 3rd gear takes you to 110? I have a 02 Wagonr f10 and it can't get close to that. Even some bigger cars that I have driven can't
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Wow! A very detailed and lovely ownership review. Pretty happy to see a review of the old Alto after so long. The Alto seems to be very well maintained even after 10yrs. I too have an Alto LX, same as yours. We bought her home on July 2004. It's silver in colour. It was completely stock till few years apart from the music system that we had installed in 2009. It has few cosmetic modifications now. Attaching a pic of my alto.
Attached Thumbnails
Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report-20141226_102803.jpg  

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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

What a review! I had a smile reading it. Specially the portion where you mentioned about the performance of the car. I cant agree more to you!

Yes i too owned a 800 cc Alto Lx in Bangalore for 3 years. I drove it close to 50,000kms before selling it off as i left Bangalore. I had the same color combination seat covers and even my first shortish long drive was to Nandi hills after a day of taking the delivery of the car! The highest i drove it in a single day was 810kms in close to 18 hours. 18 hours because we were in a unplanned road trip. Or else 810 kms could have been covered faster. We were stopping clicking pics having nice food and again going. Still i was okay to drive another couple of hundred kilometers but we decided to stay at a beach resort!

I was so attached to this car, when we required a second car at Kolkata i picked up an Alto K10!

Your review rekindled my old sweet memories i had with this car!

Originally Posted by Iksvaku View Post
 Go-anywhere capability (without real off-roading).
Then this pic is for you.

Name:  197122_135491806522721_437351_n.jpg
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Size:  133.7 KB

Originally Posted by Doge View Post
Are you sure that 3rd gear takes you to 110? I have a 02 Wagonr f10 and it can't get close to that. Even some bigger cars that I have driven can't
Yes 800cc Alto can take you to 117km/hr in 3 rd gear. The engine rpm limiter cut off at 117km/hr. I have personally tested it. And its specified in the Alto owners manual too, what max speed it can achieve in each gears.

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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Congratulations on reaching 1.17 lakh kilometers. I am sure this car will give you company for many more kilometers. Especially notable is that you take such good care of your car and the car looks spic and span.

I have had an Alto LX for around 4 years with me. I had purchased it used. I can agree without hesitation that this car is really a go anywhere car (not real off-roading like jeeps), but if there is a road or something that remotely resembles a road, this car will go. I have driven my Alto on highways, long non-stop drives, mountains, beaches, sometimes with more than full load and it never failed me. It is a truly "Lets go" car. We would just decide about trips on a whim, fill her up and drive out, such was our confidence. I have had to part with it and have a different car now, yet there is a special feeling for Alto. It remains my first love so to say.

Wishing you many happy miles and memories with this car.



Then this pic is for you.

Here is something more

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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Originally Posted by Doge View Post
Are you sure that 3rd gear takes you to 110? I have a 02 Wagonr f10 and it can't get close to that. Even some bigger cars that I have driven can't
Originally Posted by Samba View Post

Yes 800cc Alto can take you to 117km/hr in 3 rd gear. The engine rpm limiter cut off at 117km/hr. I have personally tested it. And its specified in the Alto owners manual too, what max speed it can achieve in each gears.

my bs4 2010 alto manual says maximum allowable speed for third gear is 98kmph, while fourth and fifth can be used to go upto top speed which I have found to be around 145kmph

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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

GTO: Thank you for approving the post, the final cleanup and publication. I would appreciate your comments on how I can improve this review.

drmohitg: Thank you for the appreciation. Yes, that is what I feel – that there is a solid reason why the Alto is the highest selling car in the world. After all, today, there are other cars comparable in price, sometimes with more/better features.

swiftnfurious: Thank you for your appreciation, of the report and the car. Every time I talk to other car owners, I realise how problem-free mine is, in comparison.

Doge: My data is as provided by the car and my evaluation in comparison to other cars on the road. No specialised measurement techniques have been used.

Swapnil_Alto: I am thrilled to find someone else who owns an Alto even older than mine (mine is December 2004). Your car looks great too!

Samba: You have set me a new target of 810 kilometres in a day!  I love the photographs! Unfortunately, I am not a shutterbug and have not recorded my Alto’s exploits in photographs. I shall do so henceforth. On the in-gear top speed, I always shift up just before the limit so I am not sure about whether my Alto can do 117kmph in 3rd gear.

novice_alto: Thank you for your appreciation. The video was a treat to watch! As I remarked earlier, I shall make a special effort to do photographic or video records (or rather, entreat my wife to do so) henceforth.

bullrun87: I drive by engine sound and not by the manual. As I stated in the review, I started doing high in-gear speeds only when I felt the engine was capable of responding. If, at any time, I feel the engine is starting to struggle, I immediately shift up/ease off.

Finally, I wrote this review more to appreciate the Alto than in expectation of views. So, I am thrilled that so many people have taken the time to comment and contribute. Thank you!
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

So this thread is all about a car with a 800Cc engine and still can take you anywhere? No ground clearance needed? Iam owning one for the past 7 years and clocked 92,000Kms. There is nothing to write home about the build quality. Its falling apart. Changed suspension twice. Nowdays, when i press the pedal, the car behaves as if it is about to cross Mach-1, only to realize i am at 60kmph. Its ok that we mention good things about a car, but lets a balanced approach.
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

The review is bang on.
I always hated this car untill i was compelled to use it for few months as a substitute car.3 alto 800's later and now i am using a k10. Excitement and fun every time i take her out for a drive.The car out performs expectations every time.But should be careful in high speed......

maruthi couldv'e given a special edition k10 with ABS and disc brakes...
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Originally Posted by novice_alto View Post

Then this pic is for you.

Here is something more

Is this in Chhattisgarh?

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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Almost 9 years with my Alto LXi XFun Edition and 45K kms. (My driving is limited to Kolkata city limits) and yes all I have changed is 2 batteries and a set of tyres besides regular service with oil changes, etc.
Needless to say the Alto is far ahead of any compact hatch produced in India. Pity Maruti has chosen to phase out this model along with the K10. These were the last of the sleek hatches available in India. The new Alto 800, Celerio and the new Alto look the same nowhere near the original Alto/K10
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Default Re: Maruti Suzuki Alto LX: 1.2 Lakh Kms Report

Originally Posted by spyder_p8 View Post
So this thread is all about a car with a 800Cc engine and still can take you anywhere? No ground clearance needed? Iam owning one for the past 7 years and clocked 92,000Kms. There is nothing to write home about the build quality. Its falling apart. Changed suspension twice. Nowdays, when i press the pedal, the car behaves as if it is about to cross Mach-1, only to realize i am at 60kmph. Its ok that we mention good things about a car, but lets a balanced approach.
Surprise, surprise- it does. My carb 800, the Alto "daddy", has crossed stretches which would have decimated any other vehicle short of a off-roader or truck. A generous GC, short wheelbase, light weight and FWD is a potent combination on bad surfaces. Small wheels are the only fly in the ointment. Can't say about your vehicle, but rattles apart, the Alto across generations are pretty reliable. Driving style and quality of maintenance makes a big difference.

However, I'd never exceed 100 km/h in the 800 or the Alto- it is too light to be taken to such speeds.

P.S.: 170 mm is a very decent GC. The Amby did with 160, Fiats even less.

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