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Default re: My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update

Hey Tornio,

Good and detailed Writeup, I too own a 2016 model AMT and can vouch for the ease of driveability in the city, havent taken it out on Highways yet since my 2011 City does all that duty.

I went through the entire thread and could not verify if you have been able to change the IRVM mirror yet or still using the stock unit,

I can confirm that earlier WagonR's IRVM is a straight fit in K10-AMT and I got mine changed within first 2 weeks of purchase.

If not already done, pls order a new one from any MASS, I believe the cost is approx. 700 + GST.
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Default re: My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update

56,000kms and new tyres:
The car is closing in on 56,000kms and ownership so far has been enjoyable, eventless and trouble free. The K10 engine and the AMT system continue to do their daily chore of gobbling up traffic in a reliable and efficient manner. The city mileage continues to hover around 15.5kmpl with unleaded petrol.

After some research and around 53,000kms I replaced the stock Bridgestone S322 with MRF ZLX. The car is driven 95% of the time inside the city and my daily commute route has Metro rail construction, several flyover constructions, cable laying works, road extension works and metro water pipeline works and so I encounter broken roads, no roads, construction debris and route diversions into narrow streets. So my tyre requirements were clear with just two needs: comfortable ride over bad roads and to avoid punctures. Two of the stock Bridgestones had formed a sidewall bulge after hitting a bad pothole at 60kmph so I had to find the replacement tyres soon. Tyre upsize was not an option because the alloy wheel’s negative offset did not permit enough room in the wheel well. A tyre with strong sidewall without compromising much on ride quality and low tyre noise was something I wanted and so the hunt for new tyres began.

I visited one of the biggest tyre shop in Chennai, BM LAL Bros, to check my options in 155/65R13. The seller rated Continental CC5 and Michelin XM2 above Yokohama Earth-1. According to him the CC5 performs better than Earth-1 in terms of road noise, cornering grip and in wet roads. He rated both of them equal in durability and side wall strength. In terms of sidewall strength, he rated the Bridgestone S322 on top. I explained my requirements and said that I will go for the Yoko’s, he insisted that I should consider either CC5 or ZLX. According to him the ZLX has good sidewall strength and noise control and more durable for Indian road conditions but grip is a step down. We have the Goodyear Duraplus in our Ertiga and they are durable but way too noisy.

Some of the options available for 155/65R13:
  • MRF ZLX Rs2600
  • Falken Sincera 835 Rs3000
  • Goodyear Duraplus Rs3000
  • Yokohama Earth-1 Rs3200
  • Continental CC5 Rs3250
  • Bridgestone B290 Rs3250
  • Michelin XM2 Rs3550

I took a day to decide between CC5 and ZLX and checked with few other retailers for best price and tyre’s manufacturing date and also going through TeamBhp reviews on CC5 and ZLX. Finally went ahead with the MRF and after driving 3000kms with the new tyres I am impressed with the ZLX. From the beginning of this ownership report I have mentioned many times about the harsh ride quality on broken roads in the Alto and the ZLX tyres have improved the ride quality by a noticeable margin. Firstly, compared to the Bridgestone S322 the ZLX is quieter, the reduction of road noise inside the cabin is evident and secondly, the ride is now much better on broken roads. In the Bridgestones I could easily feel the road surface and small stones on the steering wheel and seat but with the ZLX though it feels cushioned, the ride feels soft. Will update on hard braking and wet road performance as I put on more miles. I think the ZLX truly stands to its tag line ‘Comfort made more comfortable’.

56,000kms and going strong.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20171015_114134027_hdr.jpg

Multiple lateral grooves design to aide comfort and reduce tyre noise.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20170923_154130200.jpg

"Comfort Made More Comfortable". So far so good.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20170923_154158574.jpg

Running with 35psi stock tyre pressure.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20171008_141402661.jpg

Fancy side wall design.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20171008_141411084.jpg

Somewhere in the Chennai-Bangalore highway.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20171004_075645861.jpg

My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-img_20171008_141159408.jpg
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Default Re: My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 59,000 km update

The car has crossed 59,000kms of tarmac crunching with no major complaints so far.

Disc brake caliper pin change:
At around 57,000Kms both the front wheels were making noise when going over rough roads and small potholes. At first I thought the suspension bushes had worn out and needs replacement. I visited the MASS centre and explained the problem and the Service Advisor straight away identified it as worn out caliper pin noise. To confirm his reasoning he simply banged the front tyre with his bare hand and it sounded like as if the wheel was not bolted on properly. The sliding pins have worn out and become loose due to worn out pin housing in the brake caliper assembly and replacing the pins will temporarily arrest the noise for another 2000-3000kms after which the noise will reappear and the only solution is to replace the caliper assembly after which it will last for another 50000kms in the Alto. I went ahead with the sliding pin replacement and car was handed back to me in 40mins.

The worn out caliper pins.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-pin.jpg

New wipers:
The MGP wipers blades lasted for almost 1.5 years and the replacement was overdue for some time now. The driver side wiper is 21 inch and passenger side wiper is 13 inch and unfortunately I couldn’t find any Bosch or 3M brand in this size on Amazon.in. I came across Autofy frameless wiper blades for Rs280 a pair and ordered them right away since I didn’t want to drive with the worn out wipers any longer. The quality and finish of these wipers look good and the fit is perfect and easy to install. Initial impressions are good, let’s see how long it lasts.

These aftermarket frameless wiper blades fit perfectly.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-wiper1.jpg

Initial impressions are good.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-wiper2.jpg
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Default re: My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update

60,000kms update:
The car crossed 60,000 kms in slightly over 2.5 years of ownership and it has been absolute fun driving the car. So far the car has been a very reliable and efficient daily driver covering a little over 50kms every day inside the city of Chennai. Overall the car has aged well for an entry level Maruti driven on Chennai city’s excellent pothole roads, broken roads and no roads on my daily commute route. Apart from a couple of squeaks from the plastic panels inside the cabin the car is holding on rather well inside and out.

Crossed 60,000 kms in slightly over 2.5 years of ownership
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-speedo-60k.jpg

The MRF ZLX tyres are now 7000kms old and they are highly underrated for their actual snob value. These ZLX offer cushioned ride and low tyre noise, no more bone jarring ride and suspension crashing sound like before. The ZLX offers decent grip in both wet roads and during panic braking situation which I think is similar to previous Bridgestone S322’s. The car is a breeze to drive in congested and narrow roads with its excellent all-round visibility and compact dimensions. The fuel efficiency has been consistent since day one and it hovers around 15.5kmpl in the city and in my recent Chennai-Bangalore-Chennai drive it was 18.2kmpl while maintaining 110-130kmph in open roads. The best mileage I got so far is slightly over 16 kmpl in the city and 20 kmpl in the highway. All the fuel efficiency figures are calculated on tankful to tankful basis.

The exterior paint quality is good and hasn't lost its sheen.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-front-60k.jpg

The AMT gearbox has been reliable and trouble free so far. No warning lights, no false shifts and no judder. The AMT is doing a great job in making timely and smooth gear shifts without missing a shift or getting confused. Sometimes there is a slight jerk while coasting in 2nd gear. As long as you are gentle with the accelerator pedal the drive is smooth and passengers will not be able to feel the gear shifts happening. Slot the gear lever into M mode and reduce a couple of gears or three and stomp the accelerator pedal when you want to pull away from traffic or over take a fast moving vehicle. The AMT does excellent rev matching when downshifting in M mode. Overall, the gear shift quality is same as it was on day one. The creep function works like a charm on flat surfaces in both forward and reverse gears. On the slope, if you stop using the foot brake, the car will creep forward as you release the foot brake slooowly. But it doesn't creep when you start from a hand brake stop and you need use hand brake starts in this situation. Also the creep function is disabled if the driver door is open.

The Alto K10 can go fast, the AMT only makes things better.
My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-front-2-60k.jpg

My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-rear-2-60k.jpg

The K10 engine is where all the fun is. All day triple digit speeds on highway? No sweat! Surprise some bigger cars? Oh yeah! Upshift near redline? Sure thing! Drive hard and still get 14kmpl? No problem! The engine never feels strained. Picking up speed is never an issue, all you need to do is downshift a gear or two in M mode and stomp the accelerator pedal. For me the Alto K10 is easily one of the most fun to drive car available in the market today cause it sets your adrenaline pumping in no time and there is so much fun when you are able to exploit the car’s full potential and still go fast. With such a lively petrol engine and low kerb weight the car feels very responsive and is so much fun and fast to drive when driven enthusiastically on the straights and winding ghats. The car demands a lot of driver involvement- you have to work hard to keep the car in line at speeds, while braking hard and on fast corners. The car keeps you so much involved that at the end of a spirited drive it puts a wide grin on your face or even a smug face.

60,000kms service update.
The service was done at the Perfect Maruti care MASS in RA Puram Chennai. I got the previous 50,000kms service done here and I was happy with their service quality and location. 60,000kms service is a major service so all the fluids were replaced except gearbox oil. Even this time I opted for Mobil1 0W40 fully synthetic oil cause for me the engine feels more free revving compared to Castrol. The disc brake pads have enough life to go beyond 70,000kms with ease. Apart from regular service I asked them to clean the AC blower inlet since the blower was making noise due to accumulation of leaves and twigs. The car was serviced and handed over to me clean, neat and tidy.

My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update-60k-bill.jpg
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Default Re: My Go-kart. Maruti Alto K10 VXi AMT, Cerulean Blue - 60,000 km update

Hello Torino

Good to know that your K10 AMT is continuing to keep you happy. Most of them who initially had good impressions on the K10 AMT had started to put it in a bad light due to its obvious short comings. In fact, there had been times when I too had mixed feelings about my choice of buying this car. But as we grew together, my expectations on this machine had become reasonable, so that there are no more shocking surprises. Key reason for the mixed feelings is because of my previous car, the Baleno 1.6. Spoilt by its aggressive engine, the revv-happy motor, the humongous torque right from the bottom of the rev range are few things that I terribly miss in the K10. But the K10 AMT is a not so bad either like others complain. Its a king in its own castle.

I had couple of times spotted you and your car on the Tambaram-Velacherry road, most often from the camp road stretch until the Christ king school. Yes, your car is that famous. But hadn't got a chance to spot and wave at you thinking I might leave you perplexed, as we never met before. Secondly, that's the time I rush on my bike to office so had to go over you. Will stop by to meet you sometime soon, if time permits for you and me.

Coming to the recent additions on your car, the MRFs are known for their value for money proposition but I feel like its really good that it betters out the stock Bridgestones on drive comfort. Can you please confirm there is significant improvement in ride quality due to your new set of tyres because the bone jarring feel inside the cabin on rough roads is something I cant really live with. Apart from that, I am one of the fan following your posts on the K10 and my best wishes that it keeps serving you for miles ahead. Keep updating your ownership report. Someday our concerns might be addressed in the upcoming facelift or the successor versions by Maruti engineers.

Just a few questions from my part.
  • Your car paint looks spic and span. Do you wax your car any often? Can you recommend some good car spa in Chennai that does the cleaning, polishing and waxing at reasonable rates?
  • I have read your audio upgrade thread and your plans to install an amplifier and powerful speakers. Since the car is primarily supported by an electro-hydraulic clutch, I feel the power hungry amps, bulbs and other electrical equipment might put more load on the alternator or interfere with the clutch actuator mechanism. What are your views on this?
  • Did you splice any wires to install the rear speakers? Will not splicing the wires void warranty? Where can I source the connector for powering rear speakers?
  • Had a palm size dent on the lower front door panel, with paint removal due to my minor negligence. Do you know any skilled tinker around tambaram, to get the dent pushed out and repainted?
  • Due to lack of proper insulation, there is more noise seeping inside the cabin. Whats your opinion about the 3M underbody insulation? Is it any good in reducing the noise?

Thank you in advance and accolades on your ownership report.

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