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Old 14th September 2007, 18:03   #16
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You should not sell your car just for the reason of accidents.i took delivery of my city on last saturday and on monday i saw there was a scratch on the bumper, but it is fine and love for our own car cannot get less for the scratches
and as a good luck charm don't even repaint it, u will never get worried on your second or henceforth scratches
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Old 14th September 2007, 18:07   #17
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Hey if you get worried about the scratches and bumps then you won't be able to drive in any city in India. These are inevitable and even if no one bumps against you, some nutcase might just use a key as a marker when your car is parked somewhere. It happened to me in Pune once. I was enjoying my sizzler at Zamoos with some friends. Later when I came out I found a head to tail scratch on my brand new Opel Corsa. The car was just a few days old then. No point in worrying your head too much about those. You must be prepared to pay a little for a touch up job or a good polish to get rid of some light scratches.

I follow some rules while driving and haven't had any major incident till now, in my 25+ years of driving in many Indian cities, except once when a public bus driver decided that he could take a left from the right lane over my M-800 and beat the signal in Calcutta, while I was waiting in the left lane. The rules I follwo are - I do not break suddenly, keep a controllable distance from the car in front, don't try to squeeze her in small spaces (Zappo will take off on this pun again ), avoid two wheelers as far as possible and always let them go ahead. Had some scratches here and there, but nothing major.

Don't let go of SX4 because of some other guys do not know how to drive. Try to be a little careful and leave the rest to destiny.
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Old 14th September 2007, 18:22   #18
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Originally Posted by unknown View Post
When i read the thread title i thought some user is unhappy with his sx4 but after discovering you're ready to sell your newly sx4 for a silly reason lol , be sane & just stick with your SX4 mate .
LOL... This thread title will attract quite a few glances/visits by many TBHP users thinking someone is indeed unhappy with the car.
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Old 14th September 2007, 19:09   #19
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Oh my god! Are you serious? You want to sell your SX4 just because of some scratches and dents which happened due to somebody else's mistake. You also claim that it is not a fun to drive car. What exactly do you want from a car?
Sorry! But yes, you sound very confused.

And who in the world gave you the idea of selling a brand new SX4 and getting a 2nd hand Palio? That too, the 1.6! Oh my goodness. Read Ajmat's calculations in his post (It's not simply that he is such a great person).

You've stated that you're not a rich kid. Does that mean you are in need of money now? And you can keep/use the money you get from selling the SX4 now? If you look hard, you may find a used Palio 1.6 for 2.5lakhs or so. But as recommended by many earlier, please don't go forward with this wierd plan!

PS. We need FinneyP here! :
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Old 14th September 2007, 20:27   #20
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You are going through the same experience most of us have gone through. Selling a car is not a solution in this case, your time to think about this problem passed the moment you took delivery of your car.

Dont loose your heart on these things you will become insensitive to these small things. More ever dont let your emotions rule your brain, SX4 is a good car, look at the benefits, joy and pleasure you will derive using it. Assume that spending on scratches and dents is a regular expense like maintenance, fuel etc and start enjoying your car.
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Old 14th September 2007, 20:38   #21
Team-BHP Support
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Originally Posted by HSV View Post
LOL... This thread title will attract quite a few glances/visits by many TBHP users thinking someone is indeed unhappy with the car.
Quite right. I jumped onto this thread thinking what was the reason.

Back to the topic : Buddy, there is not need to sell the SX4, just coz the others around you are morons. Enjoy your car buddy. I'm sure you will not regret it.
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Old 14th September 2007, 21:00   #22
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Sirji, give it some time and in a few months from now you will re-open this thread, telling us how much you love your SX4. Meanwhile, play some of your favourite music when you drive and enjoy every drive, even if its to the shop around the corner. Happy motoring!
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Old 14th September 2007, 21:01   #23
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Please don't sell the SX4. You'll get used to the car and its size. It's just matter of time. You've bought very good car and please enjoy it.
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Old 14th September 2007, 21:22   #24
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A prospective buyer awaits right here!
But alas, my conscience will not allow it.
Stay with it and learn to live in Delhi! You seem to be from out-of-town.
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Old 14th September 2007, 21:33   #25
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selling a car just because your upset its got some scratches and dents is by far one of the most attrocious reasons i've ever come across. everyone loves their cars...... no need to get all senti about it.

stop being such a baby and move on!! be as careful driver. thats the best you can do from where your sitting.
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Old 14th September 2007, 22:22   #26
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I had been enjoying my 2 months old SX4 without a single scatch and dent while driving..but just a week ago during night, I gave my SX4 key to a parking staff on a busy parking lot..the next day in the morning, I found out the rear bumper got multiple dents (with some minor scratches) and that feels like someone had inflicting a heavy wound on my heart.. I didn't notice during the night as it was dark.. the whole day, my mood was not good (thinking to find that parking guy for a good bash) but, I accepted it gracefully in few hours, with the notion that it could have been worst. Of course, next time, I avoid giving the key for parking fearing reckless handling of the car.. the point is, its not worth putting your time and emotion over a minor scratch/dent.. with time, you will learn how to avoid all these..enjoy the car
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Old 14th September 2007, 22:39   #27
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Stay with it man. Its an awesome car. The last thing you want to trade a SX4 with is an old Palio. Get those rubber strips that go over your back and front bumpers and sides of the doors. It might pep you up psychologically.
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Old 14th September 2007, 22:42   #28
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read ajmats post again and again !! stay with the car, if you are so bugged, then get an additional (junk) 800 to play banger car.
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Old 15th September 2007, 09:42   #29
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thanks guys!
Its been quite a morale booster
I think i'll stick with the car and rough it out with the cultural mix of delhi traffic.
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Old 15th September 2007, 10:58   #30
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What if the palio gets dented, what will you buy then ? Palio body parts are even more difficult to procure. Think again. An 8L investment needs a bit more rethinking.
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