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Old 14th September 2007, 15:43   #1
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Unhappy Bye Bye Sx4? Edit: Ownership experience and a query

I bought my SX4 in may this year. It was my first car, though we have had a couple of family cars before this (800 old model, and an Indica). Was more or less bought because the family wanted a 3-box car.
But, I am not really enjoying the car. Its nice when I drive it, but I am always worried about getting hit, and in a city like Delhi, its really not difficult. I already have a couple of scratches and today morning was the last straw. A biker broke the tail light and fled in traffic.
Though its an awesome car, its really not a fun car.
I am contemplating on selling the car and going for a second hand Palio 1.6.
I love hot-hatches and Palio comes the closest to this category in the country. I want a second hand car because I feel the resale value of a palio is not too good in India. Plus, its a big car in the hood of a small car.
But my apprehensions here are that I am concerned about the cost of spare parts in the Palio.
Can somebody advice? Is my decision to go for an old Palio correct? Will the cost of spares be too much? Is there any other car I should look at? Should I continue with my SX4?
I know I sound quite confused, because I am.
Please help.

PS. I am not a rich kid with a lot of money.
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Old 14th September 2007, 16:00   #2
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kya yaar tum to ghabra gaye yaar....this is part and parcel of driving in delhi stick to your car buddy..you will fall in love with it.. fear of getting hit is main reason why you keep on getting hit.

here is some story for you about me and my car...check my threads and read about my ikon. i could have pasted the link but that would hijacking

relax and enjoy the car.

take care

God bless

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Come on dude. Getting dents and scratches are part of driving.
Yes it really hurts when you see your car getting hit for no fault of yours.
But leave it all aside and enjoy your car.

Drive safe.

P.S: Got the first dent in my car for no fault of mine after 8 years of driving. It really shook me up, but have overcome it and got her fixed. Now my car is as good as new.
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welcome to reality where pain and pleasure coexist. you buy a brand new car and an idiot riding a moped that isn't even worth your RVM cost will eventually destroy precious bits and pieces of your car. that's india.

and you can't get traumatised at the whole incident and never own a beautiful car just because idiots will deflower it. sx4 is a lovely machine. just enjoy it. i am not sure trading an sx4 for a palio will be worth it, given the economics, and the difference in driving pleasure that you expect.

both are wonderful cars to be enjoyed. but neither can be fancied to be a porsche.
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Some logic

Buy an SX4 for 8.5 L, lose 1.5 L now, buy a Palio for 3l and lose another 2 L in 2 years time.

If you keep the SX4, you will lose the same 3.5 L without the aggravation of Fiat service, parts availability, outdated model
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Old 14th September 2007, 16:30   #6
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Chill ! geet , believe dents and scratches should not influence a person to sell an awesome car like SX4 , my swift VXI was scraped twice on chennai roads the day she was delivered to me in 2005 , (none after that ..)

Take it out for a few BHP meets , and will start smiling ..cheers
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dont even think of doing that
i own a palio and am finding it very hard to maintain
spare parts ,service are just too expensive

the fuel economy is 8 -9 for a 1.2
i dont even want to think what will be for 1.6

The SX4 is one of the best car at the moment in that segment imo.

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Old 14th September 2007, 17:06   #8
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Well, Palio was a great buy when it was launched, the 1.6 in particular. It was still a good buy some years back. However buying a second hand one now sounds dated. SX4 is today's story. A good looking car (very subjective though) with great service back up and very contemporary in all senses.

Why do you want to get rid of your SX4 now and go back in time? Just because some nut scraped your car? In places like Hyderabad and Bangalore its even worse. My car has fought many a battles on the streets and bears the signs of them. Every other day some moron does something and damages the car. Sometimes its a scratch, sometimes its a small dent... you cant really help it. But that should not mean that you get disheartened and think of selling off your new car.

Stick to your baby... SX4 is a nice car to own.

Originally Posted by skandyhere
and you can't get traumatised at the whole incident and never own a beautiful car just because idiots will deflower it.
What a choice of word! ...ok make that the whole sentence.
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You've got yourself a wonderful car and you want to sell it off because you may get a few scratches or dents on it? C'mon!

First thing, don't be so cautious. There are going to be a few scratches, many of them can be avoided. If you do get a scratch/dent, leave it there for sometime and get them fixed when a few accumulate (If you find visits to the workshop boring and they're not that noticeable). Second, try not to lose all the great things in the car just because of something that 'might' happen.

And about selling this off and buying a Palio, it would be pennywise pound foolish. You really need to keep this car and drive it around. You'll find the car to be fun to drive once you get very well acquainted with it.

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Relax. You needn't maintain all the outer paint in pristine condition, nor the indicators, i've seen accords with broken tail lights being taped up, so don't be shy. And selling it now means loooosing oodles. SX4 is itself a good solid reliable car - why trade it in for just some scrapes?

Some day you will look back on this thread and laugh that you even considered it. Then, you can buy me a cuppa coffee
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Dont thikn about it..you will loose a lakh+ on resale of sx4.

What you should do is to take less congested roads even if it means longer routes and avoid peak times even if it means leaving early and returning a bit late.

How about evaluating bull bars? Have seen them on 800's/Indica's so no harm in adding them to SX4.
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me too own a sx4 but i drive in remote roads of tvm(comparing to delhi).still it was not easy wen i took it to city(previously i ws using zen). but now i hav been using him for 3 months.. things really gt changed..i now think sx4 is much apt to drive in city than zen.
it has a smal turning radius, also much improved steering, nw i reallly enjoy city driving..
i ll tell u dont be too much cautious in city..be a lil aggressive(Especially with small vehicles(bikes and auto).i gt sucked while i was a lil over aggressive with an indica,rvm glass gt replaced nw )
also spares are cheap for sx4 comparing with others in class.
Now the decision s urs..


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Old 14th September 2007, 17:55   #13
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Whats the guarantee no one will hit and run your Palio. These kind of things happen all the time in India. People were, are and will remain uncivilised here. Thats just the way we are I guess .

BTW, cant tell you how happy I am since I came to know that M&M may launch the Scorpio with auto tranny. Cant wait to get my hands on one. Superb combo - A/T for stress free drive, and Scorpio for shooing the other drivers away!

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Stay cool. Same happened to me, bought SX4 in May and within few weeks had multiple scratches/dents in single day (when I left it in parking area, someone smashed rear bumper and sides, didn't even know who he was; auto fellow came in opposite direction, had hit and left ORVM was broken and what not). Got it fixed and made it look like new car.

Even today, I am seeing new scratches everyday, for no fault of me. Learning to live with it. I am seeing most cars in road (Not just big cars, even small cars) with very bad dents/scratches....

So, keep relaxed and enjoy your car!!!
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Old 14th September 2007, 18:01   #15
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When i read the thread title i thought some user is unhappy with his sx4 but after discovering you're ready to sell your newly sx4 for a silly reason lol , be sane & just stick with your SX4 mate .
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