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Great write up once again! I also leave my GTX for months in Bangalore whenever I'm out of country and the damn thing doesn't fail to start with all the stuff in perfect conditions including the battery.

I can see your S10 in classifieds. Planning to sell or rather upgrading to Punto?
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Wow! I had an impression that Palio was costly and tough to maintain. Myth busted for me! Great review Amit.

OT: I think I had seen your S10 for sale in classified. Time to move on to GP?
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About a month later the car's horn conked off. The brakes were a bit squeaky too and right rear door outside handle used to get stuck.

Back to Anuroop on 5/10/06.

Labour charges:

- Replaced horn Rs.250.

- Cleaned brakes: Rs.350.

- Lubricated RR outer door handle Rs.50.

Spare parts:

- Horn Rs.382.

Add all taxes and final bill came to Rs.1,220.

On 18/10/06 at 33,892kms the suspension started making noises. There was a clicking sound when the car was being turned. This time I took it to Shaman at Sewri.

Labour charges:

- FRT and Rear suspension OH Rs.1,500.

- Wheel alignment Rs.300.

Spare parts:

- Articluated head 2nos X Rs.441 = Rs.882.

- FRT shock mounting RH and LH 2XRs.592.66 = Rs.1,185.32

- Coil Spring Tube 8XRs.19 = Rs.152.

Add taxes and final bill came to Rs.4,573.

It was paid service time on 12/12/06. This time at Anuroop. Brakes were making noise again and the right headlight lens cover had faded in true Palio tradition spoiling the looks of the car.

Labour Charges:

- Paid Service Rs.500.

- Replaced gear oil and motoreco gear box treatment Rs.50.

- Brake calipers OH Rs. 350.

- RT head light replaced Rs.175.

- R/R caliper pin machining charges Rs.500.

Spare parts:

- Oil Filter Rs.76.

- Air filter Rs.199.

- Fuel filter Rs.74.

- Gear oil 2XRs.115 = Rs.230.

- Motoreco Gear box treatment Rs.115.

Add misc and taxes and bill came to Rs.5,037.

This was the last time I took the car for a paid service with problems having to attend to. Since the above service, every time the car has gone in for a service, I have nodded my head and said NO when asked if there was any problem that was to be attended to.

Paid service time on 17/03/2007. Anuroop had shut by now and I was at the mercy of Tata-Fiat ASC. Shaman did the job this time. Like I said, there were no complaints.

- Engine oil 3.1Ltrs X Rs. 126 = Rs.390.60.

- Oil Filter Rs.78.67.

- Fuel filter Rs.76.57.

- Air filter Rs.207.68.

- Distilled water Rs.12.

- BG RF-7 oil treatment 0.25 Ltrs X Rs.1,776 = Rs.444.

- Radiator coolant 2 X Rs.185 = Rs.370.

- Paid service Rs.500.

- Cooling system flush Rs.395.

Final bill Rs.3,003.

Original brake pads were changed at about 55,000kms. Wasan said they didn't need to be changed. I insisted on it.

I am getting the boring mundane stuff out first. The actual Palio S10 driving expereince and photos will be updated soon .

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Thumbs up

Hey Amit,

One word for your thread, Fantastic!

I'm sure if S10 was available now, this thread would had been a Sales ticker for FIAT

My initial days of buying a used Palio car was for S10, only because of your reviews. But alas, I could never find a well maintained S10 and had to settled for new Palio Stile 1.6 Sports.

I'm still in love with S10...I hope somethin similar comes in future with atleast resembling named to F1. I never understood the fundamentals behind Sachin for Palio! Grrrr

I read somewhere, its like Michael Schumacher promoting Cricket

I hope the upcoming GP match your S10 in many factors! Good luck~

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Very well written, Amit. Wish you will find the car a good owner who will take care of the car like you did. The palio S10 is indeed a great driving machine.

Sigh! what about your signature?
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
It was paid service time on 12/12/06. This time at Anuroop.

Spare parts:

- Oil Filter Rs.76.

- Air filter Rs.199.

- Fuel filter Rs.74.

- Gear oil 2XRs.115 = Rs.230.

- Motoreco Gear box treatment Rs.115.

Add misc and taxes and bill came to Rs.5,037.
Forgot to mention that the head light cost me Rs.1,547.
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Default Thanks for the updates

I have been following this thread and quite love it. It has been a great source of information too.

Thank you for the latest updates. I am now armed with availability of parts and prices when I need to get something done for my GTX.

I am thoroughly enjoying the GTX (since I bought it in April). Nothing comes close to these 1.6 Palios for driving joy.

Cheers and many happy miles,
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The first Wasan service was done at 30/07/2007 at 54,708 kms.

- Engine oil 3.8L X Rs.97.70 = Rs. 371.36.

- Oil Filter Rs.78.67.

- Fuel filter Rs. 76.57.

- Bardahl Special duty 0.001L X Rs.4,44,500 = Rs. 444.45 (The price is not a typo!)

- Radiator Coolant 3L X Rs.185 = Rs. 555.

- Brake Liquid 0.5L X Rs.311.10 = Rs.155.55.

- Brake Oil top up Rs.175.

- Paid Service Rs.650.

- Decarbonizing Rs. 2000.

All taxes in, the final amount came to Rs.3,867.88.

Another Wasan service was done on 14/03/2008 at 62,356 kms.

- Bardahl Special duty 0.001L X Rs.4,44,500 = Rs.444.45.

- Oil Filter Rs.79.11

- Fuel filter Rs.126.22. (Up from Rs.76 in July 07!)

- Engine Oil 3L X Rs.86.84 = Rs.260.52 (Down from Rs.97.70/Ltr in July 07)

- R134A Gas 0.2Kgs X Rs.573.16 = Rs.114.63.

- R134A Gas filling Labour charges Rs.400.

- Paid Service Rs.650.

- Brake oil top up Rs.200.

Taxes in, the final bill amount was Rs.2,870.

The differences in spares prices mentioned above and Wasan's pathetic attitude made me decide that I would service my car from independant garages from now on. That would also allow me to use my own choice of oil which I did few months back. What also pushed me to take this decision was that I was not happy with the engine oil Wasan was using. Naybe the cheaper pricing was psychologically making me think that there was something not right about it because there was no change in the car's performance. Still the car deserved the best and the best is what it would get.

The car is now running on fully synthetic Mobil 1 engine oil.

I had to make one more trip to Wasan on 24/05/2008 at 63,507kms when the wipers conked off. Monsoons were coming up in 3 weeks so this had to be attended to asap.

- Windshield wiper Rs.2,926.

- R/R wiper motor assy Rs.275.

Total amount Rs.3,601.

I haven't gone back to Wasan since then.

Somewhere in between I changed the muffler since the original's had rusted. I expereinced the notorious side of Fiat at this time. Despite my and Fortune Nerul's best efforts we couldn't get S10 specific muffler. I had to make do with GTX ones. I can't find the invoice for that. You will find my experience with Fortune and Fiat somewhere in the Indian car dealerships section.

Tyres have been changed twice.

- First on 29/09/06 the original Bridgestones were changed to Michelin XM1. Total cost was Rs.13,156. I don't know the exact kms but it was approx 31,000 kms. Reason for tyre change was air bubble in passenger side front tyre. Tyre tread was okay.

- Second time was on 17/12/08 at 68,366kms. I opted for Michelin XM1 again. The driver's side tyre had now developed an air bubble and I had to get the change done asap even though tread was perfect. This was done at a shop in Sanpada. Total cost was Rs.17,600. I guess the amount is pretty steep.

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What is absolutely fantastic is the way in which you have stored and compiled every bit of data/bill/record right from the day the S10 was bought.

They say machines are incapable of reciprocating love unlike living beings, but your S10 has proved otherwise. Without making it sound too philosophical, I'd just say that you've tried your best to keep the car in the best possible health and it has returned the favour by being solidly reliable, economical to run, at the same time I'm sure it must have been an awesome drive for all these years. Anyone who has ever taken to the wheel of the Palio for the first time realises how a car's steering should feel and communicate, the grip levels on a fast corner even on stock rubber and the S10's short ratio gear box just adds to the overall fun factor.

Being an S10 owner myself, I can somewhat fathom what must be going on in your head at this juncture when the time has come to let her go. I dont know if I would have the heart to do the same. The GP should prove to be a perfect replacement (lets hope).

This thread is a 5 starrer. Amit, kudos to you for taking the efforts to make this fantastic thread, and I'm sure there is more to come. Waiting for the pictures as well. Good luck buddy

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Great inputs there amit.

I must say that when I bought my S10 a year ago, your this thread played a significant contribution in my decision to buy the S10.

And am happy that I bought a S10 and would agree that it is difficult to think of another car (hatchback) that can be so fun to drive even today. No wonder almost all S10 owners would be in a dilemma to choose their next hatchback -- if at all.
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- The first independant garage service was at Alfred Garage Chembur on 16/07/08. Total amount spent was 3,862. I don't have the invoice with me.

- Between July 07 and March 09, car was serviced at Alfred and average amount spent was about 3,000. I think I did 3 services in that time. That's Rs.9,000.

- Last service was on 05/03/2009 at 69,517kms from a local garage in Navi Mumbai. Engine flush was done and the car was put on Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Total cost came to Rs.4,532.

- On 11/4/09, the Radiator was flushed and new coolant added. Total Cost came to Rs.860.

So here is the list of major services and repairs done after I got back from Canada. Amounts spent before that are on this thread I guess. Still going through my S10 service file:

Total amount spent on service and repairs : Rs.57,561. Add Rs.3000 for the new muffler.

Total amount spent on Tyres: Rs.32,400.

Total amount spent on service: Rs.92,961.

Round it off to Rs.95,000. I don't know if that expensive. To me it's not. I do agree that I have fussed over the car to some extent like getting decarbonizing done frequently (My SX4 hasn't been through that in 33,000kms) or changing headlights when I knew Palio headlights lens covers are prone to fading.

Maybe some people will think that the Palio is heavy on maintainence. I don't think so. I leave that call to you. The figures are listed here and like many things in life, this is also subjective. To a third person, spending 95,000 in 5 years and 72,xxxkms maybe expensive. I respect that thought. The reason I don't find these expenses high is because there is a monetary value to be attached to intangables like how a car makes you feel, the fun and pleasure you have while driving it. That is the area where the Palio GTX and S10 excel in. Attaching a monetary value to these things is something I leave to each individual.

If you ask me whether the Palio is expensive to maintain, my answer would be a emphatic NO.

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This thread has always been a guidance with respect to the parts price as I own a Palio.

Thanks Amit for your effort.
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+1 to shines post.
Hey i have a small doubt. Yes i know the old gen palio (the same as in the thread) has got pathetic mirrors. Can i get them swapped with the current gen ones? + i would like to know if the same bonnet grill can be modified to be used on the older gen palio?
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Amit Bhai...!!!,

One word "FANTASTIC" comes to my mind for the detailing that you have compiled here

I dont know how i missed this thread uptill now , today only i saw this thread & that's it, i was engrossed to it while reading the detailed description that you have provided.

The information which you have compiled here on this thread shows your love for your Baby (Read: Palio S10).

Keep updating the thread often & we will have the joy of reading your excellent detailing skills, also the existing Palio users can be benefitted by the information posted here.

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When you spend time with any product, you unknowingly become biased, one may even call it a comfort factor. It's only when you spend time with other products that you realise the worth of the one you own.

After having spent almost 2 years with my S10, I left for Canada where I got the oppurtunity to drive a number of different cars. The first car I drove there was a driving school owned last generation Honda Civic. Later on I got to expereince a number of cars, from the mundane ones like the Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Vibe, Pontiac G6 , Pontiac Pursuit to better ones like Cadalliac CTS, Nissan Altima, VW Beetle, VW Passat 2.0 TFSI, 3.6 V6, VW Touareg and many more. I owned a MK IV Golf TDi and a MK V Jetta 2.5 for a couple of months and drove a Pursuit from Toronto-Montreal-Quebec City-Ottawa-Toronto. Some of the cars were, of course, light years ahead of the Palio but surprisingly the Palio stood it's ground with cars it should logically be compared too. And that was a eye opener to me.

So what makes the Palio special?

Fiat Palio S10. Now updated to 72,000 kms!-img_0053.jpg
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