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Default 2005 Oct WagonR 29000kms. The Experience


I was very active during those october days (2005) absorbing all the news, views, reviews on small cars. My good old Premier padmini (1995)died, her engine tolerance went bad and it was heating up, drinking engine oil. I did some maths and took practical decision to not to overhaul Padmini Engine and buy a new car. My choices were Santro, WagonR and Indica. Indica Turbo was lanched that month in red color I love, my driving was going to be at least 70K per day and in bad traffic from Delhi to GGN. I had to buy a fuel efficient car and small one as we already have a NHC.

Test drives: Santro - Safdarjung Hyundai - Gurgaon, Pathetic pathetic sales people, wont come 5km to my office to give a test drive and when I went to their showrooom in Udyog Vihar made me sit for half hour.
Indica - Dhingra Motors, sent me Indica Turbo to test drive and it was a marvellous car - was in my radar.
Wagon R: Sikand Motor - fantastic sales the guy drove all the way from Delhi to GGN to give me test drive and it was Vxi, I felt comfortable with the way they treated customer.
Decision time: I bought WagonR. I read and understood doing lot of maths, spreadsheets that proved cost to own petrol vehicle would be cheaper if driving less than 30 K in a year. Higher resale for WagonR was also a factor.

Oct 28, 2005. I become proud owner of Wagon R (Carribean Blue) and for over one year my happiness my sadness was linked to this car. There were many fine points to this car which are exhalted to the hilt here. I do believe those are true like many cubby holes to put stuff, reclining seats, good view of road. All that and more which I loved and still love. but then love has its itches and I will spent some time on its itches

Week 2 or so, I hear sound as if some small bells are placed under hood. I went ahead to show it to Sikand's workshop in Okhla. they were not able to hear it, so i took the car with them to rough patch near railway lines in Okhla, they took some time figured out and fixed it, then it came again and again and again - it never went off, It was always there in the car.

Also let me tell you my driving habit, I am tall and big guy, and loves to drive car fast, not rash - FAST... and believe that if you drive in lane and drive fast you are safe. I love alternate long routes rather than crammy bumper to bumper popular routes. I use to take Faridabad-GGN highway from Delhi, its a very scenic route rather than taking MG road.

Now the Sikand's service station guys. It was taken to first service by my dad. He is one of the guys he trust his car with workshop, that was built during the years of years of owning and living ambys and padmini. So he gave the car to them and they said we will put some additives in fuel tank to keep fuel lines running fine. Well my dad OKed it - then second time they put some other additive - as they it is MARUTI recommended.

Then third time I refused to add any additive - car went on smoothly till suddenly at 17K it went week on Knees. it went thump thump, i thought it was one of those many punctures I had. I got to see no puncture, couldn't understand the problem so took it to Sikand. well problem diagnosed Suspension bearing were cut and other suspension issues, was under 3.5K not in warranty as this is not covered blah blah...All this happened when car was 16K old. WHO expects a 16K young car to be going week on knees.
So while they were fixing this issue, I told them to service the car as well, as they told that you need to service car every 5K which is better then maruti recommeded 10K interval. The buggers gave me a huge estimate for 16K service- they wanted to do a DECARBONIZING on my vehicle. You recommed additives to keep fuel lines clear, and engine additives as well, I use 97 Octane fuel to run it clean, car is 16K and DECARBONIZING. It was akin to open heart surgery for young kid who just fell from stair and injured knees ... I was almost verge of screaming at them but then decided not to and cancelled the authorization for decarbonization and just told them to fix the suspension, wash car and check oiil

by the next service, already stupid gear shift started to slip , it will slip in 5th gear and come to neutral and clutch become harder and harder and i could always feel a pain in my feet. Driving of 100Kms everyday made my foot paind and weak. That's not a blame on car, it is me and my lifestyle.
Slipping gear, hard clutch, I went this time to MASS, Naraina - fantastic people. He told me slipping of gear is common problem and will take care in warranty. I wonder if this was a known problem in US or europe all the cars would have been recalled and parts replaced. BUT this is India and every one is as good as everyone else.

Good sharp service by MASS , and with gear taken care of - feel was new, clutch still hard - I drove on, always loved this car , because I found my life partner after I bought this car and we spent lot of time in this car going on long drives, it was our getaway vehicle.

Going back to suspension problem, I think something was wrong from very beginning, I have lost count of punctures I have had and tubes changes at 220 a piece, all my tyres at one point had gone through tube changes at least twice. It was like " bhagwan deta hai to chappar phad ke" - it was puncture time for me - people use to say dude is late today, must have had a puncture that's what he has for breakfast and Lunch , or some would put it on my weight, poor tiny car not being able to handle my size. JOkes apart, I was sick of this cars puncture, and feared to give it to my sister and father to drive, lest they wil face a puncture. it was running on stock tires, I believe that must be wrong in suspension or Delhi roads, I spent a lot of money on alignment.

This car become jittery as the days progressed and was becoming a concern on quality of build. probably the squeal in the begininng became worse and worse and was often rattling. I showed it to my friends and they would not believe a car untouched from outside, not a scratch would be so jittery inside.
Car gave me good efficiency sometime touchin 16+ but usually in range of 14-15 KMPL.

Well the time came that I had to leave country for some time - With 29K on clock, with so many memories to cherish - I had to take another practical decision. I let my baby go. I finally said Adeiu to my car on 23th June, 2007.

As I write this almost 5 months after I sold, I would like to tell you all there this is not a review on WagonR, there are those babies out there in good shape and proving themselves. Consider this as Experience of guy who loves car, especially his cars. and how each car becomes part of our life. I simply loved the carribean blue, which is my personality, young snappy and agreable to good things in life, listening to music while waiting for her to come out and then breaking my sworn rule to never to eat in car just for her, playing track of our fav songs back to back on Pioneer system and Sony speakers. Experiencing hail storm in middle of summers in Delhi .
Its an experience, from owning to maintaining, to shodding it up with your toys, to miles covers and to selling it off.

Dedicated to my Carribean Blue WagonR... Cheers
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I was a little confused when? I went half way of your thread. But after reading the whole thread, I understood that it is your experience of owing a car. I had a wagonR for 4 years and it gave a good service. But I never experienced any kind of problems that you have mentioned. Of course the gear shifting war little hard.
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Hmmm. I have also not experienced any big problems. Now having done around 42k kms. Gearshift is also ok. But, i wish the plastics and all never made any rattling sounds.

Overall, happy with the car.
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I have owned a Wagon R Lxi sicne Oct 2002. I have driven 44K plus on this. Sometimes on very very tough terrans and and as long as 1700 KM in 2 days. Never had a problem, I hav not remembered when I had a last punture also.

I have changed to tubless (Good year) at 40K KM. Changed the battery thats al and also regular service. Driven Mumbai - Delhi back , Mumbai - Patna back. Its good car.

Unfortunately, I am not regularly drivignthis sine lar 2 years

But over all, its a great car to own.
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Even I haven't experienced any of the problems you have mentioned except for the rattles from the glove box and front right side door pad. But got it fixed long back. I'm very happy with this car especially the FE, it gives 14+ in Bangalore city traffic with 40% AC and 19 + on long drives with 80% AC on. Obiviously there are few things I don't like in this car. Thick a pillar (learnt to live with this now).
Skinny tyres - changed to Michline 155 65 XM1s
and small side view mirrors (changed to the new model mirrors)
Itz been year n half since she came in to my family and done 15 K Kmts so far.Finally about the gear shift, it is quite smooth with long throw.Occasionally it refuse to engage the reverse gear and shifting to neutral if I hit a hump or pote hole at good speed.Over all i'm very satisfied.
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