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Default Cedia Sports 6000 Kms - My experience

Just came back from a long trip on the cedia sport.

Purchase Date: 2nd Aug 07
OTR: 9.6
Avg: 10/12+ (city/highway)
Servicings done: 1st free servicing. free of cost.

The purpose of this review is to share handling experience an other NON looks parts only.

In one word the experience has been "SUPERB"! All through the 6 months and 6K odd kms it never let me down. Actually it surprised me many times.

General driving experience:
I mostly drive in city and a bit on highway. start and stop traffic as well as bursts of speed in overtaking or cruising are all more than satisfactory. Initially i was thinking this is slow and was liking the verna VGT better. however, i dont feel much loss now. maybe due to my city traffic route.

I was holding on to this review till after a long drive on the highways and ghats to give a more clear picture and overall report.

Stress Handling experience:
The firm footedness of the car is simply amazing. On pune expressway i was doing 170+ straightline as well as turns (not very sharp ones). myself and my wife could not even believe we were at 170+. the car gripped the road like it was a part of it . I never thought i would do 170+ turns. i personally think it is testing limits. but when i got the power under my foot i sure got tempted to floor it.

it was only our minds that chickened on reading the numbers on the spedometer. this car can easily go faster!! and still maintain its composure.
Decelerating was totally reassuring. from the wrong side of 170, tapping on the brakes saw the needle drop fast but without the car reducing composure or any inertia.

During the mahabeleshwar ghats climb, i was cornering at 60-70 on undulating strips and still not a murmer from the tyres nor even the slightest touch of anything less than perfection with respect to handling and sticking to the tarmac.
again, it was me that chickened out and reduced speeds to maintain between 60-70. else like i mentioned before, the car just became part of the road and inspired the utmost confidence.

i remember doing this on my Indica and that was miles and miles behind.
the confidence was just NOT THERE with the indica. I loved my indica and am aware that it is a very good stable car but the cedia is something else

The downhill part of the ghat was done avg between same speeds. i think it was insane clobbering down a ghatt with hardly any restraints on the sides at 70. but there was a cop car that was ahead of us and i was banking on him for estimating what is behind the blind turns

response was the same. absolute composure!!

Mileage Average experience:
This is weird i must say. totally illogical. there shud be an explanation i am sure but i have yet to find it

the average is almost constant. no matter what road the drive is on or what RPM the drive is done at. funny.
Also, i saw a noticeable increase in mileage on using "Speed" rather than other fuels available in mumbai. from 9 to 10.5.

  • There is good feedback from the weels to the steering at all speeds.
  • Seats are comfortable and can be adjusted to suit one's needs.
  • ICE is fine unless you are an audiophyle and need perfection. A woofer can surely be added to boost the bass.
  • AC is biting. Auto climate control would have been a boon.
  • Headlights SUCK big time. you cant fight back!! Need a xenon etc to ensure clear visibility against others using such.
Not much to complain as you can see.

Please let me know if any specific area is missing and i will be glad to give my experience.

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My XETA gives a weird mileage on petrol too ie. When I Used to fill and run on petrol - When I used to fill up Power I got something like 10.3-10.6 and When I filled in normal Unleaded from HP I got 11.6-12.6- variable on both accounts with AC. Nothing to worry about.

How is the Cornering ability on turns and Braking-Assuming this is a standard ABS Model.

You can increase the Lamp Power , but be careful...Higher wattage may fry your electricals, Heat produced may damage reflector and also make your warranty void, Suggest you upgrade to a decent range,without damaging aspects-Heat and Electrical Load.

If your Dealer is nice, He may install a good kit- with ceramic holders and relays as applicable to the Wattage you choose- 100/90 or above- Ofcourse the charges will be higher than aftermarket, but you may gain with assurance on warranty.

I have seen a lot of cedias,but the light power seems adequate for the city, Do you have Fog Lamps installed.

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good review buddy. cedia is a great car but very understated
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It is good to hear that you are enjoying this Lovely Car.

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Cornering is AWSOME.
like i mentioned. decent corners were done at 170 with no effort.
i did the mahabaleshwar ghats up and down at constant 60-70.
could have done it till 80-90 but am not confident of my driving skills to that extent. plus accidents happen mostly due to others incorrect judgement.
the STs come charging up and down on those ghats so found it very risky to push limits beyong which I am TOTALLY comfortable.

btw, i just calculated i get 13 on the highway instead of the 12 i mentioned earlier. that too after full on AC and 4K rpms.
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Can u post some pics of ur cedia,both exterior and interior.
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Congrats Renjith. Nice review. Post some pictures.
I love the Cedia!!
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Talking Pics

I have only external ones at this time
the internal does not look ANY diff from the stock version.
Have put nothing inside the car as i din feel anything is lacking

View from the Front at Murud.

Another pic

and another one with my wife behind but not too clear cause my hand shook while clickin
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