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Thumbs up Review of Logan 1.5 DCi (Diesel) After 6500 KM's

I bought Mahindra Renault Logan 1.5 DCi (T. Red) in June 2007 from Bhasin Motors, New Delhi and after driving for more than 6500 KMs I am feeling 100% satisfied with my decision of buying a car which is newly launched and has much hype in European market. I have read much about Logan at Team-BHP and finally decide to post a long term ownership report, as given below:

Ex-Showrrom: 6.53 L
On-Road: 6.89 L

Report is basically based on City driving in Gurgaon & Delhi and highway driving on some expressways like Delhi – Jaipur (NH8), Gurgaon – Palwal – Agra – Kanpur – Lucknow – Faizabad (NH2 & NH28). Traveled “Gurgaon – Faizabad” trip of 725 KMs in 11 hours with just Rs. 1200 premium diesel one-way.


For me a true value for money (TVFM) has everything as per your needs. Plastic quality is not as bad as it is being discussed here. It has tough plastic material (after all has to be tough for a diesel car), vibration less feeling, parcel shelf, cup holders etc. etc. but my advice to all not to compare with Civic, Octavia or Merc. I feel interiors are as fashionable as it is in Verna & Fiesta.

Final version of Logan is yet to come, so you should compare features with Fiesta 1.4 ZXi, Verna VGT CRDi & Indigo XL Classic Dicor. And you will be more than happy having more features than others (may check on Car Wale).

Head restraints, comfortable bed like back seat gives you more space to relax or to sleep your baby without looking here and there.

Ride & Handling

I absolutely had no problems while driving alone for 725 KMs in just 11 hours, lumber support and my genuine leather seats provided me much support to overcome back problems.

Cars was firm, steady & nicely balanced even at the speed of 150 and trust me on highways you will get amazed when you will see your speedometer at 100 with no real efforts.

Its 172mm ground clearance makes it very comfortable at bumpy Indian roads and poorly visible humps with its strong shock absorbers.

Engine, Gear & Steering Wheel

As per study and survey it has an smooth and silent engine which you can trust, Its 1.5 DCi is slightly upgraded from the European version and gives you ample of power to pull you at speed of 160 with having 200 KGs on board (as I had). What I feel is that there is little pickup problem at low speeds in second gear only but it will get better once you cross 6000 – 9000 KMs. It was advised to me to follow some basic rules of driving a brand new vehicle & not to go beyond 2500 RPM for first 2000 KMs for better performance in future and I did that.

Gear shifting is also smooth and gets better and better the more you drive, Steering wheel is firm and steady and feather touch power steering can be operated with a finger touch as well.

Currently 1900 RPM at 4th gear gives 80 KMPH and 2000 RPM at 5th gear gives 100 KMPH. Don’t go by max speed written in specs I bet you can easily achieve 160 with no great efforts but beware of Indian roads which has unpredictable speed breakers, so I managed a speed between 110 to 120 only.


Characteristics of diesel cars of making noise are now changing day by day, so your decision of not buying a Diesel car due to noise could be proven wrong, although still the silence can’t be compared with Petrol cars but if you look at economy aspect I am sure you will love that. Logan has good silent engine and you will have comfort silent feeling till the speed of 110 but after that it become slightly harsh which can be managed by increasing volume of ICE. It’s never advised to open windows while driving at high speeds especially when you can save around 4% fuel. Open vents to get fresh air. There is no vibration in the car as it was in earlier in non CRD engines. No gear vibration, no steering vibration and nothing from interiors vibrate but you should be careful with all fitments are tightened firmly.

I have heard that noise isolation can also be done on your own if you apply a little hard work and logic behind. One Romanian friend has given a very good example online about DIY noise isolation.


I changed my company fitted Blaupunkt CD player to Blaupunkt London model, gives me good sound experience. It has company fitted 4 Blaupunkt speaker system which works perfect for people like me who is not a music enthusiast.


Someone asked me “Does Logan have rear AC vents?” I said why, it’s not a SUV which require such vents. Its AC is powerful and chills you even at 45 degree temperature like we have in Delhi in summer days. Park in shades let the hot air go outside and use sun visors, films etc to protect heat coming inside.

Visibility & Ease of Use

Visibility in Logan is excellent, slightly vertically straight windshield than others give you perfect view of what’s happening in front of you, especially for ladies who are not taller. You will have full view of your front, left & right. Rear mirrors gives you perfect picture of rear side. There is no obstacle looking here and there.

There are some problem with switches and rear power window switches but within a week you will get used to it. Wrong side indicator and wiper leavers should not be a problem as it comes in same way with almost all European imported cars, easily manageable after one or two mistakes.


We have already talked much about Legroom, Headroom, Boot & space inside. Only I can feel the ease of driving with having suitcases of 1 large size, 2 mid size, 2 bags and lots of other things easily adjusted in boot.

Comments on Comments by Others

Boxy look:

- Yes it has a boxy look and that’s where all the space comes from.

Not good looking old fashion car:

- Well my advice to all is, if you would like to buy a car like you neighbor has then please do not buy Logan, its not meant for you. But if you need a car that has good VFM and stands out a bit then surely Logan is a choice.

Ground Clearance of 155mm:

- I don’t know who told you people that it has 155mm GC, please check again in specs it has 172mm GC highest among all mentioned above.

No power at 65 BHP:

- I don’t know how much extra power one needs to drive on Indian roads, whereas I managed to drive my Logan at 160 KMPH with lot of load on board, as I mentioned earlier. But surely Logan is not a choice for who don’t care for their lives and rally drivers.

No push button boot release:

- Its available as extra fitment at nominal cost of Rs. 500 from company with 2 year warranty, also will come as standard in coming up versions.


- An option which will be available in coming up model, but trust me “The Road is full of idiot drivers” and 90% of accidents happen due to negligence in driving. I would love to keep my life and safety lines in my hands than a high-tech device like ABS and EBD.

Poorly finished plastic material:

- Closely compare with others, don’t go by just comparing door handle or glove box, consider everything replacement cost, cleaning and have a look after one or two years then compare with others.

Power window switches are wrongly placed:

- Has advantage in some manner and debatable in other countries for locking and power window. Also I don’t know why so often one require opening window while AC going.

Cheap sedan with no purpose:

May be you make an impression just by having a look from outside or reading others comments who are driving Octavia, Optra or other luxury cars and start comparing Logan with such cars. Logan is made for a purpose and not for showing your wealth & style. Compare logically and I am sure you will end up in buying one for you. Although for those who want Logan to be like other luxury cars, then my advise for them to please wait till Laguna launch.

I hope you will find this review useful while going for your next TD.

My Current Performance (as per its computer readings):
- Average City: 18.5 kmpl
- Average Highway: 20 kmpl (between 70 to 90 kmph)
- Premium diesel only

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I agree a 100 percent with the above. when I went shopping for a diesel sedan, the logan threw the most surprises. probably because I had such low expectations from it.

It accelerates well, when my brother pushed the pedal on the highway, we looked at each other in astonishment,didn't say a word,then looked straight ahead again. It doesn't behave like a 68bhp car. we have the diesel torque that compensates for the bhp.

I didnt buy it because

1.poor looks
2.its supposed to be a cheap car, but it isnt. after paying 7 lacs on road,why should my neighbour look at me and think "he's driving a cheap car?"
3.niggles like oddly placed power window switches

I did seriously consider buying the car and adding performance mods like a CAI and pete's to let it thrash overpriced cars like the fiesta. but for the above three points.

the car handles well, is sturdy,has good fit and finish, rides well and confidently over rough roads, brakes well, is spacious, has great mileage.....why didnt I buy this car?

mahindra should not have tried to sell it as a cheap car, the should have tried to sell it's qualities. the ad campaign did more damage than good. pure word of mouth will pull this car through, I'm sure. it would be a shame otherwise.
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Hmm, very interesting review. You're having a goood time.

Agree with the rest, except the bit on ABS/EBD. But then, to each their preference.

Pretty amazing mileage as well!
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Good review. Whoever have bought the Logan have posted the reviews and they have never posted anything against this car. The pics are also nice. The FE given to you is good. Logan gives a returns a good FE. Looks does not matter as it is left to the individual taste.

BTW, welcome to TBHP. Do go through the announcement section.
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does it come with leather seats as standard fitment?
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Originally Posted by rrnsss View Post
does it come with leather seats as standard fitment?
Currently, only the top end diesel has the leather seat covers.
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mileage difference of just 1.5kmpl between city & highway is disappointing. A sensible car, i would say.
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Excellent review. I might just go ahead and buy a Logan sometime in the future if my budget permits or my neighbor decides to sell his!!! Total VFM!
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Very good written review with good expereince. I have same feeling about Logan its truely VFM car, but people critisize it for no reason.

I agree its overpriced by 30,000/- otherwise its good. Logan has better quality materials compared with Maruti or TATA cars. I didn't understand why its marketed as cheap car which has killed its status I think and they didn't price it cheap.

If you take practicality in mind Logan comes first in its class and below and one above. I would prefer Logan or Indigo over premium hatches (Getz/pailo/Swift).


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man you are lucky to get that FE from a 1.5L... diesel rocks no doubt

could you justify not buying the indigo in place of the logan??
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Originally Posted by beanstalk_230 View Post
could you justify not buying the indigo in place of the logan??

i heard pugram (another logan team bhpian) say that the engine is it's USP. way ahead of the indigo in that dept.
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Nice review there ezee.

Needless to say your FE figures are completely wrong.
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That is a wonderful review.

Beautifully laid out with points and crisp. I have also heard about the amazing FE and build quality. Also heard that its very steady at high speeds (European connection again ? ) and the back seat is probably the best in its class.

Keep going.

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Actually I was going to buy Fiesta (doubtful about its service network, Verna I cant afford) and was almost decided but heard that Renault is launching Logan next month and trust me I dont consider Logan due to Mahindra, its only and only due to Renault. If you see European Logan forums you will find people crazy about this car and its performance.

21 days waiting is nothing if you compare a 3 month waiting in some EU countries. Also Mahindra never promoted Logan as cheap car, infact they just said "Wide Body Car" a budget one. The problem is our mind because we generally treat car by our status symbol and wealth. Most of the time we buy car by looks & Manufacturer's trust (for home use) and not by its performance and use. This is the only cause why Maruti is still able to sell most number of cars. Although I treat Maruti cars as taking benefit of their trust factor not performance.

Regarding not buying Tata's cars, can be guessed by anyone, their engine is still not upto the mark and looses everything beyond 80 to 90k (see what peter says about Tata cars). Their trademark rear wheel problem still continues. /-----\. The fitments they are offering (LCD etc) can be easily done at very reasonable price. My fundamental of buying a car is "Dont see which you can replace or get fitted through market, see what you cant replace like its engine, axle, balance, handling etc."

Also regarding FE I am also amazed with its performance which I didnt expect ( I can show you on board comp. photo). But some of my EU freinds told me that its engine improves after 6000 - 9000 kms and gets more smoother later (but make sure you drive atleast 15k a year).
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nice review from a satisfied owner. logan is really a FVM. regarding the looks, it can be changed as per our tastes, thanks to exterior body jobs which can be easily done in 20-30 k.
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