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Really neat,unbiased and comprehensive review. Enjoy your new car and keep us posted further.
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Congrats Condor. Excellent write up. Alloys looks great on your josh machine.
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Good Review! I would recommend getting a nice chunky ORVM (from another car) and paint it and the door handles in body colour. Also you might want to get side skirts done to dress it up.
Originally Posted by condor View Post
Cranking / Re-starting the engine :
Need to hold the key in ‘crank’ position for more than a second, till the engine comes to life. Was a little surprised by this.

Power-steering seems motorized / EPS. The effort required is steady, irrespective of speed. No details about the type of PS is provided in the owner’s manual. I would have said Spec sheet, but there is no spec sheet in the manual !
I think the one second may used to operate the glow plugs (heater). Does it happen in the mornings or always?

The Ikon power steering is Hydraulic for sure, its an old platfrom. Even the Fiesta is.

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I'm impressed. I've TDed it but didn't know that the bonnet is undamped. So you damp it, and there'll be ZERO sound inside.

Lovely detailed review, and me likes that you still haven't got the ICE
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Nice review.

Few things, I have blind spotters on the ORVM's on my car, I have fit those on the lower inner corner of each mirror, that was I have actually utilised the not so useful reference zone, where you reference part of the body to know where the objects are in relation to your car).

The handrest on my 1.6 nxt is different and is pretty ergonomic, but then it has power window switches that you have to bend out to reach.

There is sound deadening on the 1.6, enquire about it from the workshop you'll get it. I got mine replaced sometime back.

I have a center console box/armrest and like you mentioned, the access to the recliner knob is from the rear. Its not inconvenient but something that you need to be aware of. However I had to get a wooden bracket (sloped towards the front) fabricated so that the armrest angle does not hamper gear shifting. Moreover the position also had to take into account the parking brake lever. Required a bit of trial and error, but once done, very convenient.

Enjoy your Josh machine! The look will grow on us, dont worry.
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Very detailed review. And congratulations for buying this car mainly for parents.

What really surprises me in the car is
1) That Intake. We know Indian roads and what happens with even 4 inches of rain.

2) Power window switches. I hope they are back lit.

Now the other thing that amazes me is how your camera goes into space where even my hand cannot go with ease ?
Appreciate you effort.
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Great review, Condor! And congrats on the Josh machine!
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Team-BHP Support
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Outstanding review, and one written straight from the heart. The opening lines, especially, can originate only from the grey cells of a petrolhead.

Originally Posted by condor View Post
The requirements : no particular order.
Entry level sedan. More than cost, because of the last point listed here.
Passenger comfort. Car was to be used primarily by parents, who dont drive.
Budget About 7L.
Costs – operating & maintenance.
Boot required – this is not something that can be added later, right ?
- Driven mostly by driver.
The Ikon TDCi fits your requirements to the T. I had exactly the same needs a little while back and zero'ed in on the Indigo TDi. 2 years down the line and I would have probably picked up the Ikon TDCi or the Vista myself. A crucial area where the Indigo + Ikon score over the Dzire is in rear bench comfort.

Congratulations Condor. The TDCi will keep you happy with its efficiency. Do opt in on an extended warranty right away.
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What a detailed review!! Fantastic! The alloys do look quite decent! Sorry I couldnt meet you when you brought the car here for the tyres/alloys.

Fantastic review man. I havent read such a good review in the so called professional magazines!
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Parwath congratulations and that's one heck of a detailed report. Heck who needs a TD on the new Ford TDCI with your report in place. Good on you buddy and why Aura ?
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Congrats Condor, another Ikon Tdci joins the Bhp Family.

I am having a great time owning one, Hope u do enjoy the same.

How much did you paid for the Aura alloys?
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Congrats on your Car !!!

Originally Posted by condor View Post

I prefer factory fitted features than having to do things up post delivery., These are not stuff like ICE, upholstery, etc .. but those that are better done in the factory. Selecting a Fiesta would have meant going beyond the base version – and definitely above my budget. So out of the door she went ..
I was just wondering what would you have missed in case you had bought the base version of the Fiesta compared to the Icon Tdci? Costwise the petrol Fiesta is same as the diesel icon. Remember the 90k discount they were offering for 10 days for the exi,
In your comparison you have included petrol cars as well hence the question.

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Parwath, you seem to have covered everything in your review. Great work, and good to see you are enjoying the car.

Regarding the lack of insulation/padding on the bonnet, what kind of material do other cars have here? Think a DIY of some kind is called for here?

P.S. : You could post the pic of both our cars together, just for the current model vs the old-model effect.
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Though this has been said enough, i will still say it. A very very detailed and unbiased review. Been a long time since i read such an honest, detailed review.

Have fun with her, and drive safe. Cheers!!

PS - What is with Ford and the boot release button anyways?
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Congrats on buying the new Ikon Condor & boy thats one hell of detailed Report.

Thanks for sharing with all
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