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Old 9th February 2009, 12:41   #46
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Congrats Vinay. this definitely is a VFM and you will be more happy when you take your family for a long trip 6 -7 of you..
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Congrats for the purchase. Was reading through your review as it will be an owners experience.
But your review stopped suddenly after generating interest for a detailed write up of buying experience.
waiting for more.
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This vehicle has generated a lot of interest, might go in for it. So Vinay Bhai where is the balance write up.
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Old 9th February 2009, 14:42   #49
Team-BHP Support
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Congrats Vinay! A good choice, indeed.

Saw a Exlyo E8 here in Bangalore of the same color on road, which belonged to a family, and i felt that if you ignore the crazy-looking headlamps, the rest of the vehicle seems fine. Better looking than the Tavera, i would say.
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Old 9th February 2009, 16:26   #50
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Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Started last night to write the complete review but had to stop just after two para's. Today buried deep in work. Will continue the review today even asa I get home. Kindly bear with me.
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Getting the keys:

The loan thing done, now it was for us, me and the HDFC agent assigned to me to search for the car's availability. I called all the NCRs Mahindra dealerships. Even the ones not selling the premium Mahindra models but was told that the vehicles are in transit.

Finally after waiting for a week or so, on 28th I got a call from Sri Durga Automobiles saying they have a vehicle and can be delivered the next day. I reached there on the evening of 29th to find that the vehicle was a display one. I checked it all around and somehow did not wanted to take that display vehicle. It was all full of fingerprints and even some scratches here and there. So I declined. I called all the other dealerships but except for one at Noida(it was around 20k dearer due to taxation difference), was told no vehicle is ready for delivery till next 15-20 days. Hearing this, I payed the initial booking amount at Sri Durga to make sure I get the vehicle in time. I was promised a new vehicle will be available the following day. Somehow at this stage, I was told by the HDFC agent that there was a problem and the DD will not be ready before 31st morning. I was really pissed off at this moment. Something or the other was coming in the way and the target of Wednesday was delayed by 3 days now. All this while, the Manager at the showroom handled the situation really well. He made sure to be after the bank executive and that all the formalities are done before hand even when I was busy at work. Finally, Saturday came and I got ready all excited to get the keys. I was told by the agent that the DD will reach the dealership by 12pm. Waited till 12 and when did not get the call, I called in the agent only to be told that the DO (Delivery Order from the bank) is ready and he will be faxing it in a few minutes. As the dealer had told me earlier that the DO will not be sufficient to get the delivery, I fumed at the agent. He helplessly told me that its not possible to get the DD today. I was all furious. You can imagine how angry I might have been. I called our HDFC relationship manager and yelled at him for this carelessness of his staff. He promised to look into it and do his best. I was not at all ready to wait another day. Giving in meant that next day being a Sunday, it was not possible to get the DD thing done and then I will not get time during the week. Finally had to approach a dad's friend sitting high up in HDFC who helped me by calling up the dealership and persuaded them to deliver the vehicle against the DO.

At last after more then a weeks speculations, I got the keys of the vehicle that too at the last minute of the mahurat. We had to rush down to the dealership and run towards the workshop where PDI and anti scratch coating was being done to do the "First Crank Ceremony". Finally with the PDI and all other formalities done, I got the keys at a formal ceremony with pooja and a snap.

This was my buying experience. I was told the shortage of vehicles was due to some problems at the assembly line at Nasik plant and also some logistical issues.

To be continued......

Next: Why E6? Over all build, fit and finish.

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Congratulations dude,

Extremely pleasant colour
The wheel caps look very good
Even the E6 comes with rear demister, excellent
The CIVIC type speedo read-out of the center console is a great touch
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hearty congrats vinay. despite of all the criticism it received on T-BHP, the TD proved me that its a very competent vehicle.
very spacious & comfortable, host of features & practical touches, adequate power & i expect it to be efficient too, at 7.5 lakhs! total value for money.
being a mahindra, tough build & reliabilty will be standard on all variants!

happy cruising!

Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 View Post
Is this a petrol?
I see the rpm all the way upto 7
there is no petrol engine for the xylo. remember what happened to the petrol innova, scorpio & safari?

Note from the Team-BHP Support Staff : Please use the "edit" button if posting within 15 minutes of the first post, instead of creating another back-to-back post

Also use "Multi Quote" option for quoting Multiple posts.

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nice write-up Vinay, eagerly waiting for the next installments
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Congrats vinay. You said it right very VFM product and a decent *** makes this a nice buy
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Congrats Vinay.
The color is nice.
More i see the front more it gives me scorpish feeling.
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Default Congrats

Vow, Congratulation. I feel like you are on top of the world, being one among the first few to own and drive the Xylo. Safe Driving.
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congratz mate!
looks like mahindra have a winner on there hands...
its surely a good looking vehicle!
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Default Mahidra Xylo E6 Review

Why E6?
The first thing that I had to decide after I had made my mind for the Xylo was which variant to go for. Xylo is available in four variants

E2: HVAC, Power steering, Power windows, Central Locking, Transponder-based Immobilizer, Flat bed Front Seats.

E4: Dual AC is added, rest same as E2.

E6: Adds dual ACs with roof console, Vinyl + Fabric Seats, Remote Locking, Wheel Caps, Rear Wash Wipe & Demist, Intellipark Reverse Assist, Two dinn Audio system (with USB & SD Card), Ski Racks (Optional), Digital Drive Assist System (Trip computer,Speedo,Gear engaged), Electric ORVM & Body Side Moulding, Arm Rests, Lumber Support in captain seats, Contrast exteriors & Full floor Consol, front and back fod lamps

E8: Adds Alloy Wheels, Digital Drive Assist Sytem (full info including the selectable religious symbols and a compass), Reverse Fog Lamps, Foldable Flight Trays.

Finally, after a long discussion, I zeroed on to the E6 which had everything I wanted and for Rs 732500 Ex showroom was worth a buy. The Final OTR price was Rs. 803000 excluding a special Suraksha Kawach Insurance which I got for Rs 6000, Anti Scratch coating for upper body and anti rust for underbody and engine for another Rs 6000. So final price was Rs. 815000. Ski racks are 5k additional that I did not opt for. The OTR prices for E2 is 683k, E4 is 735k and E8 is 849k.

Also things to be noted are the color schemes and seat combos, something I did not like. Say E6 is only available in 7 Seater version and the only color choices are Mint Green, Toreador Red, Fiery Black. A very clever thought buy mahindra to lure those who a opting for an E6 to go for E8. Even the interiors in Red in E6 are different then the red in E8. E6 you get black silver interiors with no option for wallnut but in E8 you get both.

I wanted either Mist Silver (which is only availble in E2 and E4) or Red with wallnut interiors (only E8) and that made me opt the E8 at the last moment but due to the unavailability of the vehicle, I went ahead with E6. So guys, all in all, just be prepared for a good amount of thinking before you opt for the right variant with all the choices you wish provided its available.

Fit, finish and build:

Well guys, this is one area where this mahindra has scored the maximum. Its by far the best made mahindra I have come across. Be it the panel gaps or the paint job everything is just perfect. Everything on the exterior is no less in quality then the innova or for that matter any other foreign brand.

The quality of the plastics inside is a different story altogether. I would say the plastics are not at all up to the mark. You feel the lack of quality in everything you touch.

Upholstery makes up for what the plastics loose. The seats in the Xylo are better then those in the innova and they provide Lumber support (three point adjustable) plus the driver sear height adjustment. The seats are so comfortable, they made me compare it to the back seats of the Contessa I had years back.


Switchgear is also upto the mark. The quality is better then the other bits of plastic and opteration is also smooth. At least a lot better then the scorpio's where I remember the steering mounted controls rattled when I pressed them hard. (no steering mounted controls in xylo).

The Small things that make you feel good like the DDAS (Digital Drive Assist System). This is one gadget that you will like the most in the xylo. As soon as you turn the key to "ON", the DDAS boots and displays the Mahindra logo for 10 secs followed by "Welcome To the Xylo" greeting. It then shows the last mode you were on like the first mode is the Speedo and the Gear selected where you get the speed and the gear you are in. It highlihts the gear number form all 6 shown asa you engage the clutch (read lift the foot off the clutch padel). Toggle the mode selector arrow keys and you can switch to two part trip computer. first screen shows the average speed since the last reset and the FE in Km/l. Press the toggle key again and you will see the distance travelled and the distance you can travel with the remaining amount of fuel. The last screen is an artistic Xylo logo which I think has been replaced by the religious symbol feature in the E8. Yes, you do not get the God/Goddesses in E6. The other omission from the E6 is the compass where it show the directions and heading.

The keyless entry and exit is I think a direct import from the Scorpio. It has all the features a regular anti theft system has plus the follow me home headlights which work only during the night.

The lights I would mention in the inside are prety impressive. You have a spot light for every seat plus two room lights which dim in theater style. You have puddle lights at the bottom of all five doors which sufficiently illuminate the ground before you set your foot out of the car.

The Music System is a Nippon brand two dinn MP3 USB,SD card/Aux unit with sufficient sound. All four doors have the speakers and the tweeters are installed in the front doors just inside where normally the manual ORVM adjuster joystick is installed. And yes, the ORVMs are electrically adjustable.

Haven't tested the AC completely yet but I bet its best in class. The molded roof looks amazing with all those lights and AC vents.

To be continued......
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congrats on your purchase.enjoy your vehicle.it is a real VFM car.
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