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Foby - I am sory to hear about your Jetta issue. Its truly a Lemon. Since VW sells Jetta, Passat, Toureg(do they?) only in India the oil they used is Synthetic. Think about it Why would i keep an oil in my dealership if it wasnt suppose to go in any of my cars. I can understand a mistake if Maruti was making a car that needs Synthetic and then the service staff puts the oil of 800 by mistake (ignore me if SX4 already needs synthetic).

Secondly The check engine light does come on by default whenever there is a issue and it could be anything based on the coolant issue you had. About the broken Pipe - did you hit something hard? Coz if you have then it could be one of the sensors that went of on this engine which may need replacement.

When i purchased the Passat i was little inclined to the top model of Jetta which was a sportier sibling the sales person said dont buy it since Jetta is made in Mexico and Passat is made directly in Germany. I felt it was just a sales pitch he just wanted to sell the passat.

We met with a Crash on the passat and then when the parts were ordered we actually had to wait for a long time and thats when it was confirmed they came from Germany. So Jetta is definately not that great of a build. Look at the manufacturing year somewhere near the Chasis. That 2006 could just be a coding culture.
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So, is the issue here with VW Jetta or with Toyota bringing in Qualis and having a lot of happy customers?

And this is even after the Qualis has been phased out in India also!

What wrong with giving a VFM product, even if it is not the latest babe on the floor? As long at the users are getting the value, so be it.

Having said that, let us get back the VW.

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Note from Mods : Post deleted. Please repost your points in a decent tone.

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that VW's drink a lot of oil is universally accepted. but everything else is unacceptable !

I wonder if audi's are going to be any better
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Might be off topic but..
How do you get to know if the service guy actually put in normal oil or synthetic oil unless you are really familiar with it and have used it in the past?
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i suspect dealer tampering regarding the 2006 labeled parts.
Qualis still has a huge demand in the 2nd hand market and will so for the next 10 years or more.Ditto with the innova when it gets phased out.Look at the bright side at least toyota doesn't sell 2 generations of the same car with a different name and a hefty price margin(skoda and maruthi also).
If they wanted to do so they would have sold the qualis and innova side by side.
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Sighhhhh..how many more of the same ? I mean the litany of compalints from the Volkswagen group ( Skoda, Audi, VW) never seems to stop.
And to boot they are arrogant too ! VW is never a prestige brand elsewhere and the less said about their taxi brand ( Skoda ) the better.
Try getting in touch with any of their management ,to get an abject lesson in arrogance and haughtiness . Honda dealers too are rapidly catching on in the arrogance rankings, however you can credit Hondas with reliability that VW can never dream of.
However why is Toyota forgotten ? Their cars write the rulebook in reliability and their dealer experience is throughly professional.
I went to Millenium Toyota to consider the Altis, the test drive was a breeze, explanations succint and upto the point, and dealer ambience swell ! I then broached the topic of trading in my Swift VDi ABS and well what do you know ..they advised me against selling the Swift ( at the risk of losing my business).because they extolled its virtues and resale value( by the way I got a fair quote from them ). They suggested that I keep the car for a minimum of 3 years and then trade in ( mine was 10 months old ). Or I could keep it as a second vehicle in the family.
I eventually did not buy the Altis, but, Toyota has a firm potential customer in me.
A text book case of how to spread the good word ?
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No photos, no bills some how something doesn't seem right here; need to see full details before we comment on anything
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The Toyota Qualis is a wrong example to use here.
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foby, could you please post the pics of all the problems in your car (the seatbelts, the 2006 parts etc.)
From the looks of it, VW is going to go the Skoda way.
I'll happily stick to the Japs or Koreans.
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Let us have evidence.

It is far easier to jump at the first opportunity, generalise and criticise/bad mouth a brand. Even the Rolls Royce has had a recall, does that make all RRs or all Bimmers unreliable? Toyota has had an especially trying year - does it make all Toyotas bad? We have had many instances of unreliable Skodas in this forum, yet have had other Skoda owners describe their experiences in glowing terms, paradoxically.

Moreover, the probability of the dealer pulling a fast one can't be discounted totally.
Also, some cars are lemons, irrespective of the brand and there is very little that one can do in the circumstances.

Please let us have the evidence and decide.

Regards,drive safe

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Guys this is an old thread!!

For all you know, all the owners problems have been sorted already and the Owner and the car all living together in happy matrimony since the last year!!!
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I am surprised! Have a Jetta 2.0 TDi and I have not had yet any issues with the car till now. Actually I am happy that I brought this car. The dealer was EVM Trivandrum and they also did a wonderful job.
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