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Default Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS

My car stands sold..in fact it is no longer mine.

Before anyone ask me .. What ?...Why ?... Where ?...When ?...to Whom ?, for How much ?...etc etc, let me clarify, i did not sell ANHC, in fact i can not sell it yet as as it is hypothicated with my loan provider. I sold my car which was 100% owned by me.. my first car Palio 1.2 ELX PS.

Infact i sold my car last year itself. It took about an year to get the vehicle transferred, I intend to share in this thread my experience of owning my Mumbai registered car over 7 years, driving it over 62000 KMs and then eventually selling it in Bangalore.

I would keep it as short as possible. I can not remember everything that happened between me and my first car, more over i do not have many photographs of my first car, but i have videos of several road trips in mini DV format which i can not upload. Still i will try to digout some pictures for the sake of nostalgia.

Hence this would be indeed the residue of my memories of my first car.

First car is like first love, it can be a life long sweet memory or it could even be a "once bitten, twice shy" experience. Overall, anyway it will convert a boy into a man.

Now 8 years after i bought my first car, having gone through the complete ownership cycle, i can say, it was an experience which was not only pleasant, but also worth remembering, cherishing a lifetime. my efforts at writing this thread is a proof of what i feel about my first car.

In writing this thread, i intend to follow the theme of the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", i.e. in reverse order viz.

* experience of transfering the car in the name of the new owner
* experience of selling a MH registered car in Bangalore
* brief experience of owning two vehicles ANHC and Palio
* Declining relationship : Period 2008-2009
* Beyond boundary relationship : migration of MH vehcile to KA way back in March 2008.
* ON-OFF relationship : period 2006-2008
* Stable and Mature relationship : period 2004-2006
* End of Honeymoon, but excitment continues : 2003
* Honeymoon period : June 2002 to Dec 2002
* Saga of falling in love with a palio and owning it : 2001-2002
* a tribue to my first car, a real all rounder.

At the end i will share my learnings about owning a Car in India, with specific to a FIAT Palio and finally some recommendations to FIAT as an well informed consumer.

thanks for reading.. stay with me..

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Hey Star, yes the first car like other firsts in life does feel special even after its long gone. I still remember my old Zen with a thrill, even 8 yrs after its gone.
I've enjoyed reading through your other threads and I'm sure this will be as good.
glued to it
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In earlier days, owning a car used to be an ambition as well as for duration of a lifetime. Once a person buys an Ambassador or Premier Padmini or M800, or a Daewoo Matiz, he would own it for his life. During the new age or 21st century India, where even the marriages does not last a life time, the new car ownership periods have shrunk to less than a decade or even less than 5 years in many cases.

This shrinking ownership period is basically due to fast evolving the needs of the consumer as well as the choices one is presented with in this hyper competitive market place.

But couple of things have not changed.. first, the excitement or pleasure of buying one's first car and second, the sorrow or trouble of selling the same.

Buying experience is made a pleasureable and consistent one by the eager to sell dealers and car brands, where as the re-selling experience is still inconsistent and often very tedious and longdrawn, some times troublesome too.

Mine was no different. I actually sold my Palio in July 2009 and it took over 1 year to actually transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the new owner and getting it re-registered in Bangalore.

One may wonder why.. becasue my car was having a MH registration number (MH02 LA xxxx), i had sold my car in Bangalore, More over my Palio was still in my employers name (in the RC book) even though the employer had provided me with all the needed documentation, i had never actually got it transferred to my name as i too was in Bangalore from 2006 and could not find any time to visit the RTO office in Goregaon where the vehicle was first registered.

so it was a real experience to get the required documentation, NOC, police verifications etc needed for the transfer and re-registration in bangalore.

i will write about it in my next post..some time tomorrow.

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The milestones involved in selling the Palio were as below

10th June 2009 :
Enquiry about the Palio by a known family friend. I leave the car with the m for couple of days so that they can have a feel of the car. I also explain them my feedback on what needs to be changed etc along with approx costs involved.

20th June 2009 :
Agreement reached regarding the transfer of vehicle ownership between buyer and seller (me). Car would be transfered on as is, where is basis. After signing the agreement, the vehicle along with the keys (2 nos) and the documents (User Manual, RC book, Insurance policy document, non polluting vehicle certificate, NOC+form 35 received from the previous financier) handed over to the buyer. It was also agreed that the responsibility of getting the vehicle transferred in favour of the buyer and the costs associated with it including the registration expenses, tax related aspects and all the procedural costs etc would be borne by the buyer. A nominal Value of vehicle was received by the buyer.

As the previous NOC was old and invalid, i also got a fresh NOC from the former financer (Lease Plan India Ltd) and handed over to the buyer. Getting this NOC took me almost 1 month as i had to contact my previous employer, through him contact the Lease Plan, send the previous copy of NOC and get a fresh one issued, couriered and received in Bangalore. This cost me RS 1000/- paid to the Lease Plan India Ltd.

26th Aug 2009 :
Agreement transfered on to a RS 100/- stamp paper and signed. Agreement clearly mentioned the class of the vehicle, make, model, channis & engine numbers, fuel type, body colour, year of manufacturing, registration umber, registered RTO, Insurance provider, Insurance policy number and validity.

Sept 2009- May 2010:
Buyer needed Form 28 (4 copies), Form 29 (2 copies), Form 30 (2 copies) and Form 35 (3 copies)

He also needed NOC from the local RTO (Goregaon) and police i.e. goregaon (place of registration), andheri (location of my employer) and Vashi (where i was staying). I contacted one of agent who had helped my ex-colleague to follow the same process couple of years ago. This involved some processsing fee RS 4000/- This was paid by the Buyer.

The buyer submitted the following to the Yelahanka RTO some time in september to get the vehicle transferred in their name. Yelahanka RTO took their sweet time to assess the application and requested for more documents from my Employer who was the owner of the vehicle as per the previous RC book. This request was made some time in Feb 2010.

May 2010 :
The buyer returned to me with the following request.

Yelahanka RTO had asked him to submit the forms again with the signature of the authorized signatory of my previous employer instead of Lease Plan India.

I had moved out of my previous employer way back in July 2006, so contacting them, finding the right person, communicating what is needed, them digging out the files, agreeing to provide the needed documents, me couriering the required forms to them and them sending the signed forms back to me took almost 2 weeks.

June 2010 - Aug 2010 :
The buyer again submitted the documents for the transfer, Yelahanka RTO handed over the new smart card based registration certificate 1 week back. I got a copy of the both sides of the smart card RC for my records as well as to send to my previous employer.

Now i have to follow up with my employer for refunding the additional registration fee charged for company registration. I am told my employer has to apply for it and once received, i will be handed over the same after deducting the processing costs.

both sides of the RC smart card (minus the details ofcourse)
Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS-new-registration-smart-card.jpg

I am a bit more wiser now after selling the Palio. I am also convinced that knowledge (Vidya & Buddhi) comes first and Money (Laxmi) comes next.

now the car sports a new registration number. It appears my girl has adapted a new family name.

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Just for the record - if the authorities at the seller's jurisdiction refuse to issue NOC, they have to put that in writing; else, if they simply delay the matter, the buyer's RTO has to register on basis of proof of making the applications to the sellers' RTO & police department.

That is the layman's translation of the CMVR. (central Motor Vehicle Rules).
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Originally Posted by gomzi View Post
I still remember my old Zen with a thrill, even 8 yrs after its gone.
this thread is an attempt towards ensuring i can too rememebr my first car 7 years hence.

Originally Posted by BaCkSeAtDrIVeR View Post
That is the layman's translation of the CMVR. (central Motor Vehicle Rules).
fortunately or unfortunately layman does not know this or can not enforce this. Layman will be pushed from piller to post or made to pay the procedural fee before things happen. I would say in this case all the complexity got resolved at the reasonable cost of RS 4000/- without both of us ever required to travel to Mumbai for this work, from this experience i can say Incredible India.

In this case the situation was more complex due to the multiple party

1. Vehicle pocessor (real owner) i.e me
2. Vehicle financer (hypothicator) i.e. Lease Plan India
3. Vehicle owner (as per RC book) i.e. my ex-employer
4. Second buyer : the buyer in Bangalore, actually he is the third buyer if i would have transferred the vehicel in my name once the lease plan got over 3 years ago.
5. Original RTO i.e. Goregaon, Maharastra
6. New RTO i.e Yelahanka, Karnataka
7. Different Police Stations viz. Goregaon/Andheri/Vashi (in Mumbai), Yelahanka (Bangalore)

anyway, Any logical conclusion is good. i am happy that it got over. I am sure the buyer is also happy.

How he is free to get the things improved with the car

1. New set of tyres, all the tyres are at end of life
2. New wiper blades
3. remote lock needs repairing
4. New rear wiper arm
5. new battery (the current one might survive another year max)
6. Getting the car serviced, wheel aligned, oil, air and a/c filters changed.
7. Getting a new ICE, my blaupunkt ICE panel got stollen in Mumbai itself, the driver unit and speakers were there in the vehicle.
8. getting a new pair of rear mudflaps, one of them got torn last year.
9. changing the seat covers if he is bored with the old black coloured one

having spent for the re-registration, karnataka road tax and the procedural fees, i am sure he will plan these changes in a phased manner.

I would love to see the car back in its glory. may be i will get to see it some day in near future.

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Default Some memories of owning a non KA registered Palio in Karnataka.

Now having sold the FIAT Palio, what is left with me is pure nostalgia.

First one is a fond memory...I too owned 2 cars at the same time. Owning one car itself puts one on the top of the world, i had double fun (ANHC & Palio) for a brief period May 22nd 2009 till 26th Aug 2009.

During those 3 months, weekends always had this dilema, which car to be driven. Most of the time ANHC won, basically becasue there were less chances of bangalore traffic police stopping it due to it's KA registration. But still couple of times Palio won because the attraction to drive that car was too much.

Taking two cars for washing-cleaning was fun. on two weekends during those 3 months i was the VIP at the nearby carwash. Having two cars also made me VIP at the nearby IOCL petrol station.

The next door puncture repair shop guys were very un-happy that i sold my Palio as i was a frequent customer for them.

Second good memory of mine associated with MH registered Palio was, even i spoke in fluent Kannada, most people around karnatka used to respond in Hindi. They used to assume, i do not understand Kannada, when they realize that the expression on their face was simply worth watching. I enjoyed this experience everytime when i asked for a direction to the voice assisted interactive local positioning system between March 2008 till Aug 2009.

One tip i can shamelessly share with non KA registered car owners is to keep the non polluting vehicle certificate from the original city having current validity. This will save you lot of trouble with the local traffic police. I travelled 3 times to Mumbai in my Palio and everytime paid RS 60 to get a new certificate just on the day i was returning to Bangalore. This helped me to avoid getting fined eventhogh i was stopped over dozen times in those 18 months.

I had very fond memory of the traffic policeman at ORR, Hebal, Yelahanka saying good words about my former employer after having seen the name on the RC book. It is worth having such an employer and it made me proud several times. Policemen have asked me whether i know the media savvy, expat head of the R&D center of this company in Bangalore who used to ride bicycle to Nandi hills, who lead from the front to create India's first Privately sponsored and branded building for Police Station of Yelahanka.

I have often seen non KA registered vehicles having their number plates in Kannada. I do not know how effective this is. I alwasy found it amusing to read a west bengal or Haryana or any other state registered vehicle sporting a registration number in Kannada.

Other thing i have seen on the non KA registered vehcile plying on the roads of Bangalore is they sport big stickers which say ARMY or AIRFORCE, where the the occupants perfectly look like a localite or civilian. Ofcourse i never know.

Another fond memory is joining Team BHP in Sep 2008, I have often seen fights between FIAT FANs and FIAT haters, I believe owning a FIAT Palio was instant recognition itself, atleast here on the forum. I am attaching here the welcome received by me which confirms this.

Originally Posted by GTO
3 years before you signed up!! Well, better late than never and welcome to the team. Since you own a Palio and are fond of long-distance road trips, I can tell that you will be a popular man on Team-BHP .
Often i read the questions from fellow BHPians regarding getting their vehicles here in Bangalore. I would say Bangalore and Karnataka is a reasonably good place to bring your vehcicle and drive around. Police are often helpful, directions and name boards are also available in English, people are helpful when one askes for help/direction.

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Default Period of declining affection towards Palio

Now i talk about the period which motivated me to buy new car and move away from Palio. I would name this period as Declining Relationship. This started when we moved to Bangalore in April 2008 till May 2009.

It was increasingly becoming difficult to own a FIAT Palio due to several aspects as below.

1. Not knowing the different service stations in Bangalore, I was told there were only two but both of them were not very eager to servcie the FIAT cars.

2. Getting stopped by Police every now and then for the sake of inspection

3. Not a great experience of getting the vehicle serviced at Manipal Motors. The needed parts were never available, the delivery commitments made were never kept.

4. All of a sudden breakdown of the Palio on Bellary road once and the trouble needed to be taken to arrange for a towing vehicle, getting the vehicle repaired at Manipal motors

5. One breakdown due to clutch plate at some 30KM after Chitradurga while travelling to Mumbai. This was after the vehicle returned from a regular servcie at manipal motors, plus a special inspection and check up of the clutch plate on my request and the servcie station telling me it is good enough for another 5000-6000 KMs.

This breakdown made us stay at Chitradurga for 2 nights 3 days and getting the vehicle fixed at a Tata Service station having no experience of servicing a FIAT car.

I have to place on record the help offered by the manager of the Service station in sending the technicians to the breakdown location, getting th evehicle towed back to Chitradurga, contacting several service stations in Banaglore, Shimoga, Hubli, for the clutch plate, deputing one person to get a clutch plate on a sunday to Bangalore, getting it courired on sunday evening to Chitradurga, receiving it on monday morning and fixing the issue by Monday evening.

They also helped in getting a AC hotel room for us just opposite the service station at nominal price, helping us to transfer all our luggage to the hotel in their vehicle. I am sure becasue of such people Tata and FIAT are still able to sell their vehicles in India.

5. One accident (during the next trip) with a buffalo running into my car and landing on the bonnet and windscreen while travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai near Kittur and the trouble associated with it. This was an incident which matured me by leaps and bounds.

Imagine two buffaloes running into the car which was travelling at 90 KMPH on a 6 lane GQ, they ran into the car sideways running and crossing the road diving plants/bushes and landing on the bonnet all of a sudden.

It took me one full day to resolve the issue amicably with the owner of the buffellow, ofcourse this took some help from local police as well. It appears that few people were cahsing the buffaloes across the road from the other side and the buffalos while running just jumped the bush fense and landed on my car.

Eventually i paid for the transportation to the hospital and treatment of the injured buffalo and some chaipaani to the local police for amicably settling this.

Here is the picture of the damaged vehicle
Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS-accident-buffalo.jpg

One good thing was we all survived only beacuse the car was Palio, if it would have been a Santro or any other hatchback, then i am sure all of you would not have been reading this review.

I find it amazing that the engine was just fine even after a big buffalo weighing 600-700KG landing on it. We drove till mumbai without any further issues, except about several W&H questions from the onlookers when ever we stopped at toll boths or at restaurant for meals.

6. Getting the car repaired at Mumbai was a very tedious process. The assessment of the damage at the authorized service station was RS 90000/- I was not at all happy spending that much money for a 6+ year old vehicle. So on advice of my friend, i contacted a neighbourood local garage in Vashi and the vehicle as made good in just 19000/- The whole bonnet, front bumper, windshield, side rearview mirror, right side body enclosure from the door till the bumper, right side headlight assembly etc was replaced. One wheel rim got bit bent and could be used only as a spare for short duration itself.

7. The tyres were old too, it used to get punctured very now and then. This was very irritating to find a flat tyre when you are fully dressed and ready to go to the office. A new set of tyres would have costed me another 12-15K and change of bent wheel would have cost another several thousand K.

8. The car was showing it's age, the silver was no longer bright, some dents thanks to the bikers were really showing up.

I wanted to sell of the vehicle in Mumbai itself, but not so good valuation prevented me for selling my beloved car for such a low price. So i returned in approx April 2009 end from mumbai having decided that i need to buy a new car ASAP. I eventually booked ANHC on 17th May and got the delivery on 22nd May 2009.

What to do with the good old Palio ?
Initially thought of gifting it to wife, but that still required me to invest in revamping the car, getting it re-registred in Bangalore, paying the road tax again etc. a Simple maths by wife made her decline the offer.

Then thought of gifiting it to Dad, but then the formula one private bus drivers on NH17 made me realize that my 65 year old father driving a car on those roads would be next to impossible. So a quick discussion with him confirmed my gut feel, he too declined the offer.

Then came the enquiry from my 24 year young nephew, he was smitten by Palio and wanted to buy this car, but when i explained him objectively what it takes to own this beauty, he too became wiser and promptly declined.

Then came an enquiry from a colleague of my co-brother in Vashi. But this guy wanted us to bring the car to Vashi again, which made us decline the offer.

Then decided to keep the car as it is for some time and make the decision later.

After couple of months came the offer from the evntual buyer. He was the one who despite my objective and factual briefing, his couple of days driving it, still wanted to buy the car. So the deal was struck at a nominal value.

I was at last happy that my good old Palio was going to be with another enthusiastic owner.

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Default Period 2006-2008 : Mumbai floods, Role of the Palio in Great Migration

Now i will take another leap into the past. I will write about the period from July 2006 when i moved to Bangalore when our company changed HQ from Mumbai to Bangalore till April 2008, when my family joined me in Bangalore lock-stock-barrel.

Living without a car in Bangalore was/is tough, but not for me as most of the time i was travelling, those days i used to travel 15-20 days a month, sometimes more. Three of my colleagues used to share an appartment (leased by me) and an Indica Diesel car (owned by a colleague)

Palio used to be there when i am in mumbai, but the on-off issues with the car used to irritate me some times. Wasan Motors near Anushaktinagar was the Service Center. It was a probelm to get the vehicle servcied on time, often waiting at the small lounge of wassan motor waiting for the car to be ready, or waiting in the queue for the billing, again at the cashier etc etc ensured a perception that FIAT owners were second class citizens in the Tata-FIAT world.

Still it was better than the stand alone FIAT world before.

July 26th 2006 floods in Mumbai was a memorable one. Fortunately i was saved from it due to my travels. I was in Chennai on that day, my car was parked in my building open parking. After 4+ days of stranding in Chennai and Hyderabad, when i returned home, i found that car was still flooded, and found some water inside the car, it was begining to stinck, it took a while for the foul smell to go and good amount of cleaning, shampooing etc at the Wassan Motors. Battery got damaged and had to be replaced immediately after the floods.

Still, Palio was being loved and being driven on several weekend trip to Pune. My daughter simply used to love the car, and car never broke down or had any issue on our numerous trips on the expressway as well as couple of vacations to Raighad, Nagaon, Kashid, Murud-Janjira, Pandharpur etc. We still cherish those memories and drives.

Palio helped us to move to Bangalore, with all our valuables. I still rememebr filling the car to the brim, with rear storage agrea filled with suitcases, space in the rear filled till the ceiling except the left most window seat meant for my daughter, front seat foot well filled with some more bags plus one sitar. All these items were left behind when the packer and mover took away the major households.

We took Navi Mumbai - Pune (attending a colleague's marriage as well as saying good bye to in-laws) - Kolhapur (visit to the temple and stay) - Dandeli (stay in the jungle lodge and safari) - Drive to karwar via the famous road - visit to Partagali where my parents had arrived for some function at the temple - Ankola - Murudeshwar - Marawanthe - Native place near Udupi - Shringeri - Hassan - Bangalore.

Here is the Palio taking a breather on the best road i have ever driven : between Kolhapur-Belgaum.
Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS-kolhapurbelgaum.jpg

Here it is some where between Dandeli and Karwar, notice the luggage on the rear seat and front seat footwells
Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS-near-dandeli.jpg

Having a look at the Karwar beach
Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS-near-karwar.jpg

Near the Marvanthe beach..note the river on one side and sea on another. Palio fulfilled one more of my dream of driving to Maravanthe in my car.
Curious Case of being in love with, buying, owning & selling a FIAT Palio1.2-ELX-PS-near-maravanthe.jpg

Except for a flat tyre in Dandeli, Palio was trouble free, carried the max load 4 adults + 1 child + all the luggage mentioned before, a pothole filled on NH17 over 300 KMs. The journey of over 1800 KMs spread across 12 days was simply the memorable one as for my family it was a real migration to a new place. So at last we were in Bangalore safe and sound.

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Default Selling a UP registered vehicle in Bangalore

I have been driving my UP registered car in bangalore since 2006. I never got the NOC or paid the RT as I was supposed to go back after a couple of years. However, my then employer decided to change plans (as they always do) and I am here ever-since. Now, I would like to sell the car and buy a new one as this is more than 8 years old. Can I get some guidance if there are any dealers who would be willing to buy the UP registered car "AS IS" as I do not want to get into paying the exorbitant RT in Bangalore and not even being able to recover it on sale.

Alternately, if I were to truck the car back to UP who / how can that be done and what would be the rough cost for the same.
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Hi Shako

I do not personally know any agents in BLR who can sell the car for you.
But you can try some of the following

1. advertise at your workplace
2. advertise on the T-BHP classifieds
3. Try some used car dealer near your workplace/home
4. use the network of your friends/colleagues/biz associates that you want to sell your Palio
5. Blog / Tweet / update your status in your facebook, tweeter, ORKUT etc etc profiles.

If you want to sell the car back in UP, then you can drive it there and publish a 5 star travelogue. regarding the charges of transportation through a container etc you may contact logistic companies like VRL/Sharma etc.
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For the other part of shako's query, there is a thread on sending cars by truck - usually by a truck which is returning after unloading cars at dealers.
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