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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

Originally Posted by jatinpatel View Post
yup mate i will they are everything to me and after them my cars come.
Hi Jatin, I stay at Versova and I have seen your car once at Indian Oil Junction Andheri , but since you dont have TBHP stickers on your car I could not recognise you , but your Alloys are great.

I had 800 5 Speed 2002 model with Alloys you can see my car photos in one of threads team BHP stickers when you sell your car remove TBHP stickers,and brand new tyres, I got fed up because of regular services it required I SOLD it last week and now I am for ALTO K10 VXI . we may see each other any time next time and say HI to each other.

Regarding your problem of seat you will have to sacrifice rear seat half portion on driver side,you can get this modificatio done by any seat maker, you will find one on Link Road near Vikram Petrol Pump, just above BASS.COM music system installer,ask for Mr. Raju or Sonu .Regars........
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

Simple, Neat, Beautiful & Worth its salt car. I too have an April 2005 car so its of same generation car as yours & in same color. Mine is CHANDIGARH registered
I loved those black pillars & have been planning them same. Any engine or internal mods done? I can see a K&N sticker, does it imply something?
Mine has clocked around 76K till yday. Once a BEST bus & then those Mumbai autos have taken their toll on her body. In 2007 rains, a Best bus rubbed hard against the left doors jamming them inwards but fortunately the glasses didn't broke. Got the doors done at Powai & can confirm that the shades never did match.
Since my car has been pilfered twice. I never went for a high-end music system. First it was just a basic pioneer with pioneer speakers. Then the pioneer was stolen & I got an ex-scorpio (just by sheer luck) with front usb.Second time thiefs made away with remote & the face plate so was left with a dead HU. EVO from Bangalore came as a big help & I got a decent Sony (with front USB/AUX) from him.

Where did you get the new bumpers? I need the backside one URGENTLY. I'm also planning some major engine overhauling. Let get 2gether for it.

Raab Rakha,
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

Originally Posted by jatinpatel View Post
Hello Jatin,
I am glad there are still people who love the 800 , simple as it is.I have a 97 800 and most of the people i know keep suggesting that i get a new car.Your car's very well maintained.Hope you keep loving her

Originally Posted by josejoseph View Post
I'm also planning to switch to synthetic oil.
Joseph buddy, i don't think it's recommended to switch to synthetic oil at 90k on the odo.I think the gurus would confirm the same but then i suggest you get advice from the masters on the subject on T-Bhp.
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

And the Loving Continues with a mishap.

So here it goes..

Went to Pai garage also know as Pait Auto Electricals which is just down the road from my house reached there at sharp 10am

Had already bought the Engine Oil and Gear oil and petrol, oil and air filter.
heres the pricing for the same:-

Engine Oil Mobil1 5w-50=3x700=2100rs
Gear Oil Mobil 1 80w-90=170x2=340rs

Air filter-251rs
Petrol filter 272rs
Oil filter-70rs
Carb cleaner spray-210rs

Had got all this the previous day from opera house.

So after reaching took apart the intake system and throttle body and also before doing so did some high speed runs to warm up the oil completely and after reaching the garage added Oil Flush and Ideld the engine for 10mins and then removed the drain plug and kept it open till the intake system was tore apart and cleaned.

Did complete throttle body cleaning and also removed the Inlet manifold and cleaned it throughly with a flexible pipe and cotton rag cleaned the internals.

After doing so assembled back the manifold and TB and all the rest pipe work. Installed new air filter.
After that was done replaced the fuel filter and oil filter and tightened the drain nut and poured the fresh and yummy Mobil 1 into the engine.

Drained the gear oil and replaced it with Mobil1 gear oil and Oh my lord what a difference in smoothness of shifts, it was like sliding knife through butter Big difference. Recommended to all 800 owners.

Also did injector cleaning on the injector cleaning machine.
Serviced the brakes.
Cleaned the sparks plugs, didnt replace them as they were changed 3months back.

After all was done took her out for a spin to parla as i had to buy some books. Oh my god what a difference the smoothness and the urgeness was completely new and the smooth sounding engine accompanied with the very small ignorable leak from center muffler was a bliss. I WAS ALL OVER IN LOVE WITH HER AGAIN!

But as usual all good things has their ends, on my way to parla on khira nagar signal a Biker cut the lane very abruptly and to save i braked hard and Tiny came to standstill and BANG the BEST BUS is into me!!
Luckily got off mildly for a BUS to 800 impact Rear right light was in peaces and Bumper was bruised and came off from the corner, My heart was in tears.
To add to this chaos passengers and conductor from bus got down and came running towards me dishing out all types of abuses and coming to hit me for stopping the car and breaking the mommentum of the bus!

I mean whats wrong with people these days they value the time lost more and then a life of a Human being.
And all this happening in front of a traffic police and hes just looking and watching all the "Tamasha".

Simply No words to say.

just drove Tiny back to Pai Bought a new taillight MGP Minda for 500rs without the internal wiring as the one in my car was untouched and replaced the light.
Bumper was repaired it still shows bruises but currently running short of my pocket money savings so did not opt for new bumper.

What a Good and Sad way to Start and End A day.

Almost all the work i did myself with Pai auto tools and few jobs were taken care by them and since owner knows me very very well labour charged was negligible.

You get original MGP rear bumper for anywhere between 990-1200rs in Opera House Try Shetty Motors very nice place to get original spares.
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

oh and one more update which i had forgotten to post earlier.
This incident happened before the 40k service.

had parked the car at friends place and it was night time when i came out of his house to go to my car.

I saw a BIG Coconut tree bark on my Tiny and Tiny was completely covered with the same, removed the bark from over tiny and to my shock saw Broken windshield big dent on the bonnet and small dents on roof.

All is repaired now under insurance. Have new india insurance and it sucks!! Not at all recommended.

Repair job is done fantastically i had to shell out a total of 800rs.
Car looks showroom fresh.
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

Just now came across your TINY thread.

I too have owned a '06 MPFi 800 for a year and half, and logged 50k kms.

One thing I've noticed is that, in its entire life(with me), NEVER did my 800 need a change in wheel alignment. Is it the same case with you?.

Well, another great thing about it is, when driven sedately, which is very easy to do with it, it returned me an average of about 24kmpl on highways.
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review


thats surprising no need of wheel alighnement.

Dont know in mine but as a thumb rule I always get it done every 5-6k kms, i dont observe any problems but just get it done to increase life of my tires.

Highway mileage is unknown as dont I dont take it out of mumbai on highways.
City mileage with 85% AC is 14ish
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Default Re: MY TINY: Maruti 800 5.5year Review

Hey Jatin!

This is my first reply since I joined. Still have Tiny?

I bought my March 2005 800 from a Lady Doctor in Vadodara (People call it Maruti Fronty in Gujarat) in Dec 15, with 14300 KMS on the ODO and full MASS service history in immaculate condition. It still had the factory MRF tyres on it, (had to replace them immediately with GoodYear HighMiller Tubless tyres as they were cracking and I frequently used the car on the Vadodara - Ahmedabad Express Highway)

In ICE, it had Pioneer HU and Ovals in the back and 4" speakers up front, all with torn diaphragms. Replaced with JBL GTO 590 ovals and Xenos up front and when the pioneer CD player gave up a SONY Xplod CDX-G1150U.

The suspension was stiff with all the sitting around, and the dash panel had corroded at the bottom being a Surat Car. Suspension was overhauled in Oct 16 before I drove down to Bhubaneswar, Odisha when I moved back Here. The dash panel was replaced in Jan this year. The Current ODO reading is 42k.

My 800 is probably the 5th one in our family and the youngest, our oldest one is a 87.

Latest Work:
AC Condenser replace with Gas recharge
Sony Xplod XM-N1004 - 4 Channel Amp
JAudio 8" sub

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