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Default Re: CNG'ed my 2002 ZEN MPFI : 1500 km's review

It seems that you are currently online.

Can you plz. give me a call on 020-40603346 ?

Originally Posted by idea View Post
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...ml#post2591348 (Pune - Best CNG Conversion Places - Your experiences.)

If you have already fitted CNG kit, pls do share your input. Else we both can use above thread for future.

Do they have outlet in pune now?

Did you get it installed?
It seems that you are currently online.

Can you plz. give me a call on 020-40603346 ?
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Default Re: CNG'ed my 2002 ZEN MPFI : 1500 km's review

Originally Posted by yogeshnagpal View Post

RTO Endorsement Procedure
1. Greenglobe handed over a MGL gas voucher (valid for a month) to me on the day of delivery. Without this voucher one doesn’t get gas at the filling station or you need to give Rs. 10 extra per filling.
4. Went to Wadala RTO where MGL guys sit. Submitted the temporary voucher, showed the Endorsed RC book copy and got an MGL plate riveted below the hood. Now I’m eligible to get Gas without the voucher.
Hi team,

How does a CNG fitted Car from other state be authorized to fill GAS from MGL pumping stations despite having CNG endorsed on RC/Insurance/PUC etc.? Do they also need to give Rs.10 extra per filling, can be denied Gas fill OR anything else??
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Default Re: CNG'ed my 2002 ZEN MPFI : 1500 km's review

They are Cheaters...

Just want to appraise, how CNG distributors/ retrofitters are cheating to the customer.

I got a list from Mahanagar Gas website. I then called up Mr. Abhijit, of Chemotech Fabcon – Andheri. He said they are the sole distributors of Longas Itallia CNG kit. When I asked what’s the cost of Open Loop he said 27K with RTO. I then asked what for Closed Loop. He said no difference in Cost and they generally do closed loop only and the rate quoted is for Closed Loop. I asked whether they use any local or china made components, he said they use all original and told that they are doing the fitment for Sai Services (Big dealer of Maruti in Mumbai).

I thought since they use original Italy kit and a choice of Sai Service and the cost is 6K less than other closed loop kits, let’s visit them. I then went to his workshop/office in Andheri. Mr. Abhijit is typical business man. When I asked him about the Kit details, he said “Don’t worry saab sab kar ke dunga”. I then asked what components they use in the kit? Lamda Sensor make? whether any local made component is used? Coz many people use them. He said “Hamare yah ape khali cylinder and stand local made rahega baki sab imported.” Then I asked whether they put power booster, safety valve, etc. He again said “Saab tension mat lo aap mera kam dekho sab kar ke dunga. Mere yaha jitna cylinder ka stock hai kahi nahi hoga, coz sab taxi wale, Tab fleet taxies yah ape ate hai fit karne”. I asked him whether I can use Credit card to pay. He said “Only Cash” he will accept. I felt kuchh garbad hai…but ignored my inner voice and thought all CNG fitter will ask only cash, so no problem. The deal was for 27K Closed Loop.

I trusted his words and decided to install CNG kit there. I took my car the next day to his workshop. I asked him to show me the kit. He then instructed his boy “Zen ka kit bana de”…!! I doubted what he meant by “Zen ka kit bana de”…why not “Zen ka kit dikha de..”? Then his boy started putting different parts from different bags like timing advance, emulator, HP pipes, mixer, etc. I asked him why he is assembling all parts from different bags…Mr. Abhijit said they order diff parts from Italy and assemble here…! It really looked fishy..as I see most of the component look local made…Again I ignored my inner voice and just checked the Main component is of Longas or not. It was longas so thought its fine. Then I asked him to explain me the kit and its functioning. He said “batata hu” but never he did. His boys started doing fitting. So I went to inspect that. I asked the person where is the lambda control system, he showed ignorance as if he is not aware what is Lambda control system. I again asked him which installation he is doing? Open Loop or Closed Loop? He said Open Loop..!!

I was shocked. I immediately told Abhijit whether they are installing closed loop or open loop as his boy is telling he is installing open loop in my car. He then fired his boy telling him whether he knows what is closed loop or open loop? He then told me “Saab voh last me lagta hai”. I said ok but he must watch the installation ans be sure to install lamda control system. He said “Chinta nai karo aab sab ho jayega”. Meanwhile I was observing that he is assembling many kits even sequential kits and sending to some of his own places for fitment. I show 2-3 taxi walas were coming to show the problem. Again I ignored the inner voice and thought as far as they put lambda control system and closed loop I should not bother if some parts they use local..!
I left their work shop for my office and told him that I will come in the evening to collect the car and repeatedly told him that they must ensure to put Lambda control system. He said ok.
When I called before leaving the office to check whether the car is ready or not..! Mr. Abhijit said “Saab car to kab ka ready hai aap ka”..I asked him whether they have put Lamda control system or not? He said “Sab laga diya hai”.

When I reached the place, the car was ready Mr. Abhijit was not there but his boys were there. I asked him to open the bonnet and show me the kit. And I was shocked to see……they did not put lamda control system and only did open loop installations. The finish of the fitting was very bad. Mixer was very ordinary and pipes also was of not great quality. I asked them where is the closed loop…!!!! Where is the Lamda Control System??? They were seeing each other’s face…! One person said “Saab yeh to raha” pointing to “Emulator” and “Timing Advancer”. I asked him these are not the control system. They said they know only this and call this only as closed loop…!! I showed them on my mobile google what s the lamda control system that uses the oxygen sensor and control the flow of gas to increase the efficiency. I was fuming….at thei ignorance or making fool of me..!! I called Abhijit and shouted that where is the control system??? He said he will talk to his boys…! Meanwhile one of the boy started searching something in my car and showed me one wire and told “Saab aapka yeh oxygen sensor kharab hai pehle usko thik kara ke lao fir maid dal deta hu lamda control system..!” I lost my temper…I said you are making fool of me….how can they say oxygen sensor is not working without doing scan??? And how now they suddenly know about lamda control system…!

They now behaving rudly…and forcing me to replace my oxygen sensor first or else they will not install closed loop. I asked since they did only open loop that too with many local components…I will give only 22K as Lamda control system costs itself around 5K. Meanwhile I tried to call Abhijit, he was not answering my call. But he was talking to his man when he calls. His man asked me “5000 thodi hota hai lamda control ka? Kisne bataya tumko? Meri bat karao use”. I immediately called another CNG fitter in Vashi and put on the speaker phone and asked him the price of only “Original lamda control system”. He said its 5K..! Here Abhijit’s man immediately asked that he is calling from Longas and asked what make of lamda is of 5K. Vashi person said, Tomasetto’s original lamda control system cost 5K. On hearing, this man did not say anything and told me that they are not ok in deducting 5K and threaten me of removing the kit. I ask him that I am sure they are not going to use original lamda control so what is the max discount they can offer in 27K which was agreed for closed loop and they installed only open loop. He asked Abhijit on phone and told Max. 1K. I immediately told them to remove the bakwas kit from my car. They removed the kit within 10 minutes…

I took my car back and drove back to home. Soon after Vashi person called and asked what happened. I said I went for enquiring to Chemtrol Fabcon (Longas Distributor) for CNG kit so was enquiring about Lamda (I did not say that they tried to make me fool…as I planned now to put CNG from him). He then said, Longas is a good kit but I must focus on other components like vaporizer, emulator, fishining, HP pipe, lamda etc. I told him that I saw many local parts in the kits. He said whatever price Abhijit has offered, he can do in 1K less than that by also using the local components like Abhijit kind of people does.

So Mr. Abhijit, Chemtrol Fabcon Pvt Ltd. Andheri who is a Longas distributor is the CHEATER and FRAUD. They tried to sell Open loop (that too with many local components) at the promise of Closed Loop…Guys I wrote this incident in detail so that People must be aware about this kind of Frauds and cheating…..
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Default Re: CNG'ed my 2002 ZEN MPFI : 1500 km's review

Originally Posted by AGP View Post
They are Cheaters...

Just want to appraise, how CNG distributors/ retrofitters are cheating to the customer.
AGP - There are just 3 top and trustworthy retro-fitters in Mumbai:

1. GreenGlobe
2. Shrimankar
3. Dashmesh

Their work is the most clean and professional of all. Although others claim that they are authorized etc, professionalism in quality of work doesn't show up. I may be wrong in stating this but I say so because I've heard horror stories from friends who got CNG kits installed from local fitters.

The level at which the above 3 operate keeps them besides the crowd. They have a proper workshop, trained staff and I have personally spoken to MGL about these 3 and have got positive feedback.

There is a guy called Navneet in MGL whom you may want to talk to. If you want his number, please PM me.

After I got CNG fitted in my car through Greenglobe, 2 of my relatives did the same and they are pretty happy about it.

Please note that I am not trying to support Greenglobe here, but this feedback is just out of personal experience .


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Default Re: CNG'ed my 2002 ZEN MPFI : 1500 km's review

Anyone fitted a sequential kit from Green Globe? Please give your feedback. Thanks.
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Default Re: CNG'ed my 2002 ZEN MPFI : 1500 km's review

Hi Yogesh.
Do you still have the car with you?
How is the CNG kit performing?
How is the car performing? Any issues with the engine?
I am looking out for for long term reviews for the CNG kit
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Mine is an open loop cng kit from Green Globe Mulund on 2006 Maruti Swift Vxi and I am more than satisfied with the installation.

I have driven it more than 40000 Kms and 2 years on cng and only once I had to get it tuned.
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