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Old 10th January 2006, 13:34   #1
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Default Long term review of Maruti 800/DX

Hi guys, sorry to raise a topic which apparently may not seem ideal for this forum. I want the interested members to share their long term experience of driving Maruit 800-4speed/5 speed,paricularly from those who have driven for more than 50k kms.I beleive till today more than 50% of car owners have only this car in their garage. I am one of them. People like me will be obliged if long term owners share their joys and happy moments in relation to driving maruti 800 cars with us. Thanks.
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why not ? The 800 changed the automotive landscape when there was little else. Even today, it is a cheap runabout and a main reason for comparitively expensive Reva to be not considered viable! This forum would not be around if the auto scene were still stuck in the Aby days - and in some sense the 800 has changed all that.

If you are, however, looking for a car - consider something safer tho. The 800 I think is the only one without any crumple zones at all. The Alto or a used Santro/Indica/Palio might be a safer bet at a similar price point.
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Old 30th January 2006, 19:12   #3
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M800(Brand new) at the price point at which it is available is a good deal. As a M800 (carb-4 speed, AC) owner for 08 years and after using it for close to 74000 Kms (98 % city use) I can tell you that its a hassle free , economical to own and run car. It's size is a boon for parking in the tight spaces in the city. Its cheap to service and spares are easliy affordable. Yes, it lacks the safety features / equipments of a modern day small car, but as a city car it is by far one of the better cars.
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Default lists of costs---long term review maruti 800

Originally Posted by harshavardhan
..........and after using it for close to 74000 Kms (98 % city use) I can tell you that its a hassle free , economical to own and run car......Its cheap to service and spares are easliy affordable. ..........
what would be the break up of costs which need to be incurred per year for 8-10 year old m800s & zens?
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Old 15th August 2006, 10:57   #5
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I had a Maruti 800 for the past 7 years and more than 50k kms... Upgraded to a wagonR only a few months back cause my parents wanted to...

The 800 had been nothing short of a delight... The car has many limitations... But then, at the price, its a car worth it... There had been no troubles over 7 years... no maintence... Very good mileage, within the city and highway... Enough power within the city (not good enough on the highway though, but still good for about 120 kmph)... And the delighfully precise steering... only needing power steering at parking speeds...

The wagonR is also a very good car... But i still miss the 800 a lot... Nothing compares to it within the city...
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Old 15th August 2006, 12:35   #6
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Its something which will give you years of service if you maintain it well.
Yes safety is a cause of concern. Within city limits its second to a motorcycle in ease of driving. A very very practical car. But too dated now.
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Old 17th August 2006, 17:55   #7
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Like all other engines from Suzuki, this is a gem of a engine belts out 40BHP? for a small capacity of 796CC and best of all the mileage can stretch till 21-22/lit if you drag it, a good competition for some bikes. well a bike's a bike a car's a car
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Default 800 5 speed mpfi

I have 2002 model 5 speed mpfi 800, going pretty strong at 72k,it's running very less these days, it did 55k in first 2.5yrs. Economy is 15 in b'lore, long drives varies between 19-21. Can go on at 110kmph flat for more than 20-30 mins on Golden quad (tumkur - shira). Planning for swift, but will wait for a some more time. New tyres, battery after 50k + engine decarb done at around 60k. All service from maruti auth. dealers only. Regular service bills around 1500/-. MRF ZVTS simply superb.
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Just couldnt stop myself reading this topic as we had a 800 for about ~14yrs. I can tell you 1thing for sure whatever cars maybe launched , this great lil'user friendly car will never retire.....ITS PRESENCE will always be felt in the AUTOMOTIVE MARKET.
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Old 27th August 2006, 15:23   #10
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Maruti 800 BLUe one of my favourite cars till today ...

i miss it soo much .. i used to go to drive with her early in th emornign when my bro was fast asleep ..

i always felt one with the car ...

i felt like i had emotional bond with tat car ...
maruti & me had an emotional appeal for nature ... every mornign between 5 - 6 am ( i had no license @ that time ) we used 2 go to beach & just chill out there ...

the car responded me as was one of her ... i may never forget her ...

i am planing that when i start my new job .. the first car i gonna buy is maruti 800 then contessa ( i really miss him too) & my own r-modified designer look TOWN & COUNTRY - TRAX ...

i wonder if lord is listening to me ...
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Old 29th August 2006, 13:27   #11
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Thumbs down 800DX 1998 Model

My experience of a 800DX 1998 model..self driven, bought new.Now done 87K's.
The initial 20-30 K was fine...Got what was expected from a small car with FE as the selling point.However the clutch plate had to be replaced within 2 years..
Was involved in a few minor accidents which dented the body but shouldn't have affected the mechanisms.However once it crossed 40K the pandora box opened..Minor issues and some major ones cropped up..
1.AC couldn't stand upto the Delhi heat and bearings and stuff had to be replaced.Thankfully the compressor is fine.
2.Clutch broke down twice..Making it a 3 time replacement of the clutch assembly.
3.Gear shifter wobbled left,right center and god knows where.Got corrected.
4.Fuel and water pump conked off...replaced.
5.Tyres...This is the third set I'm on.
6.Brake shoes replaced n number of times..normal wear and tear was the
7.Suspension work done .Shockers changed also.
8.Alternator bearings changed.
9.Flywheel changed.

Now that I'm touching 90K it has started "drinking" engine oil..No black fumes yet.
Suddenly FE has gone for a toss( was the only saving grace all this while) and needs much more frequent service than before (even before the 5K's are up).

Hope the new 5 speed MPFI 800's are faring better and have better build quality.
I'm glad I moved onto a Santro, which is an absolute delight after this, and use the 800 as a spare second car.
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Old 18th December 2006, 16:17   #12
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Run a 13 year old M800, carb- 4 Speed, run 80K.

Major jobs:

1. Engine work
2. Clutch assly changed
3. Front axles changed
4. Water pump changed
5. Battery changed thrice
6. Brake shoes changed
7. Tyres changed

Pending jobs:

1. Suspension
2. Alternator bearings
3. Rduce rattling noise

FE: 14 in bangalore city
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Default my love affair with my M800

I own a 4 year old carb, 4 speed M800, and have loved using the car in almost everyday that I have used it.

Excellent driveability, fantastic FE and a decent A/C (suited to Pune weather) have made this my alltime favorite city-car. My set of tyres (default JK Ultima's) lasted over 50k KM before replacement.

Average cost of servicing (about 3 services each year) is about Rs.800, highest paid so far is Rs 9000 when the clutch needed some work at 45k+ km running.

What I do not like about it, is that it is extremely frail, a nudge by a careless rickshaw at Thane-Kalwa bridge cost me about Rs.6000 in repairs. Very recently a M80 hit it at almost 60kmph++ and completely shook up the front assembly (indicators, bumpers, headlights, suspension casing, AC Condensor) parts + labor totalled Rs. 19.5k!!! Bloody idiot landed over 5 mtrs away rolling on the street and scratched his forehead + 2 stitiches on his leg.

All in all, I will never buy a maruti again for the lack of safety and extremely frail machines that they are.

for someone who is a very carefull (and for indian roads, lucky as well) the maruti 800 is a good car from a useability perspective.
Contact me offline if you need any further info.
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Old 19th December 2006, 01:41   #14
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hmm...i run a 89' model M800, and it has been a faithful companion. Actually, my mom used to use it as her transport and gave it to me when i got to college...

The car has not run much...just recently completed 87000 km's. There has been no major repairs or complaints of any sort. But, yes, the last few services have been a bit on the expensive side. Work involved :-

1) overhauling of carburettor
2) replacing of alternator
3) replacing of battery
4) replacement of steering column.
5) replacement of gear bushes

Besides these, there were no troubles from the car.
She also provides around 16-17 in the city and around 19 on the highway.
And, for congested cities, nothing beats it for maneuverability and nimbleness
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Default clutch assy cost for alto/5speed800?

hi Folks,

Could somebody give me the cost of clutch assy for 5 speed 800 (it shares engine, gearbox etc with alto).
I got a quote of 3300/- for parts and 1500/- for labour at m.a.s.s. Is it reasonable ? Will come to know exact amount in evening.

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