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Old 13th November 2009, 00:19   #31
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The exterior is cool,but I would prefer one in black.Again the orange interior looks gay.

Actually I read somewhere that these guys will customize the vehicle according to your taste and it will cost in the range of 3-4.5lacs.

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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
Most of us can't sing rap nor have ripping body like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Its an aspirational thing.

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The Scorpio lifestyle looks amazing. But the price tag is too heavy.

Are these brand new cars or can we give them our scorpio to modify?
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Somehow on seeing the website, one is impressed as well as disapointed:

1) Impressed by the quality of work and the creativity and the Idea of doing it.

2) Dissapointed by a) The luxury / comfy option on the Scorpio just don't make sense due to the type of vehicle it is - Instead they could have given the scorpio a bit of Xylo style interiors. b) If someone wanted space and customized interiors then the innova with Carnation inteiors by DC are the best value. c) the Bolero platform is all show and no Go. The Engines dissapoint. d) the mods to the Scorpio are mild compared to the ones to the Bolero. e) Would love to see a top end Scorpio AT 4X4 being modified taking the pricing to even 13L for a unique and very high end vehicle.
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Old 13th November 2009, 14:38   #35
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Mountain dew mobile too had the same lines. This is an inspired one.

Edit: Found it on Tbhp. Here >>

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Old 6th October 2010, 11:36   #36
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Default The new Bolero "attitude"

Came across these pictures at boleros facebook page. This a sweet looking mod of the bolero. Tell me what you guys think of it.

The features:
► Styled front grill
► Bumper mounted towing rings
► Xenon projector lamps
► Bonnet scoop
► Snorkel
► Jerry cans on tail gate, rear towing hook
► Body mounted Pick axe & spade
► Roof marker lamps
► Twin exhausts

► Motorized Sunroof assembly
► Leather upholstery in black with orange stitch
► Ipod docking station – Harmenn Karden
► MP3 player with Bluetooth
Attached Images

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Old 6th October 2010, 12:11   #37
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IMO the headlamps looks hideous, the original headlamps would have looked better.
If this bolero doesn't come with CRDe engine and 4x4, its an absolute waste.
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Old 6th October 2010, 14:00   #38
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I wonder what it takes for M&M not to come up with such loud designs for the front ? That said this really looks alien and I doubt if there would be any takers in the Indian market. Keep it simple period !!
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Old 6th October 2010, 14:47   #39
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mostly cosmetic and hardly functional it seems?
looks like they are playing true to form - they always tend to focus on looking tough rather than actually being tough.
wonder why their design team is so "bling obsessive"
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Old 6th October 2010, 21:30   #40
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Plasticky modifications that destroys the charachter of Bolero. Now it looks a cheap bling Jeep. Crap!
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i have come across just one person who owns a Bolero Commando and i have not come across a single person who has owned a creation from this dept of MM.

i dont know why this dept still exists in MM?

They gifted a Bolero Stinger to Indian Cricket team member Gautam Gambhir, but never seen one on the road.

none of their vehicles have been ever seen on the road by anyone!

i hope JS Nanda ji is reading this. (the whole dept has a DC leftover).
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I wish Mahindra customization would consider creating a *Rubicon* edition. A true off-roader, rather than bling bling....
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Given below are two responses to my enquiry for Scorpio CEO (on June 03, 2008):

Dear Sir,
Its a pleasure to have heard from you. Request you to kindly note the responses in bold as under:

1. What is the rear leg-room (space between the 'bar' and the rear seat)? The rear leg-room in the picture looks small.
- The overall body shell is the same as the Scoprio and no increase in the length and width of the vehicle has been made. The packaging is so done keeping in mind the luxurious travel of our Customers such as you. Would recommend a test drive for the same. The demo vehicle would be in Mumbai by the 15th June
2. Travelling in the back seat of a typical Scorpio is a nightmare. Have you done anything to mitigate that (the see-saw ride)?
- the rear suspension has been fine tuned for better ride and handling. However, one must keep in mind that it is a limo concept on an SUV. Would again recommend a test drive for the same. The demo vehicle would be in Mumbai by the 15th June
3. Where is the luggage space (How many litres of luggage space)?
- since the concept is based on a limo city ride; the only condition luggage would be there would be while travelling to the airport. This could be placed either on the floor area in the passenger cabin or in the co-driver zone
4. No head-rests for the rear seat?
- the seat is a motorized recliner hence there was no possibility of mounting the same
5. I see that the rear seat is close to the back-door. What have you done to prevent the impact if some vehicle hits from behind?
- though the top end of the back rest is close to the back door, the lower ends have enough space since we have the motors and other electricals as well behind the rear seat. The position is same as the standard production 8 seater 3rd front facing seat
6. I would have preferred a back-facing rear seat immediately behind the driver(I would feel a lot safer).
- in a limo as it is the passenger envelope is encapsulated due to the partition, hence it does give a closterphobic effect. Hence, it is important to physchologically travel in the same direction as the motion of the vehicle. We have also provided a full time camera on LCD screen
Looking forward to serve you
Thanking you,

With Warm Regards,

Yours Truly,
================================================== ============================
On Sat, 31 May 2008 wrote :
>Dear Sir,
> It's a pleasure to have received your enquiry for the Scorpio First Concept. We would like to bring to your notice that The Scorpio First had also won the - "Most Styled Car of the Auto Car Performance AutoShow'07" in Mumbai.
>Kindly note the attachment for the e-Brochure for your ready reference. Request you to kindly forward to us your detailed postal address so that we could also send you the Scorpio First leaflet and product cd.
>The Scorpio First concept is particularly for those who spend quality time on the road while traveling and need all the state of art amenities while on the move. It is a true Lifestyle product which is very up-market & reflects class.
>The Scorpio First Customization menu includes the following:
> * Custom painting of the body shell in glossy shade - choice of Customer
> * Custom painting of the lower half of the vehicle in matt finish - choice of Customer
> * Window-line area blackening
> * LED door mirror cups in matt black
> * Alloy wheels
> * Rear parking sensors
> * Reverse camera
> * Electronically controlled door rear view mirrors
> * Styled front bumper in matt white finish and satin silver insert with mesh for a new look from the exteriors as well
> * Custom made rear number plate bezel
> * Bumper fog lamps
> * Motorized mirror controls
> * Color coded interiors
> * Leather upholstery for driver cabin area
> * Walkie - Talkie unit for driver & rear passenger zone
> * Rear motorized seat
> * Partition between driver cabin area and rear passenger area for privacy
> * Roof A/C on the partition for rear passenger area cooling with separate controls
> * Motorized glass partition which is electronically controlled
> * Motorized rear LCD screen mounted on the partition
> * DVD player with front & rear speakers and an amplifier for the home theatre effects
> * Leather upholstery for driver, co-driver seats & rear motorized seat
> * Play Station
> * Chiller placed below rear seat
> * Bar in the lower portion of the partition
> * Coffee Maker placed in the bar area
> * Folding tables which get stacked away on either side of the rear seat
> * Tissue dispensor under the rear seat
> * Diffused lighting on roof for ambient lighting
> * Reading lamps on either side of rear seat
> * Electronic switch controls on the partition for controlling the glass partition & the LCD screen
> * Electronic switch controls on the rear seat arm rests on either side for controlling the diffused LED lighting, the reading lamps & the motorized seat movements
> * Ash tray mounted on the "C" pillar grab handles on either side
> * Roof A/C controls on the back rest of the rear motorized seat
> * Charging port below the rear seat & a cigarette charger provided on the back rest of the rear seats
>The total cost of the Scorpio First Concept is Rs. 6,80,000/-. This is in addition to the cost of vehicle.
>The order flow would be as follows:
> * Customer registers the Scorpio SLX from the Local Dealership
> * Customer would pay a DD favoring M/s. NBS International Ltd, Mumbai. This needs to be sent to us at: J.S. Nanda, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Automotive Sector, 2nd Floor, Mahindra Towers, Worli, Mumbai - 18
> * Post registration the vehicle is sent to Mahindra Towers, Worli, Mumbai for the Customization
> * Post Customization, the Scorpio First will be sent back to the AO for final delivery to the Customer
>However, currently though, the vehicle is under testing & validation. We would be commercially offering the Scorpio First to you post the completion of the same. This would be within a couple of weeks from now. As soon as this is through we will immediately contact you in order to book your esteemed order.
>We would like to request you to respond to this mail so that we could capture your interest in The Scorpio First.
>It will be our pleasure to have you enjoy the experience of being a proud owner of a Mahindra Custom Built Concept - The Scorpio First.
>Thanking you,
>With Warm Regards,
>Yours Truly,
>Flaunt your Attitude !!!!!
> www.mahindra-customisation.com

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Straight out of the 'Pimp my Ride' show! I kinda like it!. Adds that bling bling factor to it. All you need is some diamond chains, diamond rings on every finger, wear jeans so low, it appears to almost fall off and a NY Yankees shirt/hat, a cigar in the mouth and cruise around with 'Ghetto' playing in the background. For the love of god!
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