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Default Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!

With the car putting out a fair amount of power, we had a days time to make sure everything was bulletproof before the car was to be loaded on to the truck.
The only worry was the plugs - which were at the end of their life and we didn't have spares with the required heat rating.

The state of tune on the car meant that we needed 97 Octane to be on the safer side and I filled in 20liters keeping in mind that we would be doing a maximum of 8 runs on the strip at full throttle.

Karthik had set the launch limiter at 7000rpm and the plan was to launch with my foot flat on the floow where the car made a little over 4psi of boost. Keeping this in mind I arranged for a spare gearbox, you know .. just in case ! Little did i know that the gearbox would be the least of my worries track.

With no issues on the car, we had the fluids changed and replaced engine oil with Motul's 300v Competition line. Heat is our biggest enemy and without an oil cooler, we needed an engine oil thats proven to hold up against extremes. We had seen and head about a lot of the other brands failing on the track and it was a risk we just couldn't afford.

Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!-tvr-motul.jpg

All that was left was to put the car on the trailer and see her again directly at the strip. The forum rules don't allow me to mention how the drive to the trailer was, but take a look at the roads in the picture below and use your imagination The car felt quicker than I've ever known it. The weekend was looking good!

Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!-tvr-trailer.jpg

The trailer with the cars was to reach the venue two days later, but soon we realised that the operators were out to take us for a ride and we were finally able to unload the cars at 7a.m. on the second day of the event! To make things worse, we didn't have the time to wait for the truck to reach the airstrip and we decided to unload at the bottom of the hill and drive to the top. This meant that out of the 20l of fuel in the car, a whole bunch of it was going to get burnt up in the 20+ km drive to the top - unless I drove conservatively. But with 300+ horses under the hood, Koni suspension and 215/45/17s there was absolutely no way that was going to happen!

Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!-tvr-itb.jpg

At around 11a.m. we were finally on the strip. Rims swapped with the Hoosier Drag slicks and the car was set. I did contemplate removing dead weight like the rear seat, passenger seat etc but we had always insisted that this was a full weight daily drive and decided against it.

Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!-tvr-slicks.jpg

This was my first time on drag slicks and getting the pressures right was an interesting learning experience. The only two people I knew on the track who had used slicks before were Madhu and Jitu(Ford_Rocam) so I asked both and got two completely different numbers. While I'm sure it worked for them, every setup is different and I decided to start at 20psi and see how the car felt before going down further. In hindsight, Jitu's recommendation would have been perfect for me, nevertheless I'm glad I got to try out 4 different pressures.

Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!-tvr-tvara.jpg

The valley run now in its third year has been the only consistent effort to promote Drag-racing in the country. Kudos to the organisers for that! At the same time, it does seem to be heavily biased towards the imports with the Indian Cars being pushed to the end year after year. While I can relate to the organiser's priorities, exceptions HAVE to be made especially for dedicated race cars such as Joel's Honda City which was forced to do its run in the dark despite not having headlights!

Race Dynamics' Baleno Build-up: ITBs/Turbocharged - Re-dynoed @ 256 WHP!-tvr-lambo.jpg

We were given our first run at 5pm, which was to be a final run for the category. With no practice run given, there was one shot to get the launch right for the forced induction category! Pulling up beside me was Revtech's Turbo baleno - interestingly, his car had my earlier turbo setup and still is quick!

The video below is of the first run, 7000rpm launch, lots of wheelspin with the engine bouncing off the limiter, The v-box data pulled off the car shows it was perfect with the car accelerating right up to till the shift.

That run, the very first run - 12.930! I expected the car to be in the 13s, but breaking into the 12s was something I didn't believe at first. From the time I first attended a speedrun, I've seen teams, drivers and cars struggle to break 13s with a handful of cars setting 12 second times with practically no weight and massive engines and here the humble little baleno weighing in at over a ton breaking into the 12s?! Unbelievable.

The excitement quickly wore off, time was running out and we had to go faster!
Shabbir drove the next run, and off the line the car audibly began to miss. The time was really bad - 15+seconds. The plugs had given up.

We had 10 minutes to change plugs, and get the car back for my Indian Open run. Sanjay and the team from Tvara pulled out the HKS M45s from the honda just in time for us to stage. I dropped tyre pressures to 15psi(Hot unfortunately) and got set for the run. This time I lined up on the left lane and had Joels super lightweight turbo Honda pull up beside me. Got a great start off the line, shifted to second, 6000rpm and the car bogs down. The honda flew past and baleno accelerated again to its 8000rpm limit. Shift to third, same problem. There was just not enough fuel! As soon as the Gs build, fuel would get pushed to the back and the pump would starve causing the car to bog down. With all this drama, the car managed to post a time in the late 13s. Got the car back to the pits and filled 10 litres of 97octane. We had one run left, Shabbir had his Indian Open run and we knew the car was capable of going atleast 3/10ths of a second faster. Dropped tyre pressures further to 10 psi and stood by watching Shabbir stage for the last time - this time against the Race Concepts Honda again.

His launches are always good and this was no less, both cars together really got the crowd going and we knew the run was going to be quick - indicated by the v-box as well. However final timings pegged the run at early 13s, the v-box indicated otherwise but on comparing the data back home, a short shift from 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd led to almost 6/10ths of a second being lost. There was nothing to feel bad about though, with a time of 12.930, the Baleno officially became the fastest Indian Streetcar, proving what I said in the first post of this thread - this build would be special.

Name:  tvr times.png
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Its been a very long and exciting journey, but it isn't over yet!

Originally Posted by rohan_cherian View Post
Hey binz,
The pleasure's all mine. Building the fastest Indian FWD car is no small feat!

I'm surprised that the stock SGP head gasket can actually withstand 20psi from the GT30.
Thanks again. That distinction lies with Joel and his race prepped turbo Honda, the Baleno on the other hand is the fastest indian streetcar.

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Breaking into high 12s with a street able setup and keeping the expenses fairly low! Sir you are an inspiration to many. Breaking many myths in tuning scene. This thread has been an amazing read.
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