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Default Re: SensAiry : An app-based TPMS

Nice review, BoneCollector!

I have been using a standalone TPMS system for last 2 years, and I have been very happy with it. It has been very reliable and accurate in a variety of conditions.

I personally prefer a standalone TPMS because it shows live data of all four tyre pressures and temperatures all the time. I like to monitor these tyre parameters all the time, and not only occasionally (the app based TPMS allows only occasional monitoring, only when needed).

I actually have an android head-unit in my car and could easily use these TPMS apps on that, but even then I prefer the standalone TPMS.

Here are more details of my unit from one of my earlier reviews: https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/modif...ml#post3764280

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I received the SensAiry today. I paid ₹7,500 for it on Wednesday 12 July and received a call from the company to confirm the order on the next day. The delivery sould have been a bit quicker, but it's fine. The product was well packaged and presented, and the short getting-started manual was to the point and very helpful, with a lot of diagrams to demonstrate how to get it installed. My only minor quibble would be that the font size was a touch too small and would be a pain to read for anyone with less than perfect vision; it was fine for me.

As for the product itself, it felt hefty and seems to have been built to last. I doubt that it can be done in by physical damage before its five years are up, though you'd have to be careful with them if you get your tyres separated from the rims for anything with them installed. It seems like it would be very easy for them to break during that procedure if the mechanic does not tread carefully around them. I particularly liked the high quality valves and metal caps it comes with.

I spoke to my tyre dealer (Mr. Sandip Rathi of Rathi Tyres in Siliguri, whose services I recommend) and he said he would get it installed, no problem. I went there after work and they were pretty well acquainted with how to install these things, having done it for a lot of cars that come with TPMS by default, but they'd never seen the SensAiry product before. Sandip ji has asked me to let him know how it works because he's interested in getting a set for his own car as well (though he turned down my suggestion that he should become a reseller for a product of this sort, saying that it's difficult enough to convince 99% of his customers to shell out for good tyres, leave alone equipment of this kind).

Installing them on the tyres is pretty straightforward if you follow the instructions. I'd already installed the app from the Play Store while at my office and I keep Bluetooth enabled throughout the day anyway (for my headset and smartwatch). Pairing the sensors to the phone by way of the app was easy, but here are a few tips for any of you who plan to buy them:

1. Don't add your vehicle in the app before you're ready to start pairing the sensors. If you move forward from the pairing screen, it is not obvious at all how to get back to it, if it can be done at all. I had to delete the vehicle and start over again after wasting a few minutes trying to figure out how to start the pairing process.

2. At no point do you need to go into your Bluetooth settings (except to enable it if it is switched off) to pair with the sensors. There is no need to even put your phone into scanning mode. The pairing screen within the app will handle all of it quite seamlessly for you. This part had the most potential to be extremely frustrating, but props to the product designers for doing a bang up job with it.

3. The manual suggests that you need to hold down the pairing button on each sensor for two seconds to get it to pair, but in my experience it took a little more than that, and quite a few attempts in some cases. The sensor for the spare wheel, in particular, had me almost on the verge of giving up before it finally paired. I even called the company for help but it was 07:30 PM and the phone went unanswered—which was just as well because I ended up being able to pair all the sensors without much drama in the end.

Like it says in the manual, pair each sensor with your phone and name them for the wheel you intend to install them in using the app, and then install each one in its rightful place. The app makes it very easy to switch between wheels within its interface when you put the spare tyre to use or do your biyearly rotation. Even if you mix up the wheels somehow, it's easy enough to figure out which one is which: just change the pressure in any of the tyres you're confused about and the app will tell you which wheel it is marked as.

Make sure you have your wheels balanced after you've had the sensors installed (even if, like me, you'd spent ₹700 doing it just a week before :( ). I ended up spending ₹1,030 on the whole endeavour, including a small tip for the cheerful, competent and enthusiastic mechanic.

Once everything is set up correctly, which took two hours in my case, the app will show you the pressure and temperature status for each of your tyres in a neat and very readable interface. It will also throw up push notifications to warn you if the pressure in any of your tyres is too low (or high, I would assume), without having to launch the app to check.

I'll have to confirm how well all of this works in the forthcoming weeks, and I'll be sure to let you know. I'll also check how much battery it consumes and whether it's something to be worried about. The pressure readings in the app are within the margin of error of 1 PSI, which is acceptable, I suppose. I had the pressure for each of the tyres in use set at 32 PSI and the spare unit at 35, but the app shows 33 PSI for one of the tyres in contact with the road and 34 for the one in the boot. The others are at 32, as expected, and as you can see in the attached screenshot.

So far, I'm satisfied with this purchase. It's exactly what I was looking for and is priced excellently for what it offers. If it performs as well as the company says it does, Tymtix has a winner on its hands in the SensAiry.
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After reading various threads on TPMS on team bhp and horrifying news of tyre burst I started looking for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for my car.

  • It comes with 5 external sensors and connects to mobile via Low Energy Bluetooth.
  • App can be installed on any Android version 5 & iOS 8+ Device.
  • Comes with internal non detachable battery with minimum life of 5 years.
  • The sensor has to be entirely replaced after its battery dies.
  • Tire pressure is measured on psi, bar and kPa.
  • The sensor can measure nitrogen also.
  • The sensor refresh rate is 1 minute. In case of any sudden pressure variation the sensor will communicate immediately and not wait for next 1 minute turn.
  • Can be installed on any vehicle with Tubeless tyres with Pressure range of 0-100 PSI.
  • The app also shows you the battery level of the sensor.
  • If the sensors are not updated for 7 consecutive days, the app alerts through message “No updates for the vehicle (with the Vehicle Name) from few days”.
  • As it is cloud based, one can simply login to the application in any phone and it will connect to the sensors. No need to pair it again.

Some queries I had, discussed it with Mr. Prabhu:

1. Will it be compatible with the future versions which will come with Android Auto and CarPlay?

He replied "it would be compatible in the near future and it would require no hardware update."
2. These sensors connect via bluetooth to mobile and most of the time my phone will be connected to the head unit, so can my mobile be connected to both the Head Unit and the sensor simultaneously?
He replied “Bluetooth as concept of Master and Slave. A master device (your phone) can connect to up to 8 slave devices. But sensors work in beacon mode. That is, they send pressure and temperature every 1 min and they never connect to your mobile phone. So you can still connect your mobile phone to other bluetooth devices and it will work fine with our sensors”
3. Any extended warranty on the product?

He said he would extend my warranty to 3 years if I purchase directly from Tymtix site.
He also told me some of his customers wanted only 4 sensors and he can help me in that as well. 

4 Sensors cost Rs. 6,000.


After a lot of queries I proceeded and purchased it on 18th May and by evening I received tracking number from their support staff on my mobile through SMS. It was shipped through Aramex from Bangalore and by 19th evening, I received it.

Packaging and Product:

SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6452.jpg
SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6453.jpg
SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6455.jpg
SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6457.jpg
SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6458.jpg
SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6460.jpg
SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6461.jpg

Contents in the box:
  • 5 Sensors
  • 5 Stem Valves
  • 5 Mounting Valves
  • 1 User Guide
  1. Download the application from Play Store or App Store.
  2. Create an account with Tymtix
  3. Login to that account
  4. Add the Vehicle
  5. Pair the sensors

Setting it up: (From the manual)
  1. Open the application
  2. Click on add Vehicle
  3. Select the vehicle type
  4. Click Next
  5. For activation, the sensors must be within 5 feet distance from the phone.
  6. The sensors come with a sensor ID and serial number mentioned on the sensor itself. To pair it with the app, simply press the orange button for 2 seconds. The button is located on the sensor just beneath the serial number and it will automatically connect with the phone.
  7. As each sensor is connected, its respective serial number will be displayed.
  8. If the pairing does not happen within 3 minutes for any of the sensors, repeat the process.
  9. Tyres can be configured and a pressure threshold can be set.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation or any business interest with the company, just an early adaptor of the product.

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Installation & After Sales

Went to the tyre shop, the owner told me to first set them up and then he would proceed with the installation.
Installed the application quickly, started pairing the sensors.
1st Sensor paired. Check.
2nd Sensor paired. Check.
3rd Sensor, Failed.
  • Out of the 5 sensors only 2 were paired.
  • One of the sensors had a different serial number than what it showed in the application.
  • One of the sensors did not have the hole in which the valve is screwed.
  • One of the sensors which was paired showed completely different values even when it was not installed.

    SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6732.jpeg

Disappointed and embarrassed, came back home and mailed to the customer support about the same and received the reply in the morning which stated that they would refund the money totally but before let them see if they can resolve the issue.
After few minutes I received a call from Mr. Prabhu, the Director of Tymtix. He assured me that I would get 100% support from him and he would send someone from Bangalore to my place to resolve my issue. He asked when would I be free so that he can book the tickets.
I was impressed, he could have sent me the replacement sensors rather than sending someone.
I politely refused and asked him to send the replacement sensors.

He shipped the sensors soon and sent me the tracking number. He also gave me the steps on how to pair them as there was some sync problem in iOS at that time.

Installed the sensors today, and here are few pictures.

SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6757.jpg

SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6759.jpg

SensAiry : An app-based TPMS-img_6762.png

I had a query if this is how it would be attached so mailed to Mr. Prabhu and he told me the sensor not lying flat is okay as long as it is not sticking above the rim level.
After which I got wheel balancing and alignment done, costed around Rs. 1,500.

Got to know few things about the product:
  1. Pressure check happens every 15 seconds.
  2. Transmission of pressure and temperature happens after every 1 minute.
  3. In case the pressure difference between two consecutive pressure check is more than 3 psi, then sensor goes in critical measurement mode.
  4. During critical measurement mode the sensor sends pressure data immediately instead of waiting for the next 1 minute to come. Also, the pressure check happens every 5 seconds. This continues until the pressure reading stabilises and then the normal duty cycle continues.
  5. There is no manual refresh, you have to depend to app's cycle to refresh.
  6. You cannot connect to the sensors simultaneously with more than 1 device

Total expense: Rs. 9,000 which includes the product, wheel balancing and alignment.

The only disadvantage I can see is, it just shows on the phone. It would be great if they come with the mirrorlink compatibility soon. It will be great to see it on the head unit!

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Default Re: SensAiry : An app-based TPMS

I had updated about possible Android Auto integration of Sensairy but I think the link was broken as the actual post was edited. The details here - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/tyre-a...ml#post4307000 (DIY Install: 'TyreSafe' Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
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