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Old 14th September 2004, 12:50   #46
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nope..ka 04 z 8543
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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (speedsatya @ Sep. 13 2004,00:14)]Guys,
I am not at all happy with the tires in my car.the skinny 145/80r12 help in improving the ride quality over the previous 13 inch tires,but at the expense of handling.
I am planning to go for a new set of tubeless tires with alloy rims.if I go for anything wider ,the tires could foul with the body and also the speedo reading would change.
So to keep the speedo reading unchanged,I plan to put 145/70r13 on the front ,and 155/65 r13 on the rear.both the tires have the same OD.
I know this would require me to keep two sets of spare tires,so I can keep the extra tire on the dicky door ,like in SUVís.
Will it affect the handling of the car.or will any suspension component get affected due to these changes.
I had written about this to ACI,OD a long time back.but did no get any reply.have written again.
Does anyone have any idea .
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Old 20th September 2004, 20:40   #48
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Hi. Had a 1967 Willys. Put in a 1800 cc Isuzu engine, ported and with a free flow. Installed a 4wd Trooper gearbox, got a 4.27 final drive. Got disc brakes in front, new body shell, tilt steering (Off a Tata Safari), suspended pedals, power steering, (Bolero) and a bikini top. Enjoyed myself getting it ready, didn't enjoy driving it cos it was too powerful for that 80" of wheel base. Sold it to me friend for 1/2 what I spent on it
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Old 5th October 2004, 20:16   #49
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Hi guys The new mods I plan to make and my recent buys first lets stear with what I have bougth I got my baby a new muffler from DYNO MAX, Nos octane bosters with nitro buying a new auto meter with shift light high performance cords new mesh grill ang new tyres Hanook
The mods I plan to do are polished and ported head makeing new headers
new carb 118 Ne and a bigger radiator
Mods or Parts I have installed ,Simota Bomb Shell air filter , headers with piping from auto mech , Muffler imported Flowmaster Twin outlet, Modified stock carb , racing sterring , R type pedals, Lancer rims 13inch with 185 Hanook low profile tyres , Rally lights ,under carriage Neons ( Purple ), Music system Beac player with sony explod amp 550 watts, Woffer SX 12 inch 1200watts, Pioneer ovals 350 watts each, Painted white with Blue racing stripes the car is a 1980 PP Fiat which has clocked 120 on the highway great pick up roaring sound thats my baby only power no average 12 per liter
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hey guys,
have a project in mind of building a performance car.
starting from strach.
buying a car, striping it and rebuilding it.
gonna get rid of all the excess baggage and put a role cage.

the chassi is all good.. probs with that..
i m from Pune and the biggest problem is finding someone who can modify my engine.
ne ideas on who can do it..
very willing to go to bombay to get get it done.

and also where would i be able get a 2.0L turbo engine in bombay.. hoping to get the gear box with it??
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the list of modifications done on my ikon 1.6
free flow with headers frm automech
stainless steel muffler
rpm meter with shift light
tubeless tyres with 13'' alloys

and now i plan to buy an lancer and work on the exteriors and at a later stage on getting some more power from it like
evo kit
16'' wheels with low profile tyres
nice decals and vinyls
a nice sport colored paintjob
roof scoop

momo steering wheel
gear stick
sparco racing seats
rpm meter with shift light
water meter , oil pressure meter , boost meter

under the hood:
headers with free flow
stainless steel exhaust
kgn spark plugs

thats my dream ride for now.

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BHP man that is one real good setup man I ve seen kitted Lancers and they realy look mind blowing *hey u guys Ive started a topic about starting a club for only modified cars in Shifting Gears why dont u guys check it out thats for guys like us who are in modifications check it out

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Cool 1.3 Zen

Hi Santhosh,
You could use the new Esteems disc up front and the older esteems disc or the standard zen's disc at the rear.

Well. I am new to this, but am an avid auto bummer.

Had an 97 Zen with a 1.3 carb engine. The car would easily drag to 140 kmph. The speeds through the gears were - 1: 55, 2-95, 3-125, 4-150, 5 - 140.

I sold the car a couple of months back after putting the stock engine.

You are right the car does not stop in the intended track. I had 165/65 R13 Pirelli tubeless with Aura alloys, Headers et all.

So happy Zenning and happy braking.

Originally Posted by santosh2322
Hi i have not said bye bye to the esteem engine.But the esteem engine has more power that the brakes cannot handle,so i removed it as the esteem disc are of 13'' the zen has 12''.I had read in an recent OVERDRIVE issue that J.ANAND had preprad a zen of which the doors,bonnet and the tail gate as well as the fenders were made up of fiberglass to reduce the weight.He had also experinced the same problem so he fitted the esteem disc at 4ends.So if any body can do this job i can again fit the engine.
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Old 4th June 2007, 20:43   #54
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my current car=palio 1.2
mod i want to do=exchange it with a1.6 gtx
think this the best mod for my car 28bhp increase
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Default Dream Project - What you want to do, but wont.....

Well, we all have some dream hidden away in some corner of our heart, which more often than not we are scared to sharing for fear of something or the other (viz. humiliation). Well, this is the place to share those thoughts, childhood dreams, call them what you want. Post specs and approx prices..dont care too much about logic..hah!

Well, for me, there are basically 2 things that i want to do in life, but i know that i will be able to do neither. In no particular order:

1. Own a contessa: I know contys have been discussed to death, but I feel that whatever discussion done about this classic car is less. It is my dream to have a conty and put in a 1.9 or 2L turbo'ed diesel engine...dreams i tell you. Black would be my colour.

2. Call my dreams a little cliched, i dont care, but the second thing i want to do in life is to own a mahindra jeep and of course, here comes again my diesel engine..3L should be sufficient..what say?

Btw, how much is a diesel engine for? Maybe i can start gathering money...

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no one? nobody has any dreams?
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You guys have discussed almost everything with what you guys want to do to your cars.
As for me, as for our Fiesta, the following are the mods I have in mind if the budget allows.

Planning these after a year or two once i get proper driving experience -

Petes Box

Green/KnN Filter

As soon as possible.

Alloy wheels -
These are what I have in mind -
Alloy Wheels,Car Alloy Wheels,Automotive Wheels,Chrome Alloy Wheels India
Alloy Wheels,Car Alloy Wheels,Automotive Wheels,Chrome Alloy Wheels India
Alloy Wheels,Car Alloy Wheels,Automotive Wheels,Chrome Alloy Wheels India
Alloy Wheels,Car Alloy Wheels,Automotive Wheels,Chrome Alloy Wheels India
Maybe some other design if I find something interesting in the tyre shop.

Angel Headlamps - Are these available for the fiesta?


New number plates with a good sporty font

Maybe Neons under the car. This is just a thought.


Leather Seats - Either ART leather or proper perforated leather

Interior LED lighting. Was planning on Blue near the front footwell and below the rear seats and maybe the trunk as well.


PLanning on upgrading the ICE to a system with good, tight, clear chest thumping bass.
Co-ax - Compo set up
2 Channel Amp, maybe with a 4 channel for the speakers
12" Sub or Bass Tube with enclosure

As soon as possible

185/60R14 tyres - Michelin Energy XM1s or Yokohama S Drives. Should provide better grip while braking and handling.

Anything else I should consider for safety?

I am seriously considering doing this to the Fiesta but i am not so sure of the performance mods.
Here are pics of the stock car -

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better suspension, lightweight rims, best quality tyres. better brakes with steel brake lines. high temp brake fluid. this is all i need. no turbo, no k & n, no engine mods as whenever i decide to mod a car i will start with a powerful car (no not a civic !!!)
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I have a stock swift vxi, i am currently planning to do the following mods:


I am still looking for someone who can do this in CHD/DEL with advice of a pro. will surely post pics when it gets done
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