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Default Accessories for Aveo 1.4 LS

Hello all,

I am getting an Aveo 1.4 LS soon. Would like to get some suggestions for accessories.

1. Remote-locking security system

The dealer has offered me an AUTOCOP Cobra with the package. He says it is the top end model of AUTOCOP with an engine immobiliser (I dont think it would be as effective as a manufacturer fitted immobiliser)
1. However, how good is this security system compared to others in the market? (I dont like the bulky key provided by AUTOCOP, otherwise it seems fine)
2. Is there any low end/high end model within "AUTOCOP Cobra"?
3. Is there any better brand available than AUTOCOP (with engine immobiliser)?
4. Should I go for any additional security options like gear/steering lock? (Car park in my apartment is quite safe and I do not leave my car parked on roads for long)

2. Music System

From other threads I came to know that Aveo LS comes with Kenwood 4029. It has one pre out and the quality is average. I am not much of a music buff (listens to radio city most of the time ) . However, I would like to exchange this HU with the dealer (as it will be tough to sell it exchange later) and leave the possibilities of adding Sub, good speakers etc. later.
Could you suggest me a good HU for my purpose?
1. If the dealer gives me 7k for the Kenwood 4029, I am planning to shell out another 7K.
2. Ipod connectivity/Aux In
3. Motorised (rather than flip open)

Since Aveo has 2 DIN dash, installing a 1DIN leaves a big gap open which really looks ugly on the dash (although it can be used for CD storage).

4. To cover this up is it worth going for a 2 DIN? (I am not really interested in a cassette player)
5. Is there any other option available in market to cover this (like the flip open cover in Honda City)

3. Spoiler

Should I buy the Aveo spoiler offered by dealer or buy it outside? Will the same color be available outside (Aveo Red)?

4. Reverse parking sensor

The dealer has offered me a parking sensor. Dont know which model. I am interested only in the beeps, not the distance to impact display.
1. Any particular model/specification I should look for?
2. What is the difference between 2 sensor and 4 sensor models?

5. Sunfilm

The dealer has offered me Sunfilm too. Any particular brand I should check for? Is there a RTO specification for Sunfilm that can be used?

6. Mats

Dealer offered me biege carpets. I guess this is expensive compared to rubber mats. But from maintenance point of view in Indian conditions is it worth? What are the available options other than black rubber mats (which does not go well with biege interiors).

7. Seat covers

The seat upholstery that comes with Aveo LS is very light. Should I worry too much about it? Will a regular shampoo wash help? Else should I change to leather/art leather?

8. Teflon coating

Mixed opinon here and hence confused. Teambhp doesnt seem to support this. Any suggestions?

9. Alloys

I plan to add this later. Hence will go through the relevant threads at that time.

Any other accessories I have missed out please let me know. Sorry for the lengthy mail. Did not want to open multiple threads for the same. Feel free to answer only the points which you feel are relevent to you.

Thanks in advance

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According to me Autocop is good brand it does it duty, only remote lock and engine immobolizer is enough other securities not needed unless you park the car side of road on most of the occassions. Buy and fit it from dealer itself thats best way for security system. and I am not sure about autocop cobra although I used autocop remote lock don't know much about low/high end model of it.

About Music system its your call. I suggest If you get good deal on stock music system sell it otherwise use it for year and then plan on installing good music since you are not particular about music system. According to me best music system is Pioneer player and pioneer or JBL speakers, sony is also not bad. I used them for over 3 years and now I am with stock music player and speakers of Innova, not good at all compared with my 2003 baught pioneer mp3 player, speakers (total cost 32,000/- that time)

Rear spoiler buy it from outside lot of varieties available and it will work out best, I have baught rear spoiler for 5k buck (it has brake lights as well) for my Innova and If baught with dealer it will be at least 2 times costlier.

Reverse sensor don't buy unless you have very tight parking situation. but still don't buy drive reverse carefully than using reverse sensor. however deciding will be your wish.

Sunfilm I have 3M sunfilm on my Innova on that I have one more sun film (it sounds funny but that true.) 3M , lumar are famous i guess. if we don't know the person who sell and fit it many times they cheat us by putting cheap sun film although they charge heavily.

According to me take the mats if dealer give it a freebie else buy it outside, I have 2 mats for my Innova one from company and other which i keep changing once a while and I buy them from deparmtental stores or big shopping malls with nice colors / graphics/design.

seat cover I suggest you buy and fit the seat coveres on stock seat covers which will help for multiple reasons. I have at least 2 set of extra seat coveres. I always use soft cotton bombay dyeing seat covers they don't give professional look like art leather but very nice soft touch and very comfortable for me and my family.

Teflon its your wish, I feel its better to wash the car in local washing shop once in 2 months by paying 250 rs. and use good shampoo / wax instead of teflon / under body treatments.

Other accessories you can think is body graphics, small graphics on bonnet or 3D graphics, steel muflour cuttor, car cover, mat for boot/trunk, car shampoo, interior cleaning shampoo type material, tyre polish and very important car washing cloth like Leather chamois.


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1. you can go ahead with autocop.

2. the only 2 din hu i can think off is an alpine one. the one on the nhc vtec.

3. if the dealer isnt charging too much get it from them.

4. they help alot. i got a set of 4 and an lcd screen for 5k for my innova. 4 is better than 2 since it covers more area.

5. get 3m or llumar or vkool if you have the budget. the rule is 70% visibility for front and back and 50% for sides. get one with a good amount of uv reduction. also get it on your front windscreen. it helps alot.

6. beige will go well with the interior but they will be a pain to maintain. you can get transparent mats on top of those. otherwise the normal black ones are the best.

7. if you get seat covers get them stitched. dont by readymade ones since they dont fit the contours of the seat properly, that results in the back of the seat being flat and its uncomfortable to sit on.
otherwise the normal seats will be just fine as long as you clean them regularly.

8. it dosent really make sense. unless your getting it for free?
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Default Re: Accessories for Aveo 1.4 LS

Hey guys. Continuing in this thread as I thought the query doesnt merit a separate one.
I have a Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 LT 6 years old bought in 2006. Getting a new Vento in 2-3 weeks. We are not selling the Aveo and will keep it at least for a year or two more. We are going to use this vehicle in Mumbai city only that too sparingly because for long drives the diesel Vento will return better economics. Here are my queries.

1. Accessories that i can install within a budget of 10,000. (Apart from team-bhp stickers offcourse )

Seat cover - any budget seat covers black/dark colour because the old biege covers are now very dirty. If anyone has idea regarding shops who change seat covers for a very minimal price in western suburbs of Mumbai nearby Kandivali, Borivali.

Is there anyway I can add an aux-in or USB support to my existing stock audio system?

Can a front centre armrest be installed aftermarket. I saw some universal front centre armrests on ebay. They will work right?

I also plan to make the exteriors look as good as new. Does anyone know any budget treatment from 3M or sorts. There are a few scratches on the car.

Please keep in mind while replying that my car's value now is only 1.5 lacs so I dont want to spend money in the north of 25-30k on this car.

2. The front bumper's lock is damaged on one side. The new bumper costs 25k! The car's valuation is 1.5 lacs at the max. Shall I replace the front bumper?

3. Any other suggestions for accessories based on city driving only. Are there any ultra cheap GPS + audio systems that can be connected to my existing speakers?
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