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I have been using the one from Capdase for almost a year now. I have it on the center of my front windshield and the thing hasn't fallen down ever, even in the sweltering summer time that we see in Delhi. It does not shake or vibrate much either. Pretty sturdy and the rod is adjustable to suit your angle of view. I got it from Amazon back in Feb 2016, don't think it is in stock right now. But if someone likes a cell phone holder that is built to last, this one definitely looks like it.
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Cell Phone Holder-1483036888152.jpg  

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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

I had the Capdase one posted above. It lasted well for 4 years then the suction cup became to hard and useless. I replaced it with a similar one from Neopack. Its been good so far.

Is there a mobile phone holder mount for scooters ? Im looking for one. Im guessing it would fit on the mirror stalk since there is no other place for it to be fitted
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

Originally Posted by iss1307 View Post
Just found this superb accessory made by VW.
Would be great if they offered the same in India.
There are tons of similar mounts available on Amazon. They just won't have the VW logo. I have used one made from Mpov and the build quality was top notch.
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

Originally Posted by Beerus View Post
I place it on the right side of the steering wheel, using the windshield. (the space is tight, plus visibility encroachment)
Which way should i go?
I'm sure by now you must have made up your mind on where to mount it.

Nonetheless, I have the same cell phone holder (Bergmann auto xl) set up on the right side of steering, using the windshield. By the way, I also drive a polo.

I find it way more convenient than placing it on the dashboard. It's within my reach just in case I need to access it while waiting on a red light. Plus a quick glance on the right side is more convenient than looking on the left side. I feel I don't have to take my eyes off the road to do that.

Otherwise, putting it on the center console will definitely block the windshield area right beneath the rear view mirror. Though, as you rightly mentioned, charging will be easier.
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
There are tons of similar mounts available on Amazon. They just won't have the VW logo. I have used one made from Mpov and the build quality was top notch.
I am struggling to find a holder which holds my GPS Carpad firmly in my Car. I have a MapmyIndia CarPad 7" GPS.

I tried various air vent Holders and suction type GPS holders but none of them holds this device firmly due to its weight. It either falls off Or vibrates heavily while the speed is greater than 60 Kms/hr

Can you please confirm if this holder can hold a 7" Carpad?
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

Originally Posted by gkveda View Post
I am struggling to find a holder which holds my GPS Carpad firmly in my Car. I have a MapmyIndia CarPad 7" GPS.

Can you please confirm if this holder can hold a 7" Carpad?
You are expecting something no bigger than a 5 Rs coin to hold a tab? No way this or any air-vent mount will hold a tab. Even if the holder is built big and sturdy, the vents won't take the weight.

If budget is not a constraint and you have someone to carry it from abroad, look for Ram Mounts. Research their site for a model that fits your preference. Ram mounts are used by the US military, so I don't have to talk much about their build quality. The price will be equally high
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

just got another one, another simple one
does its job silently. no shocks jerks so far, with my iP5S. hope the spring (only vulnerable part as i see it) holds up long.
got in Lightning deal @ 175
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Cell Phone Holder-holder.png  

Cell Phone Holder-img_2470.jpg  

Cell Phone Holder-img_2469.jpg  

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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

I have been using the Bergmann AutoGrip for the past 10 months or so. The holder is attached to the center bottom of the windscreen, so does not obstruct driving vision much.

I use the holder only to hold the MapMyIndia navigator when ever I travel out of town and within town when foraying into unfamiliar places and roads. So for the majority of time it is unused, but lying attached to the windscreen, with the MMI unit inside the glove box.

Wanted to warn/advice those using this holder or any other brand using the same mechanism to hold phone, that when the holder is not in use, please keep the spring loaded side clasps closed, so that the springs inside are not compressed and not under tension.

I used to keep the holder with the clasps open whenever it was not being used (that is - ready to hold the phone/navigator).
The day before yesterday, noticed a small crack on the side, and the plastic had started to bulge open due to the tension inside caused by the springs when the holder is kept with the clasps open.
Opened up the unit and found out that by keeping the clasps closed, the springs where not under tension and the plastic frame was free from pressure.

Presently have stuck the crack using 'flex quick' and on the look out for a new holder.
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder


I have been using the TechSense magback since a year, and it's an absolute delight to use.

No problems with landscape or portrait modes. You can also flip the phone without hassles, or remove and talk for a call and just put it back.

Far far better than all the mounts that require some effort to latch the phone.

Search for "Tech Sense Lab® MagBack Car Mobile Holder" on Amazon.

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Smile Re: Cell Phone Holder

Hello All,

I have recently purchased Bergmann Auto Grip XL Automatic Mobile Holder (Black) at amazon India website and it costed me Rs 500.

This should be a must buy for all the folks who are looking for Car cell phone holder

1) The product is of very good Quality
2) Windshield Suction cup has a lock facility and the holder locks to Car windshield.It is is very tight and did not fell off glass even on bad roads
3) The phone locking mechanism is very good and please watch my youtube video review for that.This is my first video and please excuse me if it is not upto youtube video standards

Link of cell phone holder in Amazon.in

Note: I am not associated with Bergmann and made this video so that it will be helpful to team-bhp members for the purchase

Please find the youtube link:

Overall, Very happy with the purchase

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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

I have been using Mountek AIRSNAP. Bought from amazon.com.
The product is very good. Holds the phone perfectly. Because of the assessory vent stabilizer, which holds on to another vent blade, the shaking of the phone is minimal. The phone is held by a very strong magnet. The packaging comes with two metal plates that have to stuck behind the phone. The only disadvantage is that only people having these metal plates can use the mounting. This is fine in my case as i am the only one driving my car 99% of the times. I have put the metal plate behind my phone, and i use a rubberized cover for the phone. The magnet still holds firmly through the phone cover.
Cost - 24.3$ - Called it to my relatives place in US, who was going to to come to india.
Link - https://www.amazon.com/Mountek-Smart.../dp/B018M8L7Z8

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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

I have been using the Tech Sense Lab MagBack Car Mobile Holder for a couple of months and I am really satisfied with the product. I was looking for a mobile holder within the 1K range and landed on this magnetic mobile holder on Amazon for a price of INR 749 (now I think the price is even lesser). This mobile holder is really sleek nd stylish in appearance that it is hardly noticeable when there is no phone mounted on it. I had used some products earlier that had claws to hold the phone in place and although they served the purpose, I was looking for something smaller in size and more convenient to use. At first I was really skeptic about the holding power of the magnetic as to whether it would hold my Moto G4 of 5.5" size and I even kept a hand ready in place on bumpy roads in the event of the phone falling down. But later I realized that I was worrying unnecessarily and that the magnetic holder was really powerful and it even proved it's mettle on the Manali Leh circuit when I covered the route on my Duster. I've always wanted to play some movies or videos for my co-passengers while on long drives and this device just serves the purpose and with no extra claws on either side the mobile just appears as a stand alone screen.

Below listed are some of the pros and some minor cons that I have noted based on my personal experience with the product.

Pros :
  • Really stylish and sleek in appearance that it would easily blend in with the windshield of the car.
  • Very easy to mount and unmount that you can literally do this in just two seconds.
  • Really powerful magnet on the head of the holder helps in holding the mobile firmly in place.
  • Can switch to any orientation i.e Portrait, Landscape or any angle very easily without any physical adjustment to the holder.
  • The suction cup that comes with the holder is of very good quality and it really holds well if you use it on a flat surface ( Ensure that you clean the surface well before sticking it)
  • Helps in converting the phone into a good media display device with zero hindrance in viewing.

  • A metal plate has to be attached on the mobile or the case for attaching to the magnetic plate but on the other hand I don't think there is another way to implement the purpose of the holder. Two of these metal plates come in the pack and if we stick these two plates to the mobile or case then only those two mobiles can be used with the holder. But there is an alternative option of not sticking the plates and by simply keeping it in the space between the mobile and the case. Do note that this holder works better on phones having no case or the ones having back case cover than in phones with flip type covers.
  • The metal plates that come with product are black in color so if you use this with a white phone it may affect the overall aesthetics of the device.
  • Slight vibration on uneven roads but on well laid tarmacs this holder gives absolutely zero disturbance.

Attaching some pictures below:

Cell Phone Holder-case1.jpg

The metal plate has been attached to the inside of the back cover of my Moto G4

Cell Phone Holder-carh1.jpg

Mobile holder with no mobile mounted

Cell Phone Holder-carh2.jpg

Mobile holder with my Moto G4 mounted.

Overall really satisfied with the purchase and in my personal opinion a value for money product at this price tag.

Thanks All

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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

Rokfrom Iphone 6S Cover & Phone Holder

Have been using the Rokform iPhone 6S cover and phone holder for 6 months now. Impressed with the quality and build. The phone cover exceeds MIL 810-516.6 shock standard. Have dropped the phone on couple of occasions and the phone and cover came through scratch-less.

Phone Holder's moving parts are solid built and move with reassuring clicks when put through the motions. This not a holder which will loose its form after some use nor will it vibrate. The suction cup has impressive sticking ability. Once stuck to the glass its stays there no matter what.

Cell Phone Holder-img_0737.jpg

Cell Phone Holder-img_0736.jpg

Cell Phone Holder-img_0292.jpg

Cell Phone Holder-img_0296.jpg

Cell Phone Holder-img_0294.jpg

Name:  IMG_0293.jpg
Views: 2369
Size:  83.2 KB
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Default Re: Cell Phone Holder

Am looking at the Bergmann holder. Have an iphone 6. Not sure whether to go for:

XL - supports phones with a Maximum width of 77mm
XXL - supports a Minimum width of 67mm.

The width of the iphone 6 is 67 mm. So it should just about fit into XXL as well.

My question though is, which of these models doesn't end up squeezing the iphone's buttons. Even with the bottom adjustment, have read reviews on Amazon that the lower volume button is eternally squeezed.

Anyone have experience with this situation. Thanks.
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Thumbs up Re: Cell Phone Holder

Originally Posted by TorqueyTechie View Post
Desc : QBZ Accessories MOBIFIXBLK Super Grip Magnetic Universal Mobile Holder
Link : http://www.amazon.in/QBZ-Accessories...ilpage_o00_s04

Below is my review of it.

+ves :
1. Small and does not take up large space. I have stuck it near the A/C vent in my palio and its inobtrusive
2. Have tested it along bad roads and the phone does not fall off or shake.
3. Can rotate the phone horizontally or vertically without even taking it out of the holder.
4. Comes with two magnets that can be used for two devices.
5. Holds my iphone 6 as well as my wife's Redmi note 3 without any issue. I think it can hold devices upto 5.5" screen as well.

-ves :
1. I could not stick the plates to the mobile cover. I had to stick on to the back of the mobile phone. But if you have a cover with a plain back then probably can fix the plate to it.
2. Does not work with the mobile cover on. Have to remove the cover everytime before sticking the mobile onto the mobifix.
3. Only two plates provided and hence only two devices can be attached. Wont be able to use it as a generic one for any device.

I would definitely recommend it . I have not taken any pics and hence could not share them.
I bought this after reading TorqueyTechie's review (Cell Phone Holder)

Highly recommended. Have been using this for the past 4 months. Agree with the review although I like the fact that you can stick the plate directly on the device as the bump prevents rear-camera on iPhone 6S from touching on the table surface when placed on its back.

Pictures of installation.
Attached Thumbnails
Cell Phone Holder-phone-mount-1.jpg  

Cell Phone Holder-phone-mount-2.jpg  

Cell Phone Holder-phone-mount-3.jpg  

Cell Phone Holder-phone-mount-4.jpg  

Cell Phone Holder-phone-mount-5.jpg  

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