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Originally Posted by theEnd View Post
5.2 secs. Wow!

Could you perhaps give us the specifications of your stopwatch?
that has also been tuned by the vas software to make time run faster.
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You have mentioned the performance. Now you need to post the statistics and the instruments used to measure them as well. Please be informed plain claims ain't really working.

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Originally Posted by akshat21 View Post
You saw the car and I guess seein is beleiving. So if anyone is nearby and wanna see the performace, lemme know.
Welcome to TBHP akshat.

I think photos are taken at Autogem Rajkot, if i am correct Lets meet up.

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Old 19th June 2008, 00:23   #49
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Hello Akshat, you car looks great, never thought a laura could look that good, that being said, your numbers a bit off, 35PSI is very high for stock turbos, even the turbos in my z perform at 14 psi stock and at 19psi after mods in my buddy's car.

To gain credibility here I would provide detailed results from testing and how you came up with those numbers.

Again, your car looks great and welcome to the forum.
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He could explode the engine with that amounts of pressure...
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@akshat:Why dont you make a video of a 0-100 time and post it on youtube and then post the link here so that we can all see it.
Are you sure it isnt 60kmph.
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0-100 5.2 secs.Is it Laura engine or Ferrari engine?No offense akshay.I think it is 0-60.
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ok guys lets be decent here.
i am at home after a bad crash in my verna .. so i will tell about this from a technical point of view.

please be informed that the skoda uses. UIS unit injector system. which can actually inject diesel at 2000bar !!. but for safe guarding the engine. its never taken to above 1900bar!.
and stock turbo in indian vehicles usually works at 7psi of boost .. i am interested in hyundai vehicles and there fore lets take into consideration the elantra engine.. its a crdi unit. and still at 7psi normal turbo boost. it gives at 112ps . thats 110bhp.
i have come across the injection code used in the sonato embera.. its the same engine as elantra. but with a VGT that gives a boost 7-12 Psi and produces a whooping 140bhp!! and with a tuning box 165bhp in stock is possible. put in the filter upgrade and viola 170bhp is possible and healthy too. all this in stock setup!!.

so a 1.9PD producing a 155bhp is no big deal!! . i am Working in Bosch ..most guys know that and i basically do injection coding for E-class Benz. so i know what i am talking about.

so rest assured those figures are possible i meant power figures.

but Skoda uses a FGT!!! which means if you put it as 35psi .. that engine will be blown off..hehe. actually in normal stock setup.. 20psi itself can do the blowing up..

now the UIS system wont be able to give out that much power using 7psi boost and yes engine is a 1.9 PD thats why the engine in laura still gives out a measly 105ps .. that is because in UIS a combo of 3 injections is only possible..1 pilot and main and 1 post injection.
MI and POI2 gives more power ..torque basically.
but in CRDi its a combo of Five injections.
usually two pilot to make it super smooth - refined. and then one main and poi2 to make power and another POI to meet emission norms.

and dude which is it..Laura DSG or manual?? manual yeah timings can go into region of 8-9 seconds. below 8 secs you will need weight reduction stage one atleast. that includes replacing all metal materials with light aircraft alluminium alloy and stuff. i take training on this stuff. not interested in going into details.

and do tell us if you have replaced the engine made with a harder composition alloy do you know that you will need to upgrade the intercooler?? and yes the engine in stock form wont be able to handle that kind of pressure. 35 PSi you must be kidding. and that too from normal turbo??? . i guess that the turbo has been upgraded. stage three is very likely. for FGT the approximate figures are like this.
stage 1 12-19 Psi
stage 2 20- 27Psi
stage 3 28-35 Psi
stage 4 36 Psi above.
but these cars usually produce 300-400bhp stage 3 all petrol cars ofcourse.
stage 4 produces 500-800bhp. i have come across 1010bhp on stage 4 turbo.
something is fishy here . i seriously dont think a 35 Psi boost is required for a measely 155bhp!!

IMO that turbo will blow up if you give it 35psi .. but hey that turbo wont be able to in the first place!! there are physical limitation!! you sure you havent put a stage 3 Garret turbo ??

the stock turbo and engine will blow up. from 35Psi. in fact the stock turbo wont be able to produce more than 12psi .. nopes sorry dude. this turbo figures are crazy.

155bhp i can believe and accept. even 100nm increase in torque that too with a FGT i doubt that. its not that easy .

and the figure 100kmph in 5.2 secs .
keep dreamin.
you should have atleast stage three clutches and quick shift gear box stage three installed for pulling this off . and yeah still the drag reduction part is there.

i have seen 300bhp+ laura VRS petrol from Peters stable of custom coded CC vrs do 100kmph its still more than what u mentioned . that is a stage three turbo and it produces way more torque too.

and finally is the skoda Laura able to cross 100kmph in first gear!! other wise forget it.. if it does in second gear itself then a loss of .5-1 sec will be there with stage three clutch and gears ..lol.

this is Team-BHP. here the fellow members arent stupid. so do the math again and put up the official figures. i am sure those foreign fellows would have misleaded you givin gsuch info.
i have team mates working for Vokswagen and yes they have dumped the PD engines and now all work is with us for CRDi engines. so i dont think they have developement work in this PD engines now.
remapp can take the Bhp to insane levels, but u need corresponding hard-ware also.
ECU remapp is just a software. in laymans language Embedded - C code flashed on the 2mb are of flash usually 60-50% of space in this 2mb is left for future developements.
so you see i can even write a code for the injections specifying such boost pressure and stuff. but the ECU will be waiting for Sensor inputs.. these are outputs from actual hardware like RPS - rail pressure sensor. then AFM ratio. air fuel mass ratio. etc. for getting proper input, higher rated hardware is needed. the injectors must be of higher caliber for sure, and yes the ECU actuates the actuators that is the injectors, at the end of the torque structure . you think just remapping the ECU will work..you must be kidding me.
when the ECU is remapped with all parameters remaining in tolerance level of all the components in a vehicle, then its ok. it will work no prob.
but when you are looking to inject diesel which is adequate for 35Psi!!! the stock injectors will never be able to inject that much quantity.

the tuning boxes usually plays with the DURATION of the injections.
Remapping plays with Duration and Timing and Quantity. say 800mg/ms is standard injection quantity, when you give higher boost.. you have to put in more Quantity that is like 1200mg/ms ..which will simply blow the injectors!!!.
and you seriously think the stock cylinders can whitstand such high pressures.
35Psi of air is pushed into the cylinder which be hot like anything..way beyond rating of stock cylinders.. and diesel will catch fire instantly. the explosion at that point will blow your cylinders dude.

so sorry to say it buddy. this turbo boost figure and speed claim is foolish to say the least .

rest we can believe and yes i had gone for Petes day out in cbe, had seen a Laura with 140bhp over there but it was a DSG. even that wont be able to hold a candle to a stock VRS petrol.

0-100kmph dash has got to do more with gearing . engine power is just a starting step. the power to weight ratio and gearing makes a lot of impact on the timings.

fastest stock car i have come across is the sonata embera petrol it does a 100kmph in 8 secs that is a .5 sec faster to a VRS turbo. which is lighter compared to sonata embera. the torque figures of Sonata does the trick in pulling its heavy body to a 100 in 8secs. and mind you its not turbo charged. haha. there is no relpacement for displacement dude.
2.4 mormally aspirated is able to smoke a VRS . the turbo lag in VRS is its weakness. and yes when compared to a 1.8l engine the higher rated 2.4l engine will always have better low end torque..which again leaves the VRS in dust!!

so do post the actual figures and timings you will have a huge fan following here .

peace out
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oh all you guys give akshat21 a break... maybe it's just plain old speedo error problem.Am sure the car's still faster than most of skoda's on Indian roads anyway....
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Welcome to Team-BHP Akshat.

You car looks hot and i am sure its really fast too. I am no expert in these engine things, so I wont go there.

Enjoy your stay here.
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Extremely interesting discussion. Especially liked Sameels post. You rock dude.

Akshat, I guess everyone wants to know how you arrived at those figures. Please do post more details.
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Originally Posted by akshat21 View Post

Boost Presure: Increased by 35 Psi. The Turbo also kicks in at a lower RPM
BHP: The vrs produces 170 bhp @ 4200 RPM, whereas the Laura is producing 155 bhp @ 1900 rpm..
Assuming car idling around 800-900 rpm there is no boost & just by revving to 1000 rpm more BHP is 155?
there wont be even enough exhaust pressure to spool up turbo to give sufficient boost for 155bhp, forget 35psi.

P.S: i think you are measuring boost (Pressure Unit) from absolute not atmospheric.
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Hi Akshat,
Firstly welcome to Team Bhp..

Sorry guys I tried and tried to stay away from posting but I cannot

Firstly you are a dealer so warranty is not a problem but even if you change any specs in the car from its specs as it is supposed to be registered or delivered from the factory then its void. you are in the industry you know this better than me.

Secondly your figures, I know you have a fast car..or you think you have a very fast car..but there are people who have been down this lane heaps of times and have been both successful as well as lost the engine/car blah blah. So when they say it please do take it with a pinch of salt. We are not just trying to increase our post count.
Those figures do not add up. period.
1. just by changing suspension you cannot "significantly" reduce the weight, but you can definitely improve the handling "significantly"
2. By a soft tune in the ecm you cannot make a car a jet..its still a car.
3. 35psi boost lets not even go there.
4. 0-100 in 5.2seconds for that you are in the league of 5.0l v8 mustang, a roock tuned porsche boxster or a 2008 dodge caliber SRTat 242bhp or a lexus hybrid at 265kw or Evolution MR, if thats the case then wanna build another car like that for me??

So Lets start again from the basics...welcome to team bhp.
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Originally Posted by iceman91 View Post
if thats the case then wanna build another car like that for me??
+1 to that. Add me to your customer list as well.
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Me too !!! I'd love to get a 5.x sec ( 0 - 100 car )

BTW - Sameel, I Love your post. The Sonata Embera Petrol at 8 seconds, Wow, I did not know.

BTW what crash Sameel ?? How ? When ? Hope you are safe.
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