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Old 19th November 2008, 12:43   #31
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Looks like crap imo. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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Old 19th November 2008, 12:52   #32
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It is a 'disruptive' approach to design, which is what even DC follows in my opinion.
Personally I did not like the grill (original and not the one in this body kit) of magnum and think the previous two grill designs of Optra were very elegant.
Putting SRV grill/front facia on Magnum can give a very 'pleasing' look. Any thoughts?

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Old 19th November 2008, 13:02   #33
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Originally Posted by pranavt View Post
Looks like crap imo. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
, the stock looks much elegant and cool. The mods have only worsened its looks.
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Old 19th November 2008, 14:59   #34
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Default options

Good Attempt F88, as long as you like it and it meets your aspitations, th is seems fine.

Personally liked BBS front and rear options as well as the metallic red colour.

Also frankly feel that the stock Magnum looks better and just adding a Carbon fiber spolier and minor skirting with the right colour, tyres and alloys would result in the best change to the Magnum

The new look Optra is on the way soon.
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Old 19th November 2008, 20:39   #35
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is it that bad....well this is my first time and i really worked my *** off trying to make it perfect..but hey theres always room for improvement & that is why i asked for ur opinions....thank u for giving ur honest replies..

as for the heavy rear its made that way coz we had to fit the original beam inside the bumper for safety reasons..if the curvature under the rear lights wasnt given the beam wouldnt fit & as i hav to do a lot of highway driving would mean a safety hazard..also the lights are placed to high if u line the bottom end line of the lights with the lowe line of the boot(as it was intended) it would look much better.

Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
Looks pretty heavy. Is it the TDCi?
yup its a tdci........

Originally Posted by Path_Finder View Post
looks huge and boxy. Color is out of place and ordinary for such a modded car
As kpzen asked: does it run? All aerodynamics would have gone for toss.
as far as aerodynamics go there hasnt been any effect on fuel efficiency or the acceleration(as far as i can notice) or the stability at speed uptp 160kmph so u be the judge ....

Originally Posted by badboyscad View Post
i ve reduced the bulkiness of the rear bumper. but i feel it has to be proportionate with the overall bulkiness of the kit, else it may look like an upskirt.

Attachment 71870
awsome work man..especially the front...

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Old 20th November 2008, 00:23   #36
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Go for wider rims...Because the tyres look small. Also install spacers.
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Old 20th November 2008, 11:45   #37
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Sorry boss . Not my cup of tea.
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Old 20th November 2008, 12:29   #38
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I can NEVER understand why poeple go for wide-body unless it involves widening the interior, which of course is useful(but near impossible). Here I think it just adds ugly flab to a good-looking car.
Guess even our BBS cannot rescue this one!

Then of-course, if the owner wants it that way, who are we to complain??
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Old 20th November 2008, 12:31   #39
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Its too too overdone IMO. Moreover, the wheels look to puny compared to the body kit. It really is a wideeee body.
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Old 20th November 2008, 12:48   #40
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Your car does not look that great, with mods like these it will end up on the weird and whacky page. I am not trying to be rude just being honest.

Honestly IMO mods should serve a purpose, this is not serving any purpose except making your car very heavy. Exterior mods should be simple with clean lines that enhance the current look of the car and not change it compleletely. All air dams in the bumpers should also allow coooling or add to downforce. Air dams should not be random shapes cut out of the bumper.

If I were you I would take all of this as constructive criticism and improve on your designs, remember, simple = classy.

Also the wheels are way too thin, I would not go for spacers that are 2 inches thick, which is what you will need, they are just not safe. Go for wider wheels maybe with a deep lip and matte finish.

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Old 20th November 2008, 13:45   #41
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The front is too angular, the wheel arches much too pronounced, the wheels too skinny & lost in the arches.

All you needed to do was add some nice wheels & the Magnum would have looked great as is. If you had to mod it - you should have excercised some restrain. It's overboard for my liking !!

But you as the owner has to deciede - if you like it - good for you !!

Take some cues from BBS's inputs - it may be helpful if getting some design sense into the car !

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Old 20th November 2008, 16:48   #42
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In all exterior modification threads there are mixed reviews and honest replies is what you get here in Team BHP. But unfortunately all the reviews are -ve.
So i would say that a rework is much needed to better the looks or a switch back to stock would be better.
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Old 20th November 2008, 16:55   #43
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Get rid of that rear buddy. I guess you can live with the front somehow, but the rear is hideous.
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Old 20th November 2008, 23:03   #44
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Sorry Fiorano but I give your Magnums body kit a thumbs down. I hate archs going so much wider than the wheel, reminds me of how the earlier Qualis' were with their train-like look from the rear. Whoever the designer was, he was surely influenced by the new S.

But hey, as long as you are happy.
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Old 21st November 2008, 12:03   #45
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fiorano88-you asked for opinions, so here goes, like most said its really done up badly,mod job should be elegant and tastefully done,badboyscad has done an excellent job in photoshoping,try to do something like that.i would say if your aesthetic sense is minimal just keep it stock,by adding a set of mag wheels and doing up leather interiors ie.keep it very minimal.
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